Goal and Highlights: Atlante 1-0 Venados in Liga Expansion MX
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Thank you for following the Atlante vs. Venados game in the Liga MX Expansion League. See you next time.
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End game

Atlante 1-0 Venados.
7:51 PMa month ago


Escobar leaves and Reyes enters, Atlante change.
7:46 PMa month ago


The referee retracts and it will be grounded. No penalty.
7:41 PMa month ago


Penalty kick in favor of Atlante after a strong collision between the goalkeeper and González.
7:36 PMa month ago


Mayo's easy cross into the hands of Hernandez. Five more minutes are added.
7:31 PMa month ago


For faking the foul, Wilson has been cautioned.
7:26 PMa month ago


Soto and Ramírez enter

Bermúdez and Figueroa leave the team.

Atlante changes

7:21 PMa month ago


Tejeda and Silva enter

Costa and Domínguez leave

Atlante changes

7:16 PMa month ago


Disparo de media distancia de González que pasa cerca. Hubo tres cambios de Venados.
7:11 PMa month ago


Gastón Oblede, Atlante assistant coach, was cautioned.
7:06 PMa month ago


Costa's header at the near post goes slightly wide.
7:01 PMa month ago


Cardozo's long distance shot from Cardozo reaches the hands of Gansito.
6:56 PMa month ago


Lora enters and Herrera leaves, Venados change.
6:51 PMa month ago


Alfonso Luna has been cautioned by Venados.
6:46 PMa month ago


The goalkeeper was making a mistake and the Venados defense inside the six-yard box blocked the ball.
6:41 PMa month ago


Micolta enters and Perez leaves, Venados change.
6:36 PMa month ago


Cardozo's direct free kick hit the base of the post and Venados came close to equalizing.
6:31 PMa month ago


Ramiro Costa has been cautioned for a caballazo.
6:26 PMa month ago


Souza with the filtered service too long for Souza.
6:21 PMa month ago


The second half begins between Atlante and Venados.
6:16 PMa month ago

Half time

Atlante 1-0 Venados.
6:11 PMa month ago


Two more minutes are added.
6:06 PMa month ago


Ramiro Costa was offside when the second goal had already been scored.
6:01 PMa month ago


A header on Sanchez and the referee awards a foul in favor of Atlante.
5:56 PMa month ago


Ramiro Costa's header goes wide. Atlante comes close.
5:51 PMa month ago


Bermudez's shot is deflected by the goalkeeper and hits the crossbar.
5:46 PMa month ago


Partida's shot from half distance goes over the top of the goal.
5:41 PMa month ago


The game is stopped because it is time for rehydration.
5:36 PMa month ago


Costa's header from the near post goes wide.
5:31 PMa month ago


The free kick service is too far and it will be a goal kick for Atlante.
5:26 PMa month ago


The second goal had already been scored by Escobar at the far post.
5:21 PMa month ago

Goal Atlante 1-0

5:16 PMa month ago


Lopez's rather weak header into the hands of Gansito.
5:11 PMa month ago


Cuba Sanchez's long throw is too long and it will be lateral from deep for Venados.
5:06 PMa month ago


Atlante Goal

Dominguez counter-attacked the ball and cleared the ball in front of the goalkeeper to make the score 1-0.

5:01 PMa month ago


Noya lies down and the referee stops the action for review.
4:56 PMa month ago


Little clarity from both teams at the dawn of the game.
4:51 PMa month ago


The game between Atlante and Venados kicks off from the Mexican capital.
4:46 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff at the Estadio Ciudad de los Deportes between Atlante and Venados.
4:41 PMa month ago

The stadium

This is what the mythical Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium looks like where the teams are warming up on the field:
Image: Paola Granados Twitter
Image: Paola Granados Twitter
4:36 PMa month ago

Venados substitutes

30 Alejandro Dogre

14 Ángel González

26 Héctor Ortegón

22 Alexis Vázques

25 Miguel Mayo

2 Félix Micolta

11 Sleyther Lore

20 Patricio Zerecero

152 Gamaliel Sánchez

4:31 PMa month ago

Atlante substitutes

24 Rodrigo Cerecedo

15 Francisco Ramírez

16 Francisco Reyes

19 Omar Soto

7 Duilio Tejeda

8 Jonathan Martínez

10 Alfonso Tamay

25 Eleuterio Jiménez

31 Diego Martínez

21 Wilson Silva

4:26 PMa month ago

XI Venados

28 Rafael Ramírez, 3 Rodrigo González, 4 Rodrigo Noya, 5 Juan Martínez, 6 Alfonso Luna, 7 Manuel Pérez, 10 Eduardo Fernández, 29 Neri Cardozo, 9 Eduardo Herrera, 17 Mauro Pérez, 21 Ángel López.
4:21 PMa month ago

XI Atlante

20 Humberto Hernández; 4 Jonathan Sánchez, 6 Edson Partida, 14 Rolando González, 28 Elbis Souza, 11 Brian Figueroa, 18 Christian Bermúdez, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Domínguez, 23 Ramiro Costa.
4:16 PMa month ago

The Gansito

Hernandez was able to keep five clean sheets in goal in the regular season, was one of the best defenders and missed a couple of games due to injury:
4:11 PMa month ago

They can make a difference

These two players, Bermudez for Atlante and Herrera for Venados will be the players to watch and could make the difference for this game:
4:06 PMa month ago

Collecting revenge

Venados de Mérida were eliminated last season at the hands of these same Potros del Atlante, so they will be looking to eliminate the champions and spoil their party for their 106 years of history.
4:01 PMa month ago


Atlante finished undefeated at home with four wins and four draws, winning the last three against the top five in the general table, Alebrijes, Morelia and Mineros de Zacatecas.
3:56 PMa month ago


The reigning champion, Atlante, wants to get into the playoffs and avoid the re-qualification round when they face Venados de Mérida. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the Liga de Expansión MX playoffs.
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What time is Atlante vs Venados match for Liga Expansion MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Atlante vs Venados of April 21st in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM

Bolivia: 6:00 PM

Brazil: 7:00 PM

Chile: 7:00 PM

Colombia: 5:00 PM

Ecuador: 5:00 PM

United States (ET): 6:00 PM on TUDN

Spain: 12:00 AM

Mexico: 5:00 PM on FOX Sports, ESPN, VIX, Claro Sports and Star +

Paraguay: 7:00 PM

Peru: 5:00 PM

Uruguay: 5:00 PM

3:41 PMa month ago

Last games

The Azulgranas have the advantage in the last five matches, with three wins to one draw and one loss, although this season they met on the first matchday in Yucatán and the home team took the victory on the final stretch.

Venados Mérida 1-0 Atlante, Clausura 2022

Atlante 0-0 Venados Mérida, Apertura 2021 (second leg quarterfinals)

Venados Mérida 0-2 Atlante, Apertura 2021 (quarterfinals first leg)

Venados Mérida 0-1 Atlante, Clausura 2021 (first leg quarterfinals)

Atlante 3-0 Venados Mérida, Apertura 2020

3:36 PMa month ago

Key player Venados

His experience and Eduardo Herrera's good aerial game could be the key to make the difference in case the game gets tight, remembering that it will only be 90 minutes and in case of a tie there will be penalties.
Image: Récord
Image: Récord
3:31 PMa month ago

Key player Atlante

Christian Bermúdez is getting his second wind and is playing an important role in the team's offensive generation, highlighting that every time the "Hobbit" takes the ball he gives clarity to the Potros' offense, where he scored twice.
Imaeg: Mediotiempo
Imaeg: Mediotiempo
3:26 PMa month ago

Last lineup Venados

28 Rafael Ramírez, 3 Rodrigo Godínez, 6 Alfonso Luna, 26 Héctor Ortegón, 7 Manuel Pérez, 10 Eduardo Fernández, 2 Félix Micolta, 9 Eduardo Herrera, 11 Sleyther Lora, 17 Mauro Pérez, 21 Ángel López.
3:21 PMa month ago

Last lineup Atlante

20 Humberto Hernández; 3 Diego García, 14 Rolando González, 28 Elbis Souza, 11 Brian Figueroa, 18 Christian Bermúdez, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Domínguez, 31 Diego Martínez, 21 Wilson Silva.
3:16 PMa month ago

Venados: to strike a blow of authority

Venados de Mérida finished in tenth place with 23 points and had an acceptable season, but their mission is to take the next step and become a leading team, where they have fallen by the wayside in recent weeks. However, as visitors they have had a hard time winning only one game (against Leones Negros, 1-0), drawing four and losing another four.
3:11 PMa month ago

Atlante: the champion wants to stay alive

Atlante's Potros de Hierro had an irregular season but, in the last game of the championship, defeated Mineros de Zacatecas 2-1 to finish in seventh place. It is worth noting that they finished undefeated at the Azulgrana Stadium with a record of four wins and four draws and, likewise, they will recover Jonathan Sánchez and Ramiro Costa, who did not play in the last game due to suspension.
3:06 PMa month ago

The Kick-off

The Atlante vs Venados match will be played at the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:00 pm ET.
3:01 PMa month ago

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