Goal and Highlights: Borussia Dortmund 3-4 Bochum in Budesliga
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11:34 AMa month ago

Upcoming games

On the penultimate matchday, Bochum host Arminia Bielefeld, who are trying to escape the relegation zone, on Friday (6). Borussia Dortmund visit the already relegated Greuther Fürth on Saturday (7).
11:33 AMa month ago


Borussia Dortmund remain in second place with 63 points, while Bochum climb to 11th place with 38 points.
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11:25 AMa month ago


Referee blows the whistle
11:24 AMa month ago

93' Yellow card for Borussia Dortmund

11:24 AMa month ago

92' Yellow card for Bochum

11:23 AMa month ago


11:23 AMa month ago

89' Yellow card for Borussia Dortmund

11:23 AMa month ago

87' Substitutions for Borussia Dortmund

Out: Brandt and Witsel

In: Moukoko and Papadopoulos

11:21 AMa month ago


Pantovic takes it from Hitz and unleashes a bomb in the middle of the goal
11:20 AMa month ago


Bockhorn tries a cross inside the area and Witsel makes the intervention with his arm
11:19 AMa month ago

83' Substitution in Bochum

Out: Rexhbecaj

In:  Löwen

11:18 AMa month ago

83' Substitutions for Borussia Dortmund

Out: Guerreiro and Wolf

In: Rothe and Reinier

11:13 AMa month ago


Locadia receives a long throw-in inside the box, dominates and spins over Akanji to score
11:03 AMa month ago

71' Substitutions for Bochum

Out: Polter and Asano

In: Locadia and Zoller

11:02 AMa month ago


Antwi-Adjei dribbles into the box, takes a shot from the goalkeeper, and sets up Polter. He misses the angle, the ball goes back to Antwi-Adjei, but the defense recovers
11:00 AMa month ago

68' Substitution in Bochum

Out: Holtmann

In: Antwi-Adjei

10:57 AMa month ago


Asano doesn't cross properly, Polter, with category, touches the letter and sends it to the left of the goal
10:56 AMa month ago

63' Substitution in Borussia Dortmund

Out: Bynoe-Gittens

In: Passlack

10:55 AMa month ago


Bynoe-Gittens plays to Reus. The captain crosses low, Haaland fumbles to finish, the ball hits the striker's other leg and dies in the goal
10:50 AMa month ago


Bellingham crosses first to Haaland. The striker hits it, Riemann makes a miracle save
10:48 AMa month ago


Bynoe-Gittens speeds away with Bellingham. The No. 22 shoots and is stopped by Gamboa. Corner
10:46 AMa month ago

54' Yellow card for Borussia Dortmund

10:37 AMa month ago


Game resumed
10:21 AMa month ago


10:21 AMa month ago


10:19 AMa month ago


The first half ends
10:17 AMa month ago


10:15 AMa month ago


Holtmann is called upon on the edge of the area, finishes dangerously close to the post
10:13 AMa month ago


Riemann fumbles, Reus squeezes and the goalkeeper recovers
10:10 AMa month ago

37' SAVE

After a free-kick, Haaland deflects and Zagadou mends, Riemann saves in the middle of the goal
10:02 AMa month ago

30' Yellow card for Bochum

10:01 AMa month ago


Haaland changes sides and leaves everything equal
10:00 AMa month ago


Leitsch's arm, penalty
9:59 AMa month ago


Referee to review another possible penalty
9:58 AMa month ago


Haaland leaves Reus face to face with Riemann, who makes a great save and the ball falls over the crossbar
9:52 AMa month ago


Akanji goes forward, inserts Brandt, who shoots weakly. The goalkeeper fits without problems
9:50 AMa month ago


Haaland displaces Riemann and converts into the left corner
9:48 AMa month ago


PENALTY. Reus' kick was touched by the hand
9:47 AMa month ago


Haaland wins in the attack field, makes a throw-in at the second post. Reus shoots and clears the goal
9:43 AMa month ago


Witsel takes a long shot and hits it on the right side of the goal
9:40 AMa month ago


Asano gets to the end line, rolls back and Holtmann hits the corner with a first-time shot, giving Hitz no chance
9:36 AMa month ago


Asano crosses in the head of Polter, who climbs on the back of Zagadou and opens the score
9:33 AMa month ago

1' WOW

Pantovic shoots at speed and shoots from outside the box.
9:29 AMa month ago


Ball rolling
9:24 AMa month ago


Teams taking the field
9:18 AMa month ago


Bochum's preparation moments
9:17 AMa month ago


Dortmund's warm-up
9:09 AMa month ago

Blue-white reserves

Esser; Lampropoulos, Antwi-Adjei, D. Blum, Löwen, Osterhage, Tesche, Locadia, Zoller
9:08 AMa month ago

Bochum defined

Riemann; Gamboa, Masovic, Leitsch, Bockhorn; Losilla, Pantovic, Rexhbecaj, Asano, Holtmann; Polter
9:05 AMa month ago

Black-yellow bank

Bürki; Passlack, Pongracic, Rothe, Schulz, Papadopoulos, Reinier, Moukoko
9:01 AMa month ago

Borussia Dortmund lineup

Hitz; Wolf, Akanji, Zagadou, Guerreiro; Witsel, Bellingham; Brandt, Reus, Bynoe-Gittens; Haaland
8:57 AMa month ago

Long fasting

Bochum have lost their last eight first division matches to Dortmund, since a 1-0 win on September 13, 1998
8:55 AMa month ago

Strength inside the house

Borussia Dortmund have won 12 and lost three at Signal Iduna Park in 2021-22. They are the second-best home team this season (36 points), behind Bayern (40 points)
8:47 AMa month ago

Will it come?

Haaland scored against 17 of the 20 teams he faced in the Bundesliga. However, he failed to score against Stuttgart , Arminia Bielefel and Bochum
8:42 AMa month ago

Video Refereeing

Video Assistant Referee (VAR): Tobias Welz

Video Assistant Referee (AVAR): Mark Borsch

8:37 AMa month ago

Field Referee

Referee: Robert Hartmann

Assistant Referee 1: Christian Leicher

Assistant Referee 2: Martin Thomsen

Fourth official: Thomas Gorniak

8:32 AMa month ago

How and where to watch the Borussia Dortmund vs Bochum match live?

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN+

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What time is Borussia Dortmund vs Bochum match for the Bundesliga?

This is the start time of the game Borussia Dortmund vs Bochum of 30th April 2022in several countries:

Argentina 10:30 am: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Bolivia 10:30 am: ESPN2 Sur, Star +

Brazil 10:30 am:  Onefootball

Chile 5:00 pm: Star+

Colombia 9:30 am: Star+

Ecuador 9:30 am: Star+

Germany 3:30 pm CET: Sky Ticket, Sky Sport Bundesliga 1, Sky Go, Sky Sport Bundesliga 3

USA 9:30 am ET: ESPN+

Spain 3:30 pm: Movistar+, #Vamos

Mexico 8:30 am: Blue To Go Video Everywhere, Sky HD

Paraguay 10:30 am: Star +

Peru 9:30 am: Star +

Uruguay 10:30 am: Star +

Venezuela 9:30 am: Star +

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Probable lineup for Bochum

Riemann;Gamboa, Bella-Kotchap, Leitsch, Bockhorn; Löwen, Losilla, Rexhbecaj; Asano, Locadia, Holtmann.
8:17 AMa month ago

Blue-white situation

Thomas Reis' concerns are minor. The coach will be without the injured Soares (knee) and the suspended Stafylidis.
8:12 AMa month ago

Probable lineup for Borussia Dortmund

Hitz; Pongracic, Akanji, Zagadou; Wolf, Witsel, Bellingham, Guerreiro; Brandt, Reus; Haaland
8:07 AMa month ago

Black-Yellow situation

Marco Rose will be without the suspended Can, in addition to the injured Dahoud (shoulder), Hummels (thigh), Kobel (ankle), Malen (muscle), Meunier (posterior thigh muscle), Morey (knee), Reyna (posterior thigh muscle), Schmelzer (knee), Tigges (ankle).
8:02 AMa month ago

First round

In the 15th round of matches, Polter took the lead from the penalty spot, but Julian Brandt came off the bench to salvage a point for Borussia Dortmund at the end of the match and secured a 1-1 draw at the Vonovia Ruhrstadion.
Foto: Divulgação/Bochum
Photo: Bochum
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7:52 AMa month ago

How Bochum is coming

Bochum is coming from two defeats in a row. Augsburg's triumph cost them a position. The Blue and Whites are now 13th with 36 points. In an unattractive sequence, the team has three losses, one draw and one win. A record of 38%.
7:47 AMa month ago

How comes Dortmund

The 3-1 defeat at Der Klassiker confirmed Bayern Munich's tenth championship title, which opened up a 12-point lead over Borussia Dortmund. With a 67% success rate, the black-yellow remain in second place with 63 points. 

7:42 AMa month ago

Eye on the Game

Borussia Dortmund vs Bochum, live this saturday (30), at Signal Iduna Park, at 9:30 am ET, for the Bundesliga. The match is valid for the 32th round of the competition.
7:37 AMa month ago

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