Goals and Highlights: Palmeiras 2-0 Al Ahly in FIFA Club World Cup


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I would like to thank you here for your audience in this game. Stay tuned here for the repercussions of this game, and also for Saturday's live-stream World Cup weather. Have a good afternoon, and see you next time!
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Final and 3rd place

The grand final will be on Saturday (12), at 12:30 pm. Palmeiras is already there and awaits either Chelsea or Al-Hilal, who play tomorrow. The third place match, where Al Ahly will be, will be at 9am on the same Saturday.
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With goals from Dudu and Veiga, Palmeiras is in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup!
1:24 PMa year ago


Afshar received the ball on the right and hit it hard, but Weverton kept it out. The play continued and there was a strong header in the confusion, but it exploded off the crossbar!
1:20 PMa year ago


Yellow for Afsha, for a hard tackle on Jailson in midfield.
1:19 PMa year ago


And we will have six more minutes of extra time in the match.
1:17 PMa year ago


Double substitution in Palmeiras: Rony and Gustavo Scarpa left for Deyverson and Breno Lopes.
1:16 PMa year ago


Scarpa took the corner and the defense took it in two steps.
1:15 PMa year ago


Rony received on the left and tried a cross, winning a corner.
1:13 PMa year ago


Substitution in Palmeiras: Zé Rafael out, Atuesta in.
1:11 PMa year ago


The play worked by Wesley on the left had a pass to the middle, where Marcos Rocha arrived kicking and sent it over the goal!
1:11 PMa year ago


Scarpa lifted the ball into the box and the defense took it to the side. Possession of Palmeiras.
1:10 PMa year ago


Ashraf came in with a cart from behind on Rony, on a violent entry on the right and fouled him, getting yellow. Then the VAR called, the referee reviewed the play and sent off the Al Ahly defender!
1:06 PMa year ago


The ball was lifted by Afsha in the box and went straight out for a goal kick. And Palmeiras changes: Dudu and Veiga left for Wesley and Jailson.
1:05 PMa year ago


Zé Rafael, in the midfield, knocked down Fathy and gave Al Ahly a free-kick to raise in the area.
1:02 PMa year ago


Substitution in Al Ahly: Taher is out and Soliman is in.
1:01 PMa year ago


Magdy hit the ball from outside the area and Weverton went to the ball and spread it very badly, leaving it for Sherif to hit the empty goal, but Sherif was offside and the goal was disallowed.
12:57 PMa year ago


Ashraf lifted the ball into the box and had a deflection of Fathy's head, but the ball went over the goal.
12:51 PMa year ago


Dudu hit a hard shot from the edge of the box and the ball went into Lofty's hands.
12:49 PMa year ago


Maaloul took the open corner, outside the area, for a strong shot that deflected and went into Weverton's hands.
12:49 PMa year ago


Fathy hit it hard from outside the area, with a deflection, for a corner.
12:45 PMa year ago


In a lift in the area there was a header, but in the hands of Weverton.
12:43 PMa year ago


And now he has three substitutions at Al Ahly: El Shahat, Rabia and El Soulia left to enter Abdel Kader, Fhaty and Mohamed Sherif.
12:41 PMa year ago


Maaloul took the free-kick and sent it over the goal, without danger. 
12:39 PMa year ago


On the edge of the box Marcos Rocha brought down Taher, giving Al Ahly a dangerous free-kick.
12:38 PMa year ago


Veiga left it to Dudu with his heel on the right, who took off on his own and filled his foot when he invaded the area, crossed, to beat Lofty and increase the score!
12:35 PMa year ago


El Shahat hit from the left, from a distance, and sent it into Weverton's hands.
12:34 PMa year ago


Rony gets the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the second half!
12:33 PMa year ago

Teams on the pitch

The teams return to the field to start the second half. Both teams come without changes.
12:18 PMa year ago


With Raphael Veiga's goal Palmeiras wins against Al Ahly in this Club World Cup semifinal!
12:17 PMa year ago


El Soulia hit the ball from the edge of the box, but finished badly and sent it into Weverton's hands.
12:15 PMa year ago


We will have two more minutes of extra time in the match.
12:13 PMa year ago


El Shahat took a long shot and sent it over the goal.
12:10 PMa year ago


Dudu took the ball again and found Raphael Veiga in the middle, who hit it into the right corner, opening the score!
12:03 PMa year ago


The corner was taken quickly and the defense took it. In the rebound Piquerez shot hard and stamped the defense.
12:02 PMa year ago


Zé Rafael, from the edge of the area, hit and won a corner.
11:50 AMa year ago


Scarpa took the corner and Maaloul took it away.
11:50 AMa year ago


Piquerez crossed in the area and Brahim deflected it for a corner.
11:47 AMa year ago


Maaloul took the corner and the defense took it away.
11:47 AMa year ago


Dieng took off and hit a shot on goal, but sent it into the corner, after it had deflected off Gómez.
11:44 AMa year ago


Scarpa crossed the ball into the box and Veiga headed the ball away, but into the hands of Lofty.
11:35 AMa year ago


El Sahat took the ball into the box, there was a deflection and the ball went straight to the goal kick.
11:34 AMa year ago


Taher received in the middle and was brought down by Luan. Weverton is in danger!
11:32 AMa year ago


Dudu took a risk from a distance and sent it to the left side of the goal, without danger.
11:30 AMa year ago


Taher makes the first touch on the ball and it rolls into the first half of this World Cup semifinal!
11:27 AMa year ago

It'll start soon!

After all the protocols for entering the field, with the anthem of the competition, the players spread out on the field and start the game!
11:25 AMa year ago

Teams on the pitch!

The teams take the field to start the match!
11:25 AMa year ago


The players have already left the field and are finishing their preparation for the match in the locker rooms.

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World Cup - part 3

Al Ahly has already participated in several World Cups. Always ending up in the semis, the Egyptians have already fallen to Internacional in 2006, Corinthians in 2012 and Bayern Munich in 2020.
11:15 AMa year ago

World Cup - part 2

In the '99 World Cup, in another format, the alviverde faced Manchester United and was defeated 1-0, with a goal by Roy Keane. In another World Cup considered by many and contested by many, the "alviverde" (a Brazilian team) beat Juventus in the first round 1-0 and drew 2-2 in the second round, thus winning the controversial Rio Cup.
11:10 AMa year ago

World Cup - part 1

In this new format Palmeiras played the World Cup only once, last year, when they were eliminated in the semis by Tigres, who scored with Gignac and won 1-0. In the penalty shootout, the alviverde lost the third place game to Al Ahly.
11:05 AMa year ago

In the other semi

The other semi-final match of the World Cup takes place tomorrow at 12:30PM, when Chelsea faces Al-Hilal. To reach this stage Al-Hilal faced Al-Jazira and won by 6-1 last Sunday (6), thus making the biggest score in the history of the competition. Al-Jazira opened the scoring with Diaby's goal, and then Al-Hilal turned it around with goals from Ighalo, Matheus Pereira, Kanno, Al-Dawsari, Marega and Carrillo.
11:00 AMa year ago

Palmeiras's fans!

Palmeiras' fans are already at the stadium and making a lot of noise in this pre-game!
10:55 AMa year ago


Palmeiras has already faced Al Ahly once, precisely in the 2020 Club World Cup, when they lost on penalties after a 0-0 draw. Palmeiras has played 11 times against African teams, with seven wins, two draws, and two losses, scoring 24 goals and conceding 15.
10:50 AMa year ago


The teams go up to start the warm-up for the match later on.
10:45 AMa year ago

Line-up of Al Ahly

The news for the match on the part of Al Ahly are two players who were with the Egyptian national team at the weekend. In the defense enters Ayman Ashraf and in the attack enters Magdy, because in the middle stays El Solia.
10:40 AMa year ago

Al Ahly lined-up!

Al Ahly are scheduled for the match later today and will take the field like this:

10:35 AMa year ago

Line-up of Palmeiras

The novelty in Palmeiras is only one, with Piquerez entering in place of Murilo.
10:30 AMa year ago

Palmeiras lined-up!

Palmeiras has been selected for tonight's match and will take the field like this:

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The broadcast of the match between Palmeiras and Al Ahly, valid for the semifinal of the FIFA Club World Cup 2021, begins in 1h!
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How to watch Palmeiras vs Al AhlyLive in TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game Palmeiras vs Al Ahly live on TV, your options is: Fox Sports 2.

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services and Fox Sports App, Foxsports.com, Fox DEPORTES app.

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What time is Palmeiras vs Al Ahly match for Club Word Cup?

This is the start time of the game Palmeiras vs Al Ahly of 8th February 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 1:30PM in TNT Sports
Brazil: 1:30PM in Band, Bandsports
USA (ET): 12:30PM in CBSFox Sports 2, Fox Sports App, Foxsports.com, Fox DEPORTES
Spain: 3:30PM in Movistar+
Mexico: 11:30AM in DirecTV SportsTNT Go, TNT Sports

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Coming straight from France, Clément Turpin will referee the match, with the assistants Nicolas Danos and Cyril Gringore, also French. Anton Shchetinn will be in charge of VAR.
10:00 AMa year ago

Probable Al Ahly

With the doubts of the players who recently returned from the national team, the possible Al Ahly could be: Ali Loft, Rami Rabia, Yasser Ibrahim and Mihamed Maghrabi;Hany, Dieng, Magdy and Maaloul; Taher, El Shahat and Abdel Kader.
Al Ahly list of players (Al Ahly)
Al Ahly list of players (Al Ahly)
9:55 AMa year ago

Probable Palmeiras

Without some boys from the base and with doubts in the defense because of the recent arrival of Piquerez, the possible Palmeiras is: Weverton, Luan, Gustavo Gómez and Murilo (Piquerez); Marcos Rocha (Mayke), Danilo, Zé Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa; Raphael Veiga, Dudu and Rony.
The list of players of Palmeiras (Palmeiras)
The list of players of Palmeiras (Palmeiras)
9:50 AMa year ago

Doubts to Al Ahly

Pitso Mosimane will not have some players, which are Al-Shennawi, and Tawfik, both injured, while Ayman Ashraf, Muhammad Abdel Moneim, Amr Al-Sulayya, Hamdi Fathi and Muhammada Sharif are the players who were in the final of the Africa Cup of Nations, defending Egypt in the vice to Senegal, returned in time to play the World Cup, thus leaving doubts in the possible lineup of Al Ahly.
Al Ahly players coming back from Egypt (Al Ahly)
Al Ahly players coming back from Egypt (Al Ahly)
9:45 AMa year ago

Problems to Palmeiras

Abel Ferreira will be without Gabriel Veron and Vinicius, both with Covid-19, while Renan, Gabriel Menino and Patrick de Paula were the ones cut from the final World Cup roster. Piquerez has recovered from Covid-19 and is a 'reinforcement' for the team. 
9:40 AMa year ago

Last game (and who is) Al Ahly

Al Ahly played their first match of the season precisely in these quarterfinals of the World Cup, when they faced Monterrey. The Mexicans were favored in public opinion, but the Egyptians won 1-0 last Saturday (5), with a goal by Hany, going to the semifinals. Finally, who is Al Ahly? For those who don't know, it is a club from the city of Cairo, Egypt, founded on April 24, 1907. Nicknamed the "Real Madrid of Africa," it has won 10 CAF Champions League titles (82, 87, 2001, 05, 06, 08, 12, 13, 19-20, and 20-21), as well as 42 (!) Egyptian Championships and 37 (!!) Egyptian Cups.

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Palmeiras traveled to the UAE with 10 points in the state championship, leading group C of Paulistão, while Mirassol is right behind with eight points, followed by Ituano with seven and Botafogo-SP, with five.
9:30 AMa year ago

Last games of Palmeiras

In the preparation for the Club World Cup, Palmeiras played four games in the Paulista Championship, with three wins and a draw in these matches. On January 23th, against Novorizontino, the first victory came, 2-0, with goals from Zé Rafael and Dudu. Against Ponte Preta, on the 26th, the victory was 3-0, with goals from Murilo, Luan, and Rony. On the 29th came the draw, against São Bernardo, 1-1. Silvinho opened the scoring and Wesley, on penalty, equalized. And finally, on Tuesday (1), the victory was 1-0, over Água Santa, with a goal from Dudu.

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