Goals and Highlights: Santos Laguna 3-2 Pumas in Liga MX


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Thank you for following the broadcast of Santos Laguna vs Pumas de la UNAM in Liga MX.
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End game

Santos 3-2 Pumas.
1:01 AM3 months ago


Álvarez's scissors kick is saved by Doria and a corner kick is awarded.
12:56 AM3 months ago


Five more minutes were added.

Suárez's left-footed shot to Talavera's spot.

12:51 AM3 months ago

Goal Santos 3-2

12:46 AM3 months ago


Enter Prieto and Ocejo

Gorriarán and Andrade come out

Santos substitutions

Pérez enters and Corozo leaves, Pumas substitution.

12:41 AM3 months ago


Dinenno's shot is saved by Acevedo and then the ball ends up in the net, but there is a foul on the goalkeeper.
12:36 AM3 months ago


Doria wins the ball in a set piece, but the attempt goes high.
12:31 AM3 months ago


A diagonal shot from behind that Cervantes hits too low and sends it into the stands.
12:26 AM3 months ago

Goal Pumas 2-2

12:21 AM3 months ago

Goal Santos 2-1

12:16 AM3 months ago


Santos Goal

A delayed diagonal shot inside the six-yard box was headed in by Preciado to retake the lead 3-2.

12:11 AM3 months ago


Pumas Goal

Mozo's cross was headed in by Dinenno to make it 2-2.

12:06 AM3 months ago


A shot by Islas that Acevedo at the near post sends for a corner kick.
12:01 AM3 months ago


Suarez with a shot from outside the area that goes wide.
11:56 PM3 months ago


Santos Goal

Gorriarán deceives Talavera and sends it to his right to make it 2-1.

11:51 PM3 months ago


The referee reviews the handball inside the Pumas area and awards a penalty kick in favor of Santos.
11:46 PM3 months ago


Ortiz is fouled in midfield and is cautioned.
11:41 PM3 months ago


Islas was encouraged with a shot from outside the area that did not take the direction of the goal.
11:36 PM3 months ago


Islas enters and Saucedo leaves, Pumas change.
11:31 PM3 months ago


Suarez with the impact from outside the area to the goalkeeper's location.
11:26 PM3 months ago


Lozano leaves and Medina enters, Santos changes.
11:21 PM3 months ago


Corozo with the cutback and takes the shot where the ball hits the outside netting.
11:16 PM3 months ago


Suárez's free kick to the wall and Doria's shot is deflected by the defense.
11:11 PM3 months ago


The VAR rectified the decision and, as it was not an obvious goal-scoring play, only showed Galindo a yellow card.
11:06 PM3 months ago


Galindo is shown a red card for bringing down Gorriarán just outside the area and Pumas are down a man.
11:01 PM3 months ago


Good collective play by Pumas that ends with Dinenno's header that goes over the top.
10:56 PM3 months ago


The second half begins between Santos and Pumas.
10:51 PM3 months ago


Aguirre goes out and Rivas comes in, Santos changes.


Aguayo and Álvarez come in.

Lopez and Velarde come off

Pumas changes

10:46 PM3 months ago

Half time

Santos Laguna 1-1 Pumas.
10:41 PM3 months ago


Preciado's shot goes high over the goal.
10:36 PM3 months ago

Goal Santos 1-1

10:31 PM3 months ago


Suarez pecks the ball instead of shooting at goal and the ball goes wide.
10:26 PM3 months ago


Saucedo with the hook and the shot over the goal that goes wide.
10:21 PM3 months ago


Add 8 more minutes.
10:16 PM3 months ago


The VAR reviews the play between Alan Mozo and Aguirre, but indicates that there was a collision and there is nothing.
10:11 PM3 months ago


Play is stopped because Aguirre is bleeding from his nose on the field.
10:06 PM3 months ago

Goal Pumas 1-0

10:01 PM3 months ago


Santos Goal

On a set piece, Torres' header hits a defender and the ball hits between the post and Talavera to make it 1-1.

9:56 PM3 months ago


Pumas Goal

Ortiz floated in a header after Doria's poor rebound and put the ball in the corner to open the scoring 1-0.

9:51 PM3 months ago


Velarde's left-footed cross is slightly off target.
9:46 PM3 months ago


Trigos with the overflow and sends his right-footed shot without much force and right at the goalkeeper.
9:41 PM3 months ago


Aguirre gets past two defenders, but his shot is deflected by the tight defensive marking.
9:36 PM3 months ago


Gorriarán hits it inside the area and Ortiz manages to cover to avoid the flash.
9:31 PM3 months ago


Rogério's shot hit the post and Dinenno's shot hit the goalkeeper.
9:26 PM3 months ago


Now Dinenno hits a mid-range shot right at the goalkeeper's spot.
9:21 PM3 months ago


Dinenno beats the marker and sends his header high over the goal.
9:16 PM3 months ago


Rogerio's diving header lands in Acevedo's hands.
9:11 PM3 months ago


Rogerio with a shot from outside the area that goes wide.
9:06 PM3 months ago


First caution of the game and it goes to David Andrade.
9:01 PM3 months ago


The game between Santos Laguna and Pumas UNAM begins.
8:56 PM3 months ago

What happens if they win?

If Pumas wins, it could move up to fourth place overall with 14 points, while Santos would climb to 13th place with eight points, giving the basement to the Águilas del América.
8:51 PM3 months ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes, action will begin at the TSM Corona between Santos Laguna and Pumas de la UNAM on Matchday 8 of the Clausura 2022.
8:46 PM3 months ago

The last time

The last time these two institutions met in Torreón was on September 9, 2020, when Santos Laguna won by a score of 2-1.
8:41 PM3 months ago

Pumas UNAM substitutes

20 Julio González

171 Juan Aguayo

183 Oliver Pérez

189 Jesús Rivas

10 Favio Álvarez

19 Omar Islas

193 Leonardo Sámano

195 José Caicedo

197 Miguel Carreón

27 Emanuel Montejano

8:36 PM3 months ago

Santos Laguna substitues

181 Héctor Holguín

3 Ismael Govea

20 Hugo Rodríguez

28 Franco Pizzichillo

16 Ulises Rivas

22 Ronaldo Prieto

201 Edgar Games

12 Jesús Ocejo

24 Diego Medina

30 Ignacio Jeraldino

8:31 PM3 months ago


1 Alfredo Talavera; 2 Alan Mozo, 18 Efraín Velarde, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 7 Sebastián Saucedo, 17 Leonel López, 31 Washington Corozo, 47 José Galindo, 194 Santiago Trigos, 9 Juan Dinenno, 21 José de Oliveira.
8:26 PM3 months ago

XI Santos Laguna

1 Carlos Acevedo, 5 Félix Torres, 221 Matheus Doria, 6 Alan Cervantes, 8 Carlos Orrantia, 9 Leonardo Suárez, 10 Brian Lozano, 11 Fernando Gorriarán, 14 David Andrade, 15 Harold Preciado, 19 Eduardo Aguirre.
8:21 PM3 months ago

The hand to hand

This is how the two teams arrive for this game, with Pumas clearly reflecting better statistics and that is why they are better positioned in the overall standings. In addition, they did advance to the quarterfinals of the Concachampions, while Santos was eliminated by Montreal:

8:16 PM3 months ago

Arriving home

Led by goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo, who has already been nominated for the Mexican National Team, Santos Laguna has arrived at the TSM Corona.
8:11 PM3 months ago

The referee

The referee for this game will be Oscar Macias Romo, accompanied by Jorge Antonio Sanchez Espinoza and Manuel Alfonso Martinez Sanchez as flag officials and the fourth official will be Maximiliano Quintero Hernandez.
8:06 PM3 months ago

Tight schedule

Before the FIFA Day, there will be a very tight schedule for Pumas UNAM between Liga MX and Concachampions, which is why the university team has to get the three points in a game against a rival that is at the bottom of the general table.
8:01 PM3 months ago

Fentanes repeats

Eduardo Fentanes, who is the interim coach, assured on Sunday against Cruz Azul that there was a change in the team's attitude and it was reflected in the Azteca, where they won 2-1.
7:56 PM3 months ago


To close the Liga MX matchday 8 and double-header, Santos Laguna will be looking for victories against Pumas, who need a win after a couple of scoreless draws. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Santos Laguna vs Pumas UNAM Live Score in Liga MX 2022

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What time is Santos Laguna vs Pumas UNAM match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Santos Laguna vs Pumas UNAM of March 2nd in several countries:

Argentina: 12:00 AM

Bolivia: 11:00 PM

Brazil: 12:00 AM

Chile: 11:00 PM

Colombia: 10:00 PM

Ecuador 10:00 PM

United States (ET): 10:00 PM on Fox Deportes

Spain: 4:00 AM

Mexico 9:00 PM on TUDN, Canal 5 and Azteca Deportes

Paraguay: 12:00 AM

Peru: 11:00 PM

Uruguay: 12:00 AM

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Last games

The universitarios have the advantage in the last five games on any field with a record of three wins, one draw and one loss, noting that they took all three points in their most recent visit two years ago.

Pumas UNAM 0-3 Santos Laguna, Apertura 2021

Pumas UNAM 1-0 Santos Laguna, Clausura 2021

Santos Laguna 1-2 Pumas UNAM, Apertura 2020

Santos Laguna 1-1 Pumas UNAM, Clausura 2020

Pumas UNAM 2-1 Santos Laguna, Clausura 2020 (Copa MX)

7:36 PM3 months ago

Key player Pumas UNAM

Juan Dinenno, in addition to earning a starting place, is slowly getting back into the rhythm and although he has not scored goals in the league, he has gained confidence with his goals in the Concachampions that make him the player to watch for this match.
Foto: Marca
Image: Marca
7:31 PM3 months ago

Key player Santos Laguna

Since his arrival with the team from the Comarca Lagunera, Leo Suarez has been one of the highlights of the team, despite the fact that he has not been doing well, as he provides verticality and skill on the flanks that has been a headache for rival defenses.
Image: Telediario
Image: Telediario
7:26 PM3 months ago

Last lineup Pumas UNAM

1 Alfredo Talavera, 47 José Galindo, 25 Arturo Ortiz, 18 Efraín Velarde, 2 Alan Mozo, 8 Higor Matheus Meritão, 17 Leonel López, 16 Jerónimo Rodríguez, 10 Favio Álvarez, 9 Juan Ignacio Dinenno, 21 Rogério.
7:21 PM3 months ago

Last lineup Santos Laguna

1 Carlos Acevedo, 21 Dória, 5 Félix Torres, 22 Ronaldo Prieto, 3 Ismael Govea, 11 Fernando Gorriarán, 6 Alan Cervantes, 10 Brian Lozano, 9 Leo Suárez, 15 Harold Preciado, 19 Eduardo Aguirre.
7:16 PM3 months ago

Pumas UNAM: back to winning ways

After two consecutive 0-0 draws in Liga MX against both Atlas and América, Pumas UNAM will be looking to take advantage of the fact that they are in a better moment than their opponents to impose themselves on the field; in addition, Andrés Lillini has to start thinking about rotating his squad little by little due to the tight schedule they will have in the month of March. It should be noted that they will not be able to count on Diogo, who was sent off in the last game.
7:11 PM3 months ago

Santos Laguna: arrive motivated

Following the departure of Pedro Caixinha, Santos Laguna pulled off the upset last Sunday and defeated Cruz Azul 2-1 at the Azteca Stadium, thus achieving their first victory of the season, which is why Eduardo Fentanes will try to replicate this situation in order to get out of the bottom of the general table, where they are in last place with only five points.
7:06 PM3 months ago

The Kick-off

The Santos Laguna vs Pumas UNAM match will be played at the TSM Corona Stadium, in Torreon, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 pm ET.
7:01 PM3 months ago

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