Highlights: Middlesbrough 0-2 Huddersfield in EFL Championship
Bournemouth vs Middlesbrough // Source: Middlesbrough 


9:25 AMa month ago

90'|End of the match

End of the match. The match ends with the victory of Huddersfield who get three very important points. Middlesbrough tried but could not beat Nicholls.
9:20 AMa month ago

88'| To the crossbar

The Middlesbrough player's shot hits the crossbar. The rebound is picked up by Tavernier and blocked by Pipa. The visitors are saved
9:10 AMa month ago

79'|Tavernier tries

Tavernier tries from a free kick but the shot is not on target. The score is still 0-2. Middlesbrough tries
9:01 AMa month ago

71'| Bamba saves the third

Bamba saves the third goal after Koroma's shot. The match has a lot of rhythm and the atmosphere is heating up. A lot is at stake
8:54 AMa month ago

60'| Rhodes goal

Huddersfield goal. Goal by Rhodes. The striker increases the lead to two goals thanks to the goal from the number 9. The locals have to react if they want to get something favorable.
8:45 AMa month ago

52'|Daniels' save

Koroma had a one-on-one with Daniels, where the goalkeeper won. A save that saved the 0-2
8:38 AMa month ago

46'| Second half begins

The players return from the locker room. The second half begins. The locals put it in play and have 45 minutes to turn the score around.
8:22 AMa month ago

45'|End of first half

The first 45 minutes of the match are over. The players go to the changing rooms where Huddersfield wins momentarily.
8:15 AMa month ago

41'|Sarr's goal

Goal for the visitors. Goal by Sarr. From a free kick on the left flank, Rhodes assisted the goal scorer with a header from close range. The visitors take the lead
8:11 AMa month ago

37'|Tavernier out

Middlesbrough tried through Tavernier's shot. The number seven shot very badly and missed the target. Still 0-0
8:04 AMa month ago

30'|Daniels saves again

What a save by Daniels. Once again the home keeper saved his team. Sarr headed an aerial ball but Daniels sent it for a corner.
8:02 AMa month ago

27'| Bamba Session

Indirect foul for Huddersfield. Bamba delayed the ball to the goalkeeper who had to catch it with his hands because it was heading for the home goal. They are going to shoot it... Daniels' save
7:58 AMa month ago

23'|Penalty call

The home side claimed a penalty against Jones in a fight for the ball with the Huddersfield center-back. The referee does not signal anything
7:43 AMa month ago

11'|Attempt by the visitors

Thomas tries. He took a shot from a long way out. The ball went over the crossbar. Still 0-0
7:32 AMa month ago

0'|Meeting begins

The match kicks off in England. England blows the first whistle. The visitors start the game and get the first corner kick.
7:12 AMa month ago

Huddersfield line-up

Corberan has chosen his eleven for this match. This will be the starting eleven: Nicholls, Lees, Sarr, Turton, Pipa, Hog, Russell, O'Brien, Toffolo, Thomas and Rhodes. 
7:12 AMa month ago

Middlesbrough line-up

Wilder has already selected his starting eleven. It consists of: Daniels, Dijksteel, Bamba, McNair, Jones, Tavernier, Howson, McGree, Bola, Watmore and Sporar. 
7:12 AMa month ago

We already have line-ups

Less than thirty minutes left for the start of the match and both coaches have already selected their starting lineups. First we go with Middlesbrough's line-up 
7:11 AMa month ago


The referee for Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield is England England who will referee both teams at the Riverside Stadium. 
7:09 AMa month ago

Who will win?

Less than an hour to go until kick-off in the match between Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield at the Riverside Stadium. Who will win the match between Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield?
7:09 AMa month ago

They are already at the Stadium

Both teams arrived at the Riverside Stadium a short while ago. In a few minutes they will go out to warm up for the match.
7:09 AMa month ago

We are here

Hello again. We are back to report on the match between Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield. Follow the online broadcast of this match on VAVEL.
2:08 PMa month ago

Stay tuned to follow Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield live.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield live, as well as the latest information coming out of England. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
2:03 PMa month ago

Possible Huddersfield line-up

Carlos Corberan may line up with the following players for the match against Middlesbrough. Nicholls, Turton, Lees, Colwill, Toffolo, Hogg, Russell, Sinani, O'Brien, Thomas and Ward. The visitors will be without Pearson, Aarons, Schofield and Alex Vallejo for this game. 

1:58 PMa month ago

Possible Middlesbrough lineup

Chris Wilder may field the following starting eleven to face Huddersfield. Daniels, Dijksteel, Bamba, McNair, Jones, Crooks, Howson, Tavernier, Bola, Connolly, Waltmore. Middlesbrough will be without Fry. 
1:53 PMa month ago

Match Schedule

This is the start time of the game Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield of 18th April 2022 in several countries:

Argentina: 09:30 AM.
Bolivia: 08:30 AM.
Brazil: 09:30 AM.
Chile: 08:30 AM.
Colombia: 07:30 AM.
Ecuador: 07:30 AM.
USA (ET): 08:30 AM.
Spain: 13:30 PM.
Mexico: 06:30 AM.
Paraguay: 09:30 AM.
Peru: 08:30 AM.
Uruguay: 09:30 AM.
Venezuela: 08:30 AM.

1:48 PMa month ago

Where to watch

The match between Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield can be watched on the channel of both teams. Also, if you want to follow the match online, you can keep up to date with what is happening in the match and the score on VAVEL. 

1:43 PMa month ago

Last match between them

On November 27, 2021 the two teams met at The John Smith's Stadium for the first leg in the Championship, where the home side lost to Middlesbrough, ending with 1-2 on the scoreboard. The match was from the 20th round of the Championship. Waltmore scored a brace in the first 23 minutes of the match to make the score 0-2. At the end of the match the home side scored thanks to Daniels, who scored an own goal. 
1:38 PMa month ago

How the visitors are faring

The visitors are in seventh position with 63 points. Wilder's team is two points away from the promotion playoffs, where Sheffield United is positioned with 65 points. 

1:33 PMa month ago

How the home side are coming into the game

Middlesbrough are in third place with 70 points. They are currently inside the promotion playoff places. They are four points away from the direct promotion places where Bournemouth are positioned with 74 points. 

1:28 PMa month ago

Huddersfield's last match

For their part, Huddersfield hosted QPR at The John Smith's Stadium, where they drew, 2-2. This match was crucial for both teams, who were playing for the playoffs for promotion to the Premier League. The home side took the lead thanks to Barbet's own goal in the sixth minute of the match. The advantage on the scoreboard would end on the verge of halftime with a goal by Amos. On the way back from the break, both teams scored a goal for their team. First, Toffolo made it 2-1 and Chair equalized again to make the score level. 
1:23 PMa month ago

Middlesbrough's last match

Middlesbrough played away from their home stadium, at the Vitality Stadium, where they drew 0-0 against Bournemouth, on matchday 42 of the EFL Championship. This match was a fight for a place to be promoted to the Premier League, where the locals are, at the moment, qualified to go up directly. Parker's side tried throughout the game but failed to find the net after firing eight shots at Daniels' goal. However, the visitors had a total of five shots. In the end, the points were shared. 
1:18 PMa month ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of Middlesbrough vs Huddersfield this Monday, April 18 at 13.30 Spanish time. The match corresponds to the 43rd round of the EFL Championship. Follow the online broadcast and all the information about both teams on VAVEL.