Highlights and Best Moments: Brighton 0-0 Norwich in Premier League
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12:02 PM2 months ago

Nothing for nobody

11:58 AM2 months ago


Thank you for following the Premier League game between Brighton and Norwich on VAVEL.
11:53 AM2 months ago

End game

Brighton 0-0 Norwich.
11:48 AM2 months ago


Add 4 more minutes.
11:43 AM2 months ago


Padres came on and Moder went off, Brighton's change.

Seconds later Alexis Mac Allister took a shot that the goalkeeper managed to keep out.

11:38 AM2 months ago


Moder is left lying on the field and medical assistance arrives.
11:33 AM2 months ago


Teemu Pukki's shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
11:28 AM2 months ago


Tzolis comes on and Rashica goes off, Norwich change.

Norwich's McLean is cautioned.

Moder comes on and March goes off, Brighton change.

11:23 AM2 months ago


Maupay left and Mwepu came on, Brighton change.
11:18 AM2 months ago


Neal Maupay's delayed diagonal shot goes wide.
11:13 AM2 months ago


Dunk anticipates at the near post and the ball goes wide.
11:08 AM2 months ago


Alexis Mac Allister's free kick crashes into the wall.
11:03 AM2 months ago


Brighton's Tariq Lamptey has been cautioned.
10:58 AM2 months ago


Lowe in and Melou out, Brighton change.
10:53 AM2 months ago


Neal Maupay is left with the ball at the far post, and his right-footed shot hits the outside of the net.
10:48 AM2 months ago


A solitary header from Joël Veltman and a great reaction from the goalkeeper to save his goal.
10:43 AM2 months ago


Tariq Lamptey with the cutbacks inside the box and at the end takes out the defensive.
10:38 AM2 months ago


The second half begins between Brighton and Norwich.
10:33 AM2 months ago

Half time

Brighton 0-0 Norwich.
10:28 AM2 months ago


Add one more minute.
10:23 AM2 months ago


March takes a rebound off a corner kick and March's shot goes high.
10:18 AM2 months ago


Alexis Mac Allister's shot from outside the area goes wide.
10:13 AM2 months ago


Neal Maupay takes the penalty with a lot of power and ends up flying it in.
10:08 AM2 months ago


The defender's handball and there is a penalty in Brighton's favor.
10:03 AM2 months ago


Alexis Mac Allister with the shot hitting the defender in the chest.
9:58 AM2 months ago


Alexis Mac Allister with a shot from outside the area that passes very close to the goal. Brighton's insistence continues.
9:53 AM2 months ago


A series of bounces inside the box and Danny Welbeck finally manages to get a shot just wide of the goalkeeper's area.
9:48 AM2 months ago


Neal Maupay gains position inside the box, but his header is wide of the target.
9:43 AM2 months ago


Tight cross from a corner kick is blocked by the goalkeeper at the near post.
9:38 AM2 months ago


A cross and header that easily finds the hands of Tim Krul.
9:33 AM2 months ago


Now the mid-range shot came courtesy of Neal Maupay, which went high.
9:28 AM2 months ago


Lamptey with a long-range shot that goes unchallenged into the goalkeeper's hands.
9:23 AM2 months ago


The game begins between Brighton and Norwich.
9:18 AM2 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kick-off between Brighton and Norwich in the Premier League.
9:13 AM2 months ago


Players from both teams have now completed their training sessions and will soon take the field for the starting whistle.
9:08 AM2 months ago

Norwich subtitutes

19 Jacob Lungi Sorensen

40 Jonathan Tomkinson

46 Jon Rowe

45 Tony Springett 

41 Abu Kamara

10 Kieran Dowell

18 Christos Tzolis

28 Angus Gunn

6 Christoph Zimmerman

9:03 AM2 months ago

Brighton substitutes

17 Steven Alzate

23 Jason Steele

57 Odeluga Offiah

12 Enock Mwepu

24 Shane Duffy

15 Jakub Moder

8 Yves Bissouma

14 Adam Lallana

60 Jeremy Sarmiento

8:58 AM2 months ago

XI Norwich

1 Tim Krul, 5 Grant Hanley, 4 Ben Gibson, 8 Billy Gilmour, 30 Dimitris Giannoulis, 3 Sam Byram, 23 Kenny McLean, 16 Mathias Normann, 20 Pierre Lees-Melou, 22 Teemu Pukki, 17 Milot Rashica.
8:53 AM2 months ago

XI Brighton

1 Robert Sánchez, 5 Lewis Dunk, 3 Marc Cucurella, 34 Joël Veltman, 13 Pascal Groß, 10 Alexis Mac Allister, 11 Leandro Trossard, 20 Solly March, 2 Tariq Lamptey, 18 Danny Welbeck, 9 Neal Maupay.
8:48 AM2 months ago


Meanwhile, Norwich has already arrived at the stadium and they took advantage of the opportunity to recognize the field of play prior to the start of this match:
8:43 AM2 months ago

They have arrived

Brighton has already arrived at the stadium and the entire squad knows that they need to vindicate themselves with their fans after the poor results:
8:38 AM2 months ago

How does Brighton arrive?

While Brighton is in 13th place with 33 points, but has lost six games in a row, which is why they urgently need to get out of their slump if they don't want to get into relegation trouble.
8:33 AM2 months ago

How does Norwich arrive?

Norwich are bottom of the Premier League with just 17 points and nine points off the relegation zone, so it is of paramount importance to get all three points this Saturday to stay in contention.
8:28 AM2 months ago


Two teams in desperate need of a win go head to head when Brighton take on Norwich in the Premier League. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
8:23 AM2 months ago

Tune in here Brighton vs Norwich Live Score in Premier League 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Brighton vs Norwich match for the Premier League 2022.
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What time is Brighton vs Norwich match for Premier League 2022?

This is the start time of the game Brighton vs Norwich of April 2nd in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Bolivia: 10:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Brazil: 11:00 AM

Chile: 11:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Colombia: 9:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Ecuador: 9:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

United States (ET): 10:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Spain: 4:00 PM

Mexico: 8:00 AM on SKY Sports

Paraguay: 11:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Peru: 10:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

Uruguay: 11:00 AM on ESPN and Star +

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Last games

Brighton has the advantage in the last five matches with a record of two wins, two draws and just one loss on any ground.

Norwich City 0-0 Brighton & Hove Aibon, 2021

Norwich City 0-1 Brighton & Hove Aibon, 2020

Brighton & Hove Aibon 2-0 Norwich City, 2019

Norwich City 1-1 Brighton & Hove Aibon, 2017 (friendly)

Norwich City 2-0 Brighton & Hove Aibon, 2017

8:08 AM2 months ago

Key player Norwich

Norwich's goalscoring productivity in the campaign has been to forget, but of the most redeemable has been Teemu Pukki, who has eight goals in 28 appearances, all of them starts, so he will need to find the net again.

8:03 AM2 months ago

Key player Brighton

While the best scorer for the home team is Neal Maupay, who has scored eight times in 23 games as a starter and four as a substitute, although he needs to be supplied with balls, which has not been the case in recent games.
Image: Depor
Image: Depor
7:58 AM2 months ago

Last lineup Norwich

1 Tim Krul, 4 Ben Gibson, 15 Ozan Kabak, 21 Brandon Williams, 2 Max Aarons, 20 Pierre Lees-Melou, 23 Kenny McLean, 7 Lukas Rupp, 22 Teemu Pukki, 17 Milot Rashica, 24 Joshua Sargent.
7:53 AM2 months ago

Last lineup Brighton

1 Robert Sanchez, 5 Lewis Dunk, 24 Shane Duffy, 3 Marc Cucurella, 34 Joël Veltman, 10 Alexis Mac Allister, 8 Yves Bissouma, 13 Pascal Groß, 9 Neal Maupay, 11 Leandro Trossard, 20 Solly March.
7:48 AM2 months ago

Norwich: to win at any cost

If there is a match in which Norwich on paper could score points is in this one, remembering that they are at the bottom of the table with only 17 points and the relegation is on fire, and they also have seven defeats in a row between home matches and the FA Cup.
7:43 AM2 months ago

Brighton: to keep adding up

Although Brighton will not qualify for international tournaments, they must keep adding to get rid of the relegation issue as soon as possible and be calmer for the last dates; although they have seven defeats in a row in the Premier League.
7:38 AM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Brighton vs Norwich match will be played at the Falmer Stadium, in Brighton, England. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00 am ET.
7:33 AM2 months ago

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