Goals and Highlights Juventus 0-3 Villarreal: in Champions League
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It's over

In a match where Juve dominated, Villarreal in the second half after closing in on their own area, ended up beating the Italians with two penalties scored and a goal.
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GOOOOL! from Villarreal, after a new penalty and yellow for De Light, Arnaut Danjuma puts the third and definitive to a Juve that doesn't know what to do. 
Five minutes of compensation are added.  
5:44 PM2 months ago


Villarreal substitution, Dani Parejo comes off, Alfonso Pedraza Sag enters.
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Juve change, Locatelli and Morata go out, Bernardeschi and Kean come in.
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GOOOOOL! by Villarreal, Pau Torres makes it 2-0 and 3-1 on aggregate after a great shot that beats the Italian goalkeeper.
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Juventus substitution, Daniele Rugani comes off and Paulo Dybala enters, making the change a minute after the opponent's goal. 
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GOOOOOOOOOL! for Villarreal, Gerard Moreno Balagueró scores the first goal of the match after a penalty marked in the VAR, just a few minutes after coming on. 
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Penalty for Villarreal, after VAR review, the referee awards the penalty. 
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Villarreal make a change, Giovani Lo Celso goes up, Gerard Moreno Balagueró comes in.
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Villareal in front, trying to get to the Italian area, holding the counter blows that Juve tries. 
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Villarreal change, Coquelín and Chukwueze come off, Trigueros and Pino come on.
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The Italians are forced to try from long distance, as the yellow defense is starting to get pigeonholed in their box. 
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Rabiot's long-range shot ends up easily in Rulli's hands.  
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The Spaniards are looking for space to get into their opponents' box, as they are finding it hard to get past 3/4 of the pitch in the second half. 
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Rulli continues to shine, once again saving his team by pulling out a dangerous cross from Cuadrado that was going to Morata. 
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The second half begins, where the score has not moved; if this result is maintained, the game will have to be decided in overtime or, if it is maintained, it will have to go to penalties. 
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The first half is over, the referee does not give for more action, the Italians have been more dominant in attack, but Rulli has become the hero of the yellow submarine that keeps them alive. 
4:29 PM2 months ago


The pace starts to drop, the ball is kept in the middle of the pitch, where Juve have been superior in attack, but Rulli at the moment has been the hero. 
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Dušan Vlahović misses a chance to open, he heads in from a corner kick but Rulli again saves his team. 
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The pace of play is intense, the Italians are arriving more down the left flank. Even so, the yellow submarine is still trying and still testing Wojciech Szczęsny.
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Corner kick for Juventus, which came to nothing and the yellow defense managed to clear into the box. 
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Lo Celso's powerful shot goes just wide of the goal, Villarreal begin to create danger. 
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Dušan Vlahović hit a powerful shot to the left post that Rulli saved well as Juve continued to be unable to open the scoring despite being constant in the opponent's box. 
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Juve is in front, Morata had the chance to open the scoring, but goalkeeper Rulli saves the yellow submarine. 
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The match is picking up pace, both teams are trying to get into the opponent's box to create a dangerous chance, with Juve coming closest to scoring. 
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The Spanish club goes forward in an attempt to open the scoring, but the Italians are very well positioned, making it difficult for Villarreal to get forward. 
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The match kicks off

The match between Juve and Villarreal is ready, where you can see a good entry at the Juventus Stadium in these round of 16 of the Champions League.
3:39 PM2 months ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field for the start of this Champions League match at the Juventus Stadium.
3:34 PM2 months ago

Dybala moves away

The renewal of Paulo Dybala with Juventus is further and further away from becoming possible, after postponing the meeting between the two parties that had to this week, the club considers that this issue should not be dealt with until the end of the season, and that has again upset the player's representatives. Juve will offer the player a downward renewal of seven million euros per season, when he now earns 7.4, and of three years' duration, when the player would want four.
3:29 PM2 months ago

Juve's starting XI

This is the XI with which the home side will take the field at the Juventus Stadium against Villarreal to advance to the quarterfinals.
3:24 PM2 months ago

Villarreal's starting XI

This is the XI with which the visitors will take the field at the Juventus Stadium to face Juve and advance to the quarterfinals.
3:19 PM2 months ago

Taking advantage of PSG's crisis

Georginio Wijnaldum, 31, has failed to get used to PSG and did not even have the opportunity to participate in the duel against Real Madrid, arousing the interest of Serie A teams, according to CalcioMercato.it, are Juventus would be willing to make room for a player who, during his previous spell at Liverpool, exhibited tremendous regularity and established himself as one of the best midfielders on the European scene.
3:14 PM2 months ago

Help for 80 refugees from Ukraine

The Ukrainian Football Federation asked the Italian club for help in transporting 80 people they had rescued from soccer schools in the city of Kiev and nearby cities affected by the bombings. Juventus responded to the call with a convoy of two team buses traveling almost 2,800 kilometers to Zahony, Hungary.
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Winning away from home

The Yellow Submarine have won their last two away games in the Champions League, however, the Yellows have failed to keep a clean sheet in the competition in 10 away games since a goalless draw with Manchester United in 2008.
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Close to 50 appearances

Juan Cuadrado is one game away from 50 appearances for Juventus in the Champions League (he currently has 49). The Colombian has 11 assists which is the most by any player in the period since he joined the club (in 2015).
2:59 PM2 months ago

Making a mark

Villarreal coach Unai Emery wants his team to be remembered in the Champions League, so they will start by getting a win against Juve in the round of 16, 

"We want to get here to stay. We don't want it to be short-lived," Emery told a news conference on Tuesday. Beating Juve would give us a chance to be in Europe. With very defined structures, we have a chance to be (here for the long term). It's wonderful and we want to be.

Source: AIOL
Source: AIOL
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They seek to be protagonists

Giovani Lo Celso joined the yellow submarine in January, on loan from Tottenham, spoke prior to the match against Juve, mentioning that to beat them they have to go with the idea of being protagonists. 

"In Turin it will be a very different game. They'll be playing on their home field, with their people, and they'll press much harder. But we have to go with the same idea of being protagonists. We know that when we have to suffer, we have to suffer together and that we have the tools we need to get through".

2:49 PM2 months ago

Calls for no mistakes

Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri is not confident despite having home advantage, despite the one-goal draw in the first leg. Allegri is aware of the degree of difficulty that comes with facing the Europa League champions, calling for maximum concentration for Wednesday's clash in Turin.

"We have to play the game without losing sight of the main objective, to get through the round, knowing that there will be many games in one," the 54-year-old said at a press conference.

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What time is Juventus vs Villarreal match for Champions League?

This is the start time of the game Juventus vs Villarreal of 16th March in several countries:

México: 14:00 horas CDMX, TNT Sports

Argentina: 17:00 horas

Chile: 17:00 horas

Colombia: 14:00 horas

Perú: 14:00 horas

EE.UU.: 16:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 14:00 horas

Uruguay: 16:00 horas

Paraguay: 15:00 horas

España: 23:00 horas

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Where and how to watch Juventus vs Villarreal live

The match will be broadcast on TNT Sports channels.
Juventus vs Villarreal can be tuned in from the live stream on HBO Max.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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The two teams have met twice in all competitions, leaving the balance in favor of the Spaniards, with a friendly win and a recent draw. 
Juventus 1-4 Villarreal, international friendly, August 7, 2009
Villarreal 1-1 Juventus, first leg, round of 16, Champions League, 2022
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How are they coming?

Juve arrives as first in Group H after overcoming Chelsea, in the last moments of the sixth matchday, having 15 units after 5 wins and one defeat. 
Villarreal was also involved in a thrilling last day of the group stage in which they won 2-3 against Atalanta, reaching the second place in Group F, having ten points in the group stage. 
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Third participation

This is the third participation of the 'yellow submarine' in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. Reaching the semifinal in their debut in the 2005/06 season, they reached the quarterfinals three years later. In both campaigns they were eliminated by Arsenal, now they have a new opportunity to compete for the title and reach the quarterfinals. In 2005/06, they beat the Rnagers in the round of 16 and Panathinaikos in 2008/09.
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Juve vs Spain

In Juve's last matches against Spanish teams, the Italians came in last season's group stage, losing 0-2 at home to Barcelona on matchday two, before winning 3-0 in Spain on matchday six, with Weston McKennie's goal putting the Turin side above their opponents in the final standings. That result takes Juve's tally to six wins in their last nine matches against Spanish clubs.
2:09 PM2 months ago

Watch out for this Juve player

The Spanish striker, Alvaro Morata, was again a key player for his team, scoring a brace against Sampdoria to help Juve fight for the local title, having 8 goals in the Italian league and 2 in the Champions League.
Source: Maxppp
Source: Maxppp
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Watch out for this Villarreal player

Gerard Moreno stands out in Villarreal's forward line, the 29-year-old is one of the top scorers in La Liga with 8 goals and 2 assists and in the Champions League he has appeared once in three games played. In Villarreal, the presence of Gerard Moreno stands out. The 29-year-old Spanish player is one of the team's top scorers in the current edition of La Liga with eight goals. He has also contributed three assists.
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images
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Chiellini and Dybala back in action

Both players have recovered from their injuries, trained with their teammates ahead of the match against Villareal and Massimiliano Allegri is expected to include them in the squad for the crucial clash against the Yellow Submarine, although they would occupy a place on the substitutes' bench.
1:54 PM2 months ago

At the limit

Goalkeeper Gero Rulli and midfielder Daniel Parejo are the only two Villarreal players who are at the limit, because if they are cautioned and their team advances to the next round, they would lose the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.  According to the UEFA disciplinary report, the two players have accumulated two cautions and the third one will result in suspension. 
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the Juventus vs Villarreal live stream, corresponding to the second leg of the Champions League round of 16. The match will take place at the Juventus Stadium, at 14:00.