Highlights: Benfica vs Famalicão in Primeira Liga
Photo: Benfica SL


3:00 PM23 days ago

90'+7' -End of the game!

The referee whistles and ends the game. Draw at Estádio da Luz!
2:55 PM23 days ago

90'+2' - Substitution

Famalicão Substitution:


Enter: Cádiz

Out: Banza

2:53 PM23 days ago

90' - Added!

The referee adds 7 minutes to the game.
2:52 PM23 days ago

89' - Yellow card!

Pepê receives a yellow card for delaying the restart of the game.
2:51 PM23 days ago


Banza kicks, the ball deflects on defense and gets a corner.
2:49 PM23 days ago

84' -Substitution

Benfica Substitution:

Out: Seferovic
Enter: Gonçalo

2:46 PM23 days ago

82' - VAR

VAR said there is no penalty.
2:45 PM23 days ago


Otamendi finishes inside the small area, the ball owes Penetra and the ball hits the teammate's hand.
2:43 PM23 days ago

79' - Yellow card!

Weigl fouls and receives a yellow card.
2:41 PM23 days ago

77' -Substitution

Famalicão Substitution:


Out: Adrian

Enter: Dolcek


Out: Peter

Enter: Junior

2:36 PM23 days ago

71' -Substitution

Benfica Substitution:


Out: Paulo Bernardo

Enter: Taarabt


Out: Gil Dias

Enter: Nemanja

2:33 PM23 days ago


After crossing, Gil Dias straightens his head, Paulo Bernardo kicks with a volley and Luiz Junior defends.
2:30 PM23 days ago

66' -Substitution

Famalicão Substitution:


Out: Tavares

Enter: Bruno

2:28 PM23 days ago


Gil Dias crosses the ball to the area, but the ball passes through 3 Benfica players and no one can reach the ball!
2:25 PM23 days ago


Gil Dias dribbles, kicks and Luiz Júnior makes a great save!
2:20 PM23 days ago

56' -Substitution

Benfica Substitution:


Out: Diogo Goncalves

Enter: Yaremchuk


Out: Gilberto

Enter: André Almeida

2:18 PM23 days ago

53' - Yellow card!

Ritieli receives yellow card for complaint!
2:17 PM23 days ago

53' - Yellow card

Adrián Marín commits a foul and receives a yellow card.
2:13 PM23 days ago


Banza shoots at speed, shoots towards the goal and Vlachodimos defends. Assistant referee marks offside!
2:08 PM23 days ago

45' - Started!

The referee whistles and the second half begins.
1:51 PM23 days ago

45'+2' -End of the first half!

The referee whistles and ends the first half.
1:48 PM23 days ago

45' - Added

The referee adds 2 minutes to the game.
1:45 PM23 days ago


After a corner, Gonçalves kicks very hard towards the goal, Luiz Junior defends, Gonçalo tries to reach the ball and fails.
1:42 PM23 days ago


Núñez kicks a cross and Luiz saves. Corner kick!
1:41 PM23 days ago


Grimaldo kicks it into the goal and the defense blocks it.
1:38 PM23 days ago

34' - Yellow card!

Diogo Gonçalves commits a foul and receives a yellow card.
1:36 PM23 days ago

32' - Yellow card!

Charles Pickel fouls and receives a yellow card.
1:35 PM23 days ago


Gilberto crosses, the ball goes to Núñez, he shoots and the defense blocks.
1:29 PM23 days ago


Grimaldo finishes, the defense blocks, Núnez passes to Otamendi and he heads over the goal.
1:24 PM23 days ago


Hugo Tavares kicks and the goalkeeper saves.
1:17 PM23 days ago


De La Fuente dribbles, tries to get past Benfica's defense, fails and Pedro Rodrigues commits a foul on the attack.
1:12 PM23 days ago


Núñez shoots from outside the area, but the ball goes wide.
1:11 PM23 days ago


Gonçalves tries to cross and the defense blocks.
1:07 PM23 days ago


After a cross, Núñez kicks and Luiz Júnior defends.
1:06 PM23 days ago


First kick! Paulo Bernardo shoots from a distance, but the ball goes out of bounds. Goal shooting!
1:02 PM23 days ago

0' - Started!

The referee whistles and the match begins!
12:20 PM23 days ago

Luz Stadium

12:18 PM23 days ago

Lineup: Famalicão

12:16 PM23 days ago

Lineup: Benfica

11:35 AM23 days ago

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Núnez is Benfica's top scorer this season at the age of 25. Famalicão already has Banza who scored 12 goals this season.
11:34 AM23 days ago

Latest results between Benfica and Famalicão

Famalicão 1×4 Benfica – Primeira Liga – 12/12/21

Benfica 2×0 Famalicão – Primeira Liga – 08/02/21

Famalicão 1×5 Benfica – Primeira Liga – 18/09/20

11:33 AM23 days ago

History of the match Benfica vs FC Famalicão

21 games: 17 wins for Benfica, 3 draws and 1 victory for Famalicão.
11:32 AM23 days ago

Probable lineup: Famalicão

Luiz Júnior; Alexandre Penetra, Dyal Batubinsika, Adrián; Hernán de la Fuente, Pericic, Heriberto Tavares, Charles Pickel, Ivan Dolcek; Simon Banza, Jhonder Cádiz.

11:31 AM23 days ago

Probable Lineup: Benfica

Vlachodimos; Gilberto, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Alex Grimaldo; Taarabt, Weigl; Gil Dias, Gonçalo Ramos, Diogo Gonçalves e Darwin Núñez.

11:30 AM23 days ago

How and where to watch the Benfica vs Famalicão match live?

If you want to watch the game Benfica vs Famalicão live on TV, your options is: ESPN+

If you want to directly stream it: TUDN app

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What time is Benfica vs Famalicão match for the Primeira Liga?

This is the start time of the game Benfica vs Famalicão of 23th April 2022 in several countries:

Argentina 2:00 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star + 

Brazil 2:00 pm: Star +

USA 1:00 pm ET: ESPN+

UK 6:00 pm: Sky Sports Football, TalkSport Radio UK

Spain 7:00 pm: Movistar+

Mexico 12:00 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star + 

11:26 AM23 days ago

Match information

Benfica vs Famalicão, live this Saturday (23), at Luz Stadium, at 1:00 ET, for the Primeira Liga. The match is valid for the 31th round of the competition.
11:25 AM23 days ago

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