Highlights and Best Moments: Alebrijes 0-0 Cimarrones in Liga Expansion MX
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8:04 PM17 days ago

Relive the match

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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the game between Alebrijes and Cimarrones, where Sonora has advanced to the semifinal by winning 1-0.
7:57 PM17 days ago

End game

Alebrijes 0-0 Cimarrones.
7:52 PM17 days ago


Nascente's shot is deflected by the Cimarrones defense.
7:47 PM17 days ago


Gabino Espinoza, Cimarrones goalkeeper, has been cautioned.
7:42 PM17 days ago


Add 7 more minutes.
7:37 PM17 days ago


Vallejo leaves and Cruz enters, Alebrijes change.
7:32 PM17 days ago


Reyes has been cautioned by Cimarrones.
7:27 PM17 days ago


Acuña's delayed diagonal that none of his teammates are able to finish.
7:22 PM17 days ago


López with a shot from outside the box on a counterattacking play that went wide.
7:17 PM17 days ago


Alebrijes pressed with more heart than good soccer, remembering that they are one goal away from advancing to the semifinals.
7:12 PM17 days ago


Cimarrones defender García Sancho has been cautioned.
7:07 PM17 days ago


Acuña enters and Irving Zurita leaves, Cimarrones change.
7:02 PM17 days ago


The ball was deflected by a defender at the near post and Espinoza saved without rebounding.
6:57 PM17 days ago


Nascente's weak shot into the goalkeeper's hands.
6:52 PM17 days ago


Lopez enters and Villa leaves, Cimarrones change.
6:47 PM17 days ago


Ernesto Reyes' weak left-footed shot just past the goalkeeper.
6:42 PM17 days ago


Ernesto Reyes' backward header goes over the crossbar.
6:37 PM17 days ago


The Cimarrones goalkeeper controls the service.
6:32 PM17 days ago


Velazco does not trust the service and sends his hand to avoid the fall of his frame.
6:27 PM17 days ago


The second half begins between Alebrijes and Cimarrones.
6:22 PM17 days ago

Half time

Alebrijes 0-0 Cimarrones de Sonora.
6:17 PM17 days ago


Josué Reyes has been cautioned, Cimarrones.
6:12 PM17 days ago


Arellano has also been cautioned.
6:07 PM17 days ago


Armando González has been cautioned for an off-the-ball foul.
6:02 PM17 days ago


Four more minutes are added.
5:57 PM17 days ago


Vallejo's goal was disallowed because the ball had gone out on the back line.
5:52 PM17 days ago


Marín's foul on the offense, but Alebrijes still can't find the formula to tie the score.
5:47 PM17 days ago


Portales with the floated service that ended up fouling the goalkeeper inside the small area.
5:42 PM17 days ago


Vallejo's shot from half distance is blocked by the goalkeeper.
5:37 PM17 days ago


Cortés with an overly floated service that lands in the goalkeeper's hands.
5:32 PM17 days ago


The game was very short with a lot of fouls from both teams.
5:27 PM17 days ago


Vallejo's shot hit the chest of a defender, where a handball was claimed, but the referee did not sanction anything.
5:22 PM17 days ago


Oaxaca's offense is lacking, but the home team continues to insist.
5:17 PM17 days ago


Offside for Alebrijes in what appeared to be the first approach of the game.
5:12 PM17 days ago


The game between Alebrijes de Oaxaca and Cimarrones de Sonora begins.
5:07 PM17 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Alebrijes de Oaxaca and Cimarrones de Sonora.
5:02 PM17 days ago

Leaving Oaxaca?

There has been a lot of speculation that Alebrijes could leave at the end of this tournament and join Zacatepec, so if they lose and sell the franchise, this could be the last game at the ITO Stadium.
4:57 PM17 days ago

Cimarrones substitutes

1 Martín Lagunes, 5 Aldair Mengual, 21 Adrián Caballero, 180 Jesús Moreno, 8 Francisco Acuña, 9 Edson Torres, 16 Rubén Domínguez, 20 Óscar Millán, 14 José Gurrola, 24 Daniel López.
4:52 PM17 days ago

Alebrijes substitutes

3 Luis Chávez, 22 Gerson Huerta, 24 Fernando Cabrera, 33 Edgar Olaguez, 14 Néstor Corona, 120 Osiel Herrera, 10 Julio Cruz, 17 Cristian Cañozales, 21 Thiago Nascente, 26 Rodrigo de Dios.
4:47 PM17 days ago

XI Cimarrones de Sonora

20 Gabino Espinoza, 4 Juan García Sancho, 13 José Saavedra, 15 Ulises Torres, 23 Josué Reyes, 6 Aldo Arellano, 11 Irving Zurita, 17 Daniel Cisneros, 22 Iván Toña, 7 José Peralta, 10 Óscar Villa.
4:42 PM17 days ago

XI Alebrijes

1 Víctor Alcaraz, 2 Edson Santos, 4 Ernesto Reyes, 5 Juan Portales, 27 Hedgardo Marín, 7 Josué Gómez, 8 Miguel Vallejo, 23 Johan Alonzo, 25 Jorge Sánchez, 106 Jair Cortés, 9 Armando González.
4:37 PM17 days ago

They wear white

Cimarrones de Sonora will be wearing its alternate uniform in white.
4:32 PM17 days ago

They have arrived

The Alebrijes have already arrived home in search of a comeback on the field.
4:27 PM17 days ago

Which team would you go against in the semifinals?

The entire quarterfinal series still needs to be completed to determine the next opponent but, based on the first leg results, Alebrijes could face Atlante and Cimarrones de Sonora could face Celaya.
4:22 PM17 days ago

New story

Due to the foul incurred by Alebrijes, they lost 1-0 on the table and will now have to go out and win if they want to be semifinalists.
4:17 PM17 days ago


The second leg will get underway when the Alebrijes de Oaxaca take on the Cimarrones de Sonora in the quarterfinals of the Liga de Expansión MX. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
4:12 PM17 days ago

Tune in here Alebrijes vs Cimarrones Sonora Live Score in Liga Expansion MX 2022

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Alebrijes vs Cimarrones Sonora match for the Liga Expansion MX 2022.
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What time is Alebrijes vs Cimarrones Sonora match for Liga Expansion MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Alebrijes vs Cimarrones Sonora of April 30th in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM on Marca Claro

Bolivia: 6:00 PM on Marca Claro

Brazil: 7:00 PM

Chile: 7:00 PM on Marca Claro

Colombia: 5:00 PM on Marca Claro

Ecuador: 5:00 PM on Marca Claro

United States (ET): 6:00 PM on VIX

Spain: 12:00 AM

Mexico: 5:00 PM on Marca Claro, VIX, ESPN, Fox Sports and TVC Deportes

Paraguay: 7:00 PM on Marca Claro

Peru: 5:00 PM on Marca Claro

Uruguay: 5:00 PM on Marca Claro

4:02 PM17 days ago

Last games

The Cimarrones have the advantage in the last five games with a balance of four wins and one loss, highlighting that they have won their two most recent visits to Oaxaca.

Cimarrones Sonora 1-0 Alebrijes Oaxaca, 2022

Cimarrones Sonora 0-1 Alebrijes Oaxaca, 2022

Alebrijes Oaxaca 0-1 Cimarrones Sonora, 2021

Cimarrones Sonora 2-0 Alebrijes Oaxaca, 2021

Alebrijes Oaxaca 2-4 Cimarrones Sonora, 2021

3:57 PM17 days ago

Key player Cimarrones Sonora

The visiting team is obliged to score goals and they need Óscar Villa to have an inspired afternoon to close the gap early and then be able to think about achieving the great feat.
Image: El Sol de Hermosillo
Image: El Sol de Hermosillo
3:52 PM17 days ago

Key player Alebrijes Oaxaca

As he has done throughout the season, Armando González appeared in the first leg, scoring the third goal and hopes to continue his scoring form to secure a place in the semifinals as soon as possible.
Image: Mar
Image: Marca
3:47 PM17 days ago

Last lineup Cimarrones Sonora

30 Gabino Espinoza, 13 José Saavedra, 15 Ulises Torres, 23 Josué Reyes, 6 Aldo Arellano, 8 Francisco Acuña, 11 Irving Zurita, 17 Daniel Cisneros, 22 Iván Tona, 7 José Peralta, 10 Óscar Villa.
3:42 PM17 days ago

Last lineup Alebrijes Oaxaca

1 Víctor Alcaraz, 2 Edson Santos, 4 Ernesto Reyes, 5 Juan Portales, 27 Hedgardo Marín, 33 Edgar Olaguez, 7 Josué Gómez, 8 Miguel Vallejo, 25 Jorge Sánchez, 106 Jair Cortés, 9 Armando González.
3:37 PM17 days ago

Cimarrones: Champion's luck?

The Cimarrones de Sonora were already mentally prepared to do the feat by three goals, but the setback in their favor due to the sanctioning of the rival has fallen in their favor and now they will have to be smart to keep that advantage; now they just need to win or tie by any score.
3:32 PM17 days ago

Alebrijes: a different story

Although they had won the first leg by a score of 3-1 on the field, an improper alignment incurred by Alebrijes de Oaxaca cost them dearly and the Liga de Expansión MX decided to sanction them and give them a 1-0 defeat on the table, which is why they will have to win by any score at home to advance to the semifinals.
3:27 PM17 days ago

The Kick-off

The Alebrijes vs Cimarrones Sonora match will be played at the ITO Stadium, in Oaxaca, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:00 pm ET.
3:22 PM17 days ago

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