Goals and Highlights: Leones Negros UDG 1-2 Atlante in Liga Expansion MX
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7:01 PM23 days ago

Relive the match

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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the second leg between Leones Negros and Atlante. See you next time.
6:55 PM23 days ago

End game

Leones Negros 1-2 Atlante.
6:50 PM23 days ago


Partida's shot from outside the area goes wide.
6:45 PM23 days ago


Add 5 more minutes.
6:40 PM23 days ago


Hernandez with a crushed shot that goes wide.
6:35 PM23 days ago

Goal Atlante 2-1

6:30 PM23 days ago


Jairo González free kick to the wall.
6:25 PM23 days ago


Atlante's Partida and UDG's García were both cautioned after the brief brawl.
6:20 PM23 days ago


Atlante goal. Edson Partida takes the penalty perfectly, fooling the goalkeeper to make it 2-1.
6:15 PM23 days ago


Bellón brings down Silva inside the area and earns a penalty kick. The UDG player is also cautioned.
6:10 PM23 days ago


Guzmán anticipates at the near post and sends a header that goes high.
6:05 PM23 days ago


Baltazar's shot inside the area goes over the top.
6:00 PM23 days ago


Guzmán entered and Rentería left, UDG substitution.
5:55 PM23 days ago


The game is stopped because it is time for rehydration.
5:50 PM23 days ago


Leones Negros change

García enters and Mota leaves.

5:45 PM23 days ago


Partida's overflow and the goalkeeper's cut to reject the ball.
5:40 PM23 days ago


Tejeda made the overflow and sent in a cross that was cut off at the near post by the defense.
5:35 PM23 days ago


A long service that Hernandez misses, but Sanchez also fails to reach the ball.
5:30 PM23 days ago


Costa leaves and Silva enters, Atlante changes.
5:25 PM23 days ago


Ramírez enters and Bermúdez leaves, Atlante change.
5:20 PM23 days ago


Leones Negros Changes

Baltazar, Sánchez and Jaramillo come in.

Villalobos, Godínez and Granados come out.

5:15 PM23 days ago


Second half begins between Leones Negros and Atlante.

Enter Tejeda and Soto

Escobar and Venegas come out

Atlante changes

5:10 PM23 days ago

Half time

Leones Negros 1-1 Atlante.
5:05 PM23 days ago


Ramiro Costa had the second and incredibly put the ball at the base of the post.
5:00 PM23 days ago


Starting shot from outside the area to the goalkeeper's location.
4:55 PM23 days ago


Figueroa's weak attempt from outside the box to the goalkeeper.
4:50 PM23 days ago


Add 5 more minutes.
4:45 PM23 days ago

Gol Atlante 1-1

4:40 PM23 days ago

Goal UDG 1-0

4:35 PM23 days ago


Atlante Goal

Juan Dominguez with the long drive and takes the low, low shot to quickly tie the game 1-1.

4:30 PM23 days ago


Goal Leones Negros

Jairo González from a free kick makes a great goal and opens the scoreboard in the game 1-0.

4:25 PM23 days ago


Rentería with the shot with a header that reaches the hands of Gansito.
4:20 PM23 days ago


After the sending off, the UDG team's dominance has diminished and Atlante seems to be in control of the series, until now.
4:15 PM23 days ago


Alan Mota makes a strong tackle and is cautioned.
4:10 PM23 days ago


Dominguez is left alone and takes a shot that the goalkeeper saves, although it was offside.
4:05 PM23 days ago


Daniel Amador makes a serious mistake and throws an elbow when he has already been flagged for a foul and is shown the red card.
4:00 PM23 days ago


Costa's long and hasty shot goes wide.
3:55 PM23 days ago


Granados' header and Hernandez's great flight saves his goal to avoid the first goal.
3:50 PM23 days ago


Leones Negros' goal was disallowed for a foul inside the box.
3:45 PM23 days ago


Leones Negros and Atlante kick off.
3:40 PM23 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kick-off between Leones Negros and Atlante in Guadalajara.
3:35 PM23 days ago

The scorers

These are the elements that could make the difference this Sunday at the Jalisco:
3:30 PM23 days ago

Atlante substitutes

1 José Fernández, 5 Fernando Ramírez, 16 Francisco Reyes, 19 Omar Soto, 32 José López, 7 Duilio Tejeda, 10 Alfonso Tamay, 25 Eleuterio Jiménez, 31 Diego Martínez, 21 Wilson Silva.
3:25 PM23 days ago

Leones Negros substitutes

1 Jorge Hernández, 6 Francisco Abrego, 33 Edson Jaramillo, 7 Marvin Ceballos, 10 Carlos Baltazar, 5 Miguel Guzmán, 21 Daniel García, 23 Juan Ascencio, 91 Alejandro Carreón, 11 Jorlián Sánchez.
3:20 PM23 days ago

XI Atlante

20 Humberto Hernández, 4 Jonathan Sánchez, 6 Edson Partida, 14 Rolando González, 28 Elbis Souza, 11 Brian Figueroa, 18 Christian Bermúdez, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Domínguez, 23 Ramiro Costa.
3:15 PM23 days ago

XI Leones Negros

30 Felipe López, 4 Paúl Bellón, 24 Rodrigo Godínez, 25 Juan de Alba, 27 Alan Mota, 5 José Hernández, 14 Adrián Villalobos, 6 Jairo González, 19 Wilber Rentería, 20 Daniel Amador, 17 Marco Granados.
3:10 PM23 days ago

The Melenudos have arrived

With the mission of winning, the universitarios arrived at the Jalisco.
3:05 PM23 days ago

Results of the round

Two games of the second leg of the quarterfinals have already been played with the following scores.

Morelia 2-2 Mineros. Morelia advanced due to better position in the standings.

Alebrijes 0-0 Cimarrones. Cimarrones advanced 1-0.

3:00 PM23 days ago

What does Atlante need?

For their part, the champions need to win or tie by any score, in addition to losing by up to one goal, remembering that away goals are no longer valid. If they win, they would face Morelia or Cancún.
2:55 PM23 days ago

What does UDG need?

The Melenudos need to win by two or more goals to be semifinalists and face either Cancún or Mineros.
2:50 PM23 days ago


The Leones Negros of UDG are looking for a comeback at home and will host the reigning champion, Potros del Atlante. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
2:45 PM23 days ago

Tune in here Leones Negros UDG vs Atlante Live Score in Liga Expansion MX 2022

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What time is Leones Negros UDG vs Atlante match for Liga Expansion MX 2022?

This is the start time of the game Leones Negros UDG vs Atlante of May 1st in several countries:

Argentina: 6:00 PM on Marca Claro

Bolivia: 5:00 PM on Marca Claro

Brazil: 6:00 PM

Chile: 6:00 PM on Marca Claro

Colombia: 4:00 PM on Marca Claro

Ecuador: 4:00 PM on Marca Claro

United States (ET): 5:00 PM on VIX

Spain: 11:00 PM

Mexico: 4:00 PM on Marca Claro, VIX, ESPN, Fox Sports and TVC Deportes

Paraguay: 6:00 PM on Marca Claro

Peru: 4:00 PM on Marca Claro

Uruguay: 4:00 PM on Marca Claro

2:35 PM23 days ago

Last games

The series has been very close in the last five games, but the balance is in favor of the Potros with three wins and two losses, although the regular season clash favored the Potros with a great comeback.

Atlante 2-0 Leones Negros, Clausura 2022 quarterfinals first leg

Leones Negros 3-1 Atlante, Clausura 2022

Atlante 2-0 Leones Negros, Apertura 2021

Leones Negros 0-3 Atlante, Clausura 2021

Atlante 0-1 Leones Negros, Apertura 2020

2:30 PM23 days ago

Key player Atlante

The Argentine Ramiro Costa usually appears in important moments and in the first leg he capitalized on one of his arrivals; his strength is in the aerial game where he can generate the damage to settle the series in his favor.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
2:25 PM23 days ago

Key player Leones Negros

Although his main function is not to score goals, it is to generate them and Daniel Amador is a very skillful player in the field who, if he gets space, could be a severe headache for the azulgrana defense.
Image: Agency
Image: Agency
2:20 PM23 days ago

Last lineup Atlante

1 José Hernández, 4 Jonathan Sánchez, 6 Edson Partida, 14 Rolando González, 28 Elbis Souza, 11 Brian Figueroa, 18 Christian Bermúdez, 22 Jesús Venegas, 27 Armando Escobar, 29 Juan Domínguez, 23 Ramiro Costa.
2:15 PM23 days ago

Last lineup Leones Negros UDG

1 Jorge Hernández, 4 Paul Bellón, 24 Rodrigo Godínez, 25 Juan de Alba, 5 José Hernández, 10 Carlos Baltazar, 15 Miguel Guzmán, 16 Jairo González, 19 Wilber Rentería, 20 Daniel Amador, 21 Daniel García.
2:10 PM23 days ago

Atlante: be smart

With a two-goal lead, the last thing Atlante wants to do is to fall back from the first few minutes, so they will have to look for the opponent's goal, remembering that a draw on aggregate would leave them out of the competition.
2:05 PM23 days ago

Leones Negros: a new comeback

It will not be easy, but the Leones Negros will have to stick to their history if they want to come from behind and a win by two or more goals is enough to advance to the next round. In the regular season, they won two games by two goals, one of which was a 3-1 win over Atlante.
2:00 PM23 days ago

The Kick-off

The Leones Negros UDG vs Atlante match will be played at the Jalisco Stadium, in Guadalajara, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:00 pm ET.
1:55 PM23 days ago

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