Highlights and goals: Nacional 1-1 Olimpia in Copa Libertadores 2022
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Our coverage of the Atlético Nacional vs Olimpia match of Round 2 (second leg) of the Copa Libertadores 2022 comes to an end.

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The game ends at the Aanasio Girardot Stadium, OLIMPIA CLASSIFIED! The Paraguayan team managed to hold the lead with which it arrived in the city of Medellín and will play in the third phase of the Copa Sudamericana.
10:18 PM3 months ago

90' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in the match.
10:16 PM3 months ago

88' Double change for Olimpia

Luis Zárate and Hugo Quintana replace Marcos Gómez and Saúl Saucedo.
10:15 PM3 months ago

87' Yellow card

Ruyery Blanco was cautioned for Nacional.
10:13 PM3 months ago

85' Last five minutes

Nacional is still trying to find a miracle, but since conceding the second goal, they have not been able to recover.
10:10 PM3 months ago

82' Nacional substitution

Enter Ruyery Blanco in place of Jefferson Duque.
10:09 PM3 months ago

82' Olimpia substitution

Mateo Gamarra replaces Iván Torres.
10:04 PM3 months ago

76' Yellow card

Emanuel Olivera was cautioned for Nacional.
10:00 PM3 months ago

73' Nacional substitution

Cristian Castro replaced Daniel Mantilla.
9:59 PM3 months ago

71' Red cards

The referee sends off Felipe Aguilar for Nacional and Guillermo Paiva for Olimpia.
9:57 PM3 months ago


Derlis González had a one-on-one with Kevin Mier, but Nacional's goalkeeper saved Olimpia's second goal.
9:54 PM3 months ago

66' Olimpia double substitution

Sergio Otálvaro and Guillermo Paiva replaces Alejandro Silva and Jorge Recalde.
9:51 PM3 months ago

63' Nacional came close!

Jarlan Barrera shot inside the area, but sent the ball over the goal.
9:47 PM3 months ago

57' GOOOOAL for Olimpia

SÁUL SALCEDO! The Paraguayan team's scores after a blunder by Kevin Mier when trying to catch a ball after a corner kick from the left.

9:44 PM3 months ago

56' Yellow card

Jarlan Barrera was cautioned for Nacional.
9:40 PM3 months ago

52' BALL TO THE POST! Olimpia is saved

ANDRADE HAD IT! A shot from half distance that crashed into the horizontal.
9:38 PM3 months ago

50' Nacional keeps looking for a goal

Nacional's attitude was very different in the second half, they came out to completely destroy their rival.
9:35 PM3 months ago

46' GOOOAL for Nacional

ANDRES ANDRADE! Jarlan Barrera combined with Jarlan Barrera, and his shot from half distance deflected off an opponent and into the goal.
9:33 PM3 months ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match begins. There was a change in Nacional with the entry of Andres Andrade in place of Nelson Palacio.
9:18 PM3 months ago

45+2' End of the first half

End of the first half of the match. Goalless draw between Nacional and Olimpia at the Atanasio Girardot. The Paraguayan team still leads the series 3-1.
9:16 PM3 months ago

45' Additional time

Two more minutes will be played in the first half.
9:15 PM3 months ago

43' Yellow card

Nelson Palacio was cautioned for Nacional.
9:14 PM3 months ago

41' Olimpia came closer

Kevin Mier saved Nacional's low cross attempted by Iván Torres looking for Jorge Recalde.
9:12 PM3 months ago

40' Last minutes of the first half

Final stretch of the first half. The match is still tied.
9:08 PM3 months ago

37' Nacional had it!

Sebastián Gómez's shot was saved by Olveira. First shot on goal for Nacional so far in the match.
9:04 PM3 months ago

32' Nacional came closer

Daniel Mantilla shot from half distance, but Olveira caught the ball.
9:01 PM3 months ago

30' Nacional tries

Dorlan Pabón's shot went wide.
8:54 PM3 months ago

23' Yellow card

Richard Ortíz was cautioned in Olimpia.
8:51 PM3 months ago

20' The score remains 0-0

The match is calm. In other times, Nacional would go for the kill from the first minute, but this time it is more conservative.
8:45 PM3 months ago

14' Nacional is saved!

Kevin Mier came out of his goal in front of Derlis González, who shot, but Emmanuel Olivera saved on the line.
8:41 PM3 months ago

10' The tie continues

The teams are not hurting each other for now. Nacional is not desperate to find the goal that will bring them closer to a tie in the series.
8:38 PM3 months ago

7' Nacional came closer

Danovis Banguero's cross from the left, Jefferson Duque headed, but the ball went wide.
8:36 PM3 months ago

5' First minutes

Nacional tries to rush at the beginning of the game, but lacks precision in trying to pass into the opponent's half.
8:31 PM3 months ago

Match starts!

The game between Atlético Nacional and Club Olimpia gets underway.
8:30 PM3 months ago

Match officials

Referee: Patricio Loustau - Argentina. 
Assistant No.1: Ezequiel Brailovsky - Argentina
Assistant No.2: Gabriel Chade - Argentina
Fourth official: Pablo Echavarría - Argentina 
8:28 PM3 months ago

Teams on the field

The players of Nacional and Olimpia take the field at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium.
8:20 PM3 months ago

Substitutes - Olimpia

13. Pedro González (GK), 40. Marino Arzamendia (GK), 02. Luis Zárate, 07. Néstor Camacho, 08. Hugo Quintana, 09. Walter González, 15. Mateo Gamarra, 16. Guillermo Paiva, 17. Feliciano Brizuela, 20. Sergio Otálvaro, 27. Santiago Vera, 34. Alex Franco.
8:20 PM3 months ago

Starting XI - Olimpia

| 01. Gastón Olveira |
| 29. Víctor Salazar | 05. Saúl Salcedo | 21. Antolín Alcaraz | 11. Iván Torres |
| 03. Alejandro Silva | 31. Marcos Gómez | 06. Richard Ortiz | 14. Fernando Cardozo | 10. Derlis González |
| 28. Jorge Recalde |

Coach: Julio César Cáceres

8:13 PM3 months ago

Substitutes - Atlético Nacional

01. Aldair Quintana (GK), 25. Luis Marquínez (GK), 04. Cristian Castro, 10. Andrés Andrade, 11. Giovanni Moreno, 17. Yeison Guzmán, 21. Tomás Ángel, 22. Juan David Cabal, 26. Jimer Fory, 29. Ruyery Blanco, 30. Jhon Solis.
8:12 PM3 months ago

Starting XI - Atlético Nacional

| 23. Kevin Mier |
| 28. Hayen Palacios | 03. Felipe Aguilar | 18. Emmanuel Olivera | 20. Danovis Banguero |
| 15. Nelson Palacio | 27. Sebastián Gómez |
| 16. Daniel Mantilla | 07. Jarlan Barrera | 08. Dorlan Pabón |
| 09. Jefferson Duque |

Coach: Hernán Darío Herrera

8:00 PM3 months ago

Teams prepare for the match

The teams are already warming up on the field. Each team is finalizing details for this match.
7:55 PM3 months ago

Last five matches - Olimpia

February 24 - Copa Libertadores: 3-1 vs. Atl. Nacional (Won)

February 20 - Paraguayan League: 2-2 vs Libertad

February 16 - Copa Libertadores: 2-0 vs César Vallejo (Won)

February 12 - Paraguayan League: 1-3 vs Guaireña (Win)

February 9 - Copa Libertadores: 0-1 vs César Vallejo (Won)

7:50 PM3 months ago

Last five matches - Atlético Nacional

February 27 - Liga BetPlay: 3-1 vs Bucaramanga (Lost)

February 24 - Copa Libertadores: 3-1 vs Olimpia (Lost)

February 19 - Liga BetPlay: 1-0 vs Union Magdalena (Won)

February 15 - Liga BetPlay: 1-2 vs Envigado (Won)

February 11 - Liga BetPlay: 0-0 vs Alianza Petrolera

7:45 PM3 months ago

The teams are living the pre-match

7:40 PM3 months ago

Welcome back!

We are ready to bring you the actions of this match between Atlético Nacional and Olimpia, corresponding to the second leg of the second phase of the Copa Libertadores 2022.
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How to watch Atlético Nacional vs Olimpia Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Atlético Nacional vs Olimpia live on TV, your options is: TUDN USA, UniMás and Univision Now

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What time is Atlético Nacional vs Olimpia match for Copa Libertadores?

This is the start time of the game Atlético Nacional vs Olimpia of 3rd February 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 9:30 PM on Facebook Watch
Bolivia: 8:30 PM on Facebook Watch
Brazil: 9:30 PM on Star +
Colombia: 7:30 PM on Facebook Watch
Ecuador: 7:30 PM on Facebook Watch
Spain: 1:30 AM (Feb. 4) on DAZN, Movistar+, DAZN 2
Mexico: 6:30 PM
Paraguay: 9:30 PM on Facebook Watch
Peru: 7:30 PM on Facebook Watch
Uruguay: 9:30 PM on Facebook Watch

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Squad List - Olimpia

7:15 PM3 months ago

Squad List - Atlético Nacional

7:10 PM3 months ago

Key player - Olimpia

In Olimpia, the presence of Guillermo Paiva stands out. The 24-year-old Paraguayan player is the team's top scorer so far this season with four goals.
7:05 PM3 months ago

Key player - Atlético Nacional

The presence of Jefferson Duque stands out in Atlético Nacional. The 34-year-old Colombian player is the team's top scorer so far this season with three goals.
7:00 PM3 months ago

Atlético Nacional vs Olimpia history

These two teams have met seven times, all in the Copa Libertadores. The statistics are in favor of Olimpia, which has been victorious on four occasions, while Nacional has been victorious on two, leaving a balance of one draw.

If we take into account the times that Atlético Nacional has been at home against Olimpia in the Copa Libertadores, there are three matches, where the statistics are completely even, with a victory for each team and a draw.

6:55 PM3 months ago


After the suspension of the Paraguayan league match against Sol de América, the Paraguayans have a little more rest. In spite of not having any activity at the end of the week, they are motivated with respect to the previous first leg, where they showed their hierarchy to score at key moments and thus be able to obtain a victory that they will have the obligation to maintain and increase in away conditions.
6:50 PM3 months ago

Atlético Nacional

Atlético Nacional has just lost 3-1 against Atlético Bucaramanga, last Sunday, February 27, 2022, the same adverse result it had had days before against Olimpia in the first leg. The current situation of the Verdolaga team is not the best, as evidenced by the departure of its coach before a decisive game. The Colombian team urgently needs to get back on track to regain the confidence of its fans.
6:45 PM3 months ago

The match will be played at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium

The Atlético Nacional vs Olimpia match will be played at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, located in the city of Medellín, capital of Antioquia, in Colombia. This stadium, inaugurated in 1953, has a capacity for 40,943 spectators.
6:40 PM3 months ago

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