Goal and Highlights: Gambia 1-0 Tunisia in Africa Cup of Nations 2022
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6:31 PM4 months ago

Goal and Highlights

4:56 PM4 months ago


It's over! The match ends and Gambia takes the victory.
4:55 PM4 months ago


Goal, goal, goal for Gambia! Jallow's shot from inside the box opens the scoring with the game nearing its conclusion.
4:51 PM4 months ago


Tunisia continues to try to open the scoring, but Gaye keeps the ball out of his net.
4:45 PM4 months ago


Barrow tries to reach the ball, but Talbi misses the ball.
4:39 PM4 months ago


Close! Barrow sent an accurate shot from a free kick and the ball hit the post, right in the corner.
4:35 PM4 months ago


Jallow attempts a free kick, but the ball goes into the stands.
4:31 PM4 months ago


Excellent intervention by Ifa, who ends up keeping the ball out of his goal.
4:30 PM4 months ago


Both teams tried, but neither could find the net to open the scoring.
4:26 PM4 months ago


Tunisia's header, but the ball ends up on the wrong side of the pitch.
4:24 PM4 months ago


Gambia Change. Touray and Badamosi are substituted by Sonko and Janko.
4:19 PM4 months ago


Change of Tunisia. Msakni and Drager replace Khaoui and Mathlouthi.
4:17 PM4 months ago


The match started slowly, with few arrivals, and the ball was played a lot in the middle of the field.
4:08 PM4 months ago


Cameroon's second half gets underway
4:07 PM4 months ago


Gambia Change. Adams and Jallow are substituted by Sohna and Mbye.
4:04 PM4 months ago


After the incident, the referee sent off substitute goalkeeper Ben Mustapha
3:52 PM4 months ago


At the end of the first half, after the players entered the dressing room, a fight broke out.
3:49 PM4 months ago


He stopped it! Gaye kept his goal from falling after Jaziri's shot, which the keeper ended up deflecting.
3:46 PM4 months ago


Penalty for Tunisia! Jagne ends up fouling Jaziri inside the area.
3:36 PM4 months ago


An attempt on Gaye's goal, but the ball goes harmlessly over the end line.
3:28 PM4 months ago


The ball is pretty much fought in the midfield, with few dangerous arrivals.
3:19 PM4 months ago


Janko arrived with danger, but Abdi made a great save to prevent the play from growing.
3:14 PM4 months ago


The duel is back and forth, Tunisia has a few arrivals but without being able to score.
3:02 PM4 months ago


The match between Gambia and Tunisia kicks off.
2:56 PM4 months ago

Tunisia: LineUp

Ben Said; Mathlouthi, Ifa, Talbi, Abdi; Skhiri, Laidouni, Ben Slimane; Khaoui, Jaziri, Rafia
2:54 PM4 months ago

Gambia: LineUp

Gaye - Janko, Modou Jagne, Colley, Gomez, Sonko, Sohna, Mbye, Bobb, Mu.Barrow, Mo.Barrow.
2:53 PM4 months ago

Many absentees

Tunisia will still be without Khazri, Ben Romdhane, Chaalali, Ben Hmida, Dahmen and Maaloul.

On the other hand, Sliti, Jebali, Touzghar and Bronn were tested before the match, but everything indicates that they will not be available.
2:45 PM4 months ago

They are here!

Gambia is already in the building, here will take place the third duel between these teams.
2:45 PM4 months ago

This is the scenario for Tunisia

If it finishes first, it will face Equatorial Guinea.

In second place, they will play Guinea.

If they finish third, they would play Nigeria.

2:32 PM4 months ago

Statements Tunisia

Mondher Kebaier said about the COVID cases: "Tunisia has taken all the necessary precautions to protect itself. When we see the players living together on a daily basis, some contamination is a symptom. I can't talk now or later about these difficult conditions. My role as head coach is to find solutions to these difficult conditions. I made the decision to call 4 goalkeepers for the CAN, several criticized this choice. I don't want to dwell on that. I just have confidence in my players, in the group that will participate tomorrow and will continue our upward curve and above all lead us to victory".
2:15 PM4 months ago

We begin

Good afternoon, welcome to the coverage of the match between Gambia and Tunisia, a match corresponding to the last day of the group stage. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information as well as the confirmed lineups.
1:43 PM4 months ago
1:38 PM4 months ago

Tunisia statement

Mondher Kebaier, Tunisia's coach, spoke before the match: "It's true, the Gambian team is an eye-catching team. She performed very well. We watched their two matches. We considered their strengths and some points to explore. We, at the level of our mental or technical-tactical preparation, we focus on our strengths. Everything that is adversarial, animation is relegated to the background. We will focus on our strengths to make the difference and God willing, achieve the second victory and continue the individual and collective progress."
1:33 PM4 months ago

Good news

For this match Tunisia will be able to count on Drager, Jmal and Haddadi who have recovered from COVID and will be able to see minutes in this important match.
1:28 PM4 months ago

What pride!

Fernando Guerrero will be the referee for tonight's match between Gambia and Tunisia.
1:23 PM4 months ago

To continue adding

Both teams will be looking to continue increasing their goal tally prior to the next phase, if both manage to qualify, Gambia accumulates two goals for and one against, on the other hand, after beating Mauritania; Tunisia has four goals for and one against.
1:18 PM4 months ago
1:13 PM4 months ago

Stay tuned for the Gambia vs Tunisia live stream.

In a few moments we'll share with you the Gambia vs Tunisia live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from the Stade Limbe Omnisport. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match live online on VAVEL. 
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What time is the Gambia vs Tunisia Africa Cup of Nations match?

This is the kickoff time for the Gambia vs Tunisia match on January 20, 2022 in various countries:


Mexico - 13:00 p.m. - Star+ (Star Plus)

Peru - 14:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Ecuador - 14:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Colombia - 14:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Bolivia - 15:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Venezuela - 15:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Paraguay - 16:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Chile - 16:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Argentina - 16:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Uruguay - 16:00 p.m. Star+ (Star Plus)

Brazil - 16:00 p.m.

Spain - 8:00 p.m.

12:58 PM4 months ago

Latest Tunisia lineup

Ben Said, Bilel Ifa, Montassar Talbi, Ali Maâloul, Hamza Mathlouthi, Ghaliene Chaaleli, Anis Ben Slimane, Ellyes Skhiri, Seifeddine Jaziri, Wahbi Khazri, Saif-Eddine Khaoui.
12:53 PM4 months ago

Last Gambia line-up

Jobe; Sonko-Sundberg, Gomez, Colley; Touray, Marreh, Adams, Bobb; Jallow; Ceesay, Barrow.
12:48 PM4 months ago

Looking to sneak in

Tunisia comes after a big win against Mauritania with a score of four goals to zero, however they failed to dominate in the match against Mali and ended up losing by the minimum, so in this match they need to get three points if they want to go through to the next stage.

12:43 PM4 months ago

A must win

Gambia comes to this match after a win in the first match by the minimum against Mauritania and a one-goal draw against Mali. In this match, they will be looking to dominate and win three points to consolidate their position at the top.

12:38 PM4 months ago

Let's settle for places!

In this match, Tunisia and Gambia will be looking for a good position to advance to the next stage, pending the outcome of the match between Mauritania and Mali.
12:33 PM4 months ago

The match will be played at the Limbe Omnisport Stadium.

The Gambia vs Tunisia match will be played at the Limbe Omnisport Stadium, located in Limbe, Cameroon. The stadium has a capacity of 20,000 people. 



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