Goals and highlights: Tigres 2-1 Atletico San Luis in Liga MX
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End game

Tigres 2-1 San Luis.
10:54 PM3 months ago


San Luis' shot went just over the top and they came close to equalizing.
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Add 6 more minutes.
10:44 PM3 months ago


Lopez pops the ball at the wrong time and is cautioned.
10:39 PM3 months ago


Gignac's overflow and cross found no one at the far post.
10:34 PM3 months ago


Orona also entered and Bilbao left, a change from San Luis.
10:29 PM3 months ago


Gignac's shot and a good defensive sweep to prevent the third.
10:24 PM3 months ago


The referee cautions Tigres coach Miguel Herrera.
10:19 PM3 months ago

Goal Tigres 2-1

10:14 PM3 months ago

Goal Tigres 1-1

10:09 PM3 months ago


Lopez and Cordova

Thauvin and Quiñones come out.

Tigres changes.

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Tigres goal

Gignac manages to deflect the ball with his head inside the six-yard box to take a 2-1 lead.

9:59 PM3 months ago


Gignac's header hits the crossbar.
9:54 PM3 months ago


Tigres Goal

Barovero passes on the cross and González manages to head the ball home to make it 1-1.

9:49 PM3 months ago


The referee now cautions Nahuel Guzmán.
9:44 PM3 months ago


Lichnovsky deflects the ball to the near post, but no one finishes the ball to the far post.
9:39 PM3 months ago


Carioca's shot from half distance goes wide.
9:34 PM3 months ago


Double yellow for Sanabria and he was sent off.
9:29 PM3 months ago


Thauvin's bicycle kick and Barovero's handball saves his goal.
9:24 PM3 months ago

Goal de San Luis 1-0

9:19 PM3 months ago


Soteldo takes a first-time shot and sends the ball over the goal.
9:14 PM3 months ago


Soteldo's cross is blocked by Barovero and San Luis is saved.
9:09 PM3 months ago


San Luis Goal

Murillo, on a corner kick, beats Lichnovsky and heads the ball into the net to make it 1-0.

9:04 PM3 months ago


Waller's mid-range shot, after being fouled, came within a whisker of going in had it not been for Nahuel's handball.
8:59 PM3 months ago


Gignac wins the ball, plays it back to Quiñones and fires a shot that goes just wide.
8:54 PM3 months ago


Soteldo and Lichnovsky came in.

Vigón and Reyes came out

Tigres changes.

8:49 PM3 months ago


Thauvin's shot is deflected and there will be a corner kick for Tigres.
8:44 PM3 months ago


The second half begins between Tigres and Atlético de San Luis.
8:39 PM3 months ago

Half time

Tigres 0-0 Atletico San Luis.
8:34 PM3 months ago


Five more minutes are added.
8:29 PM3 months ago


Centro a segundo poste que Chávez no logra rematar porque se resbala.
8:24 PM3 months ago


Thuavin's cross is deflected and there will be a corner kick for the felines.
8:19 PM3 months ago


Juan Sanabria, of San Luis, has been cautioned.
8:14 PM3 months ago


Thauvin's cross into the six-yard box is controlled by Barovero.
8:09 PM3 months ago


Gignac headed in a corner kick, but was fouled by the referee.
8:04 PM3 months ago


Thauvin steals the ball and takes a shot that Barovero is able to save with his legs.
7:59 PM3 months ago


Sambueza wanted to filter, but was unable to do so due to Pizarro's defensive sweep.
7:54 PM3 months ago


Gignac misses a cross that goes all over the area and then San Luis' Chávez is cautioned.
7:49 PM3 months ago


Gignac is fouled and the Frenchman is cautioned.
7:44 PM3 months ago


Germán Berterame with a mid-range shot that goes high over the opponent's goal.
7:39 PM3 months ago


Thauvin was generating a great play, but his shot hit the defender.
7:34 PM3 months ago


A cross into the six-yard box that Guzmán managed to parry as best he could.
7:29 PM3 months ago


Gignac's header goes over the top of the goal.
7:24 PM3 months ago


A cross to the far post looking for Gignac is blocked by the San Luis defense.
7:19 PM3 months ago


The match between Tigres and Atlético San Luis begins.
7:14 PM3 months ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes, the game between Tigres and Atlético de San Luis will kick off at the Universitario Stadium.
7:09 PM3 months ago

The referee

The referee for this game will be Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava, accompanied by flag bearers Andrés Hernández Delgado and Eduardo Acosta Orea. The fourth official will be Áxel Meza Méndez.
7:04 PM3 months ago

San Luis substitutes

18 Andrés Vombergar

23 José Hernández

9 Abel Hernández

14 Efraín Orona

24 Andrés Sánchez

2 Juan Castro

11 Zahid Muñoz

28 Luis Calzadilla

6 Andrés Iniestra Vázquez

29 Emmanuel García

6:59 PM3 months ago

Tigres substitutes

32 Carlos González

21 Yeferson Soteldo

28 Luis Rodríguez

2 Igor Lichnovsky

17 Francisco Córdova

4 Hugo Ayala

22 Raymundo Fulgencio

18 Aldo Cruz

30 Miguel Ortega

11 Nico López

6:54 PM3 months ago

XI San Luis

20 Unai Bilbao, 27 Jair Díaz, 19 Ramón Juárez, 15 Facundo Waller, 5 Ricardo Chávez, 16 Javier Güemez, 8 Juan Manuel Sanabria, 10 Rubens Sambueza, 21 Jhon Murillo, 7 Germán Berterame.
6:49 PM3 months ago

XI Tigres

1 Nahuel Guzmán, 19 Guido Pizarro, 27 Jesús Alberto Angulo, 13 Diego Reyes, 20 Javier Aquino, 29 Jesús Dueñas, 5 Rafael Carioca, 6Juan Vigón, 23 Luis Quiñones, 26 Florian Thauvin, 10 André-Pierre Gignac.
6:44 PM3 months ago

Recognize the field

The San Luis players took advantage of the visit to get to know the playing field when they are just about to warm up.

6:39 PM3 months ago

The Tiger has arrived

The felines have arrived at the Estadio Universitario and will be looking to give their fans another joy, taking advantage of the fact that Monterrey, their fierce rivals, are not experiencing a good moment.
6:34 PM3 months ago

Avoiding a fine

After being last in the quotient last year, Atletico de San Luis is in the same situation because they are second to last with 23 points in 22 games, so they need to start getting units from wherever they can to avoid payment, which would be for the second year in a row as there is no relegation to the Liga de Expansion MX.
6:29 PM3 months ago

Keeping the frame at zero

Tigres have conceded in every game of the campaign, including the last one against Chivas by a score of 3-1, which is why Nahuel Guzmán and his entire defense will be hoping to keep a clean sheet.
6:24 PM3 months ago


The Tigres UANL want to take advantage of their home advantage to continue on the road to victory against a desperate Atletico de San Luis. We begin our coverage of the Liga MX game on VAVEL.
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Tune in here Tigres vs Atletico San Luis Live Score in Liga MX 2022

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What time is Tigres vs Atletico San Luis match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Tigres vs Atletico San Luis of 19th February in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 PM in DirecTV

Bolivia: 9:00 PM in DirecTV

Brazil: 10:00 PM

Chile: 9:00 PM in DirecTV

Colombia: 8:00 PM in DirecTV

Ecuador: 8:00 PM in DirecTV

USA (ET): 8:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 2:00 AM

Mexico: 7:00 PM in TUDN, Afizzionados and Canal 5

Paraguay: 10:00 PM in DirecTV

Peru: 8:00 PM in DirecTV

Uruguay: 10:00 PM in DirecTV

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Last games

The Potosinos have not been able to beat the felines on any field in the last five games, with a record of two draws and three defeats, including one in their most recent visit to Nuevo León.

Atletico de San Luis 0-3 Tigres, Apertura 2021

Atletico de San Luis 2-2 Tigres, Clausura 2021

Tigres 3-0 Atletico de San Luis, Apertura 2020

Tigres 0-0 Atletico San Luis, Clausura 2020

Atletico San Luis 1-1 Tigres, Apertura 2019

6:04 PM3 months ago

Key player Atletico San Luis

He didn't have his best display in the most recent clash against Toluca, but there's no doubt that the man of talent despite his age is Rubens Sambueza, who can make the difference in the final third of the field with some assists, as he has done throughout his career.
Image: As
Image: As
5:59 PM3 months ago

Key player Tigres

Watch out for Frenchman André-Pierre Gignac, who has started the season on fire and has scored three goals to become the runner-up in the scoring charts, the last of which was a great goal against Chivas Guadalajara.
Image: As
Image: As
5:54 PM3 months ago

Last lineup Atlético de San Luis

1 Marcelo Barovero, 20 Unai Bilbao, 27 Jair Díaz, 19 Ramón Juárez, 15 Facundo Waller, 5 Ricardo Chávez, 16 Javier Güemez, 8 Juan Manuel Sanabria, 10 Rubens Sambueza, 9 Abel Hernández, 7 Germán Berterame.
5:49 PM3 months ago

Last lineup Tigres

1 Nahuel Guzmán, 19 Guido Pizarro, 27 Jesús Alberto Angulo, 13 Diego Reyes, 20 Javier Aquino, 29 Jesús Dueñas, 5 Rafael Carioca, 6 Juan Vigón, 23 Luis Quiñones, 26 Florian Thauvin, 10 André-Pierre Gignac.
5:44 PM3 months ago

Atletico San Luis: consistency

With the arrival of André Jardine as their new coach, it is expected that Atlético de San Luis will gradually start to improve and, above all, show a better face as they did 15 days ago when they defeated América at the Azteca Stadium instead of the defeat by the minimum difference they suffered last Saturday against the Diablos Rojos del Toluca.
5:39 PM3 months ago

Tigres: correcting the defensive zone

With three victories in a row, the UANL Tigres are starting to get back on track, mainly with an offense that is more than connected, scoring seven goals in the last two games; however, one of the issues to be addressed by Miguel Herrera's team, as he himself has acknowledged, is the defensive aspect, as they have been unable to keep a clean sheet in all the championship games.
5:34 PM3 months ago

The Kick-off

The Tigres vs Atletico San Luis match will be played at the Universitario Stadium, in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET.
5:29 PM3 months ago

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