Goals and Highlights: Necaxa 1-0 Queretaro in Liga MX


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Thank you for watching the Necaxa vs Querétaro match, this time the home team won, if you want to follow all the Liga MX action be sure to visit VAVEL.
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The match ends with Necaxa winning 1-0.
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Five minutes are added.
10:59 PM3 months ago


He shoots hard but the ball goes wide of the goal.
10:54 PM3 months ago


Aguerre steals a dangerous ball.
10:49 PM3 months ago


Aguerre saves a dangerous shot by Necaxa.
10:44 PM3 months ago


The assistance team comes in to attend to two players after a collision.
10:39 PM3 months ago


Queretaro change
In:Montero, Godínez
Out:Sepulveda, Sequeira.
10:34 PM3 months ago


Querétaro's goalkeeper prevents Necaxa's second goal.
10:29 PM3 months ago


The game is paused for protocol.
10:24 PM3 months ago


Querétaro center midfielder on the right but his header is deflected wide.
10:19 PM3 months ago


Barrera shoots into the hands of Malagon.
10:14 PM3 months ago


Martinez heads the ball into the hands of Malagón.
10:09 PM3 months ago


The second half begins.
10:04 PM3 months ago


End of the first half.
9:59 PM3 months ago


Angulo misses a key opportunity.
9:54 PM3 months ago


Corner kick for Necaxa.
9:49 PM3 months ago


Necaxa's mistake causes a shot that hits the post.
9:44 PM3 months ago


Aguerre saves Querétaro from Necaxa's second goal.
9:39 PM3 months ago


Necaxa is coming dangerously close to the opponent's goal.
9:34 PM3 months ago


Gooooooooooal for Necaxa! Jurado shoots from the left flank and beats the goalkeeper.
9:29 PM3 months ago

Malagón saves his goal after a header.
9:24 PM3 months ago

Necaxa came close from outside the box.
9:19 PM3 months ago

The match begins.
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11 initial Querétaro

This is how the visiting team takes the field:
Queretaro starting 11/Image: Club_Queretaro
Queretaro starting 11/Image: Club_Queretaro
9:09 PM3 months ago

Necaxa starting 11

This is how the home team will take the field:
Necaxa starting 11/Image:ClubNecaxa
Necaxa starting 11/Image:ClubNecaxa
9:04 PM3 months ago

Press release Club Querétaro on recent events

This is how the club expressed itself to the fans
Press release Club Querétaro/Image: Club_Queretaro
Press release Club Querétaro/Image: Club_Queretaro
8:59 PM3 months ago

Necaxa is already at the stadium

Thus came the home team:
8:54 PM3 months ago

Querétaro's weak point

Querétaro has conceded five goals from shots from outside the box, making it the team that concedes the most goals in this way, so it will have to prevent Necaxa from having a chance to score.
8:49 PM3 months ago

Necaxa and the difficulties of scoring

Club Necaxa is the worst scoring team in the first half, the team from Aguascalientes has only been able to score one goal in the first 45 minutes so far this season.
8:44 PM3 months ago

Queretaro strong away from home

The Gallos Blancos de Querétaro have accumulated four draws playing away games, and if they were to achieve another draw, they would be tied for the first time in five consecutive away games.
8:39 PM3 months ago

Necaxa without goal

Los Rayos del Necaxa are struggling to score goals, having failed to score in their last three games, so if they fail to score against Querétaro, Los Rayos would equal their worst scoreless streak since January 2011.
8:34 PM3 months ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Necaxa vs Querétaro Liga MX broadcast, this match marks the start of a new matchday, here's everything you need to know before the start of the game. 
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Stay tuned to follow Necaxa vs Querétaro live on TV

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Necaxa vs Queretaro live, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Victoria. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Where and how to watch Necaxa vs Queretaro live online

The match will be broadcasted on TV on Azteca 7.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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Watch out for this Querétaro player

Angel Zepulveda, a 31-year-old Mexican striker, is currently Queretaro's top scorer with 4 goals, and has been present in all the games played this tournament, starting in eight of them. 
8:14 PM3 months ago

Watch out for this Necaxa player

Rodrigo Aguirre, 27-year-old Uruguayan striker, is the team's top scorer for this Clausura 2022, with only six games played Aguirre has scored three goals and assisted once, for a team with a lack of goals Aguirre will have to take that responsibility to bring back the victory to the Rays. 
8:09 PM3 months ago

Latest Querétaro lineup

Aguerre, Mendoza, Vera, Martínez, Perg, Escamilla, Hernández, Sequeira, Sepúlveda, Barrera, Angulo.
8:04 PM3 months ago

Latest Necaxa lineup

Malagon, Dominguez, Pena, Formiliano, Madrigal, Villalpando, Garcia, Gonzalez, Gimenez, Salas, Garcia. 
7:59 PM3 months ago


Queretaro 3-0 Necaxa
Necaxa 0-0 Queretaro
Queretaro 0-1 Necaxa
Necaxa 3-2 Queretaro
Queretaro 2-3 Necaxa
7:54 PM3 months ago

Arbitration Quartet

Center Referee: Oscar Mejía, Assistants: Antonio Mendiola, Jonathan Gómez, Fourth Referee: Victor Caceres.
7:49 PM3 months ago

Querétaro in bad shape

Queretaro, one of the teams that has been consistently in the last places for several tournaments, has just lost to Atlas 3-0, this decision was taken due to the events of the previous Saturday where the fans invaded the field causing heavy penalties for the board and fans, before the tragedy Queretaro was losing by the minimum against Atlas, now the Gallos are together with America the only teams that only have one victory in the Clausura 2022 tournament, with only eight points the Gallos Blancos are in fourteenth position, although the team has a good roster they are not capable of winning, in this tournament they are the team with the most ties which has helped them not to be lower in the table, now against Necaxa they have a very similar opponent so they will have a lot of work and a lot to prove.
Querétaro looking for the win/Image: Club_Queretaro
Querétaro looking for the win/Image: Club_Queretaro
7:44 PM3 months ago

Necaxa can't find its way despite change of coach

In recent tournaments Necaxa has occupied the last positions in the league and this tournament after four rounds things were looking the same, however the board decided to make a change in the technical direction bringing the bronze medal winning coach from the Olympic Games in Tokyo, with only one victory in four rounds Lozano's team led the game against Cruz Azul, which surprisingly defeated Cruz Azul, this victory was without Lozano on the bench due to health problems, after five matchday with Lozano as coach, things have not changed much since they have not won again, two ties and two defeats is what the coach has achieved while on the bench, his last match against Toluca at home was defined by just one goal, Necaxa is struggling to score goals since the last time they scored was in matchday 6 in the tie against Tijuana, the match against Querétaro will be important for the team's aspirations since they must show improvement in their soccer to get into the playoffs after seven remaining matchday.
Necaxa is looking for 3 points/Image: ClubNecaxa
Necaxa is looking for 3 points/Image: ClubNecaxa
7:39 PM3 months ago

The 10th week of Liga MX kicks off

Liga MX resumes after the riots that took place at the Corregidora Stadium, the tenth round will open with the match Necaxa vs Queretaro, for this match will be played behind closed doors as a measure of solidarity for the events that took place last Saturday, this measure was taken by the club in conjunction with the government of Aguascalientes, both teams are tied in points and occupy the bottom of the table.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Liga MX match Necaxa vs Querétaro. The match will take place at Estadio Victoria, at 19:00.