Goals and highlights Metz 1-2 Marseille in Ligue 1
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5:53 PM3 months ago

Thank you!

Thank you for watching today's match in VAVEL, see you another day!
5:52 PM3 months ago

Goals of today!

5:39 PM3 months ago

And the match ends!!

A match with many chances for both teams, Metz played well, but they couldn't score more than once, and Marseille got the winning goal in the last minutes 
5:37 PM3 months ago

Min 93: Close from Metz!!

A free kick from Cande and it goes barely wide!!
5:35 PM3 months ago

Change for Marseille

Payet is out

Balerdi is in 

5:31 PM3 months ago

Yellow card for Marseille

Payet recieves it
5:27 PM3 months ago

Min 81: WHAT a goal from Milik!!!

A great ball in, it hits the chest of Milik, and he scores with an overhead kick!! 
5:23 PM3 months ago

Change for Marseille

Bamba Dieng is out

Cengiz Under is in 

5:20 PM3 months ago

Changes for Inter

Arek Milik is in 

Bakambu is out 


Pape Gueye is out 

Kolasinac is in 

5:15 PM3 months ago

Yellow card for Marseille

Bakambu recieves it
5:13 PM3 months ago

Change for Marseille

Pajot is out

Nguette is in 

5:10 PM3 months ago

Min 65: Close from Marseille!!

A great ball from Payet to Bamba Dieng, he shoots the goalie saves it, it arrives at Lirola and it goes out!!
5:10 PM3 months ago

Double change for Metz

Ibrahima Niane is in 

Bafounta is out 


Maiga is out 

Pape Sarr is in 


4:56 PM3 months ago

Min 52: Goaaaaaal from Metz!!!

A great through ball from Cande to Maiga, he arrives and it goes in!!
4:49 PM3 months ago

And the second half begins!

Marseille move the ball!
4:34 PM3 months ago

And the first half ends!

A first half with a lack of chances, Metz had a couple of chances, and they could have scored one goal, and also Marseille, they scored one goal and maybe could have scored another one. Lets hope for a better second half!
4:32 PM3 months ago

Yellow card for Metz

Boubacar Traore recieves it
4:31 PM3 months ago

Min 44: Close from Marseille

A pass from Bakambu that reaches Bamba Dieng and hits him at point blank range and goes very close!
4:25 PM3 months ago

Min 38: Close from Metz!!

A corner that reaches Amadou, but he heads it at the hands of Pau Lopez
4:20 PM3 months ago

Min 30: Close from Metz!!

A shot from Bakambu that Caillard saves very well!!
4:17 PM3 months ago

Min 30: Close from Metz!!

A shot from outside the box, it hits a defender and it goes to a corner 
4:16 PM3 months ago

Min 26: Goaaaaaaal for Marseille

A couple of rebounds following a corner, Bakambu arrives at the ball and scores!!
4:09 PM3 months ago

Yellow card for Metz

Vincent Pajot recieves it
3:46 PM3 months ago

And the match begins!

Metz move the ball!
3:34 PM3 months ago

Arek Milik does not start!

The 21-year-old Senegalese striker is going to start after not being available since December when Marseille faced Cannet Rocheville in the French cup, and today he is going to start instead of Arek Milik, will it be a good game for the young Senegalese?

3:28 PM3 months ago

Ouikidja does not start!

Metz coach Frederic Antonetti decided today to leave the Algerian goalkeeper Oukidja on the bench, and he is going to give the 27-year-old French goalkeeper Caillard a chance, will he do it well?

3:20 PM3 months ago

Starting XI from Marseille

Pau Lopez; Duje Caleta-Car, Boubacar Kamara, William Saliba, Pol Lirola; Gerson, Pape Gueye, Matteo Guendouzi; Dimitri Payet; Bamba Dieng, Cedric Bakambu
3:15 PM3 months ago

Starting XI from Metz

Marc Caillard; Thomas Delaine, Dylan Broom, Kiki Kouyaté, Ibrahim Amadou, Fali Cande; Vincent Pajot, Boubacar Traoré, Habib Maïga; Farid Boulaya, Louis Mafouta 
3:06 PM3 months ago

Tweet from Marseille

Some players arriving at the stadium!


3:00 PM3 months ago

Tweet from Metz

Words from Nguette 

"We have to keep the team on a high level"


2:55 PM3 months ago

All Marseille are players are healthy!

Marseille comes with a great advantage since all their players are healthy and without any injuries.
2:55 PM3 months ago

Metz have many players injured!

Matthieu Udol has a broken ACL, N'doram broke his foot, Kana-Biyik has an unknown injury, Centonze has a thigh injury, De Preville has a calf injury, and Alakouch has a knee injury. 
11:10 AM3 months ago

Tune in here Metz vs marseille

In a few moments we will share live the starting eleven of Metz vs Marseille as well as recent information of the Stade Saint-Symphorien. Do not lose detail of the game with the minute by minute in VAVEL.
11:05 AM3 months ago

Player to watch from Marseille: Arek Milik

The 27-year-old Polish striker has had a very regular season, since he has hardly been available this season, just like Boulaya he has only played 13 games and in those 3 games he has scored 4 goals, although he is not even close to being one of the scorers, he is in very good shape as he has just scored a hat-trick against Angers, will he be able to score a goal tomorrow?


11:00 AM3 months ago

Player to watch from Metz: Farid Boulaya

The 28 year old Algerian midfielder is having an average season, he hasn't played all matches due to injuries, but in the 13 matches that he has played he has scored 3 goals and 1 assist, being the top scorer of the team, will he score tomorrow?

10:55 AM3 months ago

Last XI from Marseille

Pau Lopez; Sead Kolasinac, William Saliba, Leonardo Balerdi, Pol Lirola; Gerson, Boubacar Kamara, Matteo Guendouzi, Dimitri Payet; Cedrik Bakambu, Arek Milik.
10:50 AM3 months ago

Last XI from Metz

Alexandre Oukidja; Fali Cande, Ibrahim Amadou, Kiki, Kana-Biyik, Thomas Delaine; Farid Boulaya, Boubacar Traore, Vincent Pajot, Opa Nguette; Ibrahima Niane
10:45 AM3 months ago

When and where to watch Metz vs Marseille

The match will be broadcast in STAR +, but if you want to watch it live and online VAVEL is your best option
10:40 AM3 months ago

Some of the times to watch the match

These are some of the times to watch the match

Argentina: 3:45 PM

Bolivia: 2:45 PM

Brazil: 3:45 PM

Chile: 2:45 PM

Colombia: 1:45 PM

Ecuador: 1:45 PM

USA (ET): 2:45 PM

Spain: 8:45 PM

Mexico: 1:45 PM

Paraguay: 3:45 PM

Peru: 1:45 PM

Uruguay: 3:45 PM

10:35 AM3 months ago

Marseille come from a great win!

Marseille come from a great comeback against Angers, since they where 0-2 down, and they ended up winning 5-2, and that secured their second place in the table, even though they can't win the league anymore because PSG have a big advantage, if they win tomorrow they can go 4 points ahead of third place that is Nice, will they beat Metz tomorrow?
10:30 AM3 months ago

Metz come from a tough draw!

Metz are not having a good season, they are now in the relegation play-off zone, and they are one goal difference from getting out of that zone, and they come from a 0-0 draw against Troyes, and now to get out of the relegation zone will have to beat Marseille tomorrow or even get a draw, will they be able to do it?
10:25 AM3 months ago

¡Promissing duel!

The Stade Saint-Symphorien located in Metz, France will be the field that will host the game of the 24th day of Ligue 1 between Metz and Marseille. This stadium has space for 25, 636 people.
10:20 AM3 months ago

Welcome to all VAVEL readers

Welcome to the broadcast of the Metz vs Marseille match corresponding to matchday 24 of Ligue 1. The venue for the match will be at the Stade Saint-Symphorien at 1:45 pm.