Highlights and goals: Chile 0-2 Uruguay in 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
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9:40 PM4 months ago


Our coverage of the Chile vs Uruguay Matchday 18 of the South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup comes to an end.

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9:30 PM4 months ago

90+4' End of the match

The game ends at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, URUGUAY WON! Good victory achieved by the charrúas to end the qualifiers with a celebration and put an end to the small illusion that the Chileans had of going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.
9:28 PM4 months ago

90' Additional time

Four more minutes will be played in the match.
9:28 PM4 months ago

90' GOOOAL for Uruguay!

FEDERICO VALVERDE! Tremendous shot from the edge of the area to leave Brayan Cortés with no chance.
9:20 PM4 months ago

85' Last five minutes

The end of the match is near. Uruguay continues to control the game, keeping the ball in their domain.
9:14 PM4 months ago

79' GOOOOOAL for Uruguay!

LUIS SUAREZ! WITH A BICYCLE KICK! The striker gives Uruguay the lead with a pirouette after a corner kick that was poorly headed by Ronald Araujo.
9:11 PM4 months ago

76' Chile came close

Diego Valdes' shot was caught by Rochet.
9:10 PM4 months ago

74' Three changes for Uruguay

Damián Suárez, Manuel Ugarte and Maximiliano Gómez come in for Diego Rossi, Rodrigo Bentancur and Lucas Torreira.
9:07 PM4 months ago

70' Last 20 minutes

The game continues to be unattractive, at least the second half.
9:06 PM4 months ago

67' Chile substitution

Diego Valdés replaces Erick Pulgar.
9:02 PM4 months ago

64' Yellow card

Rodrigo Bentancur was cautioned for Uruguay.
9:00 PM4 months ago

63' Uruguay substitution

Giorgian De Arrascaeta replaces Nicolás De La Cruz.
8:59 PM4 months ago

62' Yellow card

Gary Medel was cautioned in Chile.
8:58 PM4 months ago

60' First quarter of second half

The match is still tied. Very few actions have been given to highlight so far in the second half.
8:51 PM4 months ago

56' Chile came closer

Disparo de Alexis Sánchez que quedó en las manos de Rochet.
8:48 PM4 months ago

50' Nothing much happens at the start of the second half

The score remains tied. There have been no scoring chances.
8:40 PM4 months ago

Second half begins

The second half gets underway. No changes.
8:23 PM4 months ago

45+3' End of first half

The first half ends with a goalless draw on the scoreboard.
8:21 PM4 months ago

45' Additional time

Three more minutes will be played in the first half.
8:14 PM4 months ago

40' Last five minutes

We are in the final stretch of the first half. It's been a long time since we've had any clear-cut chances in the match.
8:10 PM4 months ago

36' Yellow card

Benjamín Kuscevic was cautioned in Chile.
8:04 PM4 months ago

30' Half hour of match

We reached 30 minutes of play. Uruguay is still looking for the opening goal.
8:03 PM4 months ago

29' Uruguay change

Enter Luis Suárez in place of Edinson Cavani.
7:59 PM4 months ago

24' Uruguay came closer

Good shot by Bentancur and again Cortés saved Chile.
7:57 PM4 months ago

21' Chile keeps trying

Alexis Sanchez's shot went wide.
7:56 PM4 months ago

18' Chile came closer

Arturo Vidal's shot was caught by goalkeeper Rochet.
7:52 PM4 months ago

15' First quarter of the game

Uruguay takes control of the ball. Chile holds more in their own field with their lines together.
7:43 PM4 months ago

9' Uruguay came closer

Bentancur's header from Valverde's cross crashed into an opponent.
7:42 PM4 months ago

8' Uruguay came closer

Good shot by Valverde that made Cortés demand. First dangerous arrival.
7:39 PM4 months ago

5' First minutes

Not much happens in the beginning of the match. Chile tries to dominate the ball and impose conditions.
7:34 PM4 months ago

Match starts

The game between Chile and Uruguay is underway.
7:30 PM4 months ago

Match officials

Referee: Patricio Loustau - Argentina

Assistant No.1: Juan Pablo Belatti - Argentina

Assistant No.2: Ezequiel Brailovsky - Argentina

Fourth official: Andres Merlos - Argentina

VAR: German Delfino - Argentina

VAR Assistant: Juan Soto - Peru

7:28 PM4 months ago

Teams on the field

The players of Chile and Uruguay take the field at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium.
7:26 PM4 months ago

Substitutes - Uruguay

01. Fernando Muslera (GK), 23. Guillermo De Amores (GK), 02. Josema Giménez, 05. Manuel Ugarte, 09. Luis Suárez, 10. Giorgian De Arrascaeta, 11. Darwin Núñez, 16. Leandro Cabrera, 18. Maximiliano Gómez, 20. Facundo Torres, 22. Martín Cáceres.
7:25 PM4 months ago

Starting XI - Uruguay

| 12. Sergio Rochet |
| 04. Ronald Araújo | 03. Diego Godín | 04. Sebastián Coates | 17. Matías Viña |
| 14. Lucas Torreira |
| 08. Diego Rossi | 15. Federico Valverde | 06. Rodrigo Bentancur | 07. Nicolás De La Cruz |
| 21. Edinson Cavani |

Coach: Diego Alonso

7:22 PM4 months ago

Starting XI - Chile

| 23. Brayan Cortés |
| 05. Benjamín Kuscevic | 17. Gary Medel | 15. Joaquín Montecinos |
| 08. Arturo Vidal | 13. Erick Pulgar | 20. Charles Aranguiz |
04. Mauricio Isla |                            | 02. Gabriel Suazo |
| 07. Alexis Sánchez | 22. Ben Brereton |

Coach: Martin Lasarte

7:12 PM4 months ago

Statements - Diego Alonso (Coach of Uruguay)

"The tactical systems are secondary, just a tool to work with, but the most important thing is the posture and that will not change from what we have done in the previous three matches, we will be a propositional team. Chile will try to impose conditions and we will try to dispute the dominance of the game".

"We will play with the players that I believe are the best for this match, there are some forced casualties with respect to the previous match; I will look at the players until the last day to see who are better".

"The sense of belonging and the organization that Maestro Tabárez has left in the national team has been a legacy more than outstanding, he has done a great job and we have to try to take advantage of everything he has done and put our stamp on it".

7:12 PM4 months ago

Statements - Martin Lasarte (Coach of Chile)

"There is one reality here, and that is that we have to do our job and win. Other results may happen, but it would be sad if in that scenario we could not achieve our goal. We have to be focused on ourselves.

"It's not all closed. The differences are what they are. It is true that we have a number of players who have a lot of battles under their belts, and they have a greater capacity to adapt than the rest and they are infecting others. The training sessions were good, there are positive feelings and we hope for a good result."

"Uruguay arrives qualified, won the last three games, I could not tell you if there was a big change, the results speak for themselves. We have seen other players that were not with the previous coaching staff. We don't know what kind of team they could put forward".

7:00 PM4 months ago

Last five matches - Uruguay

March 24, 2022 - Matchday 17: 1-0 vs Peru (Won)

February 1, 2022 - Matchday 16: 4-1 vs Venezuela (Won)

January 27, 2022 - Matchday 15: 0-1 vs Paraguay (Won)

November 16, 2021 - Matchday 14: 3-0 vs Bolivia (Lost)

November 12, 2021 - Matchday 13: 0-1 vs Argentina (Lost)

6:55 PM4 months ago

Last five matches - Chile

March 24, 2022 - Matchday 17: 4-0 vs Brazil (Lost)

February 1, 2022 - Matchday 16: 2-3 vs Bolivia (Won)

January 27, 2022 - Matchday 15: 1-2 vs Argentina (Lost)

November 16, 2021 - Round 14: 0-2 vs Ecuador (Lost)

November 11, 2021 - Matchday 13: 0-1 vs Paraguay (Won)

6:50 PM4 months ago

Players prepared for this match

6:45 PM4 months ago

Welcome back

We are ready to bring you the action of this match between Chile and Uruguay on the last date of the South American qualifiers.
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Tune in here Chile vs Uruguay Live Score!

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Chile vs Uruguay live match, as well as the latest information from the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium. Do not miss a detail of the match live updates and commentaries of VAVEL coverage.
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What time is Chile vs Uruguay match for Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers South American Qualifiers?

This is the start time of the game Chile vs Uruguay of March 29th 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 8:30 PM on TyC Sports 2, TyC Sports Play
Bolivia: 7:30 PM on Tigo Sports
Brazil: 8:30 PM
Chile: 8:30 PM on Chilevision, TNT Sports HD, TNT Sports Go, Estadio TNT Sports
Colombia: 6:30 PM
Ecuador: 6:30 PM on Canal del Futbol and DirecTV Sports
USA (ET): 7:30 PM on Fubo Sports Network
Spain: 12:30 AM (March 26) on Movistar+, Movistar Liga de Campeones 1
Mexico: 5:30 PM on Sky HD and Blue To Go VE
Paraguay: 8:30 PM on GEN
Peru: 6:30 PM on Movistar Play
Uruguay: 8:30 PM on VTV Uu

6:25 PM4 months ago

Key player - Uruguay

In Uruguay, the presence of Luis Suárez stands out. The 35-year-old player, who currently plays for Atlético de Madrid, is the team's top scorer in the current edition of the South American qualifiers with seven goals.

6:20 PM4 months ago

Key player - Chile

The presence of Alexis Sánchez stands out in Chile. The 33-year-old, who currently plays for Inter Milan, is the team's top scorer in the current edition of the South American qualifiers with six goals. He has also contributed three assists.

6:15 PM4 months ago

Squad List - Uruguay

6:10 PM4 months ago

Squad List - Chile

6:05 PM4 months ago

Chile vs Uruguay history

These two teams have met 84 times. The statistics are in favor of Uruguay, which has emerged victorious on 47 occasions, while Chile has won on 18 occasions, leaving a balance of 19 draws.

In the South American qualifiers...

Referring only to the times they have faced each other in the South American qualifiers, we count 17 duels, where the numbers are in favor of Uruguay with nine victories, while Chile has won four, for a balance of four draws.

If we take into account the times that Chile has been at home against Uruguay in the South American qualifiers, there are eight matches, where the Australians have the advantage with four wins over the only victory that has been registered against Uruguay and the three draws that have taken place.

6:00 PM4 months ago


Uruguay can now rest assured, as in the previous match against Peru, they managed to secure their ticket to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The team now coached by Diego Alonso will try to close the qualifying round with a win away from home.

5:55 PM4 months ago


Chile comes to this match after being thrashed by Brazil, in a match that left them with a very slim chance of qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, as they will not only need to win, but also hope that neither Colombia nor Peru wins.

5:50 PM4 months ago

The match will be played at th San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium

The Chile vs Uruguay match will be played at the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium, located in the Las Condes district in the city of Santiago, Chile. This stadium, inaugurated in 1988, has a capacity for 14,768 spectators.
5:45 PM4 months ago

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