Goals and Summary of Atalanta 0-0 Genoa in Serie A
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2:53 PM2 months ago

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2:52 PM2 months ago


The match Atalanta 0-0 Genoa is over.
2:48 PM2 months ago


Will be added 4 minutes
2:43 PM2 months ago


Last minutes of the game, the match indicates that they will leave with a draw.
2:38 PM2 months ago


Atalanta also makes changes in order to win the match, it will be a heart-stopping finale.
2:32 PM2 months ago


Several changes are made by Genoa to try to be more offensive.
2:27 PM2 months ago


Atalanta continues to attack and again came close to the first goal, but the ball hits the post.
2:22 PM2 months ago


Atalanta misses a clear opportunity and misses the first goal in the match.
2:17 PM2 months ago


The teams have yet to make any changes in a match that has not been the best for both.
2:12 PM2 months ago


Atalanta fails to generate danger in the opponent's area.
2:07 PM2 months ago


Genoa has the ball in these opening minutes.
2:03 PM2 months ago


Second part starts
1:47 PM2 months ago


The first half ends Atalanta 0-0 Genoa.
1:42 PM2 months ago


In the last minutes of the first half, everything seems to indicate that we will go to the break with a draw.
1:37 PM2 months ago


There is a fierce fight for the ball in the midfield, but both teams are unable to reach the final area of the pitch.
1:33 PM2 months ago


Many fouls constantly stop the game and do not allow to finish plays.
1:28 PM2 months ago


Atalanta gradually regain possession of the ball but still without clarity.
1:23 PM2 months ago


Genoa does not slow down the pace and looks more dangerous to open the scoring.
1:17 PM2 months ago


The game is still not dangerous, both teams lack clarity.
1:13 PM2 months ago


Genoa came close to opening the scoring, but the home defense closed down well.
1:08 PM2 months ago


Genoa tries to be the one with the greater possession of the ball but Atalanta commits fouls on several occasions.
1:04 PM2 months ago


Intense match at the start but neither team imposes any conditions yet
1:01 PM2 months ago


The match kicks off, Atalanta and Genoa face each other in another match day of Serie A.
12:50 PM2 months ago

All ready

Everything is ready for the start of the match, the two teams are preparing in the locker room to take the field.
12:45 PM2 months ago

All ready warming

Both teams are already warming up 20 minutes before kick-off.
12:40 PM2 months ago

Lineup Atalanta

This is Atalanta's lineup:
12:35 PM2 months ago

Lineup Genoa

This is the Genoa lineup:

12:30 PM2 months ago


Little by little, the fans of both teams are starting to show their support in the hope that it will be a great game and that the players will be able to give their fans a great show.
12:25 PM2 months ago

Key Players

The key players for this match will be Luis Muriel and Kelvin Yeboah, two players with great quality, and they will be looking to give their team the 3 points.
12:20 PM2 months ago

Last Match

The last time these two teams met was on December 21 when they played to a scoreless draw in a match that was hard fought but lacked clarity between the two teams.
12:15 PM2 months ago


In this match unfortunately we will have absences for both teams, for Atalanta they will not be able to count on Marten de Roon due to expulsion as well as their striker Duvan Zapata due to a last minute injury without a doubt a sensitive casualty and for Genoa they will not be able to see activity their leader in assists Andrea Cambiaso and their center forward Roberto Piccoli.
12:10 PM2 months ago


The central referee in charge of dispensing justice will be referee Rosario Abisso.
12:05 PM2 months ago

Stay tuned to follow Atalanta vs Genoa live.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups Atalanta vs Genoa live, as well as the latest information on the match from the Gewiss Stadium.
12:00 PM2 months ago

Where and how to watch Atalanta vs Genoa live

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN and the Star + App, you can also watch the game on ESPN 3.

If you want to watch the match live and online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

11:55 AM2 months ago


The record leans towards the Atalanta team since in 5 matches played, the record indicates 2 wins for Atalanta, 3 draws and no victory for Genoa, so tomorrow the locals will come out as strong favorites to take the 3 points at home and with their people.
11:50 AM2 months ago

Key Player Genoa

Johan Vázquez:

Mexican central defender, he has been a revelation for the Italian team, he is 23 years old, he has played 20 games and scored 1 goal, he has earned the starting position and the confidence of the coach and tomorrow he will look to give the 3 points to his team, with selection he has played 4 games without scoring, surely we will see him with Mexico in the World Cup, He has also earned the trust of Prof. Gerardo Martino.

11:45 AM2 months ago

Key Player Atalanta

Duvan Zapata:

30 years old Colombian forward, he is one of the scorers of Atalanta, he has 17 games played with 9 goals scored and 5 assists created, one of the most effective, fast and skillful players, with his national team he has 34 games and 4 goals scored without a doubt a killer of the area.

11:40 AM2 months ago

Last Lineup Genoa

This is the latest Genoa lineup:

11:35 AM2 months ago

Last Lineup Atalanta

This is the latest Atalanta lineup:

11:30 AM2 months ago

Genoa: Urgency to get out of the relegation zone

On the other hand, Genoa is in a different situation as they are currently in the penultimate position with 18 points and are looking for points urgently to avoid relegation in Serie A, remember that central defender Johan Vazquez plays in the team, so it will be a match of high intensity.
11:25 AM2 months ago

Atalanta: Staying in European places

Atalanta will be looking to continue in the European places, at the moment they are in the fifth position with 47 points, far away from the 4th place, but they are very close to Roma with 47 and Lazio with 46, that's why it's important to get the 3 points at home.
11:20 AM2 months ago

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Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Atalanta vs Genoa, corresponding to the match corresponding to the 29th matchday of the Serie A, the match will take place at the Gewiss Stadium at 12:00 am.