Goals and Highlights: Toluca 2-2 Monterrey in Liga MX
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Thank you for following the Liga MX Date 4 match between Toluca and Monterrey.
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End game

Toluca 2-2 Monterrey.
9:55 PMa month ago


Toluca Goal

Leo Fernández tricks the goalkeeper and scores from the penalty kick to make it 2-2.

9:50 PMa month ago


The VAR reviews the play and awards a penalty kick in favor of Toluca.
9:45 PMa month ago


Erick Aguirre was cautioned. They called for a foul on a Toluca player in the box, but there is nothing.
9:40 PMa month ago


Sanvezzo's left-footed shot into the goalkeeper's hands.

6 more minutes are added.

9:35 PMa month ago


Campbell leaves and Alvarado enters, Monterrey changes.
9:30 PMa month ago


Omar Rodríguez has been cautioned.
9:25 PMa month ago


Fernandez's long free kick was saved by Andrada in two minutes and with a lot of problems.
9:20 PMa month ago


Moreno and González enter

Janssen and Romo leave

Monterrey changes


Violante and Rodríguez are substituted

Gonzalez and Sierra leave

Toluca substitutions

9:15 PMa month ago


Janssen gets the ball past the goalkeeper and fires a shot that hits the outside of the net.
9:10 PMa month ago


The ball hits the defender and Andrada dives to avoid the corner kick.
9:05 PMa month ago


Guzmán enters and López leaves, change for Toluca.
9:00 PMa month ago


Meza's cross to the far post is swept by Meza and the ball goes wide.
8:55 PMa month ago


Sanvezzo and Álvarez enter

Torres Nillo and Castañeda come out. 

Toluca changes

8:50 PMa month ago


A very long throw looking for Castañeda, although Toluca continues to insist.
8:45 PMa month ago


Ian Gonzalez with the wall combination inside the area and takes the shot right to Andrada's location.
8:40 PMa month ago


The second half begins between Toluca and Monterrey with no changes.
8:35 PMa month ago

Half time

Toluca 1-2 Monterrey.
8:30 PMa month ago


Janssen with a mid-range shot that hits the base of the post.
8:25 PMa month ago


Vincent Janssen has been cautioned by Rayados.
8:20 PMa month ago


Add 4 more minutes.
8:15 PMa month ago


Castañeda with a long distance shot that goes too high.
8:10 PMa month ago

Goal Monterrey 2-1

8:05 PMa month ago

Goal Toluca 1-1

8:00 PMa month ago


Monterrey Goal

Joel Campbell with a header at the near post to give Los Rayados the lead with the complicity of the goalkeeper and Torres Nilo.

7:55 PMa month ago


Toluca Goal

Leo Fernandez with a direct free kick that goes past the goalkeeper to tie the game 1-1.

7:50 PMa month ago


Erick Aguirre is cautioned for Monterrey.
7:45 PMa month ago


Castañeda's shot hits Vegas inside the area.
7:40 PMa month ago


Baeza's backheel is long for Gonzalez and the ball reaches Andrada.
7:35 PMa month ago

Goal Monterrey 1-0

7:30 PMa month ago


Gallardo's shot at the near post after a serious defensive error nearly resulted in a goal.
7:25 PMa month ago


Monterrey Goal

Maxi Meza tricks Luis García to make it 1-0 from the penalty spot.

7:20 PMa month ago


Campbell falls inside the area and the referee awards a penalty kick. Yellow card for Torres Nilo.
7:15 PMa month ago


Gallardo's dangerous left-footed shot that Garcia stretches to save.
7:10 PMa month ago


Leo Fernandez's free kick is not strong enough and is blocked by the defense.
7:05 PMa month ago


First minute of action and Castañeda's shot from half distance goes wide.
7:00 PMa month ago


The game begins between Toluca and Monterrey.
6:55 PMa month ago

They jump into the field

Under the Liga MX anthem, Toluca and Monterrey take the field.
6:50 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff between the Diablos Rojos del Toluca and Rayados de Monterrey.
6:45 PMa month ago

Last details

Toluca is completing its warm-up prior to the start of this game, which, if it wins, would remain in the same seventh place but would move closer to León and Atlas.
6:40 PMa month ago

Monterrey substitutes

6 Edson Gutiérrez

50 Ángel Zapata

21 Alfonso González

19 José Alvarado

23 Luis Sánchez

27 Daniel Parra

15 Héctor Moreno

51 Michell Rodríguez

54 Jacobo Reyes

22 Luis Cárdenas

6:35 PMa month ago

Toluca substitutes

11 Daniel Álvarez

5 Pablo González

17 Camilo Sanvezzo

3 Carlos Guzmán

190 Isaías Violante

12 Gustavo Gutiérrez

16 Iván Acero

204 Everardo López

30 Alan Rodríguez

26 Brandon Sartiaguin

6:30 PMa month ago

XI Monterrey

1 Esteban Andrada, 20 Sebastián Vegas, 3 César Montes, 14 Érick Aguirre, 33 Stefan Medina, 16 Celso Ortiz, 4 Luís Romo, 17 Jesús Gallardo, 11 Maximiliano Meza, 9 Vincent Janssen, 8 Joel Campbell.
6:25 PMa month ago

XI Toluca

1 Luis García, 6 Jorge Torres, 23 Oscar Ortega, 4 Valber Huerta, 194 Jorge Rodríguez, 2 Raúl López, 20 Claudio Baeza, 8 Kevin Castañeda, 15 Jordan Sierra, 19 Ian González, 10 Leonardo Fernández.
6:20 PMa month ago

The Gang has arrived

Meanwhile, Monterrey has already made its appearance at the Nemesio Diez Stadium to try to take the three points from El Infierno and move up to seventh place.
6:15 PMa month ago

The Devil is here

Toluca arrived just a few moments ago at the facility where they will face the second of three consecutive home games in Liga MX.
6:10 PMa month ago

Long inactivity

It should be noted that Rayados de Monterrey have not played an official match since March 19, when they lost 2-0 to Tigres in the Clasico Regio. Their game against Chivas, which should have been played last Saturday, did not take place due to the poor conditions of the field at the Akron Stadium.
6:05 PMa month ago

Why was the match suspended?

It should be noted that this match corresponds to day 4 of Liga MX, as it could not be played on that date due to the fact that Rayados de Monterrey were participating in the Club World Cup, where they finished in fifth place.
6:00 PMa month ago


The Diablos Rojos del Toluca and Rayados de Monterrey play one of the remaining games in Liga MX with the mission of continuing to climb the standings. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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What time is Toluca vs Monterrey match for Liga MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Toluca vs Monterrey of April 6th in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

Bolivia: 8:00 PM on DirecTV

Brazil: 9:00 PM

Chile: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

Colombia: 7:00 PM on DirecTV

Ecuador: 7:00 PM on DirecTV

United States (ET): 8:00 PM on TUDN

Spain: 2:00 AM

Mexico: 7:00 PM on Channel 5, ESPN and TUDN

Paraguay: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

Peru: 7:00 PM on DirecTV

Uruguay: 9:00 PM on DirecTV

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Last games

Rayados Monterrey have had a clear dominance over Toluca in the last five matches, winning four games (three of them in a row) and losing just once on any field.

Rayados Monterrey 2-0 Toluca, Apertura 2021

Toluca 1-2 Rayados Monterrey, Clausura 2021

Rayados Monterrey 3-1 Toluca, Apertura 2020

Toluca 2-0 Rayados Monterrey, Clausura 2020

Rayados Monterrey 2-0 Toluca, Apertura 2019

5:40 PMa month ago

Key player Monterrey

The arrival of Víctor Manuel Vucetich to the bench has been a key factor in giving Joel Campbell more minutes on the field, being a vertical element on the flanks with his speed, combined with his good mid-range.
Image: Futbol Total
Image: Futbol Total
5:35 PMa month ago

Key player Toluca

Faced with moments of crisis and collective failure, the Devils could rely on individuals to lead them to victory and Leo Fernandez could be a key player for this, remembering that he arrived as one of the brand new reinforcements for this championship.
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Image: As
5:30 PMa month ago

Last lineup Monterrey

1 Esteban Andrada, 20 Sebastián Vegas, 3 César Montes, 14 Érick Aguirre, 33 Stefan Medina, 16 Celso Ortiz, 30 Rodolfo Pizarro, 4 Luís Romo, 9 Vincent Janssen, 11 Maximiliano Meza, 8 Joel Campbell.
5:25 PMa month ago

Last lineup Toluca

1 Luis García, 4 Valber Huerta, 23 Oscar Ortega, 6 Jorge Torres Nilo, 2 Raúl López, 8 Kevin Castañeda, 20 Claudio Baeza, 15 Jordán Sierra, 19 Ian González, 194 Jorge Rodríguez, 10 Leonardo Fernández.
5:20 PMa month ago

Monterrey: getting into rhythm

It should be noted that the Rayados de Monterrey were unable to play at Guadalajara's home over the weekend due to the poor conditions of the playing field, which is why, starting this Wednesday, they will have midweek and weekend games over the next three weeks, so they must recover as many points as possible to move up in the general table.
5:15 PMa month ago

Toluca: take advantage of home advantage

Due to the calendar, Toluca will have three consecutive games at home and the first one they already took advantage of by beating La Franja del Puebla 2-1 on Sunday and, this Wednesday, they will try to get three more points from their pending game to continue climbing positions and give confidence to Nacho Ambriz's project, which has had a shaky start.
5:10 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Toluca vs Monterrey match will be played at the Nemesio Diez Stadium, in Toluca, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET.
5:05 PMa month ago

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