Goal and Highlights: Italy 0-1 North Macedonia in World Cup Qualifiers 2022
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5:49 PM2 months ago

The North Macedonian goal

5:44 PM2 months ago


Thank you for following the UEFA qualification match between Italy and North Macedonia.
5:39 PM2 months ago

End game

The surprise was consummated. North Macedonia eliminated Italy by defeating them 1-0 and will face Portugal for a place in the World Cup.
5:34 PM2 months ago


Italy came close to an equalizer but the ball went wide.
5:29 PM2 months ago


Goal Macedonia

Aleksandar Trajkovski's shot from outside the area surprised the goalkeeper and went into the net to make it 1-0 and create the surprise.

5:24 PM2 months ago


Chiellini and Pedro enter

Berardi and Mancini leave

Italy changes.

Five more minutes are added.

5:19 PM2 months ago


Ristevski enters and Velkovski leaves. Change of Macedonia.
5:14 PM2 months ago


Pellegrini's cross shot that goes all over the area and finds no recipient.
5:09 PM2 months ago


Darko Velkovski with the yellow card for Macedonia.
5:04 PM2 months ago


Pellegrini's long distance shot goes high.
4:59 PM2 months ago


Pellegrini and Tonali enter

Inmobile and Barella come out

Italy changes.

4:54 PM2 months ago


Miovsky enters and Ristovski leaves, change of Macedonia.
4:49 PM2 months ago


Alessandro Bastoni with a header from a corner kick that the goalkeeper saves with a two-timed save.
4:44 PM2 months ago


Raspadori in and Insigne out, Italy change.
4:39 PM2 months ago


Insigne with the mid-range shot that bounces off the defender and the ball reaches the goalkeeper.
4:34 PM2 months ago


Spirovski and Askvski enter

Nikolov and Ademi come out

Changes for North Macedonia.

4:29 PM2 months ago


Another Domenico Berardi strike that goes just wide of the goalkeeper's right post.
4:24 PM2 months ago


Another Domenico Berardi strike that goes just wide of the goalkeeper's right post.
4:19 PM2 months ago


Domenico Berardi's shot from outside the box is saved by the goalkeeper.
4:14 PM2 months ago


Another mid-range shot was saved by Stole Dimitrievski at the dawn of the second half.
4:09 PM2 months ago


The second half begins between Italy and North Macedonia.
4:04 PM2 months ago

Half time

Italy 0-0 North Macedonia.
3:59 PM2 months ago


Add one more minute.
3:54 PM2 months ago


Double shot inside the box and Macedonia continues to not allow a goal.
3:49 PM2 months ago


Inmobile's shot goes wide, but Italy appeals for a possible penalty that is already being reviewed.
3:44 PM2 months ago


Inmobile's mid-range shot is deflected wide, but Italy will continue to have the ball.
3:39 PM2 months ago


Now Insigne is the one who tries with a shot from half distance that is saved by the goalkeeper.
3:34 PM2 months ago


Italy started to press and Ciro Immobile's shot was deflected for a corner kick by the goalkeeper.
3:29 PM2 months ago


Domenico Berardi failed to capitalize on a defensive error when he took a very weak shot that was saved by the goalkeeper.
3:24 PM2 months ago


Nicolò Barella is encouraged with a mid-range shot that goes wide of the goal.
3:19 PM2 months ago


Domenico Berardi is penalized for a foul and a possible offensive move by the Italians is cancelled.
3:14 PM2 months ago


Domenico Berardi's shot inside the box hits the defensive wall.
3:09 PM2 months ago


Italy dominates, plays in the opponent's half, but still struggles to generate dangerous chances.
3:04 PM2 months ago


Insigne's cross is deflected by the defense and a corner kick is awarded.
2:59 PM2 months ago


Emerson with the first shot of the game that goes over the goal.
2:54 PM2 months ago


The match between Italy and North Macedonia kicks off.
2:49 PM2 months ago

Minutes away

The re-qualification game between Italy and North Macedonia will kick off in a few minutes.
2:44 PM2 months ago

Great reception

The fans have already done their part and will fill the Renzo Barbera Stadium to cheer on the Azzurri to stay alive in the qualifiers and return to the World Cup.
2:39 PM2 months ago

North Macedonia substitutes

12 Kristijan Naumovski

17 Valon Ethemi

21 Jani Atanasov

15 Nikola Serafimov

22 Damjan Siskovski

23 Bojan Miovski

7 David Babunski

3 Stefan Askovski

20 Stefan Spirovski

2 Todor Todoroski

4 Kire Ristevski

18 Dorian Babunski

2:34 PM2 months ago

Italy substitutes

14 Alessio Cragno

5 Bryan Cristante

3 Giorgio Chiellini

7 Lorenzo Pellegrini

20 Matteo Politano

9 João Pedro

4 Sandro Tonali

1 Salvatore Sirigu

2 Mattia De Sciglio

15 Francesco Acerbi

22 Giacomo Raspadori

12 Matteo Pessina

2:29 PM2 months ago

XI North Macedonia

1 Stole Dimitrievski, 6 Visar Musliu, 14 Darko Velkoski, 8 Ezgjan Alioski, 13 Stefan Ristovski, 10 Enis Bardhi, 5 Arijan Ademi, 16 Boban Nikolov, 11 Darko Churlinov, 9 Aleksandar Trajkovski, 19 Milan Ristovski.
2:24 PM2 months ago

XI Italy

21 Gianluigi Donnarumma, 23 Alessandro Bastoni, 19 Gianluca Mancini, 13 Emerson, 16 Alessandro Florenzi, 8 Jorginho, 6 Marco Verratti, 18 Nicolò Barella, 17 Ciro Immobile, 10 Lorenzo Insigne, 11 Domenico Berardi.
2:19 PM2 months ago

The dressing room

Italy's dressing room is in spectacular condition and they will be wearing their traditional blue and white uniforms.

2:14 PM2 months ago

The keys

Italy or North Macedonia, the winner, will face Portugal or Turkey, who will play at the same time but on Portuguese soil. This game will be played on Tuesday at a venue yet to be defined.
2:09 PM2 months ago

Ghosts of 2018

It should be noted that the Italian national team was left out in the last qualifiers after losing in the playoffs to Sweden, so they do not want to repeat that fact for this Thursday at home.
2:04 PM2 months ago

Hard low

Just a few hours ago it was announced that Napoli's Giovani di Lorenzo was out of the squad due to a sprain that will keep him out for a month.
1:59 PM2 months ago


Italy and North Macedonia want to stay alive on the road to the World Cup in Qatar and, in a single game, they will compete for a place in the last round. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the UEFA qualifiers.
1:54 PM2 months ago

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What time is Italy vs North Macedonia match for World Cup Qualifiers 2022?

This is the start time of the game Italy vs North Macedonia of March 24th in several countries:

Argentina: 4:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 3:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 4:45 PM

Chile: 3:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 2:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 2:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 3:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Spain: 8:45 PM

Mexico: 1:45 AM in SKY Sports

Paraguay: 4:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 3:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 4:45 PM on ESPN and Star +

1:44 PM2 months ago

Last games

It is worth noting that only twice have these two teams met in official competition, where they were very close games with the Azzurri holding the advantage with a win and a draw:

Italy 1-1 North Macedonia, 2017 World Cup Qualifiers.

North Macedonia 2-3 Italy, 2016 World Cup Qualifiers

1:39 PM2 months ago

Key player Macedonia North

Napoli's Eljif Elmas is one of the most talented players on the team and could make a difference in the game either with mid-range shots or services from the wings that could cause danger.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
1:34 PM2 months ago

Key player Italy

Italy will need offensive generation and that can be done perfectly by Lorenzo Insigne, who will have in his hands the task of leading an offense in need of goals to continue with the World Cup dream at home.
Image: Mediotiempo
Image: Mediotiempo
1:29 PM2 months ago

Last lineup North Macedonia

1 Stole Dimitrievski, 6 Visar Musliu, 14 Darko Velkoski, 8 Ezgjan Alioski, 13 Stefan Ristovski, 21 Tihomir Kostadinov, 7 Eljif Elmas, 10 Enis Bardhi, 19 Milan Ristovski, 9 Aleksandar Trajkovski, 11 Darko Churlinov.
1:24 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Italy

21 Gianluigi Donnarumma, 15 Francesco Acerbi, 19 Leonardo Bonucci, 13 Emerson, 2 Giovanni Di Lorenzo, 8 Jorginho, 18 Nicolò Barella, 6 Sandro Tonali, 10 Lorenzo Insigne, 14 Federico Chiesa, 11 Domenico Berardi.
1:19 PM2 months ago

Who will the winner go up against?

The winner of the series between Italy and North Macedonia will face next Tuesday the winner between Portugal and Turkey; that game will be the last one and the winner will be acceding to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
1:14 PM2 months ago

North Macedonia: to make a splash

From being the surprise to becoming a true reality, highlighting that they even beat Germany and that helped them to finish in second place in the sector and stay alive heading to Qatar; being with nothing to lose and everything to win, they could become a dangerous team for this Thursday.
1:09 PM2 months ago

Italy: with their sights set on Qatar

Despite having finished the group stage undefeated, Italy was not enough to secure the first place in the group and the bad results against Switzerland were a factor to finish second, which is why they have to play two more playoff games to find out if they will be in the World Cup.
1:04 PM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Italy vs North Macedonia match will be played at the King Fahd Stadium, in Riad, Iraq. The kick-off is scheduled at 3:45 pm ET.
12:59 PM2 months ago

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