Goal and Highlights: PSV Eindhoven 4-2 Willem II in Eredivisie
Photo: PSV Eindhoven


10:38 AM20 days ago

Upcoming games

Next Saturday Willem II face Heracles at the Koning Willem II Stadion, while on Sunday PSV Eindhoven visit Feyenoord at the Feyenoord Stadium.
10:37 AM20 days ago


In second place, PSV Eindhoven goes to 74 points, narrowing the gap to leaders Ajax to four. Willem II falls to last place, 18th, with 26.
10:30 AM20 days ago


Game Over
10:24 AM20 days ago


10:22 AM20 days ago

90' Substitution in PSV

Out: Doan 

In: Ledezma

10:21 AM20 days ago


Max lines up Bruma, he crosses and Veerman shoots into the empty goal. Dammers blocks the possible extension
10:18 AM20 days ago

87' Substitution in Willem II

Out: Köhlert 

In: Pal

10:13 AM20 days ago

77' Substitution in Willem II

Out: Saddiki

In: Spieringhs

10:10 AM20 days ago

75' Substitution in PSV

Out: Zahavi 

In: Van Ginkel 

10:04 AM20 days ago


Mauro Junior crosses it closed, in the hands of goalkeeper Wellenreuther
10:02 AM20 days ago

67' Substitutions at Willem II

Out: Svensson and Nunnely 

In: Crowley and Ludewig

9:53 AM20 days ago


AGAIN! Veerman makes a long throw-in from midfield. Dammers tries to cut it off with a trolley and sends it against his own goal
9:46 AM20 days ago


Veerman puts Bruma in the box. The striker touches the goalkeeper, but the assistant raises the flag and signals offside
9:43 AM20 days ago


Nunnely ginga in front of Max and Gutierrez, finds space to finish a cross. The ball would go out to the end line, Kabangu appears at the second post to score
9:36 AM20 days ago


Game resumes at Philips Stadion
9:24 AM20 days ago


9:23 AM20 days ago


9:22 AM20 days ago


The first half ends
9:21 AM20 days ago


Jenssen partially rebounds a corner kick. Veerman dominates inside the box and shoots. The ball deflects off the defense and falls cleanly to Zahavi for a goal
9:19 AM20 days ago


After a good exchange of passes, Nunnely receives Owusu's throw, goes too high and heads the ball to reduce the difference
9:15 AM20 days ago


Mauro Junior gets rid of two, invades the area and shoots a cross. Wellenreuther saves with one hand
9:12 AM20 days ago

37' Substitution in PSV

Out: Vinicius

In: Bruma

9:11 AM20 days ago


The Brazilian striker cries when he is replaced and needs to be carried
9:10 AM20 days ago


Gakpo leaves Vinicius on the face of the area. The number 9 runs, but feels his right thigh and falls off the field.
9:09 AM20 days ago


Vinicius unleashes a rocket from the edge of the area. Wellenreuther makes a great save
9:06 AM20 days ago

33' Yellow card for Willem II

9:05 AM20 days ago


Doan speeds away with Mauro Junior. The Brazilian lifts, Gakpo's head deflects in the middle of the marking and hits the corner
9:00 AM20 days ago


Veerman misses a pass in the backfield, handing it off to Llonch. The number 8 opens with Kabangu. The striker crosses, but sends over the goal
8:51 AM20 days ago


Kabangu receives a good pass inside the area, finishes. Gutierrez gets in on a trolley and manages to block
8:49 AM20 days ago


Spearmen try to get to the ends of the field. Kabangu opens with Svensson, but Mauro Junior arrives, earns the goal kick by clearing the ball
8:47 AM20 days ago


Max breaks down the left, breaks into the box and tries to thread the ball to Zahavi. Llonch makes the interception
8:45 AM20 days ago


Gakpo dribbles past Owusu, pulls it into the middle, and shoots into the corner. The ball explodes off the crossbar
8:43 AM20 days ago


Max takes a corner kick from outside the area and shoots over the defense, which moves away in the sequence
8:41 AM20 days ago


Doan lifts and Jenssen throws himself to yield corner
8:37 AM20 days ago

4' VAR

After a long delay, the referee reviews the origin of the shot, analyzes possible offside, and confirms the goal
8:36 AM20 days ago


Gakpo is thrown in on the left, he plays to Max, who crosses from the back line. Doan completes in the back of the defense, unmarked
8:33 AM20 days ago


PSV run the ball around in search of space. Willem II puts pressure on the ball
8:30 AM20 days ago


Ball rolling
8:29 AM20 days ago


Teams taking the field
8:28 AM20 days ago


PSV Eindhoven in final preparations
8:19 AM20 days ago


Willem II in the warm-up
7:54 AM20 days ago

Launcher substitutes

Brondeel, Van den Berg; Ludewig, Michelis, Crowley, El Khayati, Roemeratoe, Saglam, Spieringhs, Hornkamp, Pal, Tel
7:50 AM20 days ago

Willem II lineup

Wellenreuther; Owusu, Jenssen, Dammers, Köhn; Saddiki, Llonch, Nunnely, Svensson, Köhlert; Kabangu
7:48 AM20 days ago

Peasant reserves

Drommel, Müller; Seelt, Vos, Ledezma, van Ginkel, Bruma, Romero
7:43 AM20 days ago

PSV Eindhoven lineup

Mvogo; Mauro Junior, Teze, Gutierrez, Max; Doan, J. Veerman, I. Sangaré, Gakpo; Zahavi, Vinicius
7:38 AM20 days ago

Whistle owner

Jochem Kamphuis
7:33 AM20 days ago

How and where to watch the PSV Eindhoven vs Willem II match live?

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN+

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What time is PSV Eindhoven vs Willem II match for the Eredivisie?

This is the start time of the game PSV Eindhoven vs Willem II of 1th Mayl 2022in several countries:

Argentina 9:30 am: Star +

Bolivia 8:30 am: Star +

Brazil 9:30 am:  Star +

Chile 8:30 am: Star +

Colombia 7:30 am: Star +

Ecuador 7:30 am: Star +

USA 8:30 am ET: ESPN+

Mexico 7:30 am: ESPN3, Star +

Nederland: 2:30 pm: ESPN2, Watch ESPN

Paraguay 8:30 am: Star +

Peru 8:30 am: Star +

Uruguay 9:30 am: Star +

Venezuela 8:30 am: Star +

7:23 AM20 days ago

Speak up, Hofland!

"They will probably have more possession. That doesn't mean they won't have spaces for us. We need to show at least the same fighting spirit and discipline we had against Vitesse and have a killer mentality in our few moments in front of goal."

Photo: Willem II
Photo: Willem II
7:18 AM20 days ago

Probable lineup for Willem II

Wellenreuther; Kohn, Dammers, Heerkens, Owusu; Saddiki, Llonch; Nunnely, Svensson, Kohlert; Hornkamp.
7:13 AM20 days ago

Willem's situation

Ringo Meerveld and Miquel Nelom are Kevin Hofland's casualties. The coach is also waiting for the recovery of Thijs Oosting, who is already training with the ball.
7:08 AM20 days ago

Speak up, Schmidt!

"We will stick to our game plan. We must be well organized and beware of the threat of their counterattacks. Willem II has several quick ends. With the Philips Stadion packed, we will go out and look for the win from the opening whistle. We have a lot of quality in our squad and I trust we will impose our will on Willem II."
Photo: PSV Eindhoven
Photo: PSV Eindhoven

7:03 AM20 days ago

Probable lineup for PSV Eindhoven

Mvogo; Max, Ramalho, Teze, Mauro; Veerman, Gutierrez; Bruma, Gotze, Doan; Zahavi.
6:58 AM20 days ago

PSV's situation

Roger Schmidt will not be able to count on Shurandy Sambo and Ryan Thomas, because of knee injuries. Noni Madueke and Olivier Boscagli are absent. Both are suffering from muscular problems.
6:53 AM20 days ago


6:48 AM20 days ago

How Launchers Come

With three losses, including a 4-0 drubbing to the Go Ahead Eagles, a draw, and a win, Willem II is fighting to avoid dropping to the second division. The Lancers are 16th, the playoff position, with 26 points - two behind RKC, the first team out of Z-3 contention.
6:43 AM20 days ago

How the Peasants Come

Without a loss since February 5 in the domestic competition, PSV Eindhoven is fighting for the title against first-place Ajax. The Peasants are in second place with 71 points, seven behind.
6:38 AM20 days ago

Eye on the Game

PSV Eindhoven vs Willem II, live this sunday (1), at Philips Stadion, at 8:30 am ET, for the Eredivisie. The match is valid for the 31th round of the competition.
6:33 AM20 days ago

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