Goal and Highlights: Milan 1-1 Udinese in Serie A
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3:49 PM3 months ago

Next Matches

AC Milan takes the field on Tuesday (1). The Rossoneri will face Internazionale in the Coppa Italia. Udinese face Sampdoria on Saturday (5) in Serie A.
3:48 PM3 months ago


With the draw, Milan's lead is threatened. The Rossoneri reach 57 points and can see rivals Internazionale and Napoli equal on the scoreboard. Udinese, on the other hand, remain in 16th, with 26 points.


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3:45 PM3 months ago

94' Yellow card for Milan

Rafael Leão, by complaint
3:43 PM3 months ago


Deulofeu shoots low from the edge of the box. Maignan drops to save the ball on the goal line
3:40 PM3 months ago


3:40 PM3 months ago

89' Substitution in Udinese

Out: Arslan

In: Jajalo 

3:34 PM3 months ago

83' Substitution in Milan

Out: Brahim Díaz

In: Maldini 

3:28 PM3 months ago


Theo Hernández takes a free-kick on goal. Romagnoli's deflected shot goes to Romagnoli, who shoots over the goalkeeper
3:26 PM3 months ago

76' Yellow card for Udinese

Success, Calabria is fouled on the edge of the box
3:23 PM3 months ago

72' Yellow card for Udinese

Molina, for preventing attack
3:18 PM3 months ago


Pablo Marí charges down the right side of the box. Pereyra adds a bicycle kick and Udogie completes the goal
3:16 PM3 months ago

65' Substitutions in Milan

Out: Messias and Giroud

In: Saelemaekers and Rebic

3:15 PM3 months ago

64' Substitution in Udinese

Out: Beto

In: Success

3:10 PM3 months ago


Arslan shoots from the edge of the area, the goalkeeper falls and sees the round go out to the left of the goal
3:06 PM3 months ago

53' Substitutions for Udinese

Out: Zeegelaar and Makengo

In: Udogie and Pereyra

3:03 PM3 months ago


Tonali takes a free-kick in the box, Romagnoli heads it into the middle, and the defense pulls it away
3:00 PM3 months ago

49' Yellow card for Udinese

Betão, for a foul on Rafael Leão
3:00 PM3 months ago


Beto is launched in the area, Tomori pulls up and the player falls. The number 9 asks for a penalty kick, but the referee orders the match to go on
2:55 PM3 months ago


Game restarts
2:39 PM3 months ago


2:39 PM3 months ago


2:37 PM3 months ago


The first half ends
2:36 PM3 months ago


Beto crosses low and Calabria hits back
2:36 PM3 months ago


2:33 PM3 months ago


Arslan makes a throw-in from the right. Beto heads it firmly, Maignan holds it firmly in the middle of the goal, with his foot inside the goal, but with his hand out
2:30 PM3 months ago


Theo Hernández receives medical attention, then it is Rafael Leão's turn
2:25 PM3 months ago


Brahim Díaz gets rid of the marking, stretches with Messias inside the area. The defense arrives and gives way to a corner
2:22 PM3 months ago


Theo Hernández fouls in the midfield. The referee gives the advantage, Calabria opens with Tolani, who lifts at the second post. Rafael Leão dominates and shoots cross, on the goalkeeper's exit
2:20 PM3 months ago


Deulofeu passes through two inside the area, gets surrounded, leaves one more, but Romagnoli takes the ball
2:18 PM3 months ago


Calabria hits a cross from the edge of the box. The ball deflects off Zeegelaar and goes out of the bottom line
2:15 PM3 months ago


Brahim Díaz is set off in the midfield, tries to advance and is grabbed by Rodrigo. Foul
2:11 PM3 months ago


Rafael Leão is threaded into the area, turns and hits a cross. The ball goes to the left of the goal
2:08 PM3 months ago


Tonali complains about the shot because he had the advantage
2:08 PM3 months ago

16' Yellow card for Udinese

Peréz, for a foul on Brahim Díaz
2:04 PM3 months ago


Deulofeu makes a good move on the right, aims for the cross and the ball goes close to the crossbar
2:00 PM3 months ago


Zeegelaar crosses, Beto deflects and Tomori puts for a corner
1:57 PM3 months ago


Messias receives a shot in the box, but it comes in too hard. Silvestri comes out of his goal and smothers
1:55 PM3 months ago


Udinese up their marking lines and make it difficult for the Rossoneri to get out
1:53 PM3 months ago


Beto is put in the box and heads a weak header. Maignan slots in smoothly
1:53 PM3 months ago


Exit given by Milan
1:52 PM3 months ago

One Minute of Silence

A minute of silence to ask for peace regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine
1:42 PM3 months ago


Teams taking the field
1:30 PM3 months ago


Milan's warm-up moments
1:01 PM3 months ago

Zebrette substitutes

Gasparini, Padelli; Benkovc, Soppy, Udogie, Ballarini, Jajalo, Pereyra, Samardzic, Success; Nestorovski, Pussetto
12:59 PM3 months ago

Udinese with their 11

Silvestri; Becão, Pablo Marí, Peréz; Molina, Walace, Makengo, Arslan, Zeegelaar; Deulofeu, Beto
12:51 PM3 months ago

Rossoneri reserves

Mirante, Tatarusanu; Ballo-Touré, Florenzi, Gabbia, Kalulu, Bakayoko, Castillejo, Krunic, Saelemaekers, Maldini, Rebic
12:50 PM3 months ago

Milan lineup

Maignan; Calabria, Tomori, Romagnoli, Theo Hernández; Tonali, Kessie; Messias, Brahim Díaz, Rafael Leão; Giroud
12:45 PM3 months ago


Rossoneri dressing room
12:40 PM3 months ago


Milan have won 13 of their last 31 games against Udinese. They have emerged victorious in less than 50% of the games, with the Zebrette winning 10 and drawing 8 times
12:35 PM3 months ago

Video Refereeing

Video Referee: (VAR): Marco Guida 

Video Assistant (AVAR): Ciro Carbone

12:30 PM3 months ago

Field Referee

Referee: Matteo Marchetti 

Assistant 1: Mauro Galetto

Assistant 2: Rodolfo Di Vuolo

Fourth referee: Matteo Gariglio

12:25 PM3 months ago

How and where to watch the Milan vs Udinese match live?

If you want to directly stream it: Paramount+

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What time is Milan vs Udinese match for the Serie A?

This is the start time of the game Milan vs Udinese of 25th February 2022in several countries:

Argentina 2:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

Bolivia 2:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

Brazil 2:45 pm:  ESPN4 Sur, Star +

Chile 2:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

Colombia 2:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

Ecuador 2:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

USA 12:45 pm ET: Paramount+

Italy 6:45 pm: DAZN

Spain 3:30 pm: Movistar+, Movistar Liga de Campeones

Mexico 2:00 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

Paraguay 2:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

Peru 2:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

Uruguay 2:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

Venezuela 1:45 pm: ESPN Sur, Star +

12:15 PM3 months ago

Probable lineup for Udinese

Silvestri; Becão, Mari, Perez; Udogie, Arslan, Walace, Makengo, Molina; Deulofeu, Beto. 
12:10 PM3 months ago

Zebrette situation

Defender Bram Nuytinck is a doubt for Gabriele Cioffi. He trained alone during the course of the week. But the coach has the return of Roberto Pereyra, who had not played since November due to a shoulder injury, and made his return in the last match.
12:05 PM3 months ago

Probable lineup for Milan

Maignan; Calabria, Tomori, Romagnoli, Theo Hernandez; Tonali, Kessie; Messias, Brahim Díaz, Rafael Leão; Giroud.
12:00 PM3 months ago

Rossoneri situation

Marko Lazetic, the 18-year-old striker, trained with the team for the first time since his arrival at Milanello, the Rossoneri's training center. The Serbian was improving his physical condition. On the other hand, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still suffering from discomfort in his Achilles tendon. Stefano Pioli still has the injured Matteo Gabbia and Simon Kjaer. Bennacer will be suspended for his yellow card.
Photo: Milan
Photo: Milan
11:55 AM3 months ago

Neither there nor here

Situated on 14th position, Udinese are in the middle of the road. With 28 points, they are five points behind the 10th place and six points behind the first team in the relegation zone. The Zebrette haven't won for two matches, coming from a draw against Lazio and a 4-0 defeat to Hellas Verona.
11:50 AM3 months ago

In the fight for leadership

With 72% success rate, Milan is the leader of the Serie A with 56 points, two more than rivals Internazionale, second in the standings. The Rossoneri lost the chance to pick up a third straight win when they drew 2-2 against last-placed Salernitana. 
11:45 AM3 months ago

Opening round

Milan vs Udinese, live this friday (19), at San Siro, at 12:45 pm ET, for the Serie A. The match is valid for the 26th round of the competition.
11:40 AM3 months ago

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