Summary and highlights of River Plate 4-2 Argentinos Juniors IN Copa de la Liga Profesional
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Thank you all.

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been a pleasure to be with all of you. See you all again!
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This was Herrera's goal


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Enzo Fernandez sent a through ball to Herrera, who did not miss in front of the goalkeeper to set the match;
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Armani's long pass to Romero who turned and shot, but the ball was caught by the rival goalkeeper;
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A corner kick for River Plate crossed by Quintero at the near post, but the ball was cleared by the Argentinos Juniors defense;
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Double change for Argentinos Juniors

Milito made two changes to restore his team after being down to ten players: Galarza and Minissale came in for Reniero and Florentin 
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This is how Quintero took the penalty


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Quintero's penalty kick went in to put River Plate ahead again despite goalkeeper Lanzillotta guessing where the ball was going;
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Penalty in favor of River Plate after a shot by Álvarez that touched Torren's hand, who receives a second yellow card and is sent off, leaving his team with ten players.
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Error in the transfer of Torren to his goalkeeper and the ball fell to Enzo Ferná ndez who shot from outside the area, but the ball crashed into the crossbar 
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Armani saves River Plate and with his face for the shot from Ávalo who was alone inside the area.
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This is how Villalba scored


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From a set piece Argentinos Juniors equalized with a header by center back Villalba to level the score;
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Double change at River Plate

Matias Suárez, who scored the first goal, and Palavecino were left in the locker room, Romero and de la Cruz came in their place, Gallardo has already made three changes;
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The second part started

The first possession of the second half goes to River Plate.
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The referee has added three minutes of time to this first part.
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This is what Avalos' header looked like


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Poisoned play in the area that ended with Bittolo's cross that Avalos headed to reduce the distance on the scoreboard;
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Matias Suarez's cross after receiving from Alvarez, but Villalba with his head sent the ball to a corner kick;
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First forced change in Gallardo's ranks, Barco leaves the field and in his place enters the Colombian Juan Fernando Quintero.
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Alvarez's shot went just wide, the leather grazed the post;
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23' No penalty at the end

The VAR corrects the play and says that the handball occurred outside the area, so there will be a free kick in favor of River Plate;
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21' Penalty for River Plate

The referee calls a penalty after Villaba's handball inside the area.
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A lateral foul that Bittolo crossed, but Armani stepped forward and took the ball;
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This was Enzo Fernandez's goal


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Argentinos Juniors' bad ball exit, which provoked River Plate's recovery and Enzo Fernandez's shot from outside the area, which was touched by Lanzillotta, but the ball ended up going in.
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This was the 1-0 win


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Argentinos Juniors' defense made a mistake in the clearance and Matias Suárez took advantage of it to put River Plate ahead on the scoreboard 
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The match kicked off, the first possession of the match went to Argentinos juniors;
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All set

The players are already on the field of play, having finished their preparations before taking the field.
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XI River Plate

Gallardo only repeats with five players who played in the first Copa Libertadores game
Source: River Plate
Source: River Plate
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XI Argentinos Juniors

Bittolo and Florentin are the two novelties in Milito's eleven compared to the Banfield match;
Source: Argentinos Juniors
Source: Argentinos Juniors
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Banfield victory

Banfield's victory over Patronato prevents River Plate from taking the lead, although a win against Argentinos Juniors would put them in second place and put pressure on the leaders.
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River Plate as home

In their last six home games, they have four wins, one draw and one loss. Although in the league they have only taken seven points out of a possible 12 and are the sixth best home team in the league.
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Seven of the last eight games played by both teams ended with less than three goals in the match;
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1 hour

In 1 hour River Plate vs Argentinos Juniors will kick off. Both the preview and minute-by-minute coverage of the match can be followed here on VAVEL 
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Where and how to watch River Plate vs Argentinos Juniors ?

The match of the Professional League Cup between River Plate vs Argentinos Juniors will start 19:00 . E.T. and couldá be followed on ESPN

However,  a good option is to follow it through ;VAVEL

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What time is the River Plate vs Argentinos Juniors match ?

This is the kickoff time for they match on April 10th in several countries:

Argentina: 18:00 AM
Bolivia: 18:00 AM
Brazil: 19:00 AM
Chile: 18:00 AM
Colombia: 17:00 AM
Ecuador: 17:00 AM
USA (ET): 18:00 AM
Spain: 00:00 PM
Mexico: 17;00 AM
Paraguay: 18:00 AM
Peru: 18:00 AM
Uruguay: 18:00 AM
Venezuela: 18:00 AM
England : 23.00 AM
Australia : 08:00 AM
India: 03:40 AM

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Summary of the last clash between River Plate and Argentinos Juniors

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Jonatan Maidana played his 300th match in the River Plate jersey in his last match

Source: River Plate
Source: River Plate
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How does Argentinos Juniors arrive?

Argentinos Juniors has won two consecutive victories in this competition, in the most recent match they won 0-2 at home against Banfield. In the last six matches they have played, they have achieved a balance of 3 wins, two draws and one defeat. Currently in the classification of the Argentine League Cup they are in fourth position with 14 points, right now they would qualify for the Play-Off, although behind them Defensa y Justicia and Unión Santa Fe are close behind, they are on the same points.
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How does River Plate arrive?

River Plate comes after beating Alianza Lima in the first match of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores thanks to Matías Suárez. They also beat Defensa Y Justicia in the Professional League Cup. Although he lost the derby against Boca Juniors. In their last nine matches they have played, they have achieved a balance of seven wins, one draw and one loss. In the standings they are in second place with 16 points, two points behind the leader, Racing Club, and two points ahead of their next rival.
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The balance of confrontations between River Plate and Argentinos Juniors is in favor of River Plate, which has won on 73 occasions. Argentinos Juniors has won 27 times and on 38 occasions the match has ended in a draw. The last time they met was in the Professional League where River won 3-0 at home. In the last three meetings, River Plate have won twice and drawn once. The last time Argentinos Juniors beat River Plate was in this same tournament on March 9, 2021.
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Venue: The match will be played at the Estadio Antonio Vespucio Liberti, a stadium located in the city of Buenos Aires which was inaugurated in 1938 and has a capacity for 70,704 spectators.

Source: Bessocer
Source: Bessocer
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Preview of the match

River Plate and Argentinos Juniors will face each other in the ninth match for both in the Copa de La Liga Profesional. Both are in Group A.
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