Goal and Highlights: Tijuana 1-0 Pumas UNAM in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of Xolos de Tijuana's win over Pumas de la UNAM in Liga MX.
12:58 AM3 months ago

End game

Tijuana 1-0 Pumas.
12:53 AM3 months ago


Add 4 more minutes.
12:48 AM3 months ago


Arturo Ortiz is cautioned for a foul just outside the area.
12:43 AM3 months ago


Guzmán and Rivera 

Lopez and Barbona come out

Tijuana's changes

12:38 AM3 months ago


Montecinos is fouled and a foul is called on Xolos.
12:33 AM3 months ago


Meritao has been cautioned


Corozo and Islas enter

Meritao and Dinenno leave.

Pumas changes.

12:28 AM3 months ago

Goal Tijuana 1-0

12:23 AM3 months ago


There is no offensive or defensive foul, the referee awards Tijuana offside.
12:18 AM3 months ago


Montecinos with a shot that goes over the goal. The Chilean has entered the match in good shape.
12:13 AM3 months ago


Ruvalcaba's cutback and shot goes wide of the goal.
12:08 AM3 months ago


Tijuana Goal

Lopez volleys it into the box and into the net despite Talavera's deflection. 1-0.

12:03 AM3 months ago


Barbona's free kick is deflected over the goal.
11:58 PM3 months ago


Freire crosses inside the six-yard box and sends the ball over the top of the goal.
11:53 PM3 months ago


Tijuana changes

Ibarra is replaced by Montecinos

11:48 PM3 months ago


Lopez and Diogo are out

Batocchio and Ruvalcaba come in.

Pumas changes.

11:43 PM3 months ago


Ferreyra comes off and Manotas enters, change for Tijuana.
11:38 PM3 months ago


Ferreyra missed again with a header that went wide.
11:33 PM3 months ago


Diogo with a shot from outside the area that goes high.
11:28 PM3 months ago


Dinenno's header at the near post goes high of the goal.
11:23 PM3 months ago


With no changes, the second half begins between Tijuana and Pumas.
11:18 PM3 months ago

Half time

Tijuana 0-0 Pumas.
11:13 PM3 months ago


Heavy collision in the area between Diogo and Orozco.
11:08 PM3 months ago


Add 4 more minutes.
11:03 PM3 months ago


Ferreyra retakes the penalty again and sends it wide in a serious mistake.
10:58 PM3 months ago


Talavera went ahead and the penalty kick will be retaken.
10:53 PM3 months ago


Facundo Ferreyra makes a mistake and Alfredo Talavera saves the penalty to prevent his goal from being saved.
10:48 PM3 months ago


Strong collision inside the area and the referee calls a penalty kick in favor of Pumas.
10:43 PM3 months ago


Facundo Ferreyra was all alone and tried to pump the ball into Talavera's hands.
10:38 PM3 months ago


Dinenno's weak shot that goes into the goalkeeper's hands.
10:33 PM3 months ago


Facundo Ferreyra's one-on-one with a handball that Talavera managed to deflect with his foot to prevent his goal from being saved.
10:28 PM3 months ago


Xolos approached again and Talavera came out perfectly to keep out the danger.
10:23 PM3 months ago


A mistake at the start, but Angulo's header from outside the area was headed into the hands of Talavera.
10:18 PM3 months ago


Marcel Ruiz is encouraged with a mid-range shot that goes over the top of the goal.
10:13 PM3 months ago


10:08 PM3 months ago


Renato Ibarra's right-footed shot to the far post is saved by Alfredo Talavera without rebounding.
10:03 PM3 months ago


A defensive deflection hit the crossbar in front of Alfredo Talavera's exit and the goal almost arrived at the Estadio Caliente.
9:58 PM3 months ago


Facundo Ferreyra's shot goes over the top of the goal. Xolos also responds.
9:53 PM3 months ago


Ruiz with a cross inside the six-yard box that the Auriazul defense managed to deny.
9:48 PM3 months ago


Freire gets up, heads the ball to the near post, but Orozco's man was there.
9:43 PM3 months ago


Dangerous service from Mozo looking for Dinenno that was cut off by the Tijuana defense at the near post.
9:38 PM3 months ago


The match between Tijuana and Pumas kicks off.
9:33 PM3 months ago

Minutes away

We are just minutes away from kickoff between Xolos de Tijuana and Pumas de la UNAM. Stay tuned for more details on the game.
9:28 PM3 months ago

Tying the mark

The balance in short tournaments favors the Xolos of Tijuana, however, a win for the universitarios tonight could equal the historical record:

9:23 PM3 months ago

Substitutes of Xolos Tijuana

34 Víctor Guzmán

20 Josué Domínguez

9 Mauro Manotas

13 Gil Alcalá

213 Christian Castillo

22 Vladimir Loroña

14 Christian Rivera

7 Jonathan Suarez

10 Joaquín Montecinos

29 Edgar López

9:18 PM3 months ago

Pumas substitutes

22 Christian Battocchio

27 Emanuel Montejano

16 Jerónimo Rodríguez

31 Washington Corozo

14 Amaury García

19 Omar Islas

198 Jorge Ruvalcaba

249 Alek Álvarez

47 José Galindo

20 Julio González

9:13 PM3 months ago


1 Alfredo Talavera, 23 Nicolás Freire, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 18 Efraín Velarde, 2 Alan Mozo, 10 Favio Álvarez, 8 Higor Matheus Meritão, 17 Leonel López, 9 Juan Ignacio Dinenno, 21 Rogério, 33 Diogo.
9:08 PM3 months ago

XI Xolos Tijuana

1 Jonathan Orozco, 15 Yonatthan Rak, 4 Lisandro López, 2 Brayan Angulo, 3 Eduardo Tercero, 11 Lucas Rodríguez, 6 Marcel Ruiz, 35 José Vázquez, 19 Facundo Ferreyra, 5 Renato Ibarra, 30 David Barbona.
9:03 PM3 months ago

New reinforcement

While Pumas announced a new skin, Xolos de Tijuana announced their new reinforcement, Chilean Joaquín Montecinos, who stated the following:

"I hope to do things in the best way to get the club back to where everyone wants it to be."

8:58 PM3 months ago

New skin

It is worth mentioning that in midweek the Pumas presented their new uniform, which will be the third uniform and will be in red, to be used for the athletics track that is located in the Olympic University Stadium.
8:53 PM3 months ago

The descent

Although there is no relegation, there will be an economic fine where Xolos de Tijuana is in 17th place with only 91 points in 89 games, 4 points behind Juarez and 12 points behind Necaxa, which would exempt them from paying the fine.
8:48 PM3 months ago

Regaining pace

After two wins and a loss, the felines will try to get back to winning ways with the mission of proving that their good start was not a fluke, but a product of offensive and defensive work.
8:43 PM3 months ago


Saturday's matchday closes on the border with the clash between Xolos de Tijuana and Pumas de la UNAM, in one of the most attractive games of the day. We begin with VAVEL's coverage.
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Tune in here Tijuana vs Pumas UNAM Live Score in Liga MX Clausura 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Tijuana vs Pumas UNAM match for the Liga MX Clausura 2022.
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What time is Tijuana vs Pumas UNAM match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Tijuana vs Pumas UNAM of 5th February in several countries:

Argentina: 12:06 AM

Bolivia: 11:06 PM

Brazil: 12:06 AM

Chile: 11:06 PM

Colombia: 10:06 PM

Ecuador: 10:06 PM

USA (ET): 10:06 PM in FOX Deportes

Spain: 4:06 AM

Mexico: 9:06 PM in FOX Sports

Paraguay: 12:06 AM

Peru: 10:06 PM

Uruguay: 12:06 AM

8:28 PM3 months ago

Last games

The universitarios have taken the measure of the Xolos with three wins in the last five games, in addition to a draw and a setback. Their last visit to Estadio Caliente was a year ago when the guests of honor failed to open the scoring.

Pumas UNAM 3-1 Xolos Tijuana, Apertura 2021

Xolos Tijuana 0-0 Pumas Tijuana, Clausura 2021

Pumas UNAM 3-0 Xolos Tijuana, Apertura 2020

Xolos Tijuana 1-0 Pumas Tijuana, Apertura 2019

Pumas UNAM 1-0 Xolos Tijuana, Clausura 2019

8:23 PM3 months ago

Key player Pumas UNAM

Due to suspension and injury, Juan Dinenno missed the first few minutes, but 15 days ago he already had some minutes in the defeat against Tigres. With the rest due to the FIFA Date, it is expected that the Azul Azul striker has improved in the mood and could start this match.
Photo: Marca
Photo: Marca
8:18 PM3 months ago

Key player Xolos Tijuana

Argentine Lucas Rodríguez arrived last season as one of the solutions to remedy the lack of goals, but so far he has only scored four goals in his time in Liga MX and his performance has still fallen short with the border team.
Photo: Agency
Photo: Agency
8:13 PM3 months ago

Last lineup Pumas UNAM

1 Alfredo Talavera, 23 Nicolás Freire, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 16 Jerónimo Rodríguez, 47 José Galindo, 17 Leonel López, 8 Higor Matheus Meritão, 7 Sebastian Saucedo, 10 Favio Álvarez, 21 Rogério, 33 Diogo.
8:08 PM3 months ago

Last lineup Xolos Tijuana

13 Gil Alcalá, 15 Yonatthan Rak, 4 Lisandro López, 2 Brayan Ângulo, 22 Vladimir Loroña, 14 Christian Rivera, 6 Marcel Ruiz, 35 José Vázquez, 9 Mauro Manotas, 11 Lucas Rodríguez, 30 David Barbona.
8:03 PM3 months ago

Pumas UNAM: back to winning ways

After a great start to the championship with two wins in a row against Toluca and Querétaro, Pumas UNAM's luck failed to hold up on the last matchday when they lost 2-1 to Tigres on a Gignac penalty kick in stoppage time. Managing the match and not backing down in the event of gaining the advantage will be key to obtaining a good result at the border.
7:58 PM3 months ago

Xolos de Tijuana: getting back on track

Although there has been some improvement in Xolos de Tijuana under Sebastián Ariel Méndez, results have not been forthcoming and, in fact, last week they played their pending match against La Franja del Puebla where they were winning, but ended up losing 3-1; they have just one point out of a possible nine.
7:53 PM3 months ago

The Kick-off

The Tijuana vs Pumas UNAM match will be played at the Caliente Staidium, in Tijuana, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:06 pm ET.
7:48 PM3 months ago

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