Goals and Highlights: Anguila Femenil 0-11 Mexico Femenil in CONCACAF W Qualifiers 2022
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6:33 PMa month ago

Goals and Highlights

5:51 PMa month ago


Mexico's scandalous victory over Anguilla puts the national team once again in first place in its group.
5:50 PMa month ago


It's all over! Mexico scores to move back into first place in the group.
5:48 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Joseline Montoya set up Martinez, who sent the ball into the back of the net and scored her brace.
5:41 PMa month ago


Anguilla Change. Gumbs comes off for Bryan
5:37 PMa month ago


Martinez's shot, but Ward prevents one more Mexico goal.
5:35 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Katty Martínez scores the tenth from the penalty spot.
5:34 PMa month ago


Penalty for Mexico! Katty Martínez is brought down inside the box and the penalty kick is awarded.
5:30 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Jaramillo's shot, but Ward is able to deflect the ball away.
5:28 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Debutant Ordóñez receives the ball and ends up scoring her brace.
5:27 PMa month ago


Heavy ball on Johnson after Mexico's attempt to create danger. The home player gets up after a few seconds of review.
5:23 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Jimena Lopez scores the eighth with a great shot that beats Ward.
5:18 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Diana Ordonez sends a lethal shot into the goal and the goalkeeper can't prevent the seventh goal.
5:17 PMa month ago


Cambio de México. Alicia Cervantes is replaced by Diana Ordóñez.
5:16 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Cervantes' ball to the far post and Cervantes appears to push the ball into the back of the net.
5:15 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! A cross into the box and Casandra Montero takes advantage of the ball to score the fifth.
5:10 PMa month ago


Jaramillo's shot, but the ball ends up going wide.
5:10 PMa month ago


Anguilla Change. Hodge is replaced by Vanterpool.
5:10 PMa month ago


Changes in Mexico. Karina Rodriguez, Carolina Jaramillo and Casandra Montero are substituted for Greta Espinoza, Stephany Mayor and Alexa Delgado.
5:08 PMa month ago


The match restarts for the second half.
4:47 PMa month ago


At the end of the first half, Mexico leads four-nil at halftime.
4:40 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Sanchez passes to Stephany Mayor, who takes advantage and sends in a shot to score the fourth.
4:36 PMa month ago


Delgado's shot, looking for the fourth, but the ball goes well over the goal.
4:30 PMa month ago


The match is resumed.
4:29 PMa month ago


The actions are stopped for both teams to rehydrate.
4:25 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! War ends up diving to prevent Mayor from scoring one more.
4:18 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Maricarmen Reyes controlled and from outside the box increases Mexico's lead to three goals.
4:14 PMa month ago


Reyes looked for the third, but the ball was blocked by the defense.
4:10 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Alicia Cervantes sends a lethal shot into the goal and scores her brace.
4:05 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mexico! Alicia Cervantes counter-attacked inside the box to open the scoring.
4:04 PMa month ago


Actions begin at the Anguilla property.
3:56 PMa month ago

Mexico: LineUp

A. Godínez; J. López, A. Rodríguez, C. Ferral, G. Espinoza; M. Reyes, A. Delgado; J. Montoya, S, Mayor, M. Sánchez; A. Cervantes.
3:55 PMa month ago

Anguila: LineUp

E. Ward; C. Johnson, R. Bradshaw, A. Hodge, L. Gumbs; R. Stott, R. Hodge, K. Hawley; C. Wattley, A. Connor, J. Coleen.
3:51 PMa month ago

Warming up

Both teams take the field and warm up before the start of the match.
3:51 PMa month ago


Mexico is already at the stadium, looking to remain undefeated and keep winning three points.
3:51 PMa month ago

They are present

Anguilla is already in its stadium and will be looking for its first three points of the competition against Mexico.
3:47 PMa month ago

With the rose!

Mexico will play this important match with the pink and black jersey, looking to give a pleasant encounter.
3:42 PMa month ago

Watch out for this player

Kenti Robles is the player that Anguilla has to pay special attention to. The Mexican player has played most of the matches with her team, being the one who moves the ball around the field and distributes it.
3:37 PMa month ago

What a tip!

This will be the first time that Mexico and Anguilla will face each other in any competition, so it will be a very important duel.
3:32 PMa month ago

Watch out for this player!

Adriana Connor is the player that Mexico will have to pay special attention to, the selected player is the captain as well as one of the attacks of the local team.
3:27 PMa month ago

Moving forward

Mexico arrives in second place with one game left to play and is in second place in its group, looking to make it three points today.
3:22 PMa month ago

We're back!

We're back to bring you minute-by-minute coverage of the match between Anguilla and Mexico Femenil. We will soon share with you the most relevant information about each team as well as the confirmed lineups.
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Mexico Statements

Cristina Ferral spoke prior to this important match in the women's national team's path to qualify for the championship: "We are serious about the upcoming match, focused, with respect for our opponents because we are representing a country.

"We know that each team will come with the best they have, we are serious about the upcoming match. We have to be focused and try to do our best with respect for the opponent and for Mexico, since we are representing such a beautiful country."

"Every game we think that the most difficult opponent is the next one and we must be prepared both mentally and physically to be able to perform our best and have an optimal result in every game."

That mentality of always wanting more, every game what we think is that the most difficult opponent is the next one. We must be prepared, mentally and physically, to perform as well as possible. The truth is that it has been a very nice process, I have learned from all my teammates and the team, concentration by concentration we are getting to know each other better and that shows on the court. I have in mind that we will continue to strengthen our soccer to reach an optimum point in the qualifiers.

Joseline Montoya also spoke at this conference: "It's very nice for me to live this process with my teammates. I love every day to take something good from all of them. It's a dream come true that I can play in a World Cup. We are focused on the next game and we have been told in training that it is the most important. I think we have to step up our game.

"We are all focused and we know that no opponent is easy, that is the mentality that we have been put here, to work every day and give the best of yourself. It's a competition against yourself and not against anyone else, it's something that all the training camps have told us and marked us a lot."

3:02 PMa month ago

Last Mexico lineup

Itzel González; Anika Rodríguez, Cristina Ferral, Rebeca Bernal, Jimena López; Carolina Jaramillo, María Sánchez, Nancy Antonio, Joseline Montoya; Alicia Cervantes, Stephany Mayor.
2:57 PMa month ago

Last lineup Anguilla

S. Connor; S. Richardson, R. Bradshaw, R. Stott, A. Mathew; R. Hodge, J. Coleen, A. Connor; C. Johnson, K. Vanterpool, L. Gumbs.
2:52 PMa month ago

Staying the course

Mexico have taken six out of six available points at the start of the tournament, and Monica Vergara's team will be looking to continue to pull away from the top spot with a big gap. In their last game, they beat Antigua and Barbuda eight goals to nil, with Stephanie Mayor scoring a brace in the match.

2:47 PMa month ago

Urgent need for points

Anguilla comes into this game after losing their first three games in the pre-World Cup. In this game, they will have the difficult task of beating the Mexicans, who will be looking to continue scoring goals and move away from first place.
2:42 PMa month ago

The match will be played at the Raymond E. Guishard Technical Centre Stadium.

The Anguilla Femenil vs Mexico Femenil match will be played at the Raymond E. Guishard Technical Centre Stadium, located in The Valley, Anguilla. The stadium has a capacity for 1,100 people. 
2:37 PMa month ago

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