Goals and Highlights: Porto 2-1 Maritimo in Liga Portugal Bwin
Photo by FC Porto


7:02 PM4 months ago

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FC Porto: 1st place - 56 points
Maritimo: 9th place - 24 points
6:48 PM4 months ago

Match stats

Ball possession: 62% X 38%
Passing accuracy: 87% x 75%
Total shots: 14-8
Shots on target: 5-3
Corner kicks: 1-3
Offsides: 2-0
Tackles: 21-12
Clearances: 13-14
Total asses: 568-270
Successful passes: 492-202
Goalkeeper saves: 2-3
Fouls: 24-15
Yellow cards: 4-5
6:38 PM4 months ago


49' PORTO WINS! The leader of the Liga Portugal Bwin makes another victim - this time it is Marítimo, who returns to Madeira Island with the ninth defeat of the season. The Brazilians Evanilson and Pepê scored, as well as Edson Costa, who decreased and gave more breath to the visitors, but lacked precision to prevent the celebration of the Dragon fans.
6:32 PM4 months ago

Last opportunity

48' After the move on the left, Henrique's lift to the area, Grujic sends to a corner and after the charging Marítimo can't finish
6:30 PM4 months ago


46' Joao Mario moves forward on the right, avoids the back line and crosses in the middle of the area, Chico Conceicao head free and the ball goes into the net that is above the crossbar.
6:28 PM4 months ago

Added time

45' Four minutes to end the match
6:27 PM4 months ago

Substitution in Maritimo

45' Clesio replaced by Claudio Winck
6:26 PM4 months ago

Not so good

44' Toni Martinez is activated on the right wing, he goes to the back line, two players get to the marking and the striker shoots a cross, but the ball goes low and Paulo Victor holds calmly
6:24 PM4 months ago

Substitution in Porto

42' Toni Martinez in place of Bruno Costa
6:22 PM4 months ago

Far away

40' Alipour is brought down on the left. Bruno Xadas goes for the ball and unleashes his left-footed shot, but it goes well over the crossbar.
6:21 PM4 months ago

Yellow card

37' Rafik Guitane, from Maritimo, for committing a foul in the midfield
6:19 PM4 months ago

Bad shoot

36' Otavio receives on the left and rolls to Grujic, who sends to the goal, but misses the ball and it touches Evanilson, who was early
6:16 PM4 months ago

Yellow card

34' Marko Grujic of Porto for leaving his arm and hitting Alipour's face
6:15 PM4 months ago

Yellow card

33' Joao Mario, from Porto, por acertar Vitor Costa
6:13 PM4 months ago

Substitution in Maritimo

26' Zaidu in place of Wendell
6:08 PM4 months ago

Porto wants more

24' After a free-kick in the box, the ball is lifted and the defense takes it away
6:07 PM4 months ago

Yellow card

24' Wendell, from Porto, for a bad foul
6:06 PM4 months ago

Double substitution in Maritimo

23' Rossi and Xadas replaced by Edgar Costa and Diogo Mendes
6:05 PM4 months ago


20' Pace of play drops a bit, with a sequence of fouls in abos by sides
6:00 PM4 months ago

Double substitution in Maritimo

18' Joao Mario and Francisco Conceicao in, Pepe and Fabio Vieira out
5:59 PM4 months ago

Double substitution in Maritimo

15' Pedro Pelagio and Henrique in place of Vidigal and Beltrame
5:56 PM4 months ago


14' Beltrame charges a lateral free-kick inside the area, Diogo Costa punches it away and on the rebound Diogo Mendes shoots too high
5:53 PM4 months ago

Yellow card

11' Claudio Winck, from Porto, for leaving his arm in a dispute with Wendell
5:51 PM4 months ago


8' EDGAR COSTA! Guitane moves forward on the left and shoots, Diogo Costa deflects and on the rebound the Maritimo player pushes into the back of the net.
5:49 PM4 months ago

Yellow card

6' Edgar Costa, from Maritimo, for complaining
5:47 PM4 months ago

What a safe!

6' Otavio heads the ball, Paulo Victor makes a miracle to avoid the third
5:46 PM4 months ago


4' PEPE! After a nice move on the left side, Otávio shoots, the ball deflects off the #11, deceives goalkeeper Paulo Victor and swings into the net.
5:44 PM4 months ago

Almost the second

2' Otavio sends a good ball to Evanilson, who shoots with his right foot and Paulo Victor saves Marítimo
5:42 PM4 months ago


00' The second half begins
5:35 PM4 months ago


Porto: Marchesin, Claudio Ramos, Pepe, Marcano, Francisco Conceicao, João Mário, Zaidu, Toni Martinez e Gonçalo Borges.

Maritimo: Miguel Silva, Rossi, Xadas, Ruben Macedo, Clesio, China, Pelagio, Leo Andrade e Henrique.

5:28 PM4 months ago

First half stats

Ball possession: 70% x 30%
Total attempts: 8-3
Fouls committed: 9-9
Corner kicks: 1-1
Yellow cards: 1-2
5:25 PM4 months ago

Half time

48' End of the first half
5:24 PM4 months ago


47' Fabio Vieira adjusts the ball, Paulo Victor sets up the barrier with four players and after the charge the ball goes towards the head of one of them, who sends it far away
5:22 PM4 months ago

Porto again

46' Pepe invades the area on the left, cuts inside and shoots over the defense
5:21 PM4 months ago

Added time

45' Two minutes to end the first half
5:20 PM4 months ago

Yellow card

44' Otavio, from Porto, for pushing Diogo Mendes
5:19 PM4 months ago

Yellow card

43' Matheus Costa, from Maritimo, for the foul in the previous throw.
5:18 PM4 months ago

Porto again

42' Evanilson is activated on the left, wins the body dispute with Matheus Costa, who surrounds him and commits a foul.
5:14 PM4 months ago


39' Referee authorizes medical attention to Grujic, who recovers, gets up and returns to the pitch
5:13 PM4 months ago


37' Fabio Vieira is tackled in the midfield and himself lifts in the area, Grujic rises to head but gets the worst of it after a dispute with Fabio Cardoso
5:09 PM4 months ago


35' Vitinha moves forward on the left, table with Evanilson and left-footed shot, but the ball goes too high
5:07 PM4 months ago

Porto again

32' After good play from foot to foot, Otavio plays, Fabio Vieira adjusts to Vitinha, who takes a shot from the edge of the area but is stopped when he shoots
5:06 PM4 months ago


27' Game with many fouls at this moment on both sides
4:59 PM4 months ago


24' Nice move by Grujic, who threads a ball to Pepê on the left, Paulo Victor gets out of the goal and shoots away
4:57 PM4 months ago

Long ball

21' Paulo Victor makes the throw to Vidigal on the right side, Alipour gives the casquinha and camisa 7 touches the right of the goal
4:53 PM4 months ago


18' EVANILSON! Triangulation between the striker, Fabio Vieira and Otavio, who rolls back and the number 99 takes a touch of letter to stew the net.
4:52 PM4 months ago


17' Vidigal takes off from the left, gets a lift in the area and the defense cuts it off for a corner. After charging, the ball is again left to the number 7, who shoots far away.
4:50 PM4 months ago

Not yet

15' Vitinha sends to the goal and sends it on the back of Paulo Victor, but the shot is weak and the goalkeeper saves easily
4:49 PM4 months ago


13' Porto takes the initiative of the match, but has not yet finished with danger. Marítimo also comes out for the game.
4:46 PM4 months ago


10' Vitinha makes a long ball to Evanilson on the left, he cuts inside and plays to Fabio Vieira, but the referee signals an irregular position for the portista attack
4:42 PM4 months ago


8' Claudio Winck shares with Pepe near the side, the forward collides with the advertising sign and gets pain in the shoulder, but recovers without needing assistance
4:41 PM4 months ago


7' Otavio opens space and shoots for the goal, but the ball goes too high
4:40 PM4 months ago

Maritimo again

5' Claudio Winck moves forward on the right and crosses, defender cuts off the head
4:37 PM4 months ago

Maritimo goes ahead

2' Alipour takes a long shot on goal, Diogo Costa crouches down and saves safely
4:36 PM4 months ago

Porto goes ahead

1' Evanilson goes out, Pepe shoots right, but does not finish
4:31 PM4 months ago


00' The first half begins
4:26 PM4 months ago

Ready to go

Players come up from the locker rooms and position themselves next to the referee for the start of the match in Porto
4:21 PM4 months ago

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Portimonense 1-2 Maritimo
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Last matches from Porto

Porto 3-1 Famalicao
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4:11 PM4 months ago

Warm up Porto goalkeepers

4:06 PM4 months ago


Paulo Victor, Claudio Winck, Matheus, Zainadine, Vidigal, Guitane, Alipour, Beltrame, Edgar Costa, Diogo Mendes e Vítor Costa.
Coach: Vasco Seabra.

Substitutes: Miguel Silva, Rossi, Xadas, Ruben Macedo, Clesio, China, Pelagio, Leo Andrade e Henrique.

Photo by CS Martitimo
Photo by CS Martitimo
4:01 PM4 months ago


Diogo Costa, Bruno Costa, Mbemba, Fabio Cardoso, Wendell; Otavio, Marko Grujic, Vitinha, Pepe, Fabio Vieira, Evanilson.
Coach: Sergio Conceicao.

Substitutes: Marchesin, Claudio Ramos, Pepe, Marcano, Francisco Conceicao, Joao Mario, Zaidu, Toni Martinez e Goncalo Borges.

Foto: Divulgação/FC Porto
Foto: Divulgação/FC Porto
3:56 PM4 months ago

Luis Diaz at Liverpool

"He is a fantastic player, we had been after him for a long time", said manager Jürgen Klopp after the English club announced the signing of the Colombian striker. He was Porto's top scorer this season, with 16 goals in 28 games.
3:51 PM4 months ago


We are back with the latest news, behind-the-scenes information, lineups and much more about the match between Porto and Maritimo, which takes place soon at Estadio do Dragao
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How to watch Porto vs Maritimo Live Stream on TV and online?

Match: Porto vs Maritimo
Competition: Liga Portugal Bwin
Matchday: #20
Date: January 30th
Kickoff: 4:30 pm ET
Venue: Estadio do Dragao, in Porto, Portugal
Where to watch: ESPN, GOLTV, Star+
Live Text: VAVEL
3:41 PM4 months ago

Where and how to watch Porto vs Maritimo live online

If you want to follow this match between this Porto- Maritimo on TV, just tune in to GOLTV or ESPN. You can also check all the plays in real time here on VAVEL live text, with a pre-match preview 1 hour before the game starts.
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Match officials

Referee: Fabio Melo
Assistant Referee 1: Sergio Jesus
Assistant Referee 2: Andre Dias
Fourth official: Matteo Marcenaro
Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Rosario Abisso
Assistant Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Filippo Meli
Delegates: Mario Agreiro, Paulo Renato
Observer: Jorge Correia
3:31 PM4 months ago

Probable Lineup of Maritimo

Paulo Victor, Claudio Winck, Matheus Costa, Zainadine, Vitor Costa; Diogo Mendes, Stefano Beltrame, Rafik Guitane, Henrique Rafael, Alipour, Edgar Costa.
Coach: Vasco Seabra
3:26 PM4 months ago

Probable Lineup of Porto

Diogo Costa, Bruno Costa, Mbemba, Fabio Cardoso, Wendell (Zaidu); Otavio, Marko Grujic, Vitinha, Pepe, Fábio Vieira, Evanilson.
Coach: Sergio Conceicao.
3:21 PM4 months ago


In the last match between the teams, in August 2021, it was a draw. Luis Diaz opened the scoring and Xadas equalized in the first half on Marítimo's only goal in the 90 minutes. Porto still sent four more balls towards the goal, but none of them went in.
3:16 PM4 months ago

More losses than wins

Maritimo, on the other hand, have lost eight and won only six of 21 matches so far. Despite this, the phase is good: four games unbeaten (three wins and a draw), not conceding a single goal in two of them
3:11 PM4 months ago

On fire

Porto has won 23 of 31 games this season, drawn four and lost four, and is enjoying its best moment of the season, with nine consecutive wins. 
3:06 PM4 months ago


Porto: 1st place, 53 points (17 wins, 2 draws)
Maritimo: 9th place, 24 points (6 wins, 6 draws, 7 losses)
3:01 PM4 months ago

Matchweek #20

Vizela 3-2 Vitoria de Guimaraes
Portimonense 1-2 Tondela
Estoril Praia-Pacos de Ferreira
Santa Clara-Boavista
Benfica-Gil Vicente
2:56 PM4 months ago

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