Goals and Highlights Napoli vs Salernitana (4-1)
SSC Napoli


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11:06 AM2 days ago

Live ended

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Next round

Salernitana vs Spezia - Arechi Stadium, in Salerno, Italy.

Venezia vs Napoli - Pier Luigi Penzo Stadium, in Venice, Italy.

- Both games are scheduled to next two weekends

10:54 AM2 days ago


Napoli - 2nd place, 49 points

Salernitana - 20th place, 10 points

10:52 AM2 days ago

Full time

Game over.
10:51 AM2 days ago

Misses the target

88' Ghoulam takes a corner from the left, Osihmen heads the ball dangerously over the goal.
10:44 AM2 days ago

Belec saves

82' Zieliński has the ball on the edge of the box, but goalkeeper Belec saves.
10:41 AM2 days ago

Salernitana substitution

78' Bonazzoli out, Simy in.
10:38 AM2 days ago

Napoli substitution

75' Mário Rui out, Ghoulam in.
10:38 AM2 days ago

Napoli substitution

75' Di Lorenzo out, Zanoli in.
10:37 AM2 days ago


68' Napoli dominate the game and take advantage of their numerical superiority to dictate the tempo with their team in the offensive field. Completely surrendered, without the strength to react and with a player less, the Salernitana are worried about not conceding more goals.
10:26 AM2 days ago

Napoli substitution

64' Osimhen in, Mertens out.
10:26 AM2 days ago

Napoli substitution

64' Politano in, Ruiz out.
10:26 AM2 days ago

Salernitana substitution

61' Alessandro Russo in, Vergani out.
10:25 AM2 days ago


52' Insigne takes the penalty on the right side of Belec, who bounces into the opposite corner. Napoli score!
10:24 AM2 days ago

Sent off

50' Veseli, Salernitana defender. He receives second yellow card and receives red card consequently.
10:23 AM2 days ago

Yellow card

50' Veseli, Salernitana defender. Handball.
10:23 AM2 days ago

Penalty to Napoli

50' Insigne comes forward on the left side, tries to shoot and Veseli blocks with his hand. 
10:21 AM2 days ago


46' Following a short corner kick, Elmas lifts the ball into the box and the defense makes a partial save. Zieliński's header is headed in, Mertens hits a cross and Rrahmani completes it into the empty net to extend the Neapolitan lead.
10:21 AM2 days ago


The second half is underway.
10:21 AM2 days ago

Napoli substitution

Lozano out, Insigne in.
10:21 AM2 days ago


Athletes are back on the field.
9:53 AM2 days ago


End of the first half.
9:53 AM2 days ago


45+3' Mertens takes the penalty kick and puts the ball on the left side of Belec, who jumps to the right corner. Napoli take the lead again.
9:52 AM2 days ago

Yellow card

45+2' Veseli, Salernitana defender. Elmas is fouled in box.
9:50 AM2 days ago

Penalty to Napoli!

45+1' Elmas goes forward on the left from the midfield, enters the box well marked, and falls after a scuffle with the marking.
9:47 AM2 days ago

Additional time

45' Two minutes to halftime.
9:44 AM2 days ago

Belec saves again and again!

38' Fabián Ruiz is picked out on the edge of the box and shoots. Belec makes another great save and prevents Napoli's second goal.
9:43 AM2 days ago

Salernitana substitution

35' Schiavone out, Jaroszyński in.
9:38 AM2 days ago


32' The first time the Salernitana shoot, the ball goes into the net. Fast play on the right. Joel Obi sets up Kechrida with a heel pass, and the winger crosses in the right channel for Bonazzoli to put his foot in the net. All equal in Naples!
9:38 AM2 days ago

Yellow card

30' Obi, Salernitana midfielder.
9:28 AM2 days ago

Yellow card

23' Carri, Salernitana midfielder. Rrahmani is fouled.
9:26 AM2 days ago


21' Zieliński with good vision opens diagonally for Mario Rui. The left-back crosses low towards the edge of the penalty area. Elmas can't reach it and Lozano can't deflect it into the goal. What a chance Napoli misses!
9:24 AM2 days ago


17' Call overtuned! Goal allowed! Napoli open the score.
9:23 AM2 days ago


16' VAR reviews the lance.
9:23 AM2 days ago

Napoli disallowed goal

16' After the ball circles the field following a corner from the left, Fabián Ruiz receives a pass on the right and crosses. Elmas sets up the ball and Juan Jesus shoots to Belec's left corner. The referee overrules the ball and claims that Elmas hit the ball with his arm.
9:17 AM2 days ago


14' Mertens takes a free-kick from the left side and hits the wall.
9:17 AM2 days ago

Napoli pressures

12' Neapolitan pressure is great. Fabián Ruiz comes out on the right and rolls the ball to Giovanni di Lorenzo. Hirving Lozano shoots low and Belec drops back to make the save.
9:16 AM2 days ago

Belec makes the great save

10' Nice fast play through the middle. Mertens receives Lobotka and plays the ball to Fabian Ruiz. The midfielder shoots into the corner and Belec pulls off a save.
9:11 AM2 days ago


6' Mario Rui takes a corner from the right with a cross into the box. The Salernitana defense makes a partial save, Politano sends the ball into the box once again, and Elmas misses an incredible goal in front of the goalkeeper by shooting over the top. The referee claims offside and the match is overturned.
9:11 AM2 days ago

Belec saves again

5' Mario Rui takes a free-kick from close to the edge of the box and Belec pulls off a save. Napoli takes a corner.
9:08 AM2 days ago

Napoli attacks

2' Mertens crosses, Zieliński heads and Belec saves.
9:02 AM2 days ago


Game on!
9:00 AM2 days ago


Referee - Luca Pairetto

Assistant referees - Salvatore Longo and Matteo Bottegoni

Fourth official - Francesco Cosso

VAR - Luca Banti

AVAR - Giovanni Baccini

8:55 AM2 days ago

Salernitana substitutes

Antonio Russo, Guerrieri; Perrone, Motoc, Jaroszyński, Alessandro Russo, Guida, Iervolino, Cannavale, Simy.

HC: Colantuono.

8:50 AM2 days ago

Napoli substitutes

Marfella, Ospina; Malcuit, Tuanzebe, Ghoulam, Zanoli, Demme, Politano, Insigne, Osimhen, Petagna.

HC: Spalletti.

8:45 AM2 days ago

Salernitana line-up

Belec; Veseli, Bodgan, Gagliolo; Carri, Schiavone, Tacchio, Obi, Kechrida; Bonazzoli, Vergani.

HC: Colantuono.

8:40 AM2 days ago

Napoli line-up

Meret; Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Jesus, Rui; Ruiz, Lobotka; Lozano, Zieliński, Elmas; Mertens.

HC: Spalletti.

8:35 AM2 days ago


SSC Napoli
SSC Napoli
US Salernitana
US Salernitana
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What time is Napoli vs Salernitana match for Serie A?

This is the start time of the Napoli vs Salernitana in several countries.

Argentina – 11 AM in Star+

Bolivia – 10 AM in Star+

Brazil – 11 AM in ESPN 3 and Star+

Canada – 10 AM AT, 9 AM ET, 8 AM CT, 7 AM MT, 6 AM PT in fuboTV Canada

Chile – 11 AM in Star+

Colombia – 9 AM in Star+

Ecuador – 9 AM in Star+

Italy – 3 PM in DAZN

Mexico – 8 AM CT, 7 AM MT, 6 AM PT in ESPN and Star+

Paraguay – 10 AM in Star+

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Uruguay – 11 AM in Star+

USA – 9 AM ET, 8 AM CT, 7 AM MT, 6 AM PT in Paramount+

Venezuela – 10 AM in Star+

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Possible line-up for Salernitana

Vid Belec; Filippo Delli Carri, Frédéric Veseli, Mario Perrone; Wajdi Kechrida, Joel Obi, Francesco Di Tacchio, Andrea Schiavone, Matteo Ruggeri; Edoardo Vergani, Federico Bonazzoli.

Head coach – Stefano Colantuono.

8:10 AM2 days ago

Possible line-up for Napoli

Alex Meret; Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Amir Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Mário Rui; Fabián Ruiz, Stanislav Lobotka, Piotr Zieliński; Hirving Lozano, Dries Mertens, Eljif Elmas.

Head coach: Luciano Spalletti.

8:05 AM2 days ago


Napoli – Diego Demme, André-Frank Zambo Anguissa.

Salernitana – Federico Bonazzoli.

8:00 AM2 days ago


Napoli – Kalidou Koulibaly, Adam Ounas, André-Frank Zambo Anguissa.

Salernitana – Stefan Strandberg, Lassana Coulibaly, Luca Ranieri.

7:55 AM2 days ago


Napoli – 3rd place, 46 points

Salernitana – 20th place, 10 points

7:50 AM2 days ago

Salernitana's roster

Goalkeepers – Vincenzo Fiorillo, Antonio Russo, Jacopo de Matteis, Vid Belec, Guido Guerrieri.

Defenders – Matteo Ruggeri, Paweł Jaroszyński, Frédéric Veseli, Stefan Strandberg, Ramzi Aya, Luca Ranieri, Nadir Zortea, Norbert Gyömbér, Wajdi Kechrida, Luka Bogdan, Riccardo Gagiolo, Filippo Delli Carri, Mario Perrone, Tommaso de Lorenzo.

Midfielders – Mamadou Coulibaly, Franck Ribéry, Andrea Schiavone, Francesco Di Tacchio, Lassana Coulibaly, Grigoris Kastanos, Joel Obi, Leonardo Capezzi, Sedrick Kalombo, Andrei Motoc, Alessandro Russo.

Forwards – Federico Bonazzoli, Milan Ðurić, Cedric Gondo, Simy, Lorenzo Cannavale, Edoardo Vergani.

Head coach – Stefano Colantuono.

7:45 AM2 days ago

Napoli's roster

Goalkeepers – Alex Meret, Davide Marfella, Hubert Idasiak, David Ospina.

Defenders – Kévin Malcuit, Axel Tuanzebe, Juan Jesus, Mário Rui, Amir Rrahmani, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Kalidou Koulibaly, Faouzi Ghoulam, Moussa Mané, Alessandro Zanoli, Jonathan Spedalieri, Davide Costanzo.

Midfielders – Diego Demme, Eljif Elmas, Fabián Ruiz, Piotr Zieliński, Stanislav Lobotka e André-Frank Zambo Anguissa.

Forwards – Victor Osimhen, Hirving Lozano, Dries Mertens, Matteo Politano, Lorenzo Insigne, Adam Ounas, Andrea Petagna, Antonio Cioffi, Antonio Vergara.

Head coach – Luciano Spalletti.

7:40 AM2 days ago

The match will be played at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium

The Napoli vs Salernitana match will be played at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, in Naples, Italy. The sports venue has the capacity to receive 54,726 fans.
7:35 AM2 days ago

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