Goals and Highlights: Bahrain 0-1 Belarus in Friendly International
Photo: Bahrain Football Association


2:00 PM2 months ago

Game over

Bahrein 0x1 Belarus
2:00 PM2 months ago

Yellow card

94' - Gromyko receives the card
1:52 PM2 months ago

Additional time

90' - Five more minutes
1:49 PM2 months ago

More changes

86' - Bahrein: Abduljabbar replaces Issa

         Belarus: Sedko and Bakhar replace Bykov and Solovei

1:43 PM2 months ago

Belarus substitutions

82' - In: Roman Yuzepchuk and Valeri Gromyko

         Out: Podstrelov and Bessmertniy

1:41 PM2 months ago

Game gets little less intense

79' - Intensity drops a bit and the teams think more about what they're going to do
1:33 PM2 months ago

Bahrein also changes

73' - Madan replaces Mahdi Al-Humaidan
1:28 PM2 months ago

Belarus changes

67' - In: Nechaev and Shauchenka

         Out: Klimovich and Ebong

1:25 PM2 months ago

Away by the goal line

64' - Shevtsov attempts with the head, near the second post after corner kick from the right, and sends it over the goal
1:21 PM2 months ago

Bahrein substitution

59' - Al Malood replaces Al Hardan
1:17 PM2 months ago

Total shots

55' - Bahrein 1x6 Belarus
1:12 PM2 months ago

Jaffer gets in

50' - Bahrein's goalkeeper delivers the save in two steps after attempt from outside the area
1:08 PM2 months ago

Yellow card

47' - Sayed Issa receives the card
1:07 PM2 months ago

Here we go again

Second half begins
12:50 PM2 months ago


Bahrein 0x1 Belarus
12:50 PM2 months ago


45' - After corner from the right, Solovei sends it to the net near the second post!!
12:43 PM2 months ago


39' - Bahrein delivers corner from the left, the ball goes directly towards the first post and Belarus goalkeeper falls quickly to save
12:37 PM2 months ago

Intensity on both sides

35' - The two teams go intensily to offense right now seeking the first goal
12:34 PM2 months ago

Wrong pass

30' - Klimovich tries passing to Bykov by the right, but sends it by the sideline
12:30 PM2 months ago

Sends it away

26' - Belarus delivers corner from the right and Marhoon sends it by the sideline
12:27 PM2 months ago

Yellow card

23' - Yudenkov receives the card after foul on Mahdi Al-Humaidan
12:25 PM2 months ago


21' - Belarus goalkeeper gets out of the area to send the ball by the sideline
12:22 PM2 months ago


17' - Ebong advances fast by the right, arrives near the penalty area, but loses the ball to the defense
12:18 PM2 months ago

Passes by everyone

12' - After short corner kick delivery, Alghafri crosses from the left and no one shoots
12:13 PM2 months ago


8' - Marhoon goes in the penalty area by the left, near the goal line, shoots and the goalkeeper deflects it
12:10 PM2 months ago

Teams studying one another

5' - None of teams tries too many risks in this beginning of match
12:04 PM2 months ago

Here we go

Game begins
12:02 PM2 months ago

Belarus lineup

Plotnikov M., Bessmertny D., Bykov A., Ebong M., Khadarkevich R., Klimovich V., Podstrelov D., Shvetsov M., Solovei A., Yablonski E., Yudenkov R.
12:00 PM2 months ago

Bahrein's lineup

Jaffar S., Al Aswad K., Alghafri F., Al Hardan M., Al Hayam W., Al-Humaidan M., Benaddi A., Issa S. R., Marhoon M., Shaikh A. J., Yousuf A. H.
11:21 AM2 months ago

Good afternoon

We are moments away from the game. Stay tuned with us.
2:13 AM2 months ago

Tune in here Bahrain vs Belarus Live Score

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How to watch Bahrain - Belarus Live Stream on TV and Online?

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What time is Bahrain-Belarus match for Friendly International?

This is the start time of the game Bahrain vs Belarus on March 29th in some countries:

Bahrein: 7 PM in Bahrain Sport 1
Belarus: 7 PM in Беларусь 5
Brazil: 1 PM in Estádio TNT Sports, GUIGO
USA (ET): 12 PM in Vavel USA live score updates

1:58 AM2 months ago

Latest games between Bahrain vs Belarus

The two teams will meet for the first time today
1:53 AM2 months ago

Probable lineups of Bahrain vs Belarus

Bahrain: Sayed Mohammed Jaffer, Amine Benadi, Abbas Ayyad, Waleed Al Hayam, Abdulla Al-Haza'a, Kamil Al Aswad, Mohammed Al-Hardan, Mohamed Jasim Marhoon, Mahdi Abduljabbar, Mahdi Al-Humaidan, Jasim Al-Shaikh. Coach: Hélio Filipe Dias de Sousa

Belarus: Egor Khatkevich, Roman Yuzepchuk, Ruslan Yudenkov, Zakhar Volkov, Gleb Shevchenko, Roman Begunov, Max Ebong, Pavel Sedko, Evgeni Yablonski, Ivan Bakhar, Vladislav Klimovich. Coach: Georgi Kondratjev

1:48 AM2 months ago

Belarus' latest games

Belarus has also played recently in Bahrein, but against another team. On March 25th, even though the country's national team wasn't in it, the Stād al-Bahrayn al-Watanī stadium, in Rifa, received Belarus x India game. It is also know as Bahrain's national stadium.

Belarus won that match by 3 to 0. Artyom Bykov, Andrey Solovey and Valery Gromyko scored.

1:43 AM2 months ago

Bahrein's latest games

Bahrein has had other two friendly games in the same stadium as today's, in the last days.

On March 22nd, the country's national team won by 2 x 1 against India. Mohammed Al Hardan and Mahdi Al Humaidan scored for the bahrainis, and Rahul Bheke for the indians,

On March 25th, the team played against Burundi and finished with 1 x 0 in their favor.

1:38 AM2 months ago

The match will be played at the Sheikh Ali bin Mohammed Al Khalifa

The Bahrain vs Belarus match will be played at the stadium Sheikh Ali bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, in Arad, Bahrain, with a capacity of 20,000 people.

It's also known as Al Muharraq Stadium or Sports Stadium.

1:33 AM2 months ago

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