Goals and Highlights: Toluca 2-1 Puebla in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Nemesio Diez game between Toluca and Puebla in Liga MX.
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End game

Toluca 2-1 Puebla.
2:50 PM2 months ago


Yellow for Sanvezzo and Barragan after a small scuffle.
2:45 PM2 months ago


Ortega comes off and Sartiaguín enters, Toluca substitution due to injury.
2:40 PM2 months ago


Five more minutes are added.
2:35 PM2 months ago


Sanvezzo and González came in

Sierra and Fernández came out

Toluca changes

2:30 PM2 months ago


Aristeguieta's header goes wide.
2:25 PM2 months ago


Toluca's Jordan Sierra is cautioned.

Jaquez and Vázquez enter and Segovia and Araujo come off for Puebla.

2:20 PM2 months ago


Sierra's shot was looking for the angle and Silva flies to save his goal.
2:15 PM2 months ago


Claudio Baeza of Toluca has been cautioned.
2:10 PM2 months ago


Nicolás Larcamón, Puebla coach, has been cautioned.
2:05 PM2 months ago


Barragán is encouraged with a shot from outside the area that goes wide.
2:00 PM2 months ago


Castañeda and González leave

Rodriguez and Canelo come in 

Toluca changes

1:55 PM2 months ago


Ferrareis' cross to the far post is headed slightly over the top of the goal by Ferrareis.
1:50 PM2 months ago


Another Castañeda mid-range shot was saved by Silva.
1:45 PM2 months ago


Leo Fernandez with the cutback and takes the shot that the goalkeeper saves at the near post. Barragán and Martínez entered Roble and Parra came out Puebla changes.
1:40 PM2 months ago


Araujo failed to finish at the far post when it looked like Puebla would equalize.
1:35 PM2 months ago


Aristeguieta's cross to the far post is headed wide.
1:30 PM2 months ago


The second half begins between Toluca and Puebla.

Toluca's Ortega was quickly cautioned.

1:25 PM2 months ago

Goal Puebla 1-2

1:20 PM2 months ago

Goal Toluca 2-0

1:15 PM2 months ago

Half time

Toluca 2-1 Puebla.
1:10 PM2 months ago


Puebla Goal

The ball was left inside the box and Reyes beat the goalkeeper to make it 2-1.

1:05 PM2 months ago


Toluca Goal

Good save by Silva, but the rebound is left for Huerta to push the ball into the net for the 2-0 lead.

1:00 PM2 months ago


Gonzalez with a cross to the far post that is blocked by the defense.
12:55 PM2 months ago


Leo Fernández's free kick hits the wall.
12:50 PM2 months ago


Ángel Robles is cautioned for cutting off a dangerous breakthrough.
12:45 PM2 months ago


Gularte is left lying down after a heavy collision in the midfield.
12:40 PM2 months ago


Segovia's header goes wide of the goal.
12:35 PM2 months ago


Parra's shot from half distance is deflected for a corner kick.
12:30 PM2 months ago

Goal Toluca 1-0

12:25 PM2 months ago


Puebla claimed a possible handball by Torres Nilo inside the area.
12:20 PM2 months ago


Toluca Goal

Kevin Castañeda's right-footed shot from outside the box hit the post to open the scoring 1-0.

12:15 PM2 months ago


Fernandez's shot from outside the area passes close to the goal.
12:10 PM2 months ago


Aristeguieta's shot is saved by García and, on the rebound, the Toluca goalkeeper again saves his goal.
12:05 PM2 months ago


Leo Fernandez's long drive and the ball goes out to the back line.
12:00 PM2 months ago


A strong tackle on Torres Nilo, but only a foul is called.
11:55 AM2 months ago


The game begins between Toluca and Puebla.
11:50 AM2 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Toluca and Puebla.
11:45 AM2 months ago

Sunday Billboard

In addition to this game between Toluca and Puebla, there will be three other games to complete this Sunday's slate:

Leon vs Queretaro

Tigres vs Tijuana

Santos Laguna vs Pachuca

11:40 AM2 months ago

Puebla substitutes

30 Jesús Rodríguez

26 Ivo Vázquez

4 George Corral

24 Raúl Castillo

15 Guillermo Martínez

204 Emilio Martínez González

198 Alberto Herrera

5 Diego de Buen

28 Martín Barragán

27 Lucas Varone

11:35 AM2 months ago

Toluca substitutes

16 Iván Acero

11 Daniel Álvarez

26 Brandon Sartiaguin

25 Pedro Canelo

17 Camilo Sanvezzo

30 Alan Rodríguez

190 Isaías Violante

204 Everardo López

5 Pablo González

12 Gustavo Gutiérrez

11:30 AM2 months ago

XI Toluca

1 Antony Silva, 12  Israel Reyes, 16 Juan Pablo Segovia, 17 Emanuel Gularte, 10 Federico Mancuello, 14 Pablo Parra, 6 Javier Salas, 20 Maximiliano Araujo, 2 Gustavo Ferrareis, 9 Fernando Aristeguieta, 19 Ángel Robles.
11:25 AM2 months ago

XI Toluca

1 Luis García, 4 Valber Huerta, 23 Oscar Ortega, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 2 Raúl López, 8 Kevin Castañeda, 20 Claudio Baeza, 15 Jordán Sierra, 19 Ian González, 194 Jorge Rodríguez, 10 Leonardo Fernández.
11:20 AM2 months ago

The Strip has arrived

Meanwhile, Puebla also arrived at La Bombonera, remembering that a year ago they played here and played to a 4-4 draw.
11:15 AM2 months ago

The arrival of the Red Devils

A few minutes ago, Toluca, who have not been able to make their home advantage count after being beaten several times, arrived at the stadium:
11:10 AM2 months ago

How does Puebla arrive?

Puebla is third in the standings with 22 points and could overtake Pachuca, which is first with 25 points, but they have two games without a win after losing to San Luis and drawing against Santos Laguna.
11:05 AM2 months ago

How does Toluca arrive?

Toluca is currently in 14th place with just 13 points and a game pending against Monterrey on Wednesday, although a win on Sunday would catapult them up to seventh place.
11:00 AM2 months ago


Toluca and Puebla open the intense Sunday activity of Liga MX with the goal of returning the victory. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Toluca vs Puebla Live Score in Liga MX 2022

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What time is Toluca vs Puebla match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Toluca vs Puebla of April 3rd in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM on DirecTV

Bolivia: 1:00 PM on DirecTV

Brazil: 2:00 PM

Chile: 2:00 PM on DirecTV

Colombia: 12:00 PM on DirecTV

Ecuador: 12:00 PM on DirecTV

United States (ET): 1:00 PM on TUDN

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM on Las Estrellas and TUDN

Paraguay: 22:00 PM on DirecTV

Peru: 1:00 PM on DirecTV

Uruguay: 2:00 PM on DirecTV

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Last games

Los Diablos have not been able to beat La Franja in the last five games, with two draws and three defeats, and the most recent time they played in the State of Mexico they played a crazy game with a total of eight goals.

Puebla 1-0 Toluca, Apertura 2021

Toluca 4-4 Puebla, Clausura 2021

Puebla 4-1 Toluca, Apertura 2020

Puebla 2-0 Toluca, Clausura 2020

Toluca 1-1 Puebla, Apertura 2019

10:40 AM2 months ago

Key player Puebla

Although it was hard for him to take over the starting lineup, the Venezuelan is gradually beginning to convince Nicolás Larcamón with his soccer, especially if he scores goals, where he already has five in 11 games played.
Image: Record
Image: Record
10:35 AM2 months ago

Key player Toluca

In moments of crisis and collective lack, the Devils could rely on individuals to lead them to victory and Leo Fernandez could be a key player for this, remembering that he arrived as one of the brand new reinforcements for this championship.
Foto: Fox Sports
Image: Fox Sports
10:30 AM2 months ago

Last lineup Puebla

1 Antony Silva, 12 Israel Reyes, 16 Juan Segovia, 17 Emanuel Gularte, 20 Maximiliano Araujo, 2 Gustavo Ferrareis, 10 Federico Mancuello, 6 Javier Salas, 14 Pablo Parra, 22 Jordi Cortizo, 9 Fernando Aristeguieta.
10:25 AM2 months ago

Last lineup Toluca

12 Gustavo Gutiérrez, 4 Valber Huerta, 28 Oscar Vanegas, 33 Diego, 2 Raúl López, 8 Kevin Castañeda, 20 Claudio Baeza, 15 Jordan Sierra, 17 Camilo Sanvezzo, 25 Pedro Canelo, 10 Leonardo Fernández.
10:20 AM2 months ago

Puebla: getting back on track

La Franja del Puebla has not been able to win in the last two dates, which is why they have lost the lead to Pachuca and Tigres by losing against San Luis and letting the victory against Santos slip away; during this break they held a friendly match where they defeated Nicaragua and now they hope to replicate it in a stadium where they are not doing so well.
10:15 AM2 months ago

Toluca: out of the crisis

The Diablos Rojos del Toluca had a great time during the FIFA Date to rethink many things and try to get out of the crisis, remembering that they have lost two consecutive 3-0 defeats against Pachuca and América; in addition, they have three home games in a row coming up.
10:10 AM2 months ago

The Kick-off

The Toluca vs Puebla match will be played at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, in Toluca, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
10:05 AM2 months ago

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