Goals and Highlights: Poland 2-1 Sweden in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
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4:47 PM5 months ago


I would like to thank you here for your audience in another Qualifying match. Every day we are closer to the World Cup and you will follow everything with us here at VAVEL. Have a good night and see you next time!
4:44 PM5 months ago

The draw

The World Cup draw takes place next Friday (01), in Doha, Qatar!
4:42 PM5 months ago


With goals from Zielinski and world's best player Lewandowski Poland beats Sweden and qualifies for the World Cup!
4:38 PM5 months ago


On another Swedish exit error Lewa received and filled his foot, but Olsen defended with his face and saved Sweden!
4:36 PM5 months ago


Substitution in Poland: Zielinski out, Buksa in.
4:28 PM5 months ago


Yellow for Bielik and Isak, for a start of confusion.
4:27 PM5 months ago


Double substitution in Sweden: Danielsson and Olsson left for Karlsson and Ibrahimovic.
4:24 PM5 months ago


Lewandowksi is yellow carded for jumping in front of Olsen when he takes the ball back.
4:23 PM5 months ago


The shot coming from the right was deflected at the first post by Bednarek and Olsen put it over the goal on pure reflex! The corner was taken and Lewa headed in a strong header, but Olsen deflected it wide!
4:20 PM5 months ago


Danielson failed to control the ball on the edge of the box and Zielinski stole the ball, took off and hit it high to extend the score!
4:19 PM5 months ago


Kulusevski hit the ball from the edge of the box and sent it into the hands of Szczesny.
4:14 PM5 months ago


Double substitution in Sweden: Quaison and Karlstrom left for Svanberg and Elanga.
4:06 PM5 months ago


Forsberg received the low cross on the left and hit it, but Szczesny sprawled on the ground! At the corner Glik deflected and sent it to the left side of the goal!
4:00 PM5 months ago


Yellow for Moder, for a strong arrival in the middle and for Zielinski.
3:57 PM5 months ago


Lewandowski hit it into the left corner, displacing goalkeeper Olsen, who was not even in the picture, to open the scoring!
3:57 PM5 months ago


Krychowiak was brought down in the area and won the maximum penalty!
3:54 PM5 months ago


Kulusevski managed to get a shot off from the edge of the box and sent it into the hands of Szczesny.
3:53 PM5 months ago


Lewandwoski takes the first touch on the ball, and with the light restored, the second half begins!
3:53 PM5 months ago

Teams on the pitch!

The teams already appear to start the second half. And Poland have a substitution: Goralski is out, Krychowiak is in.
3:34 PM5 months ago


Nothing happened in the extra time, the light is only partial and we go to the break!
3:30 PM5 months ago


The referee restarts the game even though there is a partial power outage with only two minutes left in the half.
3:29 PM5 months ago


And the game is stopped at the moment by a power failure.
3:24 PM5 months ago


Goralski is yellow carded for a hard tackle on Karlstrom.
3:15 PM5 months ago


Bednarek got his shot off and sent it into Olsen's hands in the middle of the goal.
3:12 PM5 months ago


Szymanski got the pass already inside the area and Cash came knocking, but sent it away!
3:05 PM5 months ago


On the counter-attack Forsberg received a pass from Quaison on the left side of the box and hit it hard, but Szczesny could not keep his shot out!
2:59 PM5 months ago


Now it was Isak's turn to finish, with a shot from outside the area, but he sent it into the right corner and into the hands of Szczesny.
2:57 PM5 months ago


Cash got a cross into the box and Lewandowski rose, but headed the ball to the left side of the goal.
2:46 PM5 months ago


Isak touches the ball first and it rolls into the first leg of the decider!
2:45 PM5 months ago

National anthems

Before the ball starts to roll, the national anthems are played.
2:45 PM5 months ago

Teams on the pitch

The players take to the field to start the match.
2:26 PM5 months ago


At the same time as this match we have Portugal vs. North Macedonia, the other qualifier for the World Cup. Wales awaits the match between Scotland and Ukraine, postponed due to the war in Ukraine, to find out who they will face for a place in the Cup.
2:11 PM5 months ago


The players take to the field to begin their warm-up exercises.
1:59 PM5 months ago

Sweden lined-up!

Sweden is lined up for the match and will field:
1:54 PM5 months ago

Poland lined-up!

Poland is lined up and will field: Szczesny, Bielik, Glik and Bednarek; Cash, Goralski, Moder and Bereszynski; Zielinski, Szymanski and Lewandwoski.
1:49 PM5 months ago


Now begins the broadcast of the World Cup playoff match between Poland and Sweden. Winner takes all in Qatar!
1:44 PM5 months ago

Tune in here Poland vs Sweden Live Score

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How to watch Poland vs Sweden Live in TV and Stream

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What time is Poland vs Sweden match for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Poland vs Sweden of 29th March 2022}} in several countries:

Argentina: 3:45PM in DirecTV Sports App, directvsports.com, DIRECTV Sports Argentina
Brazil: 3:45PM in Estádio TNT Sports
Chile: 2:45PM in DirecTV Sports App, directvsports.com, DIRECTV Sports Chile
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Spain: 6:45PM in RTVE.es
Mexico: 1:45PM in Sky HD, Blue To Go Everywhere
Peru: 1:45PM in DirecTV Sports App, directvsports.com, DIRECTV Sports Peru
Uruguay: 3:45PM in DirecTV Sports App, directvsports.com, DIRECTV Sports Uruguay
Venezuela: 2:45PM in DirecTV Sports App, directvsports.com, DIRECTV Sports Venezuela

1:29 PM5 months ago


Daniele Orsato will be the referee for the match, with Ciro Carbone and Alessandro Giallatini as assistants, while Massimiliano Irrati will be the VAR commander, with the entire team coming from Italy.
1:24 PM5 months ago

Possible Sweden

Meanwhile the possible Sweden team for the match is: Olseb, Krafth, Lindelof, Danielson and Bengtsson; Ekdal, Forsberg, Olsson and Kulusevski; Isak and Ibrahimovic.
1:19 PM5 months ago

Possible Poland

The possible Polish team for the match is: Szczesny, Bednarek, Glik, and Bereszynski; Cash, Zurkowski, Moder, Krychowiak, Reca, and Zielinski; Lewandowski.
1:14 PM5 months ago

No injuries!

Because of their recent convocations neither Czeslaw Michniewicz nor Jan Andersson will be absent for the confrontation.


1:09 PM5 months ago

Group stage

Poland topped group I with 20 points. England led the group with 26 points. Below saw Albania, with 18, Hungary with 17, Andorra with six and San Marino with no points earned. Sweden, on the other hand, went through group B, with 15 points, four behind Spain, five ahead of Greece, as well as being above Georgia, which added seven, and Kosovo, which had five points.
1:04 PM5 months ago

Sentence: Sweden

Sweden was also defeated, but by Spain, in the last round of qualifying, on November 14, 2021, with a solitary goal by Morata. And last Thursday (24), in the semi-final playoff round, Sweden beat the Czech Republic 1-0, with a goal by Quaison.
12:59 PM5 months ago

Sentence: Poland

In the last round of the group stage Poland was defeated by Hungary 2-1, still on November 15, 2021, with Schafer opening the scoring, Swiderski equalizing and Gazdag giving the victory to the Hungarians. In the playoffs Poland would face Russia, but because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the national team and all Russian teams were excluded from FIFA competitions, so Poland, which would play Russia, went to the final stage of the playoffs. To make up for this lost game, Poland faced Scotland and drew 1-1, with goals from Tierney and Piatek.
12:54 PM5 months ago

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