Goals and Highlights Ajax 9-0 Excelsior in Dutch cup
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6:02 PM4 months ago

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Goals and highlights

The goals of the match!


5:57 PM4 months ago

And the match ends!

Ajax thrashed Excelsior, from the first half it was known that everything was over, and Excelsior could not have any chance on goal. The game ends 9-0.
5:55 PM4 months ago

Change for Excelsior

Devin Plank enters the pitch with a guard of honor, after being injured for a long time. 

Liuvienna Statia is out

5:51 PM4 months ago

Min 85: Saved from van Leeuwuen

Daramy was through and the goalkeeper saves it!
5:48 PM4 months ago

Min 84: Goal from Ajax!

Daramy steals a ball, a mistake from the defenders, he dribbles through the goalkeeper and scores
5:47 PM4 months ago

Danilo is out injured

Ajax will play with 10 men
5:40 PM4 months ago

Yellow card for Excelsior

Gabri Urbanus recieves it
5:39 PM4 months ago

Change for Ajax

Unfortunatley Naci Unuvar leaves with an injury 

Ryan Gravenberch enters the pitch


5:36 PM4 months ago

Change for Excelsior

Omaar al Baad is out 

Calvin Tureaij is in 

5:33 PM4 months ago

Goal from Ajax!

Daramy scores a great goal!
5:30 PM4 months ago

Min 64: Goal from Ajax!

Hlynsson pushes it in the net!
5:28 PM4 months ago

Min 62: What a save from van Leeuwuen!!

A shot from Hlynsson and the goalkeeper parries it away!!
5:26 PM4 months ago

Min 61: Almost from Ajax!!

A great shot from outside the box from Unuvar after dribbling through some defenders!!
5:23 PM4 months ago

57: Almost from Ajax!!

A shot from outside the box from Unuvar, and a save from the goalkeeper!!
5:21 PM4 months ago

Change for Ajax

Van Axel Dongen is out 

Steven Berghuis is in 

5:19 PM4 months ago

Min 54: Goal for Ajax!

Danilo smashes it top corner from long range!
5:13 PM4 months ago

And the second half begins

Ajax move the ball
5:12 PM4 months ago

Changes for Excelsior and Ajax


Mohamed Daramy enters the pitch 

Antony leaves the pitch 


Naci Unuvar enters the pitch 

Davy Klaasen leaves the pitch 


Kristian Hlysson enters the pitch 

Jurrien Timber leaves the pitch 



Brandon Robinson enters the pitch 

Bram Weenkers leaves the pitch


Giovanni de Fonseca enters the pitch 

Nino van den Beemt leaves the pitch 

4:51 PM4 months ago

And the first half ends!

A first half where Ajax completely dominated, and destroyed an Excelsior that did nothing, did not cause Ajax any danger, and it seems that this match ended in the first half.
4:46 PM4 months ago

Min 41: Goal from Ajax

Youri Regeer puts the 5th in the net! a shot from long range!!
4:42 PM4 months ago

Min 37: Goal from Ajax!!

A great run from Antony, puts a good pass in the area and Danilo pushes it in to the net!
4:36 PM4 months ago

First yellow card of the match

Gijs Abbas from Excelsior recieves it
4:31 PM4 months ago

Min 26: Goal from Ajax!!

What a great play from Ajax, Danilo enterd the area and scored! 
4:25 PM4 months ago

Min 21: Goal from Ajax!!

Danilo scored from the penalty spot!!
4:14 PM4 months ago

Min 8: What a goal from Ajax!!

Tagliafico went for a long range strike and it went in!!
4:13 PM4 months ago

Min 7: Close from Ajax!!

Van Axel Dongen dribbled through the defence, went to the goalkeeper's area had a shot and it went wide by nothing!
4:05 PM4 months ago

And the match begins!

Excelsior move the ball!
3:48 PM4 months ago

It's the first time in history!

Both teams will face for the first time in their history, many new faces will play for Ajax for their second or first time, and maybe there can be some hidden gems from Excelsior
3:44 PM4 months ago

An important player from Excelsior starts!

The 21 year old striker Bram Wennekers has been on the bench every match, but today the manager decided to start the promising striker. 


3:39 PM4 months ago

A player from Ajax is making his debut!

The 21 year old goalkeeper Jay Gorter has played many matches in the second tier of Dutch football, even though he belongs to Ajax, and he is making his first appearance for Ajax. Will he make a big impact in the squad?

3:31 PM4 months ago

Both team value differences are crazy!

The whole team of Ajax is worth 359 million euros, while the whole team of Excelsior is worth 50 thousand euros, will Excelsior surprise Ajax?
3:24 PM4 months ago

Starting XI from Excelsior

Jean van Leeuwuen; Luivienna Statia, Gijs Abbas, Kevin Ringeling, Gabri Urbanus, Omar el Baad; Kevin Dercks, Redouan Ouali, Nino van den Beemt; Vincent van den Berg, Braam Wennerkers 
3:21 PM4 months ago

Starting XI from Ajax

Jay Gorter; Nicolas Tagliafico, Perr Schuurs, Jurrien Timber, Devyne Rensch; Kenneth Taylor, Youri Regeer, Amourricho van Axel Dongen, Davy Klaasen, Antony dos Santos; Danilo Pereira
3:17 PM4 months ago

Tweet from Excelsior

Players warming up!


3:15 PM4 months ago

Tweet from Ajax

¡The players arriving at the stadium!


3:09 PM4 months ago

Ajax have many players out

Many players from Ajax are going to miss this match; Maarten Stekelemburg had a surgery on the groin, Sean Klaiber broke his ACL, Mohammed Kudus broke his ribs, Noussair Mazraoui has problems in his muscles and Zakaria Labyad has an unknown injury. 


Also, two players are in te African Cup: Sebastien Haller and André Onana.

3:03 PM4 months ago

Excelsior only have one injured player!

The 20 year old dutch attacker Devin Plank is injured, the cause is unknown, but he has already missed 30 matches, will it be a problem for Excelsior not having Devin Plank?
1:09 AM4 months ago

Tune in here Ajax vs Excelsior

In a few moments we will share live the starting eleven of Ajax vs Excelsior as well as recent information of the Johan Cruijff Arena. Do not lose detail of the game with the minute by minute in VAVEL.
1:04 AM4 months ago

Player to watch from Excelsior: Bram Wennekers

The 21 year old dutch striker has had a regular season for Excelsior because he always comes from the bench, but when he does, he always scores. Right now he is the top scorer of the team with 4 goals, Will he score tomorrow?


12:59 AM4 months ago

Player to watch from Ajax: Dusan Tadic

The 33 year old Serbian forward has had an outstanding season, having played all 19 matches, and he has contributed with a goal or assist in almost every single match. He right now has 7 goals and 13 assists in 19 matches, if he plays, will he score or assist?


12:54 AM4 months ago

Last XI from Excelsior

Jean Van Leeuwen; Luivienna Statia, Gijs Abbas, Kevin Ringeling, Gabri Urbanus, Omar el Baad; Redouan Ouali, Nino van den Beemt, Kevin Dercks; Daan Blij, Dave van Delft
12:49 AM4 months ago

Last XI from Ajax

Remko Pasveer; Daley Blind, Lisandro Martinez, Jurrien Timber, Noussair Mazraoui; Ryan Gravenberch, Edson Alvarez, Steven Berghuis; Dusan Tadic, Brian Brobbey, Anthony Dos Santos
12:44 AM4 months ago

Times to watch the match!

Argentina: 5:00 PM

Bolivia: 4:00 PM

Brazil: 5:00 PM

Chile: 3:00 PM

Colombia: 3:00 PM

Ecuador: 3:00 PM

USA (ET): 3:00 PM

Spain: 9:00 PM

Mexico: 2:00 PM

Paraguay: 5:00 PM

Peru: 3:00 PM

Uruguay: 5:00 PM

12:39 AM4 months ago

When and where to watch Ajax vs Excelsior

The match will be broadcast on GOLTV USA, and GolTV Español, but if you want to watch it live and online VAVEL Mexico is your best option. 
12:34 AM4 months ago

Excelsior got a big win!

Excelsior have had many matches postponed due to Covid-19, but the last match they played, was in the KNVB Beker against second tier Emmen, and they won 0-1, thanks to an 81st minute goal from Bram Wennekers. In the league, they are in 10th place, with many postponed matches. 
12:29 AM4 months ago

Ajax come from a comfortable win!

Erik Ten Hag's team are running riot in the Eredivisie; right now they are second place, (one point behind PSV), but they have had an amazing season, having scored 59 goals, and only conceeding 4! Last match was a clean sheet for Ajax, winning 0-3 against Utrecht
12:24 AM4 months ago

Promissing Duel!

The Johan Cruijff Arena located in Amsterdam; Netherlands will be the stadium that will house the match between Ajax and Excelsior corresponding to round of 16 of the KNVB Beker. This stadium has space for 71,000 people. 
12:19 AM4 months ago

Welcome to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the transmission of the Ajax vs Excelsior  match corresponding to the round of 16 of the KNVB Beker. The venue of the match will be at the Johan Cruijff Arena at  2:00 p.m.