Goals and Highlights Pumas 2-0 Monterrey: in Liga MX
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GOOOOOL! for Pumas, Washington Corozo appears to score his brace, to beat the defense again and make it 2-0.
With this goal, the game is over.
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GOOOOOL! for Pumas, Washington Corozo appears after a counterattack that left the defense and although Andrada touches the ball, he can't get it out.
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4 minutes of compensation are added. 
2:58 PMa month ago


Monterrey substitution, Jesús Gallardo comes off for José Alfonso Alvarado Pérez.
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Diogo de Oliveira Barbosa and Leonel López González are replaced by Omar Islas and José Ricardo Galindo Gutiérrez.
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Pumas couldn't get away and were saved from a dangerous shot by Maxi Meza, as it hit the post and skimmed the goal line, but didn't go in. 
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Yellow card for Diogo de Oliveira after kicking a Monterrey player.
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Change of both teams:
For Monterrey, Héctor Moreno, Luis Romo and Joel Campbell come off for Erick Aguirre, Arturo González and Rodolfo Pizarro.
For Pumas, Rogerio and Fabio Álvarez came on for Washington Corozo and Sebastián Saucedo.
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Janssen surprises Talavera with a powerful shot, but the goalkeeper reacts well and sends a powerful shot for a corner kick. 
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Pumas is playing on the counter-attack, the regios maintain their dominance and attack in the opponent's area, where the felines are having a hard time keeping up as they did in the first half.
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New yellow card of the match and first for Rayados, for Joel Campbell who cut off the Puma advance.
2:18 PMa month ago


Monterrey begins to react and keep the ball, giving them chances to reach the opponent's area. 
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Despite the numerical disadvantage, the universitarios continue to push forward in search of the first goal, but they are finding it more difficult to enter the striped area. 
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The second half of the scoreless draw between Pumas and Monterrey begins, with the universitarios down a player. 
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After being on the field longer than the stipulated time and the expulsion of the Pumas, the latter had the advantage to open the scoreboard on several occasions, and after having an extra man Monterrey tried to take advantage in the second half to win the game.
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After a VAR review, Dinneno is sent off and Alan Mozo receives a yellow card after getting upset.
1:53 PMa month ago


First yellow card of the match, Juan Ignacio Dinenno after a plancha on the opponent in the attack.
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2 minutes of compensation are added.
Andrada saves again for Monterrey, after a shot from the left side, he sends a corner kick.
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Janssen attempts a scissor kick, but the ball is a little high and only manages to slice the ball. 
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Monterrey tries to reach the opponent's area, but the defense blocks the ball well, which ends in a counterattack that lacks precision and the ball ends in nothing.
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Esteban Andrada saves Monterrey by sending a dangerous ball to the corner kick, where the felines fail to score and miss the opportunity. 
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Pumas are getting closer and closer to scoring first, but Monterrey have not been able to get out of the midfield to put pressure on Talavera.
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Diogo de Oliveira Barbosa hasn't been good, in his crosses from the right flank he doesn't manage to send a good cross, it goes all the way to the other side. 
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 The universitarios are still in front, looking for the first goal, but they are unable to score, having a lot of difficulties with precision. 
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The match has dropped in intensity, even so, the universitarios are the ones who are reaching the opponent's area the most. 
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Monterrey had the first chance of the match, where Janssen appeared in front of Talavera, but the goalkeeper saved his team.
The match is going from one area to the other.
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The match kicks off

The match between Pumas and Monterrey is ready to kick off at CU, where there is a good start from the fans.
12:58 PMa month ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field to kick off this Liga MX match at CU.
12:53 PMa month ago

Pumas' starting XI

This is the starting XI with which the home team will take the field at CU to face Monterrey. 
12:48 PMa month ago

Monterrey's starting XI

This is the starting XI with which the visitors will take the field at CU to face Pumas. 
12:43 PMa month ago

They are going for Vega

Alexis Vega's time with Club Chivas would be numbered, as he would become a new player for CF Monterrey, according to Willie Gonzalez, Monterrey would be willing to double Alexis Vega's salary in order for him not to renew his contract with Club Chivas.
The amount that Monterrey would pay Alexis Vega would be around 1.2 million dollars per year, that is, approximately 2 million pesos per month.
12:38 PMa month ago

Proud of his team

After earning a ticket to the Concachampions 2022 Final with Pumas, Alan Mozo acknowledged the effort of his teammates after eliminating Cruz Azul.

"It's something unique, we're very happy, I'm very proud of this team, we need everyone to be here and we all worked our hearts out, it's a good reward," he acknowledged after the end of the game.

12:33 PMa month ago

Gallardo and Islas meet again

The last decade has not been the best for the universitarios in terms of talent; for a long time they stopped looking for talent and made do with what came to them. In fact, there were so many criticisms for having elements with "levers", where a couple stood out for their speed and daring. That was the case of Jesús Gallardo and Omar Islas, two players who always went hand in hand until their paths diverged.
12:28 PMa month ago

Special to play against Pumas

Monterrey goes to CU and Jesús Gallardo will once again return to the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, where he started in the First Division, so he considers it special to face the blue and gold team.

"I think it's a personally special match, it's a great rival Pumas, let's hope we do things well there, we have to work the match on Sunday to get a good result, the results have been with us very well, the team has been working well, it's going to be a difficult match against Pumas there, it's a good opportunity to maintain the team's good pace," he said.

12:23 PMa month ago

They dream of the Club World Cup

After eliminating Cruz Azul in the semifinals and reaching the final of the Concachampions, the universitarios are already dreaming of going to the Club World Cup. Although they have already won the tournament, they have not managed to go to the World Cup, since it was created in the year 2000 and the felines won it in 1980, 1982 and 1989.
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Gutiérrez and García, ready for Monterrey

The felines will be able to have the return of two of their most promising players, although injuries have not respected them. Carlos Gutiérrez and Marco García are ready to be considered by Lillini for the game against Monterrey. 
It will be the coach's decision if they are benched or only see action during the weekend with the U-20 team. On Wednesday they had some minutes with Pumas Tabasco in the loss to Atlético Morelia.
12:13 PMa month ago

Farewell to Cristian Battocchio

Cristian Battocchio failed to show his potential and had to terminate his contract long before its normal expiration date, but this is good news for the fans.  His fate is still unknown, but he will remain as one of the worst incorporations of the last few years for the Pumas at a soccer level. 
12:08 PMa month ago

Funes Mori will miss the game

Monterrey will continue to be unable to use Rogelio Funes Mori, who will also be out for Matchday 14. The Mellizo was not included in Víctor Manuel Vucetich's call-up list after not being able to work with the group following the muscle tear he suffered in his right thigh in March. 
12:03 PMa month ago

Janssen fails to score

In Vucetich's second stage with Rayados, they have scored 13 goals in 7 games, but Vincent Janssen has not been able to score in the tournament, despite this, the DT has considered him for this Sunday, mentioning that the Dutchman does contribute to the team, being a starter since matchday 10 against Mazatlan. 
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What time is Pumas vs Monterrey match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Pumas vs Monterrey of 17th April in several countries:

México: 12:00 horas CDMX, TUDN

Argentina: 15:00 horas

Chile: 15:00 horas

Colombia: 12:00 horas

Perú: 12:00 horas

EE.UU.: 14:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 12:00 horas

Uruguay: 14:00 horas

Paraguay: 13:00 horas

España: 19:00 horas

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Where and how to watch Pumas vs Monterrey live

The match will be broadcast on TUDN channels.
Pumas vs Monterrey can be tuned in from Blim TV's live stream.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.
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The two teams have met on 59 occasions, with 21 wins for the universitarios, 13 draws and 25 wins for the regios, leaving the scales in Monterrey's favor, but if Pumas win, they will get closer to those from the north.
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Last 5 games

In the last 5 meetings, the regios have dominated, with 3 wins, leaving one draw and one victory for the felines.
Monterrey 2-0 UNAM, 31.jul.21, 21:00 Aper21
Monterrey 1-0 UNAM, 06.feb.21, Cla21
UNAM 1-1 Monterrey, 12.Aug.20, Aper20
UNAM 1-0 Monterrey, 26.Jan.20, Cla20
Monterrey 2-0 UNAM, 29.Aug.19, Aper19
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How are they doing?

In their last two matches, Pumas have drawn against Puebla in a 2-2 draw last matchday, while in their most recent match in the second leg of the Concachampions semifinal they drew goalless against Cruz Azul.
On the other hand, the Rayados are coming off a 3-1 win over Chivas in a pending match and last matchday, they took the 3 points by the minimum against Santos.
11:28 AMa month ago

Mejía Barón's presence highlighted

Juan Ignacio Dinenno spoke about the presence of Mejía Barón, mentioning that he is not only an eminence for the university team, but also for Mexican soccer.

"Everything that adds, is welcome. From the moment he arrived we knew what he is for Pumas. He is an eminence both for Pumas and for Mexican soccer. He has spoken to each one of us and has conveyed to us what Pumas is for him, which is an extremely important vision," said the Argentinean striker.

11:23 AMa month ago

Favorable history at CU

Although they have only won one of their last 5 matches, the universitarios have home advantage, as in the last 10 matches played at Ciudad Universitaria, the felines have been victorious on 5 occasions, leaving them with 3 draws and 2 defeats.
11:18 AMa month ago

Watch out for this Pumas player

Juan Ignacio Dinenno has been vital in the Puma forward line, he was crucial in the first leg of the semifinals against Pumas, together with Alan Mozo, they have been important for the club, so they could cause quite a few problems for the northern side.
Source: Imago 7
Source: Imago 7
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Watch out for this Monterrey player

Maximiliano Meza, midfielder of the Rayados has played the most minutes possible in the tournament, scoring 6 goals in 32 games.
Source: Imago 7
Source: Imago 7
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The Refereeing Committee of the Mexican Soccer Federation appointed Erick Yair Miranda Galindo as the main referee, Michel Alejandro Morales Morales and Mauricio Nieto Torres as assistant referees, while Jesús Rafael López Valle will be the fourth official.
11:03 AMa month ago

They are looking for Lilini

After Michel Leaño's departure from Chivas, several people close to the institution mentioned that Andrés Lilini was offered the job prior to the semifinal against Cruz Azul, which the coach did not think was a bad idea, mentioning that, if they did not win the ticket, he would enter into talks with them, but if they win against the Americans, the possibilities will be null and void.
10:58 AMa month ago

They will keep Lilini

The Pumas are working to keep Andrés Lillini on the Auriazul bench. He has been offered two more years, and there is a good relationship to renew his contract. It should be remembered that the coach's contract ends in June of this year and there are several teams interested.
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