Goal and best moments Ireland 1 x 0 Lithuania in international friendly
Photo: Divulgation/Ireland


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Thank you very much for watching the friendly between Ireland and Lithuania at VAVEL Brasil. The Irishman won with a goal in stoppage time.

Thank you so much for listening and until next time.

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Ireland 1 - 0 Lithuania.
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4:43 PM2 months ago


Parrott opened the scoring at the end of the lights for the Irish national team.
4:40 PM2 months ago

50'2T - ONE MORE

Scott Hogan scored and was ruled out for offside.
4:37 PM2 months ago

48'2T -Bartkus

Parrott submitted and Bartkus made a great save.
4:35 PM2 months ago


Let's go to 50 minutes.
4:31 PM2 months ago

41'2T - All that was needed was the submission

Parrott got rid of the mark with ease and finished, but the ball went over Lithuania's goal.
4:28 PM2 months ago


30,806 fans at AVIVA Stadium.

4:27 PM2 months ago

38'2T - Missed

Hendrick tried to shoot for Hogan, but the ball went too hard.
4:21 PM2 months ago

31'2T - Arrived again

Browne finished, but Bartkus held it easy.
4:18 PM2 months ago

28'2T - Ireland

McClean found Ogbene, but the finish didn't go well.
4:16 PM2 months ago

27'2T - No danger

Doherty crossed for Browne, but the submission went wrong.
4:14 PM2 months ago


Game stopped. Invasion of a fan on the lawn.
4:10 PM2 months ago


Arrived in Lithuania. Utkus finished, the ball deflected into two players from Ireland and Kelleher made a great save.
4:08 PM2 months ago

18'2T - Changes in Ireland

Login: McClean and Parrott

Out: O'Shea and Keane.

4:03 PM2 months ago

14'2T - On top

Hourihane finished, but the ball went over the goal.
4:02 PM2 months ago

12'2T - Arrived in Ireland

Which launches. Doherty advanced, cut two markers and left footed submission and Bartkus saved.
4:00 PM2 months ago


Robinson scored the goal, but it was offside.
3:58 PM2 months ago

8'2T - Foul

Robinson crossed into the area, but the referee stopped and called a free-kick for Ogbene.
3:54 PM2 months ago


Doherty crossed and Browne almost got the ball.
3:52 PM2 months ago

1'2T - Kelleher

Arrived in Lithuania. Černych took advantage of the blunder of Ireland's defense and finished. The Irish glacier made a good save. Next, O'Shea's missing
3:49 PM2 months ago

Moving to Lithuania

Entered: Kazlauskas

Left: Milasius

3:48 PM2 months ago


Ireland 0 v 0 Lithuania.
3:36 PM2 months ago


Ball possession: 70% - 30%

Finishing: 7 - 1

Corners: 7 - 2

Yellow cards: 0 - 0.

3:34 PM2 months ago


Ireland 0 v 0 Lithuania.
3:33 PM2 months ago


Let's go to 46 minutes.
3:31 PM2 months ago

42'1T - No danger again

Another out. Manning crossed and the ball was in the hands of the goalkeeper Bartkus.
3:22 PM2 months ago

30'1T- 0 v 0

30 minutes into the game and Ireland continues to have more possession and get more into the attack, but they can't build good plays to break through the Lithuanian block. Keep scoreless.
3:14 PM2 months ago

25'1T - Game without great emotions

Collins advanced but could neither cross nor submit. Goal kick for Lithuania.
3:08 PM2 months ago

20'1T - No danger

Robinson took a long shot, but the ball went over Lithuania's goal.
3:07 PM2 months ago

18'1T - Corner

Ogbene fought inside the area and I got a corner for Ireland.
3:05 PM2 months ago

16'1T - Came out safely

Manning cobrou falta, mas a bola subiu demais e saiu sem perigo.
2:58 PM2 months ago


Manning crossed well into the area and Ogbene scored the goal, but the move was canceled due to an offside.
2:57 PM2 months ago

6'1T - Ireland

Game start with Ireland proposing the game. Lithuania defends itself.
2:54 PM2 months ago

4'1T - No danger

O'Shea found Manning on the right, who crossed into the area and the ball went to the Lithuanian goalkeeper.
2:52 PM2 months ago

3'1T - Out

Collins tried to shoot Will Keane, but the ball went over the end line.
2:46 PM2 months ago


Ireland 0 v 0 Lithuania.
2:43 PM2 months ago

Will start

Teams on the lawn.
2:39 PM2 months ago


Referee: Bram Van Driessche - BELG

Assistant referees: Yves De Neve and Romain Devil - BEL

Fourth official: Paul Mclaughlin - IRL

2:36 PM2 months ago

Not long to go

Less than 10 minutes to the start of the match.
2:01 PM2 months ago

Number 10!

Doherty, a Tottenham player os números 10 for Ireland.
1:36 PM2 months ago


Photo: Divulgation/Ireland
Photo: Divulgation/Ireland
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When is the Ireland vs Lithuania game and how to follow it LIVE?

International Friendly 2022
Venue: AVIVA Stadium, Dublin, Ireland
Time: 2:45 p.m. (local time)
Where to watch: Sky Sport Arena
Real time: VAVEL USA.
9:51 PM2 months ago

When is the Ireland vs Lithuania game and how to follow it LIVE?

The match will be broadcast live in VAVEL USA. The match will be broadcast live on Sky Sport Arena.
9:46 PM2 months ago


- 4 games
- 3 wins for Ireland
- 1 draw.
9:41 PM2 months ago

Probable Ireland

Kelleher; Coleman, Duffy, Egan; Doherty, Cullen, Hendrick, McClean; Ogbene, Knight, Callum Robinson.
9:36 PM2 months ago

Probable Lithuania

Plukas; Vaitkunas, Utkus, Satkus, Baravykas; Megelaitis, Lascickas, Golubickas, Cernych, Milasius; Klimavicius.
9:31 PM2 months ago

The Stadium!

The Aviva Stadium will be the stage for the clash between Ireland and Lithuania. The stadium has a capacity of 51,000 fans and is owned by the Irish soccer and rugby teams.
Photo: Divulgation/Ireland
Photo: Divulgation/Ireland
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How to get to Ireland

Unlike Lithuania, Ireland is in a good moment. The home team drew 2-2 with Belgium on the 26th.

Like their rivals in tomorrow's match, Ireland were competing in the UEFA Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar. It fell into Group A, along with Serbia and Portugal, who went to the World Cup and playoffs, respectively.

During the competition, it scored 11 goals and conceded only eight, ahead of Serbia (9) and almost tied with the Portuguese (6) as the best defense of the group.

Overall, they earned nine points from eight matches. Ireland ended up in third place, eight points behind Portugal, who managed to play a very tough game against them in Faro, where Cristiano Ronaldo decided the match with two goals in the final stretch.

Photo: Divulgation/UEFA
Photo: Divulgation/UEFA

In the last 10 official matches, Ireland has won four, drawn five and lost only once - the aforementioned match against Portugal.

9:21 PM2 months ago

How to get to Lithuania

Lithuania come into the match with a two-game unbeaten streak, as they drew 1-1 at home against Kuwait and then beat San Marino away 2-1. Prior to these two friendlies, Lithuania was competing in the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers and finished bottom of Group C with only three points from eight games. The numbers were even worse: worst attack (4) and the worst defense of the group (19). There were seven defeats and only one win in this period. Overall, Lithuania won two, drew one, and lost another seven games in their last 10 official matches.
9:16 PM2 months ago


While the Last Qualifying Round for the Qatar World Cup 2022 is being defined and others are vying for the remaining spots in the Nations League that starts later this year, Ireland and Lithuania have scheduled friendly matches during the FIFA date to fulfill the moment of national team games.
9:11 PM2 months ago

You are welcome!

Starting at 15:45, Ireland and Lithuania face each other at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, in a friendly match. Follow with us on VAVEL Brazil.