Goals and Highlights: Seattle Sounders 3-2 LA Galaxy in MLS
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Thank you for following the LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders MLS game.
6:48 PM5 months ago

End game

Seattle 3-2 LA Galaxy.
6:43 PM5 months ago


Five more minutes are added.
6:38 PM5 months ago


Joveljic in and Raveloson out, LA Galaxy change.
6:33 PM5 months ago


Séga Coulibaly arrives at the far post and sends a header that goes wide.
6:28 PM5 months ago


Bruin and Cissoko enter

Rusnak and Montero come out

Seattle changes.

6:23 PM5 months ago


Alvarez's shot from outside the area hit the crossbar and then the rebound could not be pushed in by his teammates.
6:18 PM5 months ago


Edwards with a mid-range shot that sends it too high.
6:13 PM5 months ago


Seattle Goal

Arreaga appears alone inside the six-yard box and smashes the ball past the keeper to make it 3-2.

6:08 PM5 months ago


Vázquez and Grandsir enter

Costa and Cabral leave

LA Galaxy changes.

6:03 PM5 months ago


Efraín Álvarez wants to hit it with a pumped shot, but it comes out badly broken.
5:58 PM5 months ago


Great service and better shot from the penalty spot by Arreaga that hits the base of the post.
5:53 PM5 months ago


Rowe enters

Vargas leaves

Seattle change

5:48 PM5 months ago


The ball is left to Chicharito, but he fails to get a good header on target.
5:43 PM5 months ago


Cabral with the cross shot that the goalkeeper manages to deflect and the ball crashes against the post.
5:38 PM5 months ago

Goal LA Galaxy 2-2

5:33 PM5 months ago


Ragen enters and Gómez leaves due to injury, Seattle change.
5:28 PM5 months ago


LA Galaxy goal

Free kick taken by Douglas Costa with a slight defensive deflection to tie the game 2-2.

5:23 PM5 months ago


Seattle's Tolo is quickly cautioned.
5:18 PM5 months ago


The second half begins between Seattle and LA Galaxy.
5:13 PM5 months ago

Half time

Seattle Sounders 2-1 LA Galaxy.
5:08 PM5 months ago


Kevin Cabral has been cautioned, for LA Galaxy.
5:03 PM5 months ago


Goal Seattle

Montero tricks the goalkeeper with a penalty kick to make it 2-1.

4:58 PM5 months ago


The referee has awarded Seattle a penalty kick.
4:53 PM5 months ago


For stopping the opponent, Nick DePuy is cautioned.
4:48 PM5 months ago


Joao Paulo is cautioned by Seattle.
4:43 PM5 months ago


Chicharito breaks free and smashes the ball into the goalkeeper's hands.
4:38 PM5 months ago


Albert Rusnák hits a shot from outside the area right at the goalkeeper's spot.
4:33 PM5 months ago


The Angelino team wastes the free throw play and the ball goes too far over.
4:28 PM5 months ago


Obed Vargas commits a hard foul and is cautioned.
4:23 PM5 months ago

Goal Seattle 1-0

4:18 PM5 months ago


Seattle goal

A serious defensive error on a set piece and Morris pushes the ball into the six-yard box 1-1.

4:13 PM5 months ago


Chicharito's filtered service was eventually denied by the Sounders defense.
4:08 PM5 months ago

Goal LA Galaxy 1-0

4:03 PM5 months ago


LA Galaxy Goal

A cross into the six-yard box is headed into the net by Javier Hernández to make it 1-0.

3:58 PM5 months ago


Montero's shot from half distance goes too high.
3:53 PM5 months ago


The game between Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy kicks off.
3:48 PM5 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff between the Sounders and the LA Galaxy from Seattle.
3:43 PM5 months ago

Great support

Seattle fans have made their presence felt at Lumen Field and will fill the stadium to cheer on their team:
3:38 PM5 months ago

LA Galaxy substitutes

16 Sacha Kljestan

56 Jonathan Pérez

33 Jonathan Klinsmann

18 Kelvin Leerdam

7 Víctor Vázquez

11 Samuel Grandsir

15 Eriq Zavaleta

99 Dejan Joveljic

3 Derrick Williams

3:33 PM5 months ago

Seattle Sounders substitutes

25 Jackson Ragen

14 Samuel Adeniran

92 Abdoulaye Cissoko

22 Kelyn Rowe

17 Will Bruin

23 Léo Chú

30 Stefan Cleveland

21 Reed Baker-Whiting

75 Daniel Leyva

3:28 PM5 months ago

XI LA Galaxy

1 Jonathan Bond, 20 Nick Depuy, 4 Séga Coulibaly, 44 Raheem Edwards, 2 Julian Araujo, 8 Marky Delgado, 6 Rayan Raveloson, 26 Efrain Álvarez, 10 Douglas Costa, 9 Kevin Cabral, 14 Javier Hernández.
3:23 PM5 months ago

XI Seattle Sounders

24 Stefan Frei, 3 Xavier Arreaga, 28 Yeimar Gómez, 5 Nouhou Tolo, 16 Alex Roldan, 11 Albert Rusnák, 6 João Paulo, 73 Obed Vargas, 12 Fredy Montero, 13 Jordan Morris, 7 Cristian Roldan.
3:18 PM5 months ago

Rivalry only on the court

Chicharito had an affectionate greeting with Seattle's technical director.
3:13 PM5 months ago

Seattle arrived

Thus, the home team arrived with the mission of giving one more joy to their fans:
3:08 PM5 months ago

Promising start

With two 1-0 victories in the second half and both goals scored by Mexicans, LA Galaxy wants to keep the winning streak going at the dawn of the MLS season and get their second away win.
3:03 PM5 months ago

They arrive motivated

After two losses in their first two MLS games, the Seattle Sounders regained their confidence last Wednesday with a 3-0 win over Leon in the Concachampions, and will be looking to repeat history this Saturday at home.
2:58 PM5 months ago


The Seattle Sounders will try to get their first points of the MLS season when they host the LA Galaxy of Mexico's Javier Hernández. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy Live Score in MLS 2022

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What time is Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy match for MLS 2022?

This is the start time of the game Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy of March 12th in several countries:

Argentina: 5:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 4:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 5:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Chile: 4:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 3:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 3:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 3:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Spain: 9:40 PM

Mexico: 2:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Paraguay: 5:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 4:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 5:40 PM on ESPN and Star +

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Last games

LA Galaxy have seven games without a win against Seattle, including three draws and four losses, but managed to earn a valuable point on their most recent visit.

Seattle Sounders FC 1-1 LA Galaxy, 2021

LA Galaxy 1-2 Seattle Sounders FC, 2021

Seattle Sounders FC 3-0 LA Galaxy, 2021

LA Galaxy 1-1 Seattle Sounders FC, 2020

LA Galaxy 1-3 Seattle Sounders FC, 2020

2:38 PM5 months ago

Key player LA Galaxy

Mexico's Javier Hernandez wants to continue to be the star of the team and has already scored a late goal in the championship, with the goal of one day being called up to the Mexican national team.
Image: Fútbol Total
Image: Fútbol Total
2:33 PM5 months ago

Key player Seattle Sounders

The arrival of the Brazilian João Paulo a few seasons ago was a great move for the team, as he is the balance point in the midfield and also has the ability to get into the opponent's area.
Image: Transfermarket
Image: Transfermarket
2:28 PM5 months ago

Last lineup LA Galaxy

1 Jonathan Bond, 20 Nick Depuy, 4 Séga Coulibaly, 44 Raheem Edwards, 2 Julian Araujo, 8 Marky Delgado, 6 Rayan Raveloson, 7 Víctor Vázquez, 10 Douglas Costa, 9 Kevin Cabral, 14 Javier Hernández.
2:23 PM5 months ago

Last lineup Seattle Sounders

24 Stefan Frei, 3 Xavier Arreaga, 92 Abdoulaye Cissoko, 25 Jackson Ragen, 11 Albert Rusnák, 6 João Paulo, 22 Kelyn Rowe, 16 Alex Roldan, 12 Fredy Montero, 23 Léo Chú, 21 Reed Baker-Whiting.
2:18 PM5 months ago

LA Galaxy: Keeping up the perfect run

With two agonizing victories in their opening matches against champions NYC FC and newcomers Charlotte FC, the LA Galaxy will look to continue their winning ways and keep their record intact as they have done through the first 180 minutes.
2:13 PM5 months ago

Seattle Sounders: Win at any cost

Incredibly, the Seattle Sounders, one of the favorites to fight for the MLS title, have started off on the wrong foot this season with two defeats against Nashville and Real Salt Lake by 1-0, which is why they will be looking for their first points; remembering that in the middle of the week they will pay the return leg against Leon in the Concachampions.
2:08 PM5 months ago

The Kick-off

The Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy match will be played at the Lumen Field, in Seattle, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 3:40 pm ET.
2:03 PM5 months ago

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