Goals and highlights: Cameroon 2-1 Comoros in Africa Cup of Nations
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4:59 PM4 months ago

The match ends!

Cameroon fulfills its goal of advancing to the quarterfinals of the Africa Cup, a phase in which it will face Gambia on Saturday, but leaves many doubts about its performance; its goalkeeper, André Onana, was the star of the match after making several key saves.

On the other hand, Comoros is eliminated, but leaves a pleasant taste after having competed in a very dignified manner, despite the complications they had.

4:53 PM4 months ago


The 3rd minute of compensation is added.
4:52 PM4 months ago


Comoras realiza sus últimas modificaciones: Ibroihim Djoudja, Moussa Djoumoi y Ali M'Madi relevan a Mohamed Youssouf, Fouad Bachirou y Saïd Bakari.
4:52 PM4 months ago


Faiz Mattoir, Comoros attacker, also receives a yellow card.
4:46 PM4 months ago


Cameroon makes one more move: Jean Onana replaces André Zambo.
4:45 PM4 months ago


Cameroon's Martin Honga joins those cautioned.
4:44 PM4 months ago


Youssouf M'Changama's great long-range free kick from Youssouf M'Changama cut the deficit on the scoreboard.
4:41 PM4 months ago


Andre Onana! Once again, the Cameroonian goalkeeper saves Comoros' goal, this time after making a great save from a powerful shot by El Fardou Ben.
4:39 PM4 months ago


Cameroon also makes changes: Stéphane Bahoken. James Léa replaces Vincent Aboubakar and Karlo Toko.
4:38 PM4 months ago


New change for Comoros: Faiz Mattoir replaces Benjaloud Youssouf.
4:33 PM4 months ago


Vincent Aboubakar fakes out the goalkeeper and finishes to increase the hosts' lead.
4:27 PM4 months ago


No score! Vincent Aboubakar's goal is ruled offside. Comoros are once again saved.
4:27 PM4 months ago


Cameroon make changes to their lineup: Christian Bassogog and Clinton N'Jie come on for Moumi Ngmaleu and Eric Choupo-Moting.
4:18 PM4 months ago


Chaker Alhadhur! Vincent Aboubakar and Moumi Ngamaleu were both denied by the Comoros goalkeeper's fists. Cameroon's second goal was close.
4:18 PM4 months ago


Comoros make their first change: Abdallah Ali comes on for Ahmed Mogni.
4:18 PM4 months ago


Cameroon have started much more active; from the whistle they have been coming insistently to the opponent's goal.
4:10 PM4 months ago

Second Half is underway!

The match Cameroon 1-0 Comoros is resumed.
3:54 PM4 months ago

End of the first half!

Without being close to a good performance, Cameroon is defeating Comoros by the minimum difference, a team that -despite the circumstances- has been close to a draw.
3:48 PM4 months ago


Four minutes of repositioning are added.
3:37 PM4 months ago


André Zambo, Cameroon midfielder, becomes the first player to receive a caution.
3:36 PM4 months ago


Andre Onana! On two occasions, the Cameroonian goalkeeper avoided the equalizer. On the attack, Comoros generated more danger.
3:33 PM4 months ago


On a pass from Vincent Aboubakar, Karl Toko scored the first goal for the home team.
3:22 PM4 months ago


So far, and despite the very favorable context, Cameroon is coming up short; so far, they have not generated chances.
3:11 PM4 months ago


Sent off! Finally, after the VAR review, captain Nadjim Abdou is sent off.  The outlook for Comoros looks even more complicated.
3:09 PM4 months ago


The referee turns to the VAR for a possible sending-off of Nadjim Abdou after a stomp on Moumi Ngamaleu.
3:02 PM4 months ago

The match is underway!

The ball is rolling! Cameroon and Comoros are already facing each other.
2:50 PM4 months ago

Comoros, to give a big surprise

Daniel Padovani, Comoros' assistant coach, referred to the losses at all levels due to positive cases of coronavirus:  "We played our all-out during the group stage and that's what allowed us to progress to the round of 16. We are experiencing an exceptional situation with several players and staff members affected by COVID-19. We must manage this situation and find the necessary solutions. We will play with the same values, with our usual state of mind."
2:47 PM4 months ago

Cameroon, to avoid overconfidence

Ahead of this match, Antonio Conceiçao, Cameroon's coach, highlighted the qualities of his opponent, which is why he assures that they will have to perform well to defeat them: “We know that we are going against a good team from the Comoros. We have studied our opponent who remains difficult. It is true that it is not a team with a big name, but they have very good players. They are a disciplined team, focused and playing without pressure. The objective for us is to win to go further in the competition.”
2:39 PM4 months ago


For this match, Comoros has several absentees, including its three goalkeepers, so Chaker Alhadhur -who is a winger- will act as goalkeeper.
2:36 PM4 months ago

Comoros: substitutes

Abdallah Ali Mohamed, Ali M'Madi, Ibrolhim Djoudja, Faiz Mattoir, Moussa Djoumoi, lyad Mohamed and Kassim Ahamada.
2:28 PM4 months ago

Cameroon: substitutes

Enzo Jacques, Harold Moukoudi, Ambroise Oyongo, Clinton N'Jie, Stéphane Bahoken, Cristian Bassogog, Samuel Oum Gouet, Pierre Kunde, Devis Epassy, Simon Omossola, Jean Onana and James Léa Siliki.
2:22 PM4 months ago

Comoros: confirmed lineup

C. Alhadhur; Y. Zahary, M. Youssouf, N. Abdou, S. Bakari, Y. M'Changama, B. Youssouf, R. Abdullah, F. Bachirou, E. Ben and A. Mogni.
2:21 PM4 months ago

Cameroon: confirmed lineup

A. Onana; C. Fai, J. Castelletto, M. Ngadeu, N. Tolo, M. Ngamaleu, A. Zambo, M. Hongia, K. Toko, E. Choupo-Moting and V. Aboubakar.
2:18 PM4 months ago

New rivalry

This will be the first time that Cameroon and Comoros will face each other in this competition, as while the Cameroonians have been champions five times, the Comorians are participating for the first time.
2:17 PM4 months ago

The opponent has already been decided

The winner of this match between Cameroon and Comoros will face Gambia in the next round, a country that defeated Guinea by the minimum difference this morning.
2:12 PM4 months ago

Let's get started!

In almost an hour, the teams of Cameroon and Comoros will face each other in the quest to become the fourth team to qualify for the quarterfinals of the 2021 CAF Africa Cup of Nations.

For the moment, both teams are already at the stadium and will be warming up shortly.

2:07 PM4 months ago

Tune in here Cameroon vs Comoros Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting Cameroon vs Comoros live, as well as the latest information from Paul Biya Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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Comoros: last lineup

S. Ben; S. Bakari, K. M'Dahoma, Y. Zahary, B. Youssouf, A. Mogni, F. Bachirou, Y. M'Changama, F. Selemani, E. Ben and I. Youssouf.
1:52 PM4 months ago

Cameroon: last lineup

A. Onana; N. Tolo, M. Ngadeu, H. Moukoudi, C. Fai, S. Oum, K. Toko, A. Zambo, P. Kunde, M. Ngamaleu and V. Aboubakar.
1:47 PM4 months ago

How do Cameroon and Comoros fare?

Last week, in their last match of the Group Stage, Cameroon failed to take advantage of the minimal lead they had with Vincent Aboubakar's goal and ended up drawing 1-1 against Cape Verde.

For their part, Comoros surprised by beating Ghana 3-2 in the final stretch of the game, with goals by El Fardou Ben and Ahmed Mogni (2), thus eliminating their rivals and earning their place.

1:42 PM4 months ago

How did Comoros get through?

Meanwhile, the team coached by Frenchman Amir Abdou came in third place in Group C, where they played against Morocco, Gabon, and Ghana; they accumulated 3 points, after winning one game and losing two. They scored 3 goals for and 5 against.
(Photo: Comoros)
(Photo: Comoros)
1:37 PM4 months ago

How did Cameroon advance?

The team coached by Portuguese António Conceição da Silva was the leader of Group A, where it faced Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, and Ethiopia; it accumulated 7 points, the result of two wins and a draw. He scored 7 goals and conceded 3.
(Photo: Cameroon)
(Photo: Cameroon)
1:32 PM4 months ago

Aiming to advance to the next stage

This Monday afternoon, in the city of Yaoundé, the host Cameroon will try to take advantage of the support of its people to avoid surprises, and thus move on to the quarterfinals; they will face Comoros, a team that managed to reach this stage after competing well in a group where -on paper- they looked the weakest due to the quality of their opponents, so they will try to continue to exceed their expectations.
1:27 PM4 months ago

2021 African Cup of Nations

It is the most important competition held by the African Football Confederation; this is the 33rd edition in Cameroon and was delayed until this year due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Twenty-four teams began participating and were divided into eight groups, each with four members. At the end of the three rounds, the first two places in each sector and the four best third-placed teams advanced to the round of 16.

This will be the first round of direct elimination and, like the following rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals and final), will be single-legged. The African champion will be announced on February 6.

1:22 PM4 months ago

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