Goles y resumen del Hannover 96 0-4 RB Leipzig in DFB Pokal
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Thank you for following the broadcast as Leipzig beat Hannover 96 to advance to the semifinal round.
3:18 PM3 months ago

End game

Hannover 96 0-4 Leipzig.
3:13 PM3 months ago


Add one more minute.
3:08 PM3 months ago


Dehm enters and Hult leaves, Hannover 96 change.
3:03 PM3 months ago


Ennali, Walbercht and Stolze join the team.

Maina, Kerk and Beier leave the team.

Hannover changes


Halstenberg and Szoboszlai come in.

Simakan and Nkunku come off.

Leipzig changes.

2:58 PM3 months ago


Leipzig goal

Silva takes advantage of a defensive deflection and just pushes the ball over the line to make it 4-0.

2:53 PM3 months ago


Forsberg and Haidara enter

Olmo and Kampl come off

Leipzig changes.

2:48 PM3 months ago


Leipzig goal

Silva's cross into the box and Konrad Laimer crosses in to make it 3-0.

2:43 PM3 months ago


Silva's pass and Olmos' shot is saved by the goalkeeper.
2:38 PM3 months ago


Niklas Hult has been cautioned.
2:33 PM3 months ago


Silva's shot hits the defender.

Klostermann comes on, Gvardiol off, Leipzig change.

2:28 PM3 months ago


Nkunku is unable to shake off a defensive marker as he tries to enter the box, but is injured.
2:23 PM3 months ago


Niklas Hult's long-range shot from very far distance hits the goalkeeper's hands.
2:18 PM3 months ago


Diemers goes up and engages Weydandt, change for Hannover 96.
2:13 PM3 months ago


Second half kicks off between Hannover 96 and Leipzig.
2:08 PM3 months ago

Half time

Hannover 96 0-2 RB Leipzig.
2:03 PM3 months ago


Benjamin Henrichs' powerful shot hits the outside of the net and goes wide.
1:58 PM3 months ago


Benjamin Henrichs with the cutback inside the box to get the shot into the goalkeeper's hands.
1:53 PM3 months ago


Josko Gvardiol managed to get a shot off and the goalkeeper reflexively saved the third when it seemed more than imminent.
1:48 PM3 months ago


The Leipzig players were claiming a handball inside the box, but the defender's hand was close to his body and the referee ruled that it was a handball.
1:43 PM3 months ago


Leipzig goal

Nkunku gets past the goalkeeper and then when he was running out of room, he makes the cutback, gets past the defender and sends the ball into the net for the 2-0 lead.

1:38 PM3 months ago


Leipzig goal

Christopher Nkunku drives inside the box and sends the ball just inside the goalkeeper's post to open the scoring 1-0.

1:33 PM3 months ago


Dani Olmo's shot from half distance goes wide of the opponent's goal.
1:28 PM3 months ago


Leipzig dominated by having more time on the ball with Hannover prioritizing in the defensive sector and it looks like they will look for counterattacks to generate damage.
1:23 PM3 months ago

Minutes away

The DFB Pokal match between Hannover 96 and Leipzig kicks off.
1:18 PM3 months ago

Minutes away

The DFB Pokal match between Leipzig and Hannover is just minutes away.
1:13 PM3 months ago

Leipzig substitutes

8 Amadou Haidara

9 Yussuf Poulsen

10 Emil Forsberg

23 Marcel Halstenberg

31 Josep Martínez

14 Tyler Adams

22 Nordi Mukiele

16 Lukas Klostermann

17 Dominik Szoboszlai

1:08 PM3 months ago

Hannover 96 substitutes

9 Hendrik Weydandt

22 Sebastian Stolze

17 Lukas Hinterseer

40 Lawrence Ennali

15 Cedric Teuchert

1 Martin Hansen

27 Tim Walbrecht

25 Jannick Dehm

8 Mike Frantz

1:03 PM3 months ago

XI Leipzig

1 Péter Gulácsi, 4 Willi Orban, 2 Mohamed Simakan, 32 Josko Gvardiol, 44 Kevin Kampl, 27 Konrad Laimer, 25 Dani Olmo, 3 Angeliño, 39 Benjamin Henrichs, 18 Christopher Nkunku, 33 André Silva.
12:58 PM3 months ago

XI Hannover

16 Ron-Robert Zieler, 28 Marcel Franke, 23 Luka Krajnc, 3 Niklas Hult, 21 Sei Muroya, 37 Sebastian Kerk, 35 Mark Diemers, 13 Dominik Kaiser, 14 Maximilian Beier, 29 Gaël Ondoua, 11 Linton Maina.
12:53 PM3 months ago

Heading to the field

Now the entire Leipzig team takes to the field for the warm-up before the start of the match:

12:48 PM3 months ago

Field reconnaissance

A few moments ago, the entire Leipzig squad took to the field to check the state of the pitch and get ready to warm up for the warm-up, where they will be looking to advance to the semifinal round:

12:43 PM3 months ago


In view of the recent events in Ukraine, teams in Germany, such as Hannover 96, have raised funds to help their compatriots in that nation:
12:38 PM3 months ago

To impose

Meanwhile, Leipzig comes in fourth in the Bundesliga, with five games unbeaten in any competition and a place in the round of 16 of the Europa League. On Sunday, they defeated Bochum by the narrowest of margins in the home tournament.
12:33 PM3 months ago

Good run

Despite the fact that they will not be promoted this season, Hamburg are on a good run of just one defeat in their most recent seven matches, most notably a 2-0 home win over Holstein on Friday.
12:28 PM3 months ago


In the most attractive match of the quarterfinals of the German Cup, Hannover 96 wants to surprise against Leipzig in the quarterfinal round. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
12:23 PM3 months ago

Tune in here Hannover 96 vs RB Leipzig Live Score in DFB Pokal 2022

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What time is Hannover 96 vs RB Leipzig match for DFB Pokal 2022?

This is the start time of the game Hannover 96 vs RB Leipzig of 2nd March in several countries:

This is the kickoff time for the Hannover 96 vs RB Leipzig match on March 2 in various countries:

Argentina: 2:30 PM on ESPN

Bolivia: 1:30 PM on ESPN

Brazil: 2:30 PM on ESPN

Chile: 1:30 PM on ESPN

Colombia: 12:30 PM on ESPN

Ecuador: 12:30 PM on ESPN

United States (ET): 12:30 PM on ESPN

Spain: 6:30 PM

Mexico: 11:30 AM on ESPN

Paraguay: 2:30 PM on ESPN

Peru: 2:30 AM on ESPN

Uruguay: 2:30 PM on ESPN

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Last games

It is worth noting that these two teams have not met for three years and have only met four times, all of which, curiously, were in the Bundesliga, with wins for the current First Division team.

Hannover 96 0-3 RB Leipzig, 2019

RB Leipzig 3-2 Hannover 96, 2018

Hannover 96 2-3 RB Leipzig, 2018

RB Leipzig 2-1 Hannover 96, 2017

12:08 PM3 months ago

Key player RB Leipzig

Danish striker Yussuf Poulsen has become the team's go-to guy for goals and in this cup, they will need his presence, especially in the big box, to pull out the result and advance to the run-up to the grand final.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
12:03 PM3 months ago

Key player Hannover 96

The British Sebastian Kerk has played an important role in the midfield, being the balance point between defense and attack, as well as having a good aerial game, remembering that he scored just last weekend.

11:58 AM3 months ago

Last lineup RB Leipzig

1 Péter Gulácsi, 4 Willi Orban, 2 Mohamed Simakan, 16 Lukas Klostermann, 8 Amadou Haidara, 14 Tyler Adams, 10 Emil Forsberg, 3 Angeliño, 22 Nordi Mukiele, 17 Dominik Szoboszlai, 9 Yussuf Poulsen.
11:53 AM3 months ago

Last lineup Hannover 96

16 Ron-Robert Zieler, 31 Julian Borner, 28 Marcel Franke, 3 Niklas Hult, 25 Jannick Dehm, 37 Sebastian Kerk, 13 Dominik Kaiser, 35 Mark Diemers, 14 Maximilian Beier, 22 Sebastian Stolze, 15 Cedric Teuchert.
11:48 AM3 months ago

Leipzig: Making the favourites' tag count

RB Leipzig, with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund's hasty eliminations, are the favourites to win the trophy and have the table set for them to do so, although they should not be overconfident; in the last round they beat Hansa Rostock 2-0.
11:43 AM3 months ago

Hannover 96: looking to pull off an upset

Despite their 2-0 home win over Hostein at the weekend, Hannover 96 are a long way from promotion places and can only take advantage of their home advantage to pull off a shock against the main favorites, RB Leipzig; in the round of 16 they caused a surprise with a 3-0 home win over Borussia Monchengladbach.
11:38 AM3 months ago

The Kick-off

The Hannover 96 vs RB Leipzig match will be played at the AWD-Arena, in Hannover, Germany. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:30 pm ET.
11:33 AM3 months ago

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