Goals and Highlights Atletico San Luis 1-3 Santos: in Liga MX
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It's over

Santos won 3-1 over a San Luis team that went from strength to strength, where the last goal came from a defensive error due to poor communication. 
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Santos tried to score the fourth, but were flagged offside, while the Potosinos no longer knew what to do.
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GOOOOOL! for Santos, José Ávila appeared after coming on as a substitute following a defensive error and made it 3-1.
Six minutes of stoppage time were added. 
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San Luis is saved from the third, Carrillo couldn't settle to shoot and shot at Barovero's goal, so the defense cleared the ball.
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Expulsion for St. Louis coach Soares Jardine after talking something.
6:36 PM23 days ago


Santos substitution, Brian Lozano comes off and Félix Torres enters.
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Santos is saved, once again Acevedo appears to kick out the ball and Diaz sends the rebound into the stands. 
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San Luis substitution, Facundo Waller comes off and Jair Vázquez enters.
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Facundo Waller returns to the game after he was laid out on the field.
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San Luis substitution, Efrain Corona and Jhon Murillo for José Clemente and Abel Hernández. 
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GOOOOL! by Santos, Brian Lozano appeared with a powerful shot and turned the game around. Minutes before, Rubens Sambueza came on for Zahid Muñoz, and Unai Bilbao also came off.
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Santos substitution, Diego Medina and David Andrade replace Jordan Carrillo and Omar Campos.
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GOOOOOOLAZO! by Santos, Eduardo Aguirre appeared to receive the ball, settled in and took a shot outside the box to tie the game.
5:51 PM23 days ago


GOOOOL! from San Luis, German Berterame appears after a rebound from Acevedo to score a great goal and beat the Laguna goalkeeper.
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A few seconds into the second half, Santos had two chances, one of which Acevedo made a dangerous save. 
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The second half of the scoreless draw between San Luis and Santos begins. 
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At the end of the first half, San Luis started with more attack, but after 25 minutes, the Laguneros reacted and created more danger, but the scoreboard did not move.
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3 minutes of compensation are added. 
5:26 PM23 days ago


Santos has retreated well in their area, making it difficult for the Potosinos to create danger. 
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Hugo Rodriguez is knocked down after a collision, but it's nothing serious and he is able to get up on his own, both teams continue to lead. 
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After more than two minutes of hydration, the lagooners entered the field differently, trying to reach Barovero's goal, which caused Unai Bilbao to commit a foul while trying to recover the ball, and he was yellow carded, 
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San Luis has come closest to scoring the first goal, but they have tried to score outside the box. The match is stopped for hydration. 
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The Potosinos continue to dominate the match, although de Santos has flashes when they reach the opponent's area, but they don't know how to define.
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San Luis goes forward, having more chances than Los Laguneros, putting Acevedo in trouble.
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The match starts with a lot of ball movement, passing from one area to the other, where both forwards start to alert. 
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Santos started by pushing forward, trying to take advantage of the spaces to open the scoreboard, but the Potosinos were not far behind and Iniestra shot outside the area, but Acevedo made an easy save. 
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The match begins

The match between San Luis and Santos is ready to begin at the Alfonso Lastras stadium, where there is a good turnout.
4:41 PM23 days ago

They take the field

Both teams take the field for the start of this Liga MX match at the Alfonso Lastras stadium.
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No option

Santos was left out of the playoffs after Pumas' win in the middle of the day, being in 15th place with 17 points, with no chance of catching 12th place Mazatlan with 21 points. 
4:31 PM23 days ago

They want the playoffs at home

San Luis will be looking to take the three points against Santos to improve its position in the playoffs, where the team has been strong in recent matches, commented Unai Bilbao.

"It is true that we have fulfilled the two main objectives that were set, but we know that the team is ready for more, we want to secure the playoff at home, bring such a special match here to Lastras, since we fulfilled the issue of not paying the fine and entering the playoff, you set new objectives, it is something that makes us excited, it would make us stronger in the playoff, we know we can show that we can beat anyone and dream of going further," he said in conference.

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Children from Potosi are celebrated

There were many hours of children's entertainment offered by the government of the capital with the sponsorship of Atletico de San Luis. The parking lot of the Alfonso Lastras stadium was filled with music and merriment, sweets and treats.
In the celebration, Atletico de San Luis offered food, fairground games, sweets, while the Maravillas Community Development Center brought a small circus curtain with five performances.
4:21 PM23 days ago

San Luis' starting XI

This is the starting XI with which the local team will take the field at the Alfonso Lastras to face Santos. 
4:16 PM23 days ago

Atlético de Madrid backs investment

Atlético de Madrid is reassured by the results that Atlético de San Luis achieved in the Clausura 2022, which keep them out of the fines zone, so the investment of the Spanish entity is maintained.
ESPN revealed that a delegation from Atlético de Madrid, including Miguel Ángel Gil's right-hand man, visited the facilities to evaluate the growth that San Luis has shown.
4:11 PM23 days ago

Potosí outlook

If they win by a landslide and with various combinations of results, they would qualify directly for the playoffs. If San Luis manages to win by any score, they will move up in the standings and receive the playoffs at home, or if they draw or lose, they will stay in or fall from their current tenth position and be away.
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Knowing their future

Eduardo Fentanes assured that Santos is prepared for any of the scenarios at the end of the regular season. Last Friday, he acknowledged that as the results that influence the destiny of the team come in, the mood of the players will be influenced and it is necessary to manage the group well.

"Every result affects, that's why the three points are worth it by themselves. There are things that can happen that could make it different, the mood moves depending on that, that's the bad thing about not depending on one. We are prepared for either scenario," he said.

4:01 PM23 days ago

He would return to the squad

Last Friday afternoon, Santos' interim DT, Eduardo Fentanes, revealed that he would even count on left back, Omar Campos, who has already been training for a week, having recovered from his left leg injury.

"Omar Campos has already started training since Tuesday, he is training a little more than usual, so practically everyone will be available," he added.

3:56 PM23 days ago

They want Acevedo

After the deteriorated relationship between Chivas goalkeeper Raúl Gudiño and Ricardo Peláez, the red and white team is looking for someone to replace him in goal and among the options is Carlos Acevedo, where several people mention that one of the conditions he sets is that when an option from Europe arrives, he can leave the team.
3:51 PM23 days ago

They still have a lot to do

What is a fact for midfielder Brian Lozano is that the team has fallen short, but he remains hopeful and affirms that the team is preparing to win on Sunday and with that attitude they are getting ready.

"We owe a lot, that is the reality, I think we were not attentive to the details that made the difference, not being able to get more points, but the team has faith, confidence, we know that we no longer depend on ourselves, that is the reality", he said.

3:46 PM23 days ago

They boast effectiveness prior to the playoffs

Atletico San Luis is experiencing a dream closing of the season, after securing its place in the final phase thanks to the playoffs for the second time in its short history. Prior to the duel against Santos, the team from Potosí has made the possible rivals it may face tremble, having a record of 20 points in the last 10 matches, reaching the second best effectiveness in said period, only behind the 21 units of the Águilas del América.
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What time is San Luis vs Santos match for Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game San Luis vs Santos of 01st on May in several countries:

México: 16:00 horas CDMX, ESPN

Argentina: 19:00 horas

Chile: 19:00 horas

Colombia: 16:00 horas

Perú: 16:00 horas

EE.UU.: 17:00 horas ET

Ecuador: 16:00 horas

Uruguay: 18:00 horas

Paraguay: 17:00 horas

España: 23:00 horas

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The two teams have met on 20 occasions, with 10 wins for the Laguna side, 6 for the Potosinos and 4 draws in all competitions.
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Last 5 meetings

In the last 5 meetings it has been very even, with 2 wins for each team and a draw, so the victory of one will tip the balance.
Santos 2-0 San Luis, playoff, Apertura 2021/2022
Santos 0-0 San Luis, matchday 17, Apertura 2021/2022
San Luis 1-0 Santos, matchday 7, clausura 2020/2021 
Santos 2-1 San Luis, matchday 15, opening day 2020/2021
San Luis 2-3 Santos, matchday 10, opening day 2019/2020
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How are they doing?

Atlético de San Luis is coming off a surprise win over Cruz Azul at the Azteca stadium, a victory that gave them hope of staying in the playoffs.
Santos, on the other hand, is coming off a 1-1 draw against Leon, losing their chances of making the playoffs and will need a win, a combination of results and a miracle to enter the next phase as the last team invited to the next phase.
3:16 PM23 days ago

Renews contract with Atlético de San Luis

Although he has not yet made his debut, Atlético de San Luis decided to renew the contract of goalkeeper Diego Urtiaga, who signed an extension for three more tournaments with the Club. Urtiaga Ramírez joined the team in 2020 as a reinforcement for the Premier League team, remaining until May 2022, when he was promoted to the first team, forming part of the goalkeeping trio.
3:11 PM23 days ago

Watch out for this San Luis player

Germán Berterame, there was talk of his possible departure from the team at the beginning of the season, placing him in other teams in the league, his permanence in the Potosí team places him as one of the leaders for Marcelo Méndez.
Source: Imago 7
Source: Imago 7
3:06 PM23 days ago

Watch out for this Santos player

Harold Preciado, the 27-year-old Colombian attacker has played 13 games this season and started 12 of them. He is currently Santos' top scorer with 6 goals and is a key player up front.
Source: Getty Images / Carlos Zepeda
Source: Getty Images / Carlos Zepeda
3:01 PM23 days ago

Long-term project secured

A company from the United States was close to acquiring Atlético de San Luis, which had financial problems. Sports director Iñigo Regueiro clarified that the team is no longer for sale and that the idea is for it to be in Liga MX for many more years.

"There is a long-term project. There is a team for a long time. The club must be thinking about being among the top 12 or in the playoff positions, obviously with the quotient issue always present. It is an important issue", he mentioned.

2:56 PM23 days ago

Anderson is sold

Finally, Atletico de San Luis sold Anderson Julio, the Ecuadorian player left in his entirety to Rea Salt Lake of the MLS, something that benefits the Potosi club at least in the economic factor, since the player had not been registered this season.
2:51 PM23 days ago

Dark horse

Atlético de San Luis has already secured their place in the playoffs and this matchday they will try to win three more points that will allow them to improve their position in the table and play the reclassification at their own stadium.
For Juan David Castro, there is no doubt that if they win another victory on the last matchday, San Luis will be seen in a different light, considering that they could be the 'dark horse' of the post-season.

"We know that the playoffs are a different tournament and this team is ready for great things, to fight for the championship, that is our objective", commented Castro.

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