Goals and Highlights Pachuca 1-0 Puebla: in Liga MX
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It's over

The Tuzos won by the narrowest of margins and, with Tigres' defeat, secured first place, against a desperate side that did not know how to approach the game.
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Yellow card for Israel Reyes, who with Salas will not be able to play in the next match due to accumulation of cards. 
9:53 PMa month ago


8 minutes of compensation are added. 
Yellow card for Javier Salas
9:48 PMa month ago


Pachuca substitute Víctor Guzmán and Erick Sánchez for Jesús Trindade and Bryan González.
9:43 PMa month ago


Pachuca once again created danger in the Puebla area, despite being down a man, they again crashed the ball against the left post.
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Puebla substitution, Diego de Buen comes off for Raúl Castillo.
Pachuca substitute Romario Ibarra for Yairo Moreno.
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Puebla is saved, Chávez takes a shot after a free kick that hits Silva's crossbar.
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The strip is desperate for a goal, they try to hit Ustari's goal, but the latter has managed to block the shots.
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Puebla substitution, Martin Barragán comes off for Jordi Cortizo. Puebla substitution, Gustavo Ferrareis replaces Emilio González.
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Puebla continues to lead, but when in front of Ustari's goal, the goalkeeping has not been good. 
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Puebla substitute Diego Zago Gavito and Ángel Robles for Daniel Aguilar and Fernando Aristeguieta.
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After the expulsion, Almada makes a change, replacing Avilés Hurtado with Geisson Perea.
9:03 PMa month ago


Pachuca players and coaching staff complain to the referee about the infraction, they look upset after the red card. 
8:58 PMa month ago


Oscar Murillo is shown a straight red card for a kick to Barragán, who is left lying on his back and medical assistance is called in.
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Puebla started with everything in this second half, trying to go forward, forcing the Tuzos to retreat into their area. 
Gustavo Cabral receives a yellow card after hitting Memo Martínez as he jumped for the ball. 
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The second half of the second half of the momentary victory for the Tuzos begins, with the Puebla side hoping for a draw or a turnaround.
8:43 PMa month ago


The first half of the match came to an end, with the Tuzos taking a momentary lead and the Puebla players not knowing how to approach the game after the goal.
8:38 PMa month ago


2 minutes of compensation are added. 
8:33 PMa month ago


The Larcaboys try to go forward, but are unable to score in a good way. 
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Luis Chávez is knocked down after being stepped on by Ivo Váquez, only the foul was flagged, but no card was issued.
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The Tuzos are in front, but try to score the second with a shot outside the area, where Kevin Álvarez has been constant, but Silva has managed to clear the ball. 
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Memo Martínez claims a foul against him after sweeping and trying to get to the ball in front of Ustari. 
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Macuello shot into the Tuza area, after a good start by Camo, but decided to hit it outside the area and the ball went over.
8:08 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Nicolás Lacarmón for protesting. 
8:03 PMa month ago


La Franja begins to have more chances than Los Tuzos, but they still can't do any damage to the opponent's goal, but they begin to keep the ball in the net.
7:58 PMa month ago


Pachuca gained confidence after the goal, having more scoring opportunities, but Puebla did not lag behind and began to drive into Ustari's area.
7:53 PMa month ago


GOOOOOL! for Pachuca, Víctor Guzmán opens the scoring after 10 minutes of play, after a corner kick, Pocho found himself alone to head in and score the first goal.
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Pachuca starts with the advantage, having the first chance, which Silva saved well. The Puebla players are slowly trying to manage the ball. 
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The match kicks off

The match between Pachuca and Puebla is ready to begin at the Hidalgo Stadium, where there is a good turnout of spectators.
7:38 PMa month ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field to kick off this Liga MX match at the Hidalgo Stadium.
7:33 PMa month ago

It will be difficult to return to the Libertadores

After the invitation from Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol, to CF Pachuca and Club León to participate in the Copa Libertadores, but the leader of the Tuzos, Armando Martínez, sees the return of the Liga MX clubs as difficult.

"We would be happy if we were given permission by the League and Concacaf, but it's going to be a little difficult. What we have to do is to get closer to the logistics", stated Martínez in an interview for Marca Claro.

7:28 PMa month ago

Puebla's starting XI

This is the starting XI with which the visitors will take the field at the Hidalgo Stadium to face Pachuca.
7:23 PMa month ago

90% capacity approved

The match between Pachuca vs Puebla at the Hidalgo Stadium will be the one that starts the 15th matchday, after this it was announced that the stadium will have a 90% capacity for this match, where Puebla could win again as in their last away match.
7:18 PMa month ago

Pachuca's starting XI

This is the starting XI with which the home team will take the field at the Hidalgo Stadium against Puebla. 
7:13 PMa month ago

They show interest in Larcarmon

Despite the fact that El León currently has Ariel Holan, Jesús Martínez Jr already has in mind the Argentinean tactician Nicolás Larcarmón, according to journalist Omar Rodríguez there would be a condition for him to arrive, if Holan does not win the title he could leave.
7:08 PMa month ago

They are looking for a striker

After scoring the only goal of the game in the victory against León, Fernando Aristeguieta awakened the interest of Cruz Azul, who are looking for a striker after Angulo's departure, according to several media reports.
7:03 PMa month ago

Speaks after the absences

In view of the suspensions and injuries that the squad is facing, the coach of the Camoteros, Nicolás Larcamón, highlighted this in an extremely intelligent approach to achieve victory, as was the case in the previous match against León.

"The preparation for the match against Pachuca, obviously we have little time, it is going to be demanding due to some of the absences we have, we are going to have to think carefully now because (Juan Pablo) Segovia has also been suspended, he is another player we have to leave, but just as we do in every match, the group is clear that everyone is important, at any moment they can step into the ring, there are plenty of examples that no matter who they play, the team responds and that leaves us very calm".

6:58 PMa month ago

Keep your feet on the ground

The Tuzos have secured their direct ticket to the Playoffs, and coach Guillermo Almada asked his players not to get overconfident and to continue working as if they had achieved nothing.

"We have to keep our feet on the ground, continue with the same humility and dosing. We have to continue with this consistency that we have had throughout the tournament," he said.

6:53 PMa month ago

Focused on the final phase

The Uruguayan strategist, Guillermo Almada, mentioned that Pachuca must be focused on having a good final phase, as it is a different stage, in which all qualified teams have the same opportunity to be champions.

"We are going to arrive very strong, because another different tournament is starting, because any mistake or any match can leave you out and we are clear about that. We have our sights set on having a good Liguilla", he stated.

6:48 PMa month ago

Gets minutes

After many matches without playing, Geisson Perea stood out in the match against Monterrey, playing his first minutes in Liga MX, showing great level in the defense, so Almada could consider him for the final phase.
6:43 PMa month ago

Refereeing quartet

Oscar Mejía García will be the referee for the match between Tuzos and Poblanos, the flag bearers will be José Ibrahim Martínez Chavarria and Jessica Fernanda Morales Morales, the fourth official will be Jorge Abraham Camacho Peregrina.
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What time is Pachuca vs Puebla match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Pachuca vs Puebla of 19th April in several countries:

México: 19:00 horas CDMX, Fox Sports

Argentina: 22:00 horas

Chile: 22:00 horas

Colombia: 19:00 horas

Perú: 19:00 horas

EE.UU.: 20:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 19:00 horas

Uruguay: 21:00 horas

Paraguay: 20:00 horas

España: 02:00 horas

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Both teams have met on 46 occasions, leaving 18 wins for the Tuzos, 18 draws and 14 wins for the Puebla side, so a win would move the Tuzos away from the ties, this duel is crucial for the top of the table.
6:23 PMa month ago

Last 5 matches

In the last 5 encounters, the dominance has been for the tuzos, having 4 wins, leaving one victory for the LarcaBoys.
Puebla 1-2 Pachuca, 01.Oct.21, Ape21
Pachuca 1-3 Puebla, 12.Apr.21, Cla21
Puebla 0-1 Pachuca, 14.Aug.20, Ape20
Pachuca 1-0 Puebla, 15.Feb.20, Cla20
Puebla 0-4 Pachuca, 16.Aug.19, Ape19
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How are they doing?

Pachuca is coming off a 2-1 win over Bravos de Juárez, a victory that puts them in the fight for the lead, as Tigres is at the top on goal difference, both with 32 points, so a win and a combination of results could put them at the top.
Puebla has just won by the minimum score against the Panzas Verdes of León, in a match full of cards, but the Pueblanos will be looking for a victory to secure direct playoff places, as they are currently in third place with 26 points.
6:13 PMa month ago

Tied for playoff berth

After the win against León, they reached 26 points in the general table in third place, which assures them of being in the next phase of the Liga MX, but depending on the results of these last matches, they will define whether they will go on to the quarterfinals or play in the playoffs.
6:08 PMa month ago

Losses for La Franja

The injury to Maxi Araujo and the expulsions of Pablo Parra and Alberto Herrera, Parra had received the first caution at 73 and had to leave at 77 after, in a counterattack attempt, Parra slapped Víctor Dávila and while he was taking time to leave the field, he also argued with La Fiera goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota, where the expulsion provoked the fury of the fans.
6:03 PMa month ago

Watch out for this Puebla player

Fernando Aristeguieta is the striker of La Franja who has come from less to more, taking advantage of the few minutes he has, in the last match his goal was the one that gave the victory to La Franja. 
Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images
5:58 PMa month ago

Watch out for this Pachuca player

Nico Ibáñez is the team's top scorer, fighting for the goal-scoring lead against Gignac, where the Frenchman beats them by two goals. The Argentinean has 9 goals, so the match against Puebla could motivate him to tie or surpass the Tigres player.
Source: Mexsport
Source: Mexsport
5:53 PMa month ago

Ticket to the liguilla secured

With nine points remaining, the Pachuca Tuzos have already secured their place in the Clausura 2022 playoffs. The Hidalguenses have 32 points and a 10-point lead over fifth place, so even if they lose in the last three rounds, they would only drop to third place.
5:48 PMa month ago

Tribute to Calero

In the warm-up prior to the match, the goalkeepers of the Hidalgo team wore an eye-catching outfit. Oscar Ustari, like Carlos Moreno, wore a uniform that was characterized for being those worn by Pachuca's idol, Miguel Calero, during his time as goalkeeper for the Tuzos, as well as bearing the name of the legendary goalkeeper on the dorsal.
Through social networks, Pachuca dedicated the match and the victory to its former goalkeeper: "A triumph dedicated to the sky for our Condor. We put on the 1 in Ciudad Juarez and took the 3 points!"
5:43 PMa month ago

Refereeing was not a factor

Nicolas Lacarmón, Puebla's head coach, spoke about the referee's work in the game, stating that he was not a factor during the duel and that despite the details of the foul qualification, he was not a determining factor in the final score.

"He played a good role, I don't feel that he influenced the development of the game, there are plays that maybe you analyze and there are more serious fouls that are not cautioned at a certain moment of the game, but I think he played a good role", he said.

5:38 PMa month ago


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