Goals and Highlights of Cruz Azul 3-1 Forge on Concachampions 2022
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11:28 PM3 months ago

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11:27 PM3 months ago

The Máquina advanced

The Mexican team is already in the quarterfinals of the Concachampions and will face the Montréal Impact of the Canadian league.


11:25 PM3 months ago

Match summary


Here are again the goals of the match that gave the victory to the team coached by Juan Reynoso.


11:22 PM3 months ago

Incredible finish by Juan Escobar

The Paraguayan defender found this ball in the area and with his current high level of play, he finished spectacularly.


11:19 PM3 months ago


The match ends and La Máquina advances to the Concachampions Quarterfinals with a 4-1 aggregate score against Forge.
11:18 PM3 months ago


Beker's long-range shot goes wide of Jurado's goal.
11:12 PM3 months ago


Otero's impressive pass leaves the ball in space for Morales, who tries to score but the ball hits the near post, then Escobar's counter shot is blocked by a Forge defender.
11:10 PM3 months ago


Escobar missed the fourth goal after a perfect pass from Otero that left him alone in front of the goalkeeper.
11:09 PM3 months ago


Last change for Cruz Azul, Martínez left the field and Rafael Guerrero entered.
10:58 PM3 months ago


Aldrete's great mistake in the box leaves the ball for Welshman, but the Forge striker misses and sends the ball wide.
10:52 PM3 months ago


Romero's shot in the box hits the ball on the turn but is safely caught by Henry.
10:37 PM3 months ago


The FoCentro to the area finds Romero, who tries to shoot but cannot do it in a good way due to the defenders' marking.
10:33 PM3 months ago


Comienza la segunda mitad.
10:29 PM3 months ago

El Forge was trying to react

With this surprising goal, the Canadian team managed to shorten the lead on the scoreboard but it did not last long.


10:25 PM3 months ago

Rafa Baca's great goal

The Cruz Azul midfielder came up with this shot to score the second of the match.


10:18 PM3 months ago

45' +1

The first half ended with a 4-1 aggregate victory that puts the Mexican team into the quarterfinals of the Concachampions.
10:17 PM3 months ago


Juan Escobar headed into the box to send the ball into the back of the net after a second play from a corner kick.
10:14 PM3 months ago


Giménez's shot in the box is very forced and goes wide of Henry's goal.
10:09 PM3 months ago


Good play by Otero in the box that leaves the ball delayed but Romero's shot is deflected by a defender.
9:59 PM3 months ago


David Choiniere's powerful shot from outside the box hit the far post and left Jurado with no chance.
9:56 PM3 months ago


Rafael Baca hit a great shot from outside the area with great power and to the angle, the goalkeeper managed to touch the ball but the force of the ball bent his hands.
9:50 PM3 months ago


High pressure from the Forge who want to close the gap. The aggregate is still in favor of the Mexican team.
9:43 PM3 months ago


Forge presses from the start and Sissoko is encouraged with the shot, the ball goes over the crossbar and will be goal kick for Jurado.
9:36 PM3 months ago


GOOOOL! Cruz Azul takes the lead by scoring on the second play from a set piece. Angel Romero finishes off Juan Otero's service and La Máquina opens the scoring
9:31 PM3 months ago


The ball is rolling on the Azteca pitch! Cruz Azul and Forge FC kick off their match
9:16 PM3 months ago

Almost ready

Stay tuned, we are just minutes away from the final whistle of the match. The Blue and Whites are looking to secure their place in the next round of the Concahampions. Don't miss the live broadcast of Cruz Azul vs Forge, through our minute-by-minute coverage.
9:11 PM3 months ago

Forge FC Substitutes

Maan, Triantafillou, Nanco, Welshman, Pacius, Poku, Jensen
9:06 PM3 months ago

Cruz Azul substitutes

Alfredo Cabañas, Alejandro Mayorga, Uriel Antuna, Carlos Rodríguez, Iván Morales, Cristian Jiménez, Rafael Guerrero, Rodrigo Huescas, Alfredo Cabañas, Alejandro Mayorga, Uriel Antuna, Carlos Rodríguez, Iván Morales, Cristian Jiménez, Rafael Guerrero, Rodrigo Huescas
9:01 PM3 months ago

Cruz Azul starting lineup

Sebastián Jurado, Luis Abram, Luis Anfel Medoza, Angel Romero, Romulo Otero, Joaquin Martinez, Ignacio Rivero, Adrían Aldrete, Rafael Baca, Juan Escobar, Santiago Giménez
8:56 PM3 months ago

Forge FC starting lineup

Triston Henry, Ashtone Morgan, Dominic Samiel, David Choiniere, Terran Campbell, Kyle Bekker, Alexander Achinioti- Jomsson, Tristan Borges, Alessandror Hojabrpour,Garven Metusala, Aboubacar Sissoko
8:51 PM3 months ago

Dressing room for visitors

The visitors' locker room is also ready, and the Canadian team will be wearing their orange uniforms. This is how the Forge's locker room looks like before the team's arrival.
8:46 PM3 months ago

Azteca is ready!

The Coloso de Santa Ursula is ready to receive this duel between the Maple Leafs and the Cementeros. Cruz Azul wants to take care of the advantage it achieved in the first leg
8:41 PM3 months ago

International machine

La Máquina has 9 different nationalities and only three players have dual nationality: Pablo Aguilar, who is Paraguayan and has adopted Mexican nationality, Santiago Giménez, Argentinean-Mexican and Luis Abram, Peruvian-Italian.
8:36 PM3 months ago

Forge's facts

La Maquina's rival has a very peculiar characteristic in that they have 14 different nationalities in their squad. Although 23 of these elements are Canadian citizens, 14 of them have dual nationality among which stand out: Haiti, Republic of Congo, Iran, Italy, Guyana, Portugal, United States, Mali, Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, France and Panama.
8:31 PM3 months ago

We're back

We are back for the conclusion of the series between Forge FC and Cruz Azul in the CONCACAF Champions League.
8:26 PM3 months ago

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We'll be back in a few moments to bring you the match highlights and all the details of the 2022 Concachampions Round of 16.
8:21 PM3 months ago

How and where to watch Cruz Azul vs Forge

The match will be broadcasted on Fox Sports 2 for USA. 
If you prefer to follow it LIVE on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option. 
8:16 PM3 months ago

Latest Forge lineup

The Canadian team led by Smyronitis took the field with these 11 players in the previous match: 

1. T. Henry; 33. A. Sissoko, 23. G. Metusala, 4. D. Samuel, 3. A. Morgan, 13. A. Achinioti-Jonsson, 7. D. Choiniere, 10. K. Bekker, 19. T. Borges, 20. K. Poku and 9. T. Campbell. 

8:11 PM3 months ago

Last Cruz Azul lineup

This is how Juan Reynoso's team came out for the first leg: 

33. S. Jurado; 12. J. Martínez, 4. J. Domínguez, 5. L. Abram, 2. A. Mayorga, 6. E. Lira, 15. I. Rivero, 8. L. Mendoza, 10. R. Otero, 11. C. Tabó and 29. S. Giménez. 

8:06 PM3 months ago

Forge's key player

The best player of the previous match was goalkeeper Triston Henry, thanks to his performance the match remained in the minimum difference. 

Tonight he will have to play a great game again to be able to withstand the attack of the rival team. 

8:01 PM3 months ago

Cruz Azul's key player

Cruz Azul's most talked about player this weekend was none other than Santiago Giménez, who after several months returned to scoring goals.

He will undoubtedly be a key player in the attack of Juan Reynoso's team and will have to contribute with goals to help La Máquina advances. 

7:56 PM3 months ago

Forge in search of a comeback

The Canadian team is in serious trouble, playing away from home and having the score against them, but the difference is only one goal. 

In the previous game they played very well and their defensive sector prevented Cruz Azul from leaving Tim Hortons Field with a bigger lead. 

7:51 PM3 months ago

Cruz Azul begins to improve

The reinforcements are starting to work for La Máquina, which is in the top places in the MX league and today could advance to the Concachampions Quarterfinals without any problem. 

In the last match of this tournament, they won with a goal by Rómulo Otero to reach the second leg with a minimal advantage. 

7:46 PM3 months ago

The match will be played at the Azteca

The Cruz Azul vs Forge match will be played at the Azteca stadium in CDMX, Mexico with a capacity of 87,000 people.

It is currently the largest in Mexico, the second largest in the Americas and the seventh largest in the world. 

It was designed by architects Pedro Ramírez Vázquez and Rafael Mijares Alcérreca, and its construction began in 1962 as part of the project for the 1970 Soccer World Cup. 

It was inaugurated on May 29, 1966 with a friendly match between the América and Torino teams.

7:41 PM3 months ago

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The second leg of this game promises to be a thrilling one, as in the first leg, El Forge defended quite well and Cruz Azul won by the minimum score. 

Now, the Celestes will be looking to advance to the Quarterfinals, but the Forge will surely try to complicate things at the Azteca stadium.