Goals and Highlights: Santos Laguna 1-1 Queretaro in Liga MX


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The game ends in a draw.
9:58 PMa month ago


Goooooooool Santos! Carrillo heads in a header to tie the match.
9:54 PMa month ago


Aguerre clears Suárez shot.
9:47 PMa month ago


Santos misses a clear opportunity in front of the goalkeeper.
9:45 PMa month ago


Barrera gets corner kick.
9:37 PMa month ago


Querétaro is saved.
9:30 PMa month ago


Goooooooooooool for Querétaro! Torres' own goal after a series of rebounds.
9:26 PMa month ago


Barrera shoots inside the area and sends the ball wide.
9:24 PMa month ago


Acevedo saves Santos after Angulo's arrival.
9:21 PMa month ago


Angulo tries on the left.
9:07 PMa month ago


The second half begins.
8:51 PMa month ago


End of the first half.
8:47 PMa month ago


Preciado tries again a shot outside the area.
8:40 PMa month ago


Gorriarán shoots with an open goal and the ball goes wide.
8:35 PMa month ago


Dória attempts a shot from outside the area.
8:30 PMa month ago


Escamilla tries from distance.
8:23 PMa month ago


Preciado shoots outside the area but the goalkeeper saves.
8:17 PMa month ago


A shot from outside the area goes just over Queretaro's goal.
8:11 PMa month ago

Santos tried from the right but the defense cleared the ball.
8:02 PMa month ago

Start the game.
7:56 PMa month ago

Teams are warming up

Minutes before kickoff, the teams warmed up:
7:50 PMa month ago

Querétaro starting XI

This is how the visiting team takes the field: 
Querétaro Starting XI/Image:Club_Querétaro
Queretaro Starting XI/Image:Club_Queretaro
7:45 PMa month ago

Santos starting XI

This is how the home team comes out:
Initial Xi Santos/Image:CubSantos
Initial Xi Santos/Image:CubSantos
7:40 PMa month ago

The second half will be key

Queretaro is the team that concedes the fewest goals in the second half with five, while its rival Santos is one of the teams that concedes the most goals with a total of fourteen.
7:35 PMa month ago

The local team arrives

This is how the home team arrived at the stadium:
7:30 PMa month ago

Santos hopes to improve its winning streak

If Santos Laguna wins today, they will match their best four-game home winning streak achieved in 2020.
7:25 PMa month ago

Queretaro looks like a good visitor

Los Gallos Blancos have only lost once in their last six Liga MX away games, but have gone thirty-five games without a win away from home.  
7:20 PMa month ago

Santos vs Queretaro a winner-takes-all matchup

Santos vs Queretaro is a duel where there have been no draws since 2016, during those duels Santos has taken eight wins, while Querétaro only two, that makes you think that today's game will be entertaining.
7:15 PMa month ago

We continue

Thank you for following the Santos vs Queretaro Liga MX game, this afternoon we are expecting a great game as both teams are looking for a place in the playoffs and with the end of the tournament very close, losing points could be fatal.
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Where and how to watch Santos Laguna vs Queretaro live online

The match will be broadcasted on TV by TUDN.

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Watch out for this Querétaro player

Angel Sepulveda, a 31-year-old Mexican striker, is currently Querétaro's top scorer with 5 goals, and has been present in all the games played this tournament, starting 12 of them.
6:55 PMa month ago

Watch out for this Santos player

Harold Preciado, the 27-year-old Colombian striker has played ten games this season and started nine of them. He is currently Santos' top scorer with 6 goals and is fundamental for Santos to still aspire to the playoffs.
6:50 PMa month ago

Last alignment of Querétaro

Aguerre, Mendoza, Vera, Martínez, Balanta, Escamilla, Hernández, Sequeira, Sepúlveda, Barrera, Angulo.
6:45 PMa month ago

Last alignment of Santos

Acevedo, Campos, Dória, Torres, Orrantia, Lozano, Cervantes, Rivas, Suárez, Preciado, Aguirre.
6:40 PMa month ago


Querétaro 2-3 Santos 

Santos 5-0 Querétaro

Querétaro 1-0 Santos

Santos 2-1 Querétaro

Santos 1-0 Querétaro


6:35 PMa month ago

Arbitration Quartet

Central: Cesar Ramos, Assistants: Miguel Hernández, Michel Caballero, Fourth official: Abraham Quirarte.
6:30 PMa month ago

Querétaro in need of victories

Querétaro is one of the teams that has been consistently in the last places for several tournaments now, with only twelve points the Gallos Blancos are in sixteenth position, although the team has a good roster they are not able to get victories, in this tournament they are the team that has the most ties which has helped them not to be lower in the table, however together with Juárez they are one of the teams that have only two victories, the playoffs do not seem so far away, however, it would no longer depend entirely on them if they do not win as soon as possible, the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro lost the support of their fans in the stadium and playing at home no longer gives them any advantage, with four games left for the end of the season they must risk more to seek victory and be in the playoffs, otherwise they will be saying goodbye in a bad way as the team will be sold and probably change city.
Querétaro seeks playoffs/Image: Club_Queretaro
Querétaro seeks playoffs/Image: Club_Queretaro
6:25 PMa month ago

Santos Laguna

Santos Laguna prior to the start of the tournament was a team that promised a lot because of the quality of the players on the roster and because Caixinha was returning to lead them, the start of the tournament was very complicated and the results were not as expected, the team lost to Montreal in the Concacaf Champions League and their coach was dismissed, with that change they had an improvement since they were not defeated until this last matchday where they lost to Rayados by the minimum, Currently they are in the thirteenth position with fifteen points, in order to qualify for the playoffs, Santos needs to obtain as many points as possible in the rest of their matches so as not to depend on other teams, the calendar does not look so complicated so if they do not qualify it will be entirely due to things they failed to do, Querétaro is a rival that is not going through a good moment and could win at home. 
Santos' last victory against Querétaro/Image: Club Santos
Santos' last victory against Querétaro/Image: Club Santos
6:20 PMa month ago

Playoff tickets begin to be distributed

The 14th round of the Liga MX is being played and many teams are in the fight for the playoffs, some of them could even be enough to qualify directly, the clash between Santos vs Querétaro will be a duel to get closer to the playoffs since both are at the bottom of the table and if they do not start to get three points, they will remain as one of the six worst teams in the league.
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