Goal and Highlights: Necaxa 0-1 America in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Liga MX match between Necaxa and América.
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End game

Necaxa 0-1 America.
10:58 PM2 months ago


Goal América 

A direct free kick left the rebound after hitting the post for Valdés to push in for the 1-0 lead.

10:53 PM2 months ago


Brian García was cautioned for Necaxa.
10:48 PM2 months ago


Valdés shot inside the area over the top of the goal.
10:43 PM2 months ago


Meré, the América defender, has been cautioned.
10:38 PM2 months ago


Giménez and Bastista enter

Aguirre and Villalpando come out.

Necaxa changes

Zendejas leaves and Lainez enters, América changes.

10:33 PM2 months ago


Zendejas' shot is deflected and the ball hits the outside of the net.
10:28 PM2 months ago


Valdés' free kick is deflected into the wall.
10:23 PM2 months ago


Necaxa changes

Madrigal and García come in

Lopez and Medina come out

10:18 PM2 months ago


Peña knocks down Viñas and the referee sanctions the foul.
10:13 PM2 months ago


Viñas enters and Martín leaves, América changes.
10:08 PM2 months ago


Madrigal with a first-time shot inside the six-yard box that Ochoa saves with a firm foot on his frame.
10:03 PM2 months ago


Henry's cross from the six-yard box fails to make good contact and Malagon comes out valiantly to keep the ball.
9:58 PM2 months ago


Jurado's cross was blocked as best he could by the América defense, and then Sánchez was injured.
9:53 PM2 months ago


Cross too far to the far post and the ball goes wide in the box.
9:48 PM2 months ago


Long ball that Ochoa anticipates and rejects the ball with his head.
9:43 PM2 months ago


Jurado's shot from half distance is blocked by the defense.
9:38 PM2 months ago


Fuentes's cross was anticipated by Formiliano to reject the ball.
9:33 PM2 months ago


There were no changes, plus the only one made at the end of the first half with the departure of Valdez and the entrance of Meré.
9:28 PM2 months ago


The second half begins between Necaxa and América.
9:23 PM2 months ago

Half time

Necaxa 0-0 America.
9:18 PM2 months ago


Two more minutes are added.
9:13 PM2 months ago


A heavy collision in the midfield, for which Valdez has been cautioned.
9:08 PM2 months ago


Henry controlled the ball inside the box, but the ball was blocked by the Necaxista defense.
9:03 PM2 months ago


A shot from half distance was saved by Ochoa.
8:58 PM2 months ago


Valdés with the cross shot that passes through the whole area without finding a recipient.
8:53 PM2 months ago


Malagón stumbled in the box as he went for the ball, but fortunately for his cause the defense was on standby to deny him.
8:48 PM2 months ago


Villalpando's cutback and shot from outside the area went over the top.
8:43 PM2 months ago


Villalpando's shot from half distance goes wide.
8:38 PM2 months ago


Ochoa anticipates the pass and saves his goal.
8:33 PM2 months ago


Martinez enters the area and takes a shot that hits Malagón's face as he makes a good save.
8:28 PM2 months ago


Valdés with a mid-range shot right at Malagón's location.
8:23 PM2 months ago


There is no clear dominance, although slightly more is played in Azulcrema territory.
8:18 PM2 months ago


Aguirre's strong tackle against the defender and a foul in favor of América.
8:13 PM2 months ago


The game begins between Necaxa and América.
8:08 PM2 months ago

They jump into the field

Necaxa and América take the field under Liga MX protocol.
8:03 PM2 months ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes, the match between Necaxa and América will kick off at Estadio Victoria in Aguascalientes.
7:58 PM2 months ago

America substitutes

26 Salvador Reyes

28 Mauro Laínez

29 Miguel Layún

7 Jonathan dos Santos

24 Federico Viñas

245 Iker Moreno

25 Jordan Silva

34 Santiago Naveda

22 Jorge Meré

27 Óscar Jiménez

7:53 PM2 months ago

Necaxa substitutes

20 Luis Quintana

10 Maximiliano Salas

23 Edgar Hernández

3 Agustín Oliveros

8 Facundo Batista

12 Angelo Araos

28 Luis Arcadio García

9 Milton Giménez

19 Antonio López

30 Fernando Meza

7:48 PM2 months ago

Great illusion

The Rayos del Necaxa players were motivated by showing them images of their family prior to the start of the game:
7:43 PM2 months ago

XI América

13 Guillermo Ochoa, 4 Sebastián Cáceres, 18 Bruno Valdez, 2 Luis Fuentes, 3 Jorge Sánchez, 10 Diego Valdés, 8 Álvaro Fidalgo, 20 Richard Sánchez, 21 Henry Martín, 9 Roger Martínez, 17 Alejandro Zendejas.
7:38 PM2 months ago

XI Necaxa

1 Luis Malagón, 4 Alexis Peña, 14 Fabricio Formiliano, 17 Brian García, 2 Idekel Domínguez, 11 Dieter Villalpando, 24 Fernando González, 6 Fernando Madrigal González, 27 Rodrigo Aguirre, 207 Heriberto De Jesús, 7 Alan Medina.
7:33 PM2 months ago

Of importance

It should be noted that Jaime Lozano has a son with Autism, so the Necaxa strategist confessed about the importance of this day for both him and his family:

"Everything (means this day to him). It could be in my case and in my moment more special than anything else, a day that has become special for our family, friends, loved ones and that is very important for me and there are going to be some very nice and motivating surprises," he said.

7:28 PM2 months ago

Already warming up

Amidst the ovation, Mexico's starting goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa warms up at the Estadio Aguascalientes:
7:23 PM2 months ago

Special day

In commemoration of Autism Day, the Rayos del Necaxa highlighted the importance of this day.
7:18 PM2 months ago

How does Necaxa arrive?

Necaxa is in eighth place in the standings with 14 points, remembering that they are coming off a 3-1 away win over Pumas UNAM. Should they win, they could move up to seventh place.
7:13 PM2 months ago

How does América arrive?

América is second to last in the overall standings with 10 points, only ahead of Juárez and Querétaro, but a win could catapult them to tenth place (depending on goal difference).
7:08 PM2 months ago


Two teams that need a win to get into the reclassification zone will meet face to face when the Rayos of Necaxa host the Águilas of América. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the match.
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Tune in here Necaxa vs America Live Score in Liga MX 2022

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What time is Necaxa vs America match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Necaxa vs America of April 2nd in several countries:

Argentina: 10:00 PM on DirecTV

Bolivia: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

Brazil: 10:00 PM

Chile: 10:00 PM on DirecTV

Colombia: 8:00 PM on DirecTV

Ecuador: 8:00 PM on DirecTV

United States (ET): 9:00 PM on TUDN

Spain: 3:00 PM

Mexico: 7:00 PM on TUDN and Canal 7

Paraguay: 10:00 PM on DirecTV

Peru: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

Uruguay: 10:00 PM on DirecTV

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Last games

The series has been somewhat close in the last five games, although the advantage has gone to the capital team with two wins, two draws and one loss, although they have not been able to win in their last two visits to Aguascalientes:

Club América 2-1 Club Necaxa, Apertura 2021

Club América 2-1 Club Necaxa, Clausura 2021

Club Necaxa 1-1 Club América, Apertura 2021

Club América 0-3 Club Necaxa, Clausura 2020

Club Necaxa 2-2 Club América, Apertura 2019

6:48 PM2 months ago

Key player America

Diego Valdés has had a hard time adapting to the Azulcrema team, but in the most recent match against the Diablos he contributed with a great goal and was the man who gave fluency to the attack, so if he reaches the level he had with Santos, he will be a key element for the Águilas.
Image: Mediotiempo
Image: Mediotiempo
6:43 PM2 months ago

Key player Necaxa

The hydrocalid team has found goals from the talent of Rodrigo Aguirre, who has been key to get some positive results, highlighting that against Pumas he was fundamental with a double in the Mexican capital.
Image: ESPN
Image: ESPN
6:38 PM2 months ago

Last lineup America

13 Guillermo Ochoa, 4 Sebastián Cáceres, 18 Bruno Valdez, 2 Luis Fuentes, 3 Jorge Sánchez, 10 Diego Valdés, 8 Álvaro Fidalgo, 20 Richard Sánchez, 21 Henry Martín, 9 Roger Martínez, 17 Alejandro Zendejas.
6:33 PM2 months ago

Last lineup Necaxa

1 Luis Malagón, 14 Fabricio Formiliano, 4 Alexis Peña, 17 Brian García, 2 Idekel Domínguez, 11 Dieter Villalpando, 24 Fernando González, 6 Fernando Madrigal González, 27 Rodrigo Aguirre, 207 Heriberto De Jesús, 7 Alan Medina.
6:28 PM2 months ago

América: to link victories

It is worth remembering that before the break for the FIFA Date, América got back to winning ways by beating the Diablos Rojos del Toluca by a score of 3-0, although they had a couple of friendly matches to forget where they lost 2-1 to both Tigres de la UANL and Rayados de Monterrey; a victory would put Fernando Ortiz's team in the top 12.
6:23 PM2 months ago

Necaxa: strengthen at home

A fortnight ago, the Rayos del Necaxa put on a great display to beat Pumas de la UNAM 3-1 as visitors and, in doing so, have climbed up a few positions under Jaime Lozano; however, one of their pending tasks will be to impose conditions at home, where they have had a hard time doing so.
6:18 PM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Necaxa vs America match will be played at the Victoria Stadium, in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:00 pm ET.
6:13 PM2 months ago

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