Goals and Highlights: Cancun 2 (4-1) 2 Tepatitlan in Liga de Expansion
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10:44 PM25 days ago


Watch the best plays of Cancun win.

10:17 PM25 days ago

Round 4

Cancun takes the penalty and makes it 4-1.
10:16 PM25 days ago

Round 3

Both teams score the penalty the score is 3-1.
10:15 PM25 days ago

Round 2

Cancun scores the penalty

Tepatitlán misses the penalty.

10:14 PM25 days ago

Round 1

Tepatitlán mistake the penalty kick

Cancún score the penalty kick.

10:07 PM25 days ago


The game ends, we go to penalties.
10:02 PM25 days ago


4 minutes are added.
9:56 PM25 days ago


GOAL TEPATITLÁN Alvarado scores the 2-2
9:52 PM25 days ago


Hand inside the area and penalty for Tepatitlán.
9:42 PM25 days ago


Yellow card for Cruz.
9:40 PM25 days ago


Accidental collision between the goalkeeper and the striker.
9:33 PM25 days ago


GOAL CANCUN Zaragoza defines in a good way against the goalkeeper
9:30 PM25 days ago


GOAL CANCÚN Center to the right, Perez's header makes it 1-1.
9:19 PM25 days ago


Delgadillo's shot that Gudiño saves.
9:16 PM25 days ago


The second half starts
9:04 PM25 days ago


At the end of the first half the score is 0-0.
9:01 PM25 days ago


Dangerous free kick for Cancun
8:51 PM25 days ago


Very even game without dominance for any team.
8:37 PM25 days ago


TEPATITILAN GOAL Converts Penalty Angulo
8:32 PM25 days ago


Yellow card for Angulo.
8:24 PM25 days ago


Zamorano's long-distance shot that goes wide.
8:11 PM25 days ago


The first half begins.
8:00 PM25 days ago

All set

Everything is ready for the match between Cancpun and Tepatitilán
7:58 PM25 days ago

Lineup Cancun

This is the XI starter of Cancun.

24 Resendez E. (G) 4 Aguayo M. H. 6 Cruz R. 17 De La Cruz O. 9 Delgadillo D. 23 Galindo B. 28 Moreira J. 5 Perez M. 27 Uscanga P. 10 Zamorano A. 21 Zaragoza A.

7:53 PM25 days ago

Lineup Tepatitilan

This is the XI starters of Tepatitlan.
7:43 PM25 days ago

Who is the referee

The referee for this match is Mario Molina Astorga.
7:36 PM25 days ago

Injuries Tepatititlan

Tepatitlan has no casualties for this game.
7:35 PM25 days ago

Injuries Cancun

Cancun has no casualties for this game.
7:27 PM25 days ago

The activity of today

Cimarrones vs Tapatio will be the game after finishing Cancun vs Tepatitlán.
7:23 PM25 days ago

The game

The winner of this match will advance to the Expansion League group, in case of a tie we would go to penalties.
7:15 PM25 days ago

The favorite of today

Cancun comes out as a wide favorite for this match with odds of -110 according to the bookmakers
1:18 AM25 days ago

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Cancun vs Tepatitlán How to watch Stream on TV and Online in Liga de Expansión

 If you want to watch the game Cancun vs Tepatitlán  Live on TV, your options is ESPN, Fox Sports, TVC, TUDN

If you want to directly stream it: Streaming services and VIX, Star+, Fox sports app

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1:08 AM25 days ago

Games between Cancun vs Tepatitlán

1 victory for the Cancun team in the last 5 games looks a favorable outlook for the local team, however a hope for Tepatitlán may be that they won the most recent game between them 2 so they will come out with everything, in the last 5 games in this Cancun stadium there have been 3 draws and 1 victory for both teams. 
1:03 AM25 days ago

Key player of Tepatitlan

For his part, Victor Mañon, a 30-year-old striker, will be the most important player of the Tepatitlan team with 8 goals in the tournament.
However, he hasn't seen any activity in the last 8 games so he will have to show that he is in rhythm and take on the away team.
12:58 AM25 days ago

Key player of Cancun

Striker Daniel Delgadillo will be Cancun's player to watch as he has 9 goals in the tournament in addition to having a scoring streak as he has 2 goals and 2 assists in his 5 most recent games so he will seek to stay on fire and reach the league.
12:53 AM25 days ago


Tepatitlán arrived as the second-to-last guest in the playoffs, ranking 11th as a product of 23 pts. The visiting team cut a streak of 4 wins and 1 draw after losing to Cimarrones.

As a visitor, Tepa has 1 victory in its last 9 games, so it seems complicated that I won today.

12:48 AM25 days ago


The sixth best ranked player in the tournament, Cancun receives Tepatitlán in the playoff of the Expansion League in search of entering the league, Cancun cut a streak of 5 games without losing after losing 1-0 at the Jalisco stadium.
At Andrés Quintana Roo they have 3 wins and 2 draws in the last 5 games, so they will seek to continue with that inertia.
12:43 AM25 days ago

The game will played at the Estadio Olímpico Andrés Quintana Roo

Estadio Olímpico Andrés Quintana Roo is a 18,844 seat stadium in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is the home field of Expansión MX’s Cancún F.C., and was formerly the home field of Ascenso MX's Atlante F.C.

The stadium was inaugurated on August 11, 2007, in a game against Universidad Nacional. Atlante F.C. won in this stadium their 3rd league title in Apertura 2007 against Universidad Nacional.

12:38 AM25 days ago

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