Highlights and goals: Fluminense 2-0 Millonarios in Copa Libertadores 2022
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1:18 AM3 months ago


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10:30 PM3 months ago


Fluminense defeated Millonarios 2-0 to advance to the third round of the Copa Libertadores
10:27 PM3 months ago

90' ⌚

The referee adds four more minutes
10:26 PM3 months ago

85' Fluminense substitutions 🔁

Out: Luis Herique and Yago

In: Ganso and Nathan de Souza

10:21 PM3 months ago

79' Fluminense substitutions

Out: Willian and Calegari
In: Mario Pineida and Matheus Martinelli
10:05 PM3 months ago


Yago's pass to the space, Jhon Arias punches it and scores the second for Fluminense.
10:03 PM3 months ago

72' Fluminense substitution 🔁

Out: Germán Cano

In: Jhon Arias

10:00 PM3 months ago

67' Millonarios substitutions 🔁

Out: Richard Celis and Larry Vásquez

In: Carlos Gómez and Ricardo Márquez

9:58 PM3 months ago


Jáder Valencia (Millonarios) header wide to the outside
9:53 PM3 months ago


Willian receives an assist from Germán Cano, shoots and scores the first goal of the game.
9:52 PM3 months ago


Foul on Yago, will be offensive free kick for Fluminense
9:51 PM3 months ago


Richard Celis shoots with his left foot, a dangerous ball that is saved by Fluminense's goalkeeper.
9:50 PM3 months ago


Luiz Henrique's deflected shot in favor of Fluminense
9:38 PM3 months ago


The second half starts, for now the score is in favor of the home team, who are qualifying.
9:37 PM3 months ago

Millonarios substitution 🔁

Out: Diego Herazo

In: Jáder Valencia

9:19 PM3 months ago


The first half ends with the score tied at zero.
9:17 PM3 months ago

45' +1

Macalister Silva's shot in favor of Millonarios, which is easily saved by the Brazilian goalkeeper.
9:16 PM3 months ago

45' ⌚

The referee adds two more minutes
9:15 PM3 months ago


Diego Herazo's attacking header for Millonarios, which is well controlled by the Fluminense goalkeeper.
9:12 PM3 months ago


Felipe Melo foul on Richard Celis. Tempers are beginning to flare
9:10 PM3 months ago


Yago's free kick is easily controlled by the Millonarios goalkeeper.
9:07 PM3 months ago

37' Ball possesion

Fluminense 48%

Millonarios 52%

9:05 PM3 months ago

34' 🟨

Yellow card for Juan Pablo Vargas in Millonarios
9:02 PM3 months ago

32' 🟨

Yellow card for Calegari at Fluminense
9:02 PM3 months ago


Luiz Henrique's shot from outside the box that demands the Millonarios goalkeeper. It will be a corner for Fluminense
8:59 PM3 months ago


The game begins to break up in the middle of the field.
8:55 PM3 months ago

25' 🟨

Yellow card for Diego Herazo in Millonarios.
8:54 PM3 months ago

23' 🟨

Yellow card for Cris Silva at Fluminense
8:52 PM3 months ago


Millonarios arrives on the right, cross into the Fluminense area, Richard Celis shoots wide.
8:51 PM3 months ago


Foul by Felipe Melo (Fluminense), bad foul.
8:50 PM3 months ago


Llegada peligrosa de Diego Herazo, remata al arco y se pierde el primer gol para Millonarios
8:50 PM3 months ago


Cristiano offside. The Fluminense player took advantage of an advanced offensive position.
8:48 PM3 months ago


Willian's dangerous shot is saved by the Millonarios goalkeeper, an important play for the home team.
8:46 PM3 months ago


Germán Cano's shot for Fluminense goes wide.
8:37 PM3 months ago


The ball is rolling and the match between Brazilians and Colombians is already underway.
8:36 PM3 months ago

Millonarios starting line-up

8:34 PM3 months ago

Fluminense starting line-up

8:32 PM3 months ago

Millonarios last five matches

Millonarios        1-0        Cortuluá    26 Feb, 2022  
Millonarios        2-1        Fluminense    22 Feb, 2022   
Jaguares de Córdoba   1-2    Millonarios    19 Feb, 2022 
Millonarios    2-0    Águilas    Doradas 16 Feb, 2022 
Deportivo Cali   0-2   Millonarios    13 Feb, 2022   
8:30 PM3 months ago

Fluminense last five matches

Fluminense 2-0 Vasco da Gama 26 Feb, 2022  
Millonarios 1-2 Fluminense 22 Feb, 2022
Fluminense  3-0  Volta Redonda 19 Feb, 2022   
Nova Iguaçu  0-1 Fluminense 16 Feb, 2022
Fluminense 1-0 Portuguesa-RJ 13 Feb, 2022
8:18 PM3 months ago

Everything is ready

In less than an hour the match between Fluminense vs Millonarios will start live and online, corresponding to phase 2 (second leg) of the Copa Libertadores 2022.
1:26 AM3 months ago

Tune in here Fluminense vs Millonarios Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Fluminense vs Millonarios live match, as well as the latest information from the Estadio São Januário Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.com.
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How to watch Fluminense vs Millonarios Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch Fluminense vs Millonarios live on TV, your options are: beIN Sports .

If you want to watch it online, VAVEL US is your best option.

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What time is the Fluminense vs Millonarios match?

Argentina: 21:30 hrs on Fox Sports.
Bolivia: 20:30 hrs on ESPN.
Brazil: 21:30 hrs on ESPN.
Chile: 21:30 hrs on ESPN.
Colombia: 19:30 hrs on ESPN.
Ecuador: 19:430 hrs on ESPN.
United States (ET): 19:30 hrs.
Spain: 01:30 hrs.
Mexico: 18:30 hrs. on Star+.
Paraguay: 20:30 hrs on ESPN.
Peru: 19:30 hrs on ESPN.
Uruguay: 21:30 hrs on ESPN.
1:11 AM3 months ago

Millonarios key player

One of the most outstanding players in Millonarios is Stiven Vega, the 23-year-old central midfielder is one of the players in charge of the balance in the midfield and was recently called up to the Colombia National Team for the friendly match against the Honduras National Team that took place in the United States.
1:06 AM3 months ago

Fluminense key player

Germán Ezequiel Cano is a Fluminense striker who has the goal in his head and knows what it's like to score against the Colombian team. Cano managed to score a goal against Millonarios in the first leg, scoring the final 2-1.
1:01 AM3 months ago

History for Conmebol Libertadores

So far, the only duel between the two teams has been won by Fluminense. The next match will be the second meeting between the Brazilians and Colombians.
12:56 AM3 months ago

Millonarios for the feat

The Colombian team is obliged to find on the road what it could not achieve at home. With a one-goal disadvantage in the series, the blue team must beat Fluminense away and prove that they have the means to advance to the next round of the playoffs in the Conmebol Libertadores 2022.
12:51 AM3 months ago

Fluminense with the advantage

Fluminense managed to beat Millonarios in the first leg by 2-1. After a very complicated match played in the city of Bogota, the Brazilian team will have to prove its hierarchy and overcome the Colombian team to reach phase 3 of the Conmebol Libertadores 2022. If they achieve their goal, Fluminense will have to face the winner between Atlético Nacional and Olimpia.
12:46 AM3 months ago

São Januário Stadium

The São Januário Stadium is a sports venue located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It was inaugurated on April 21, 1927 and has a maximum capacity of 21,880 spectators. This stadium is known for hosting the most important historical achievements of Vasco Da Gama.


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