Goals and Highlights of Burkina Faso 1-3 Senegal on African Cup
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5:55 PM4 months ago

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5:52 PM4 months ago

This is how the Senegalese team celebrated

A place in the final could mean the first African Cup championship, it will be a very decisive match for this nation.


5:06 PM4 months ago


This is the third time Senegal has advanced to the final of the African Cup, although it has lost the previous two. Will it make it this time?

4:58 PM4 months ago


The referee blows the final whistle and SENEGAL IS IN THE GRAND FINAL!

The score ends with a resounding 3-1.

4:53 PM4 months ago


Sadio Mané sentences the match with a great goal!
Burkina loses the ball at the start and after an impressive run, Mané coolly chipped the ball past the goalkeeper.
4:50 PM4 months ago


Ibrahim acorta la distancia en el marcador y el equipo de Burkina busca el empate a toda costa. 
4:49 PM4 months ago

The goal that opened the scoring

A fortuitous play that ends with two shots from defensive players opens the scoring for the match.


4:41 PM4 months ago


Great effort from Mané who recovers the ball on the back line, puts the precise pass to Gueye who just one-timed the ball into the net.
4:35 PM4 months ago


After a corner kick, Koulibaly takes a bicycle kick and the ball is left to Diallo who sends the ball into the back of the net;
4:26 PM4 months ago


An aerial free kick is well won by the Burkina Faso defense.
4:20 PM4 months ago


Traoré is unable to finish with his right foot.
4:09 PM4 months ago


Second half of the semifinal begins: Burkina Faso 0-0 Senegal.
3:56 PM4 months ago


The first half ended goalless.
3:55 PM4 months ago


After reviewing the penalty shot in the VAR, the referee annuls the action and withdraws the yellow card on the Burkina Faso player.
3:53 PM4 months ago


Mendy's shot hits Tapsoba's hand and the referee awards a penalty kick to Senegal.
3:42 PM4 months ago

The heavy collision on Kouyaté

In the end it was the Burkina Faso goalkeeper who bore the brunt of the harsh clash and the referee correctly ruled that it was not a penalty.


3:40 PM4 months ago


Bandé shoots close to Senegal's goal and Mendy makes an extraordinary save.
3:37 PM4 months ago


After some instructions from his coach, Kouyaté returns to the field.
3:37 PM4 months ago


Koffi leaves the field and goalkeeper Farid enters the field.
3:35 PM4 months ago


After reviewing the play in the VAR, the referee does not sanction a penalty against Burkina Faso.
3:33 PM4 months ago


The goalkeeper comes out to cut the ball with his hands and collides very hard against the player Kouyate, who is left on the wall and leaves the field with a necklace.
3:28 PM4 months ago


Dieng's header goes wide of the goal.
3:27 PM4 months ago


Dangerous corner kick but Tapsoba comes out to cut it off well on the line.
3:26 PM4 months ago


Mané was trying to get down the flank but the Liverpool player is very well marked.
3:19 PM4 months ago


Traoré's shot is easily saved by Mendy.
3:15 PM4 months ago


Bande's pipe; on Koulibaly, who ends up committing a foul.
3:12 PM4 months ago


The Senegal team has taken possession of the match early but have been fouled several times in the last area of the field.
3:03 PM4 months ago


The match Burkina Faso vs Senegal kicks off.
2:57 PM4 months ago

Great atmosphere in the stadium

The anthems of Burkina Faso and Senegal are already being sung, with a great atmosphere among the fans of both nations aspiring to the title.
2:54 PM4 months ago

Last match between the two

The last time these teams met was in the 2017 World Cup qualifiers, in a match that ended with a 2-2 score.
2:50 PM4 months ago

Here is the refereeing corps for this afternoon

They will be in charge of directing the actions of the match: 

Head referee: Bamlak Tessema Weyesa.

Assistant referee: Mohammed Abdallah Ibrahim.

Assistant referee: Gilbert Cheruiyot.

Fourth official: Peter Waweru Kamaku.

2:37 PM4 months ago

Extraordinary numbers for Senegal

The Senegalese come into this match with 11 consecutive unbeaten games, making them overwhelming favorites to advance to the final. Will there be a surprise?
2:32 PM4 months ago

Mendy hard to beat

The Senegalese goalkeeper is one of the team's greatest weapons, having been beaten in only one of four games.
2:31 PM4 months ago

All set for the match

The cloudy day in Cameroon will give us the first finalist of the match, here a picture of the field a few minutes before kickoff.

2:16 PM4 months ago

Senegal's confirmed lineup

Cisse will take the field with these 11 players: 

16. E. MENDY; 2. S. CISS, 22. A. DIALLO, 3. K. KOULIBALY, 20. B. SARR, 6. N. MENDY, 8. C. KOUYATÉ, 10. S. MANÉ, 5. I. GUEYE, 15. C. DIENG and 19. F. DIÉDHIOU.

2:13 PM4 months ago

Burkina Faso's confirmed lineup

These are the 11 players who will start this afternoon's match: 

16. H. KOFFI; 25. S. YAGO, 14. I. DAYO, 12. E. TAPSOBA, 9. I. KABORÉ, 24. A. GUIRA, 20. G. SANGARÉ, 22. I. TOURÉ, 21. C. BAYALA, 10. BERTRAND TRAORÉ and 19. H. BANDÉ.

2:08 PM4 months ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

In a few moments we will share with you the lineups and all the details of Burkina Faso vs Senegal.
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Stay with us

In a few moments we will present you all the details, data and lineups of this semifinal match that will undoubtedly be very interesting.
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How and where to watch Burkina Faso vs Senegal

The match will be broadcasted by beIN Sports.

If you prefer to follow the match online, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option. 

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Latest Senegal lineup

Cissé's team started with this lineup in the last match:

16. E. MENDY; 2. S. CISS, 22. A. DIALLO, 3. K. KOULIBALY, 20. B. SARR, 26. P. GUEYE, 6. N. MENDY, 5. I. GUEYE, 10. S. MANÉ, 19. F. DIÉDHIOU and 9. B. DIA.

11:04 PM4 months ago

Last lineup of Burkina Faso

These are the 11 players Kamou Malo started with in the quarterfinal match:

16. H. KOFFI; 25. S. YAGO, 12. E. TAPSOBA, 4. S. OUATARRA, 9. I. KABORÉ, 22. I. TOURÉ, 24. A. GUIRA, 28. DANGO OUATTARA, 21. C. BAYALA, 20. G. SANGARÉ and 2. D. OUATTARA.

10:59 PM4 months ago

Senegal's key player

The Senegalese team has one of the best attacks in the playoffs, with five goals in two games. 

Undoubtedly this would not be possible without their biggest star, Sadio Mané, the Liverpool player leads his team's attack and also contributes with goals constantly. 

10:54 PM4 months ago

Burkina's key player

The fact that Burkina is in the semifinals is largely due to good defensive work, led by goalkeeper Hervé Koffi. 

His reflexes and good performances have allowed his team to win very important matches to continue advancing in the playoffs. 

10:49 PM4 months ago

Senegal arrives as favorite

Despite having only five points in the group stage, the Senegalese team has not lost in its five matches.

In addition, this team has been very solid offensively during the playoffs, defeating Equatorial Guinea in the semifinal by a score of 3-1.

10:44 PM4 months ago

Burkina has had a good tournament

During the entire tournament, Burkina Faso has suffered only one defeat in the opening match when they lost to Cameroon by a score of 2-1. 

Since then, they have not lost again and have been a very solid opponent when defending; they have only conceded four goals in five matches. 

10:39 PM4 months ago

The match will be played at the Ahmadou Ahidjo

The Burkina Faso vs Senegal match will be played at the stadium Ahmadou Ahidjo, on Yaundé, Camerún with a capacity of 42,500 people.

This sports venue is mainly used for soccer matches and also has athletics facilities. 

It was built in 1972, but has been renovated in 2016 in view of the Women's African Nations Cup.

It is currently the home stadium of Canon Yaoundé, Tonnerre Yaoundé and the Louves Minproff women's club.

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Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the 2022 African Nations Cup match: Burkina Faso vs Senegal Live Updates!

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A semi-final duel that will define the first candidate to win the African Cup. 

On the one hand, Burkina Faso arrives after having defeated Gabon and Tunisia in the previous direct elimination rounds, while Senegal defeated Cape Vert and Equatorial Guinea.