Goals and Highlights Santos Laguna 1-4 Necaxa: in Liga MX


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It's over

Necaxa beat Santos on the road, with Rodrigo Aguirre scoring twice and with an extra man, winning their first game of the tournament and Santos still not getting back on its feet. 
10:56 PM4 months ago


Possible last change for Necaxa, out comes Rodrigo Aguirre and Alonso Escoboza, in comes Facundo Batista and Antonio de Jesús.
Santos substitution, Eduardo Aguirre off, Edgar Games on.
10:51 PM4 months ago


3 minutes of compensation are added. 
10:46 PM4 months ago


GOOOOL! by Necaxa, Rodrigo Aguirre scores the fourth with a powerful shot, leaving the Laguna goalkeeper with no chance, the local fans begin to leave the stadium. 
10:41 PM4 months ago


Necaxa substitution, Milton Giménez exits, Jorge Valdivia enters. 
10:36 PM4 months ago


Yellow for Escoboza after interfering with Cevedo's kick.
10:31 PM4 months ago


GOOOOOOOOL! for Necaxa, Rodrigo Aguirre scores the third goal after a header from Escoboza's service
GOOOOOOOOL! for Necaxa, Rodrigo Aguirre scores the third goal after a header from Escoboza's service. 
10:26 PM4 months ago


Second change for Santos, Alan Cervantes comes off and Brian Lozano comes on.
10:21 PM4 months ago


Necaxa's first substitution, Ángelo Araos is replaced by Dieter Villalpando.
10:16 PM4 months ago


Necaxa continues to push forward in search of a third goal, with the Rays' attack becoming more and more frequent. 
10:11 PM4 months ago


Santos substitution, Aytor Preciado and Ignacio Jeraldino come out, Alberto Ocejo and Diego Medina come in. 
10:06 PM4 months ago


After the second goal, the Rays felt more confident on the field. 
10:01 PM4 months ago


GOOOOL! by Necaxa, Milton Giménez heads the ball to the left side, leaving Acevedo with no options.
9:56 PM4 months ago


Necaxa starts the second half with intensity, having more possession of the ball. 
9:51 PM4 months ago


The second half of the 1-1 draw began, where the Warriors opened the scoring, but the Rays took advantage of their numerical superiority to equalize. 
9:46 PM4 months ago


The first half of the draw between Guerreros and Rayos at Corona Stadium comes to an end. 
9:41 PM4 months ago


GOOOOOOOOL! by Necaxa, Ángelo Araos appears on Acevedo's rebound and shoots the equalizer. 
9:36 PM4 months ago


First yellow of the match for Ayrton Preciado.
9:31 PM4 months ago


Matheus Doria misses an opportunity, after a cross from a corner kick he scissors the ball past the post.
3 minutes are added. 
9:26 PM4 months ago


The hydrocalidos look for the equalizer, taking advantage of the numerical superiority to try to equalize.
9:21 PM4 months ago


GOOOOOL! from Santos, after a corner kick and a cross, Félix Torres headed in to open the scoring. 
9:16 PM4 months ago


First missed opportunity for Necaxa, after a header that falls into the hands of Carlos Acevedo. 
9:11 PM4 months ago


Necaxa keeps the ball in midfield, trying to reach the opponent's box. 
9:06 PM4 months ago


Ejection for Jordan Carrilla, who commits an infraction in the middle of the field after going with the ball in front of him. 
9:01 PM4 months ago


Little rhythm in the match, the Rays lose the ball in the opponent's half, wasting an important opportunity. 
8:56 PM4 months ago


The home team continues to keep control of the ball, while Necaxa looks to counter-attack to reach the opponent's area. 
8:51 PM4 months ago


Santos has more possession of the ball, putting Necaxa in trouble, as they have not been able to get past the halfway line.
8:46 PM4 months ago

The match begins

The match is ready, Chivas is looking for the three points to start at the top of the table, where there could be a regular attendance at Corona Stadium.
8:41 PM4 months ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field to kick off this Liga MX match at Corona Stadium.
8:36 PM4 months ago

Salmantino returns to Necaxa

After playing on loan for two tournaments with Club Tepatitlán de Morelos, with whom he won a championship in the Liga de Expansión o Desarrollo (formerly Liga de Ascenso), José Rafael Ramírez Robles returned to Club Necaxa, the team with which he has been registered for the current Clausura 2022 Tournament.
8:31 PM4 months ago

Necaxa's starting XI

This is the starting XI with which Los Rayos will look for the three points as visitors in order to get out of the bottom of the table.
8:26 PM4 months ago

Santos' starting XI

This is the starting XI with which the laguneros will take the field, the warriors are looking for a victory after a bad start to the tournament. 
8:21 PM4 months ago

Necaxa among the teams that generate the most in transfers

Los Rayos is one of the teams that generates the most revenue from transfers in Latin America, according to information presented by Ivan Pérez through 'El Míster', indicating that Necaxa is the seventh team with the most revenue from transfers in Latin America with its $47.1 million in income.
8:16 PM4 months ago

Zendejas, 2 clubs in one tournament

Alejandro Zendejas' debut with the América Eagles was historic, as he is the first player in the League to play for two clubs in short tournaments. He started the Clausura 2022 with Necaxa, in the defeat against Juárez, due to the fact that the Coapa team was unable to secure his signing before the start of the tournament, where in his debut with the Coapa team he played 90 minutes and is expected to continue to be a recurrent player with Solari.
8:11 PM4 months ago

The need to add up

Pedro Caixinha is forced to make drastic changes in his duel against Necaxa at the Corona Stadium, due to the injuries and contagions that have occurred at the club, where he expressed his views on the situation prior to the match:

"Of course we are working on the issue, taking into account how the opponent stands in turn, whether inside or outside, collective behaviors when defending and in terms in terms in tackling stall, which we call offensive balance, then it has to do with those contents that we learned from previous matches."

8:06 PM4 months ago

Possible debut

Kevin Antuna, Uriel's 20-year-old brother, is already preparing at Santos Laguna, where he could make his debut in the first division for this Clausura 2022 tournament. The central defender wants to make his mark soon in the first division; he is a starter and captain in the U-20 Laguna team, trying to set a different course than his brother.
8:01 PM4 months ago

Doria likes the return of the Portuguese player

For Matheus Doria, central defender, the return of Pedro Caixinha has pleased him very much, as he considers him to be very human, always attentive to his players, praising the model with which the Portuguese coach worked, mentioning that it is very similar to the one used in European soccer.

"The truth is very good (working with Caixinha), he is a coach who is always aware of the players, his communication is spectacular, he is always aware of everything that is happening with each player, I really like his human side," he told RÉCORD.

7:56 PM4 months ago

Peña returns

Alexis Peña will spend his second season with the Necaxa Rays, after his time with Cruz Azul and Chivas. The 26-year-old player's arrival was made official through the Rays' Twitter account. 
Foto: Club Necaxa
Foto: Club Necaxa
7:51 PM4 months ago

Without a taste of victory

Both teams have not won in the first two matchdays, so for this match they will be looking for a victory at any cost, Santos tied against Tigres in the first matchday and in the second they lost against Toluca, while Necaxa's rays lost against Juárez in matchday 1 and against Monterrey in matchday 2.
7:46 PM4 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Santos vs Necaxa live on TV

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What time is Santos vs Necaxa match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Santos vs Necaxa of 23rd January in several countries:

México: 19:00 horas CDMX, Fox Sports

Argentina: 21:00 horas

Chile: 21:00 horas

Colombia: 19:00 horas

Perú: 19:00 horas

EE.UU.: 20:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 19:00 horas

Uruguay: 21:00 horas

Paraguay: 20:00 horas

España: 02:00 horas

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Where and how to watch Santos vs Necaxa live and in real time

The match will be broadcast on Fox Sports channels.
Santos vs Necaxa can be tuned in from the Fox Sports live stream.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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Both teams have met on 52 different occasions, where the Laguneros have won 19 games and drawn 15, while the Rayos have won 18 Liga MX games.
7:26 PM4 months ago

Last 5 games

In the last 5 meetings, the scales have been very even, with 3 wins for the Guerreros and 2 for the Hidrocálidos.
Necaxa 0-3 Santos, 23.Jul.21, Ape21
Santos 3-1 Necaxa, 07.Mar.21, Cla21
Necaxa 2-1 Santos, 21.Aug.20, Ape20
Santos 2-1 Necaxa, 15.Mar.20, Cla20
Necaxa 3-0 Santos, 18.Aug.19, Ape19
7:21 PM4 months ago

Otero far from Torreón

The 26-year-old offensive player, Juan Otero, was of interest to América's board of directors at the end of last year's tournament, who were looking for a right winger, but the first contact did not materialize and it was not until the start of the 2022 Clausura that negotiations were reactivated.
7:16 PM4 months ago

Lozano will miss matchday 3

Santos Laguna recently announced that they found a positive case of Covid-19 in the squad that will miss matchday 3, although the club did not mention who it was, it is known that it is Brian Lozano. 

"Following Liga MX protocols, COVID-19 tests were performed on the First Team Men's squad, which showed a positive case. The player is already under the corresponding isolation and observation measures, under the supervision of the Applied Sports Sciences area," reads the press release.

7:11 PM4 months ago

Caixinha remains calm

The Guerreros' start has not been good, out of 6 possible points they have only obtained 1, so Pedro Caixinha remains calm about the situation.

"We are the youngest squad in this tournament, likewise in 2015 when we were champions, we were also the youngest squad at that time, likewise on that occasion the team started with two defeats, now it started with a draw and a defeat and what I have learned being here, is that this is not about how you start, but how you finish, so if I am from Santos, I am at all times and if I am from Santos, I am for life", he stated.

7:06 PM4 months ago

Watch out for this Santos player

Carlos Acevedo, a 24-year-old goalkeeper who has been an essential part of the club and a promising young player for the Mexican national team, has acknowledged the club's poor start.

"The results are not what we expected, a team like Santos always seeks to start in a good way, with victories, especially at home; to go to away games in search of that victory or at least to add up, and after the loss in Toluca, the team is busy doing things well and above all to get the result, which is the most important thing", he mentioned.

Source: Imago7
Source: Imago7
7:01 PM4 months ago

Keep an eye on this Necaxa player

Nicolas Castillo reappeared after almost 2 years of absence in Mexican football, where the Chilean player hopes to recover his level, in this start of the campaign with Necaxa he has played 2 matches, in his last season in Mexico he scored 4 goals in 10 matches.
Source: Imago7
Source: Imago7
6:56 PM4 months ago

Necaxa in the percentage

The Rayos are in 15th place in the Quotient Table and currently have a 5 and 9 point advantage over FC Juárez and Tijuana, respectively, where the Aguascalientes team has 100 units for a quotient of 1.1364, having to add up as soon as possible.
6:51 PM4 months ago

Rays were fined

The hydrocalido team decided to open the stands of their stadium on Day 2 against Monterrey, they did not follow the rules and received a fine of 120,000 pesos, in addition to the closure of the building. This was explained by the director of regulations of the municipality of Aguascalientes, David Ángeles Castañeda, adding that another 16 commercial establishments were closed after not following the guidelines of the new measures announced by the government to try to combat the spread of Covid-19.
6:46 PM4 months ago

Guede on the tightrope?

Necaxa's coach, Pablo Guede could be in the tightrope after a bad start in the tournament, with 2 defeats in 2 matches, a terrible performance of the players, starting to be questioned by the fans. Although the club still trusts him. 
6:41 PM4 months ago


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