Highlights: Puebla 2-2 Santos Laguna in Clausura 2022
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Game is over

The match ends at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium with a tie at 2 goals.
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Yellow card for Ronin Prieto de Santos.
12:52 AM3 months ago


4 more minutes are added.
12:49 AM3 months ago


Substitution of Puebla, Fernando Aristeguieta leaves and Memo Martínez enters.
12:42 AM3 months ago


GGGGGOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!! Leo Suarez finishes off inside the area and ties the game.
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GGGGOOOOOAAAALLLL!!! Erick Aguirre discounts on the part of those from Laguna, defeating the goalkeeper from Puebla in hand-to-hand.
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GGGGOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!! Martín Barragán heads inside the area and puts the second for La Franja.
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Changes by both teams: Orrantia and Rivas leave for Prieto and Roni for Santos, while Salas, Mancuello and Cortizo leave Puebla and Corral, Herrera and Barragán enter.
12:25 AM3 months ago


Change of La Franja, Pablo Parra leaves and Lucas Maia entered.
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Santos presses after the field goal, while the local coaching staff prepares the adjustments.
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GGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!! Israel Reyes opens the scoring after a series of rebounds in the area.
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The Poblano team looking to open the scoring was well off, while Santos continues trying to surprise on the counterattack.
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Yellow card for Harold Preciado de Santos.
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The second time begins.
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Sub during Halftime

Substitution of Santos Laguna, Jordan Carrillo left and Brian Lozano entered.
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We go into the break with a goalless draw at Cuauhtémoc.
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3 more minutes are added.
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The pace slowed down a bit and there were no scoring options without risk in any of the goals.
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Yellow card for Pablo Parra from Puebla.
11:33 PM3 months ago


The game is matched in the midfield and dangerous actions are stopped.
11:29 PM3 months ago


After the VAR review, Javier Salas' red card is annulled and he remains only on a warning.
11:27 PM3 months ago


Red card for Javier Salas from Puebla. Locals stay with 10.
11:23 PM3 months ago


Little by little, La Franja forcing the visitors to play further back.
11:18 PM3 months ago


La Franja begins to put more pressure on Carlos Acevedo's goal and already controls the ball.
11:13 PM3 months ago


First opportunities for both teams, the clearest for the Poblano team that Federico Mancuello sent on the one hand.
11:09 PM3 months ago


An even game on the field of play, more possession for the sweet potato growers. Safe on both bows.
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The game starts at the Cuauhtémoc.
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Colors of today

Puebla's team will come out in their traditional white uniform with a blue stripe, while Santos will come out in his third uniform in two shades of green.
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Puebla's lineup!

This is how the Camoteros come out in search of regaining the leadership and extending the undefeated locals:
10:47 PM3 months ago

Santos lineup!

With this eleven the Laguna team goes to the Cuauhtémoc field:
10:42 PM3 months ago

Last game!

The last match between the two teams was during last season where, on matchday 11, both teams tied at one goal at the TSM Corona Stadium. Although both teams wanted to keep the victory, both were more focused on the Liguilla that was coming and they were not going to risk too much. On this occasion, we will see a different duel where both teams will seek victory to add 3, Puebla is interested in returning to first place, while Santos seeks to continue climbing positions in the general table.
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Here is La Franja!

The famous "Larcaboys" are already in Cuauhtémoc to go out in search of the 3 points that will return the momentary leadership and put pressure on Pachuca:
10:24 PM3 months ago

Here are the Santos!

The Shire team is already on the field of the Cuauhtémoc Stadium for tonight's duel:
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The arbitration designation for this match is as follows:
Center Referee: Fernando Guerrero
Assistants: Karen Janett Diaz and Jorge Antonio Sanchez
4th Referee: Diego Montaño
10:14 PM3 months ago

Face to face

A close match between both teams awaits us, here we share the results between both teams in the last 5 matches.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
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Here we go!

We are a little less than an hour before the game between La Franja and Santos kicks off at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium. Both quintets will go out in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.
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Stay with us to follow this game LIVE!

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups for Puebla vs. Santos Laguna, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Cuauhtémoc Stadium. Don't miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be broadcast on television through ESPN, as well as streaming through the Star+ signal.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
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Diego De Buen, a must see player!

The Fringe midfielder is the leader of the midfield and has been one of the fundamental pieces for the Fringe to put it where it is. De Buen fulfills the function of containing the rival midfield and helping in the generation of offensive plays. His work, along with that of Antony Silva, are fundamental for Puebla to do their thing, complicate the work of their rivals and remain one of the best defenses in the tournament with only 9 goals against. With a passing success rate of 60%, De Buen is a fundamental piece in Nicolas Larcamon's save and, with last week's goal, he is enjoying a great moment.
Photo: Puebla
Photo: Puebla
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How does La Franja get here?

La Franja returns home after losing the undefeated last day against Atlético San Luis by a score of 1-0, however, the team remains at the top of the general table, 1 point behind the leader of the competition. La Franja had a great Apertura 2021 by finishing in 7th place with 24 points, in the playoff game they eliminated Chivas on penalties and then fell to León in the quarterfinals. Likewise, the team is one of the best offenses and has Fernando Aristigueta tied for 3rd place in the scoring table with 5 goals. Puebla is going through one of the best moments of the team in recent years under the guidance of Nicolas Larcamón, the team shows great solidity on defense and a good game on offense, which places it as the sub-leader in the league with 21 points.
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Harold Preciado, a must see player!

The Laguna striker will seek to continue being an important part of the team, this is one of the orchestrators of the offense and he arrives at this duel tied for 3rd place in the Clausura 2022 scoring table. Valdez arrives at this duel after With 5 goals and being the offensive leader of the team, the Colombian will continue to seek to be more and more fundamental for his club and score a goal against one of the best defenses in the tournament. The most important thing for him is that the club begins to have more regularity in the offensive lineup and better engage with Leo Suarez and Brian Lozano.
Photo: Santos Laguna
Photo: Santos Laguna
12:23 AM3 months ago

How does Santos arrive?

The Comarca team enters the Cuauhtémoc Stadium in eleventh place in the table and is one of the worst defenses in the tournament with 17 goals conceded so far in Clausura 2022. Santos will seek to take advantage of the duel against La Franja to try to continue With the good path that he has been through in the last 4 days, where he has accumulated 3 victories, however, the visit to Puebla will not be easy at all and coming out with a point from there would be very important to continue with the club's aspirations of playing in the Liguilla. At the moment, the team has a record of 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses to reach a total of 11 points.
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Where's the game?

The Cuauhtémoc Stadium located in the city of Puebla will host this duel between two teams that are looking for a place in the Liguilla and close the season in a great way. This stadium has a capacity for 51,700 fans and was inaugurated in 1968.
Photo: Liga MX
Photo: Liga MX
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Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Puebla vs. Santos Laguna match, corresponding to Day 11 of the Liga Mx Clausura 2022. The match will take place at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, at 11:00 p.m.