Highlights: Espanyol 1-1 Sevilla FC in LaLiga 2022
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Youssef En-Nesyri gets into scoring position, is one-on-one with the Espanyol goalkeeper and misses the winning goal, unbelievable.
10:59 AM3 months ago

90' ⌚

The referee adds six more minutes
10:59 AM3 months ago

90' 🟨

Yellow card for Aleix Vidal at Espanyol
10:58 AM3 months ago

88' Espanyol substitutions 🔁

Out: Javi Puado and Óscar Gil 

In: Adrián Embarba and Loren Morón

10:56 AM3 months ago

86' 🟨

Yellow card for Lucas Ocampos at Sevilla
10:55 AM3 months ago


Óliver Torres takes an offensive free kick in favor of Sevilla, without much goal direction.
10:54 AM3 months ago

84' Espanyol substitution

Out: Yangel Herrera

In: Óscar Melendo

10:51 AM3 months ago

83' 🟨

Yellow card for Keidi Bare at Espanyol
10:51 AM3 months ago

78' 🟨

Yellow card for Javi Puado at Espanyol
10:48 AM3 months ago

77' 🟥

Red card for Jules Koundé in Sevilla
10:47 AM3 months ago


Clear approach by Lucas Ocampos for Sevilla, but he does not finish correctly.
10:44 AM3 months ago

73' Espanyol substitution 🔁

Out: Tonny Vilhena

In: Aleix Vidal

10:43 AM3 months ago

72' Sevilla substitutions 🔁

Out: Rafa Mir and Jesús Corona

In: Jesús Navas and Youssef En-Nesyri

10:40 AM3 months ago

69' 🟨

Yellow card for Jules Koundé in Sevilla
10:39 AM3 months ago


Alejandro Gómez's shot ended up wide of the goal. It was a clear opportunity
10:26 AM3 months ago



Espanyol could have gone ahead on the scoreboard.

10:25 AM3 months ago

56' Espanyol substitutions 🔁

Out: Joan Jordán and Ludwig Augustinsson

In: Ivan Rakitić and Óliver Torres

10:23 AM3 months ago


Sevilla cross into the box, Sergi Darder heads in and scores the equalizer.
10:22 AM3 months ago

47' 🟨

Yellow card for Jesús Corona at Sevilla
10:21 AM3 months ago


After halftime, the second half of the game is already played
9:59 AM3 months ago


Sevilla partially defeats Espanyol by the slightest of margins
9:51 AM3 months ago


The referee adds three more minutes
9:50 AM3 months ago


The game is controlled by Sevilla from the possession of the ball.
9:44 AM3 months ago


Yangel Herrera arrives and shoots at Sevilla's goal without much success. The ball goes wide
9:41 AM3 months ago


Papu Gómez's cross, Rafa Mir's shot on goal and Sevilla's first goal of the game
9:37 AM3 months ago

30' 🟨

Yellow card for Raúl de Tomás at Espanyol
9:36 AM3 months ago


Javier Puado's shot for Espanyol goes wide of Sevilla's goal.
9:35 AM3 months ago

26' Sevilla substitution 🔁

Out: Anthony Martial

In: Alejandro Gómez

9:33 AM3 months ago


Tonny Vilhena's complicated shot, which Bono keeps perfectly. Sevilla's goalkeeper saves
9:32 AM3 months ago


Sergi Darder's deflected header for Espanyol, the home team arrives.
9:22 AM3 months ago


Yangel Herrera foul on Anthony Martial. It will be an offensive free kick for Sevilla
9:21 AM3 months ago


Offside for Jesus Corona in Sevilla, the away team looks to get on the scoresheet through the flanks.
9:20 AM3 months ago


Tonny Vilhena's shot for Espanyol is saved without much trouble by the Sevillian goalkeeper.
9:13 AM3 months ago


Sevilla will press Espanyol high on the start, hoping to force a local mistake.
9:09 AM3 months ago


The match was stopped a minute and a half into the game to attend to Lucas Ocampos. The Sevilla player twisted his left ankle after making a bad move.
9:07 AM3 months ago


Espanyol vs Sevilla game is already being played at RCDE Stadium
9:06 AM3 months ago

Less time

The players take the field and the game will start shortly from Catalonia.
9:05 AM3 months ago

Sevilla starting XI

9:01 AM3 months ago

Espanyol starting XI

8:59 AM3 months ago

Last five LaLiga matches

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Espanyol 1-0 Sevilla FC 17 Mar, 2019    
Sevilla FC 2-1 Espanyol 11 Nov, 2018
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Everything is ready

In less than an hour, the game between RCD Espanyol vs Sevilla FC, corresponding to the 25th matchday of the 2021-22 LaLiga season, will kick off.
2:00 AM3 months ago

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What time is the RCD Espanyol vs Sevilla match?

This is the kickoff time for the RCD Espanyol vs Sevilla FC match on February 20, 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star+
Bolivia: 9:00 a.m. on ESPN 2 and Star+
Brazil: 10:00 a.m. on ESPN
Chile: 9:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star+
Colombia: 8:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star+
Ecuador: 8:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star+
Spain: 15:00 hrs. on Movistar
Mexico: 7:00 hrs. on Fox Sports
Paraguay: 9:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star+
Peru: 7:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star+
Uruguay: 10:00 hrs. on ESPN 2 and Star+

United States: 15:00 hrs. ET
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Sevilla key player

Alejandro "Papu" Gómez is Sevilla's player to watch for this match against Espanyol. Throughout this current 2021-22 season, Gómez has managed to score four goals in 19 games played, something that positions him as one of the figures of the club within his position as a playmaker.
1:40 AM3 months ago

Espanyol key player

Raúl de Tomás is Espanyol's standout player. This 27-year-old from Madrid has 13 goals in 22 games. He is a very important player for Espanyol's attack and thanks to his mobility in the opponent's area, he represents a risk to be taken into account.
1:35 AM3 months ago

History by league

In total, Espanyol and Sevilla have met 145 times in the context of the Spanish league. Sevilla have managed to win 71 games, while Espanyol have emerged victorious from 47 duels and have drawn another 27 matches.
1:30 AM3 months ago

Sevilla fights for the title

With a total of 50 points and placed in second place in the table in La Liga 2021-22, Sevilla FC cannot afford to waste points, as it is currently battling for first place against Real Madrid. For Sevilla, winning this match would mean being only four points behind first, something that makes the possibility of battling for the championship more latent.
1:25 AM3 months ago

Espanyol's momentum

Espanyol is currently involved in a fight to avoid relegation to the second division. In the fourteenth place and only eight points away from the nearest relegation spot, the team from Catalonia needs to beat Sevilla in order to get important points.
1:20 AM3 months ago

RCDE Stadium

The RCDE Stadium, popularly known as Estadio Cornellà-El Prat or Corneprat is a soccer stadium owned by Real Club Deportivo Espanyol and located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. It was inaugurated on August 2, 2009 and has a maximum capacity of 40,500 spectators.


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