Goal and Highlights: Marítimo vs Benfica in Primeira Liga
Photo: Benfica


2:01 PM20 days ago

90'+5' - Ended!

The referee whistles and ends the match. Benfica win!
1:57 PM20 days ago


Costa kicks, the ball deflects and Vlachodimos saves. Corner kick!
1:56 PM20 days ago


Everton finishes and the ball goes over the goal.
1:55 PM20 days ago

90' - Added

The referee adds 5 minutes to the game!
1:54 PM20 days ago

88' - Substitution

Marítimo substitution:


Out: Rossi

Enter: Pelagius


out: Andre

Enter: Henrique

1:52 PM20 days ago


Núnez advances, but the referee calls offside!
1:49 PM20 days ago

85' - Substitution

Marítimo Substitution:

Out: Beltrame
Enter: Miguel

1:47 PM20 days ago

83' - Substitution

Benfica Substitution:

Out: Paulo Bernardo
Enter: Meite

1:42 PM20 days ago

75' - Substitution

Marítimo Substitution:

Out: Edgar
Enter: Clésio

out: Joel
Enter: Alipour

1:39 PM20 days ago

73' - Yellow card!

Paulo Bernardo receives a yellow card for simulating a foul.
1:38 PM20 days ago

72' - Substitution

Benfica Substitution:


Out: Joao Mario
Enter: Tiago


Out: Sandro Cruz
Enter: Lazaro

1:36 PM20 days ago

69' - Yellow card!

Gonçalo Ramos commits a foul and receives a yellow card.
1:34 PM20 days ago


Joel receives the ball inside the area, Vlachodimos advances and defends.
1:28 PM20 days ago

63' -Substitution

Benfica Substitution:


Out: Gil Dias

Enter: Goncalo Ramos

1:24 PM20 days ago


Nuñez crosses, João Mario crosses and the ball goes out of bounds. Goal shooting!
1:21 PM20 days ago


Joel heads in and the goalkeeper saves.
1:14 PM20 days ago


Nuñez passes to Paulo Bernardo, he kicks and the ball leaves the field.
1:12 PM20 days ago

45' - Started!

The referee whistles and the second half begins!
12:53 PM20 days ago

45'+5' - End the first half!

The referee whistles and ends the first half.
12:49 PM20 days ago

45'+2' - Yellow card!

Otamendi commits a foul and receives a yellow card.
12:48 PM20 days ago

45' - Added!

The referee adds 5 minutes to the game.
12:46 PM20 days ago

41' - Red card!

Claudio commits a strong foul and receives a red card!
12:43 PM20 days ago

40' - Yellow card!

Edgar commits a foul and receives a yellow card.
12:40 PM20 days ago


Edgar receives the ball in the area, kicks it and the defense blocks it.
12:34 PM20 days ago


Gil Dias crosses and the defense blocks. Corner kick!
12:28 PM20 days ago


Nuñez dribbles, shoots from distance and the ball goes out.
12:24 PM20 days ago


Claudio dominates the ball in his chest, finishes with a volley and the ball goes over the goal.
12:19 PM20 days ago


Everton dribbles, plays for Sandro, he crosses, the ball deflects and the goalkeeper defends.
12:14 PM20 days ago


After the release, Nuñez tries to reach the ball and the goalkeeper catches the ball first.
12:10 PM20 days ago


Núñez crosses, João Mario kicks and the assistant referee calls offside!
12:05 PM20 days ago

1' - GOOOOAL!!

Gil Dias steals the ball, shoots, the goalkeeper defends, Nuñez kicks on the rebound and scores!
12:02 PM20 days ago

0' - Started

The referee whistles and starts the match.
11:37 AM20 days ago

Barreiros Stadium

11:32 AM20 days ago

Lineup: Marítimo

11:27 AM20 days ago

Lineup: Benfica

11:22 AM20 days ago

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11:17 AM20 days ago

Best player

Benfica can count on Nunez to help the team. He is the top scorer in the league and other European clubs want to sign him.
11:12 AM20 days ago

Situation in the table: Benfica

Benfica need to win the next 3 games and hope that Sporting loses the 3 games to have a chance to go to the Champions League. Great chances to play in the Europa League.
11:07 AM20 days ago

Situation in the table: Marítimo

Marítimo is just fulfilling the table, after all, he has no chance of reaching a European competition and also has no chance of being relegated.
11:02 AM20 days ago

Probable starting lineup: Benfica

Vlachodimos; Gilberto, Otamendi, Vertonghen, Grimaldo; Weigl, Taarabt; Everton, Ramos, Dias; Nunez.
10:57 AM20 days ago

Probable starting lineup: Marítimo

Victor; Winck, M Costa, Junior, V Costa; Pelagio, Rossi; Costa, Henrique, Xadas; Tagueu.
10:52 AM20 days ago

How and where to watch the Marítimo vs Benfica match live?

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10:47 AM20 days ago

What time is Marítimo vs Benfica match for the Primeira Liga?

This is the start time of the game Marítimo vs Benfica of 30th April 2022 in several countries:

Argentina 13:00 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star + 

Brazil 13:00 pm: ESPN4, Star +

USA 12:00 pm ET: ESPN+

UK 12:00 pm: Sky Sports Football, TalkSport Radio UK

Spain 12:00 pm: Movistar+

Mexico 12:00 pm: ESPN2 Sur, Star + 

10:42 AM20 days ago

Match information

Marítimo vs Benfica, live this saturday (30), at Barreiros Stadium, at 12:00 ET, for the Primeira Liga. The match is valid for the 32th round of the competition.
10:37 AM20 days ago

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