Goal and Highlights: Brazil 4-0 Chile in World Cup Qualifiers
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9:33 PM2 months ago

Last Round

In the last round of World Cup Qualifying, Brazil visits Bolivia, while Chile duels against Chile. All games will take place at the same time, at 7:30pm ET.
9:32 PM2 months ago


Absolute leader, Brazil reaches 42 points, without losing a single match in the World Cup Qualifiers. Chile, on the other hand, is sixth, with 19.
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9:26 PM2 months ago


Game End
9:24 PM2 months ago


Richarlison shoots low from the edge of the box. Bravo saves in the middle of the goal
9:23 PM2 months ago


9:23 PM2 months ago


Richarlison receives inside the area, dribbles around Suazo and shoots a cross, giving the goalkeeper no chance
9:18 PM2 months ago


Arana lifts the second post. Richarlison heads the ball on the ground and misses to the left of the goal
9:13 PM2 months ago

36' Substitutions in Brazil

Out: Casemiro and Fred

In: Bruno Guimarães and Fabinho

9:12 PM2 months ago


Coutinho directs the ball to Arana, who sends it over the goal
9:08 PM2 months ago

30' Substitutions in Chile

Out: Vargas and Aránguiz

In: Meneses and Pavez

9:06 PM2 months ago

29' Substitutions in Brazil

Out: Vini Jr and Antony

In: Gabriel Martinelli and Richarlison

9:03 PM2 months ago


Coutinho charges with a stop, takes it from Bravo and sends it to the right side
9:02 PM2 months ago

24' Yellow card for Brazil

Vini Jr
9:00 PM2 months ago

24' Yellow card for Chile

9:00 PM2 months ago


Antony is tackled by Marquinhos. He touches the cover, but is hit by Bravo
8:57 PM2 months ago


Chile exchanges passes in its field of attack. Brazil retreated
8:54 PM2 months ago

17' Substitution in Brazil

Out: Paquetá

In: Coutinho

8:53 PM2 months ago

17' Yellow card for Chile

Paulo Díaz
8:53 PM2 months ago

16' Hanging

Neymar was on the pending list. He is out for the game against Bolivia
8:52 PM2 months ago

16' Yellow card for Brazil

8:52 PM2 months ago

15' Substitution in Chile

Out: Baeza  

In: Ronnie Fernández

8:50 PM2 months ago

14' Yellow card for Brazil

8:49 PM2 months ago


Neymar finds Fred in the box. The midfielder plays to Antony between Suazo's legs. The striker dominates, Bravo gets out of the goal and he takes the ball. Paquetá braces, but Baeza prevents at the right time
8:46 PM2 months ago


Montecinos gets past Vini Jr, but is fouled hard by Neymar
8:44 PM2 months ago


Arana is treated on the field. The defender feels his ankle
8:41 PM2 months ago

4' VAR

NO GOAL. VAR flagged offside
8:40 PM2 months ago

2' VAR

Video refereeing analyzes the goal
8:40 PM2 months ago


Montecinos takes it from Arana, the ball hits his arm when he controls it, and crosses it to Vidal, who completes for the goal
8:36 PM2 months ago

Substitution in Chile

Out: Roco

In: Montecinos

8:35 PM2 months ago


Game restarts
8:26 PM2 months ago


8:25 PM2 months ago


8:18 PM2 months ago


The first half ends
8:18 PM2 months ago


8:17 PM2 months ago


Antony reverses the play, Neymar makes the light cut. Vini Jr dominates and hits a cross
8:14 PM2 months ago


Neymar shoots with a stop, displaces the goalkeeper and hits the right corner
8:12 PM2 months ago


Neymar leaves Vidal behind, Isla arrives and hits the number 10 with a cart
8:11 PM2 months ago


Vargas kicks from the left side. Alisson pulls off a save
8:09 PM2 months ago


Arana takes a long shot. Bravo saves the ball on the goal line
8:08 PM2 months ago


Vini Jr ginga over the defense, stretches Neymar. The shirt finishes between the legs of Bravo, who manages to recover and save with one hand
8:07 PM2 months ago

35' WOW

Antony speeds up with Danilo. The fullback crosses low, the defense rebounds. The Ajax athlete picks up the rebound and swings the net from the outside
8:04 PM2 months ago


Isla lying on the field after colliding with Fred
8:02 PM2 months ago


Vini Jr heels the ball to Arana. The ball is with the Chilean defense, which shoots with Alexis Sánchez. Marquinhos arrives and kills the counterattack
7:54 PM2 months ago


Neymar takes a corner kick, Thiago Silva heads it to the ground and Bravo saves in two times
7:53 PM2 months ago

21' Yellow card for Brazil

7:51 PM2 months ago


Vidal takes a long shot and isolates it over the crossbar
7:50 PM2 months ago


Neymar carries through the middle, opens with Vini Jr. The striker returns in the area, but Bravo anticipates to smother
7:48 PM2 months ago


Neymar gives a beautiful pass to Paquetá, who triggers Vini Jr. The number 20 falls trying to dominate the area
7:43 PM2 months ago


Arana takes a free-kick at the second post. Casemiro arrives, but Medel gets ahead of him and puts it away for a corner
7:40 PM2 months ago


Vidal leaves his foot on Arana. Referee calls a foul
7:38 PM2 months ago


Neymar takes a free-kick over the barrier
7:37 PM2 months ago


Casemiro goes forward, but is pushed away by Alexis Sánchez. Foul on the edge of the box
7:34 PM2 months ago


Casemiro misses on the edge of the box. Vargas picks up the loose ball and flicks it over the goal. There was a deflection. Corner
7:34 PM2 months ago


Brazil puts Chile under pressure. Bravo misses a goal kick and the ball falls to Alisson
7:31 PM2 months ago


Antony is open on the right, goes up against the marking and hits a cross. Bravo makes a save at the first post
7:30 PM2 months ago


Ball rolling at Maracanã
7:16 PM2 months ago


Warming up in Chile
7:14 PM2 months ago

La Roja substitutes

Sebastián Pérez, Zacarías López, Fuenzalida, Kuscevic, Vegas, Marcelino Núñez, Pavez, Meneses, Valdés, Montecinos, Parra and Ronnie Fernández
7:12 PM2 months ago

Chile defined

Bravo; Isla, Medel, Paulo Díaz, Roco, Suazo; Baeza, Aránguiz, Vidal; Vargas, Alexis Sánchez
7:01 PM2 months ago

Canary reserves

Everson, Weverton, Daniel Alves, ALex Telles, Militão, Fabinho, Arthur, Bruno Guimãres, Philippe Coutinho, Rodrygo, Richarlison and Gabriel Martinelli
6:59 PM2 months ago

Brazil with its 11

Alisson; Danilo, Marquinhosm Thiago Silva, Guilherme Arana; Fred, Casemiro, Lucas Paquetá; Antony, Neymar, Vini Jr
6:49 PM2 months ago


Numbering of the Brazilian National Team
6:42 PM2 months ago

Eye on the card: Chile

Isla, Joaquín Montecinos, Charles Aránguiz, Iván Morales, Alexis Sánchez, Claudio Baeza,  Jean Meneses 
6:39 PM2 months ago

Eye on the card: Brazil

Marquinhos, Richarlison, Alisson, Neymar, Bruno Guimarães, Thiago Silva, Vini Jr, Fred, Antony
6:34 PM2 months ago

Video Refereeing

Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Mauro Vigliano (Argentina)

Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Jose Cuevas (Paraguay)

6:29 PM2 months ago

Field Referee

Referee: Dario Herrera (Argentina)

Assistant Referee 1: Gabriel Chad (Argentina)

Assistant Referee 2: Facundo Rodriguez (Argentina)

Fourth official: Nicolas Lamolina (Argentina)

6:24 PM2 months ago

How and where to watch the Brazil vs Chile match live?

If you want to watch the game Brazil vs Chile live on TV, your options is:  Fubo Sports Network

If you want to directly stream it: Fubo Sports Network Play

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Brazil vs Chile match for the World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Brazil vs Chile of 24th March 2022in several countries:

Argentina 8:30 pm: TyC Sports , TyC Sports Play

Bolivia 8:30 pm: TyC Sports 2, TyC Sports Play

Brazil 8:30 pm:  TV Globo, SporTV

Chile 8:30 pm: TNT Sports Go, TNT Sports HD, Estadio TNT Sports

Colombia 8:30 pm: Caracol Play

Ecuador 8:30 pm: Canal del Futbol

USA 7:30 pm ET: Fubo Sports Network

Spain 12:30 am: #Vamos

Mexico 5:30 pm: Blue To Go Video Everywhere, Sky HD

Paraguay 8:30 pm: Hei

Peru 8:30 pm: Movistar Play

Uruguay 8:30 pm: VTV+

Venezuela 7:30 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

6:14 PM2 months ago

Lasarte with its golden generation

"For decisive moments, counting on these players (experienced and Copa America base) for what they mean is very important. To win a match like this we have to play a great match, minimize their virtues, materialize the chances we have. The match itself indicates the tools you have to use and that can change the strategy. But of course we have to make a match as equal as possible."
6:09 PM2 months ago

Tite cites pressure to get result

"Performance under pressure, and a positive pressure, from a positive expectation. We all know this reality. We do want to have a great performance. It is a young team, but we are going to face an experienced team, with a two-time champion of the America's Cup. So they know the degree of difficulty, they know they have to score well, be aggressive, daring, if they can play beautifully, let them do it. [...] But she knows that the point of balance will be her good performance. And this expectation that is generated, we have to know how to play under this pressure. Hopefully, we have the competence to come out with a good presentation, a good result, a harmony, a cool energy. This is what we are looking for, this is our challenge, the pressure we have on ourselves."
6:04 PM2 months ago

Meeting in round 7

It was far from being Brazil's best showing. Nevertheless, the team beat Chile, at the  Monumental David Arellano, 1-0, on September 3, 2021. After taking pressure throughout the first half, the Seleção found the goal in a move down the right side, with Everton Ribeiro.   
Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF
Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF
5:59 PM2 months ago

Returns in the chilean list

Martín Lasarte can count on the return of Arturo Vidal, who was left off the roster for the 15th and 16th rounds. Ben Brereton Díaz, recovered from a sprained ankle, is the other new addition.
5:54 PM2 months ago

Squads of Chile

Goalkeepers - Claudio Bravo (Real Betis), Brayan Cortés (Colo-Colo), Zacarias López (Deportes la Serena) and Sebastian Pérez (Universidad Catolica)

Defenders - Gary Medel (Bologna), Mauricio Isla (Flamengo), Guillermo Maripán (Monaco), Paulo Díaz (River Plate), Enzo Roco (Elche), Sebastián Vegas (Monterrey), Gabriel Suazo (Colo-Colo), Benjamin Kuscevic (Palmeiras)

Midfielders - Arturo Vidal (Internazionale), Charles Aránguiz (Bayer Leverkusen), José Pedro Fuenzalida (Universidad Catolica), Erick Pulgar (Galatasaray), Diego Valdés (America/MEX), Claudio Baeza (Toluca), Marcelino Núñez (Universidad Catolica), Pablo Parra (Puebla)

Forwards - Alexis Sanchez (Internazionale), Eduardo Vargas (Atlético-MG), Jean Meneses (León), Ben Brereton Díaz (Blackburn), Joaquín Montecinos (Tijuana), Victor Dávila (León) and Ronnie Fernández (Universidad de Chile)

5:49 PM2 months ago

Changes to the original list

The defender Gabriel Magalhaes asked to be excused to accompany the birth of his daughter, while Ederson presented a picture of gastroenteritis and was cut. Tite called defender Felipe, from Atlético Madrid, and goalkeeper Everson, from Atlético-MG, for their respective positions. Raphinha, with Covid-19, is also out. However, no one has been called for his place.
5:44 PM2 months ago

Squads of Brazil

Goalkeepers - Alisson Becker (Liverpool), Everson (Atlético-MG) and Weverton (Palmeiras)

Defenders - Danilo (Juventus), Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Felipe (Atlético de Madrid), Marquinhos (Paris Saint-Germain), Éder Militão (Real Madrid), Guilherme Arana (Atlético-MG), and Alex Telles (Manchester United)

Midfielders - Arthur (Juventus), Casemiro (Real Madrid), Fred (Manchester United), Fabinho (Liverpool), Bruno Guimaraes (Newcastle), Philippe Coutinho (Aston Villa), and Lucas Paquetá (Lyon)

Forwards - Antony (Ajax), Richarlison (Everton), Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain), Rodrygo (Real Madrid), Vinícius Júnior (Real Madrid), and Gabriel Martinelli (Arsenal)

5:39 PM2 months ago

La Roja in search of qualification

With 19 points, Chile is out of the qualification zone. La Roja is in sixth place, two points behind Peru, in fifth, which gives access to the World Cup playoffs. With 39%, the Chileans have three wins and two losses.
5:34 PM2 months ago

Undefeated Canary

Brazil does not know what it is to lose in the competition. They have 12 wins and three draws in the 16 games played. With 86% success rate, the Brazilian team leads the competition with 39 points, four more than Argentina. Remember that both teams have a game less, because of the postponement of Anvisa, due to the infraction of four Argentinean players having failed to comply with the sanitary protocol, related to Covid-19, when entering the country.
5:29 PM2 months ago

South American Dueling

Brazil vs Chile, live this thursday (24), at Maracanã, at 7:30 pm ET, for the World Cup Qualifiers. The match is valid for the 17th round of the competition.
5:24 PM2 months ago

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