Goals and Highlights: Mineros 2-0 Tlaxcala in Liga Expansion MX 2022
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8:54 PMa year ago

Goals and Highlights

8:00 PMa year ago


It's over! Mineros beats Tlaxcala two goals to zero and sneaks into the Clausura 2022 Playoffs.
7:52 PMa year ago


Dangerous header from the Coyotes' saga, but the ball ends up going over the goal.
7:47 PMa year ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mineros! Dangerous shot by Monreal and the ball ends up in the back of the net.
7:46 PMa year ago


Change of Miners. Mascorro is replaced by Rodríguez.
7:45 PMa year ago


Goalkeeper! Great save by Ruíz after a strong shot by Meza.
7:40 PMa year ago


Tlaxcala seeks to tie the game, but fails to define correctly.
7:33 PMa year ago


Changes for both teams. Tlaxcala substituted Martín Bravo and Salazar for Molina and González. Mineros substituted López and Melo for Cota and Sánchez.
7:24 PMa year ago


The locals are saved! Bravo's shot, but the defense sweeps in and prevents him from shooting properly.
7:22 PMa year ago


Morales' cross, but the ball is rejected by the locals.
7:17 PMa year ago


Cannon shot by the Coyotes, but Gonzalez ends up holding the ball.
7:09 PMa year ago


The match restarts, the last forty-five minutes are underway and will define the team that will enter the Liguilla.
6:51 PMa year ago


At the end of the first half, Mineros momentarily beats Coyotes.
6:48 PMa year ago


A dangerous shot, but Ruíz again appeared to keep the ball.
6:43 PMa year ago


Razo's shot after Bravo's cross, but the ball goes into the stands.
6:35 PMa year ago


Goalkeeper! Blanco's shot, but after a good save by Ruíz, the ball goes into the stands.
6:28 PMa year ago


Service looking for Martin Bravo, but Gonzalez holds the ball.
6:25 PMa year ago


Change from Tlaxcala. Hernandez is replaced by Enhelgart.
6:21 PMa year ago


Goal, goal, goal for Mineros! Mascorro enters the box, gets past several defenders and ends up opening the scoring.
6:14 PMa year ago


Offside! Tlaxcala scored the first, but the referee flagged Bravo offside.
6:11 PMa year ago


A good intervention by the visitors prevented the ball from reaching Meza.
6:03 PMa year ago


The meeting starts in Zacatecas.
6:01 PMa year ago

Tlaxcala: LineUp

G. Ruíz; F. Santillán, B. Salazar, C. Aguirre, E. Mendoza; A. Soto, L. Razo, E. Hernández, L. Morales, J. Becerril; M. Bravo.
6:01 PMa year ago

Mineros: LineUp

O. González; E. Monreal, S. Ceballos, H. Torres; J. Plascencia, H. Meza, J. Blanco, R. Cota, J. Henestrosa; H. Mascorro, J. López.
5:51 PMa year ago

To the court

Both teams are already on the pitch and will be looking to get into their best form by warming up before kick-off.
5:46 PMa year ago

All set!

Coyotes is already at the Carlos Vega Villalba stadium and is ready to give the surprise and qualify to the Liguilla.

5:41 PMa year ago

At home

Mineros is already at home and will be looking to be victorious at home and with their people, in order to continue giving them joy.
5:36 PMa year ago

Let's take care of the goal!

Mineros finished the tournament with 23 goals scored, so the Coyotes defense will be looking to prevent them from getting close to their goal.
5:31 PMa year ago

Watch out for this player

Fernando Plascencia is the player who has made the most successful passes in this Clausura 2022, totaling 713 passes.
5:26 PMa year ago

What a tip!

The coach of Mineros, Alexis Moreno, has been present in the four final phases that have been played in the Expansion League, the coach is 32 years old.
5:21 PMa year ago

Watch out for this player

Martín Bravo is the player that the Minera defense must pay special attention to. The forward has scored two goals after joining the Coyotes at the beginning of the campaign and will be looking to add more in this phase.
5:16 PMa year ago

Historic duels

There have been four matches that these teams have played against each other, of which Tlaxcala dominates the series with three wins to Mineros' one, while they have not tied on any occasion.
5:11 PMa year ago

We are back!

We're back to bring you minute-by-minute coverage of the Mineros-Tlaxcala match. We will shortly share with you the most relevant information about both teams as well as the confirmed lineups.
5:06 PMa year ago

Stay tuned for the Mineros vs Tlaxcala live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Mineros vs Tlaxcala live, as well as the latest information from Carlos Vega Villalba Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match. 
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Tlaxcala Statements

Jonathan Estrada, coach of the Coyotes de Tlaxcala, spoke after defeating Tampico: "We are happy, the first objective was to qualify, fortunately we achieved it but we can't take things too far, of course we can aspire to be champions but we have to go step by step".

"We must understand that the first objective was achieved and now it is a new beginning and what we have already done does not count, we have to understand that we are starting from scratch."

4:51 PMa year ago

Mineros Statements

Alexis Moreno dedicated a few words to the media: "We are happy, the first objective was to qualify, fortunately we achieved it but we can't take the bells off, of course we can aspire to be champions but we have to go step by step".

"We must understand that the first objective was achieved and now it is a new beginning and what we have already done does not count, we have to understand that we are starting from scratch."

4:46 PMa year ago

Last lineup Tlaxcala

Gerardo Ruíz; Bryan Salazar, César Aguirre, Aldhair Molina, Efrén Mendoza; Antonio Soto, Luis Razo, Emmanuel Hernández, Luis Morales, Jonatan Becerril; Martín Bravo.
4:41 PMa year ago

Last lineup Mineros

Óscar González; Ernesto Monreal, Diego Campillo, Sergio Ceballos, Horacio Cervantes; José Plascencia, Hardy Meza, Juan Blanco, Johan Rodríguez, Rosario Cota; Héctor Mascorro.
4:36 PMa year ago

In search of a surprise

Tlaxcala qualified for the playoffs after defeating Tampico by the minimum score on the last matchday, however, this afternoon they will be looking to surprise, after not giving good results in the first matchdays, and qualify for the Liguilla.

4:31 PMa year ago

For the Playoffs!

Mineros arrives at this game in fifth place after losing to Atlante in the last game of the season.

4:26 PMa year ago

For a place!

This afternoon, Tlaxcala and Mineros will be looking to come out victorious in this match and beat their opponents in order to get into the Liguilla and become champions.
4:21 PMa year ago

The match will be played at Carlos Vega Villalba Stadium.

The Mineros vs Tlaxcala game will be played at Carlos Vega Villalba Stadium, located in Zacatecas, Zacatecas. The stadium has capacity for 20,068 people. 
4:16 PMa year ago

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