Goals and Highlights: Always Ready 0-1 Boca  in Copa Libertadores 2022


10:00 PM22 days ago

End of transmission

We end tonight's broadcast and invite you to let us know at a later date.
9:59 PM22 days ago

Match ends

Boca wins!

A very important win for Boca in Bolivia, which leaves them second in the group and with a good chance of qualifying for the round of 16.

9:57 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 90+6

There will be very little left in the game, Boca will not suffer in defense and will let the minutes pass.
9:56 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 90+4

Possession in the midfield for Boca.
9:54 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 90+2

Zeballos' personal play in the area, he sent the cross and no one arrived to deflect the ball.
9:52 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 90

7 more minutes will be played.
9:50 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 88

The match is not yet played, Fabra is being treated for a cut on his face.
9:49 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 86

Cortes hit Fabra who was on the ground and then in the middle of a melee, he kicked him again and the referee sent him off.
9:46 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 84

Everything is played in the middle of the field, little is done near the goal.
9:44 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 82

Cristaldo's shot from the edge of the area, but the ball went straight into the goalkeeper's hands.
9:42 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 80

The last 10 minutes of the match are coming, where Always will try everything to win.
9:40 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 78

Orsini had a chance alone in front of goal after a corner kick from the left flank, but sent it wide of the goal.
9:38 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 76

Boca takes a breather, plays close to the opponent's area and has possession of the ball.
9:36 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 74

It seems that the visitors are just waiting for the minutes to pass and they look a little tired.
9:33 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 72

Boca was a bit stuck at the back at times, waiting for their opponent and looking for a quick exit after recovering.
9:32 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 70

The teams split up a bit, the game starts to look back and forth, but with little depth or effectiveness.
9:31 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 68

Arce had a chance in the box after receiving a rebound in the area, but when he tried to get his shot off, Rossi had already come out to close it down and kept the ball.
9:28 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 66

Cristaldo's shot from half distance went wide of the goal defended by Rossi.
9:27 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 64

The home team is the one that insists the most in the match, but without the offensive quality that would allow them to reach the rival area with good goal options.
9:24 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 62

The intensity of the match continues to drop and the game is played a bit far from the goal.
9:22 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 60

The intensity of the game drops, the ball spends a lot of time in the midfield.
9:21 PM22 days ago

🔄 Changes

For the visitors:

Out: Vásquez and Ramírez.

In: Orsini and Medina

9:20 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 58

Váquez was given a through ball, but he hesitated a bit to run and missed the opportunity to be left alone with the ball at his feet in front of the goalkeeper.
9:17 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 56

Vasquez falls to the floor and they must stop the engagement to attend to him.
9:16 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 54

Boca is surprised, and when they do get the ball, they can't get past the third quarter of the field.
9:15 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 52

Always dominates at the start of the second half.
9:13 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 50

The home team gained confidence and played close to the opponent's area, looking for the equalizer as soon as possible.
9:12 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 48

Always Ready missed it, a great cross from the right by Enuomba and Riquelme arrived alone in the middle of the area to head the ball, but it went just wide of the goal.
9:08 PM22 days ago

⏱ Min 46

At halftime, the home team made two changes.

Adrían and Borja were substituted for Chumacero and Riquelme.

9:06 PM22 days ago

Second half begins

The ball is moving in La Paz and the last 45 minutes of the match are played.
8:52 PM23 days ago

First half ends

The visitors, who did more for the game in the first half, won the match, where a dubious penalty was called and the players claimed everything.
8:50 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 90+6

Cristaldo's long-range shot and the goalkeeper had to intervene to prevent the equalizer.
8:50 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 90+6

The last minutes of the first half were very short, the referee intervened a lot.
8:49 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 90+4

The local team is unable to pass from the midfield with the ball on the ground and also fails to win the divided balls in the air.
8:46 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 90+2

Salvio's personal play on the left flank ended with a shot from the edge of the area, but the goalkeeper made a good save and sent it to the side.
8:45 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 45

Six more minutes will be played in this first half.
8:41 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 42

The visitors continue to play better, lowering their lines a little and waiting for their opponent in the midfield.
8:40 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 40

The home team was poorly positioned at the back, Boca arrived with several men in the area, Vásquez fell to the ground and they wanted another penalty, but the referee only told him to get up.
8:39 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 38

The local team tries to move up the field and look for an equalizer.
8:37 PM23 days ago


The same affected player changed the penalty for a goal, after shooting with his right foot and directing the ball into the middle and over the goal, to score the first goal of the night.
8:36 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 36


Salvioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goal

8:34 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 34

The penalty was not yet called, because the Always Ready players continue to complain.
8:33 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 32

Salvio fell to the ground after a collision with the goalkeeper and the referee did not hesitate to call the penalty.
8:31 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 30

Half an hour into the game and Boca is doing much better and getting closer to the opponent's goal, but still without being effective.
8:30 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 28

Salvio had a chance and did not know how to make decisions. 

He stole the ball in the opponent's half, faced the goalkeeper and had a teammate in the middle of the area who was going in alone, but he preferred to shoot and sent it to the stands.

8:27 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 26

Fernandez's shot from long distance, but the goalkeeper was well stopped and blocked the ball to keep it for himself.
8:25 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 24

Goalkeeper Rossi was injured in the last play and the game has not yet resumed.
8:24 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 22

The ball was filtered to Cristaldo on the left flank, the player shot the cross and Rossi jumped to hang on to it, before Blanco came from behind to head in.
8:21 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 20

In the first 20 minutes of the match, we had no real dangerous plays and Boca started to dominate the match, through possession of the ball in the opponent's field.
8:18 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 18

The visitors began to gain confidence, started to put more men in the other team's half and reached the edge of the opponent's area with more danger.
8:17 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 16

Vásquez, Salvio and Romero got together, the last mentioned took the shot at the edge of the area, but the ball hit a rival and the danger of the play ended.
8:14 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 14

Little offensive weight from the visitors when they reach the last quarter, very few men touch the opponent's area, when Boca has possession.
8:13 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 12

Boca played with a bit of anxiety, as in two almost consecutive plays, they were caught offside and in both plays it was Salvio who was badly positioned on the field.
8:11 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 10

Boca moves forward a lot when they have the ball, they are sometimes poorly positioned after losses and Always does not take advantage of this, and for the moment everything is slow and a bit imprecise.
8:09 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 8

Now, there is a lot of ball fighting in the midfield, there are mistakes in delivery and we are not very deep.
8:05 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 6

Now it was Boca who played close to the opponent's area, having already had a mid-distance shot by Vásquez, which was well saved by the goalkeeper.
8:04 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 4

The home team is playing a little better, with initiative, trying to take possession of the ball and create collective play on the ground.
8:02 PM23 days ago

⏱ Min 2

In the first minutes Always Ready wanted to take the offensive initiative and played close to the opponent's area.
8:00 PM23 days ago

The match has started!

The ball is moving in La Paz, as the match that closes matchday 4 of the Libertadores 2022 group stage gets underway.
7:57 PM23 days ago

It's time to play

The captains' draw has been made, everything is ready and only the referee's order is needed to start today's match.
7:56 PM23 days ago

Teams on the field and protocol acts

The referee gives the order and both teams take the field together.
The Bolivian anthem is played and after that the captains are drawn.
7:56 PM23 days ago

Mixed zone

Teams in the mixed zone, the players greet each other, they are friends and colleagues, only the order of the central referee is missing, so that they go out to the field and the match begins.
7:51 PM23 days ago

All set

Everything is ready for the teams to take the field, it is expected that at any moment they will be in the mixed zone and together with the referee team, they will take the field to start tonight's match. 
The stadium has a good atmosphere and the only thing missing is for the protagonists to move the ball.
7:50 PM23 days ago


The players will go to the dressing room, change and go out to the mixed zone where the referees will give the signal for them to take the field.
7:50 PM23 days ago


The warm-up continues, both teams play 'little games' with the ball and begin to end the warm-up. 
7:49 PM23 days ago


The teams are about to take the field to begin their respective warm-up, first they will do it physically, then they will work with the ball.
The goalkeepers will work separately. 
7:48 PM23 days ago

This is how the official website presents the headlines.

7:45 PM23 days ago

Ready headlines

Always Ready:
Goalkeeper: Arnaldo Giménez

Defenders: Florez, Rambal, Enoumba, Cabrera

Midfielders: Torres, Arce, Borja, Adrían Cristaldo

Forward: Blanco

Boca Juniors:

Goalkeeper: Rossi

Defenders: Advíncula, Figal, Zambrano, Fabra

Midfielders: Fernández, Varela, Ramírez, Romero

Forward: Salvío, Vásquez

7:41 PM23 days ago

Teams arrive at Hernándo Siles stadium

Both teams have already left their respective hotels, where they had their concentration prior to today's match, and are about to arrive at the most important stadium in the city of La Paz.
7:41 PM23 days ago

Preview of the visit


7:40 PM23 days ago

Local preview

7:37 PM23 days ago

The preview of tonight's meeting is already underway.

1:56 AM23 days ago

Stay tuned to follow Always Ready vs Boca Juniors live on this page

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Always Ready vs Boca Juniors live match, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Hernando Siles. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.
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How to watch Always Ready vs Boca Juniors live?

If you want to watch Always Ready vs Boca Juniors live on TV, your option is ESPN.
If you want to watch it via streaming, your option is: Star+.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL Colombia is your best option.If you want to watch Always Ready vs Boca Juniors live on TV, your option is ESPN.
If you want to watch it via streaming, your option is: Star+.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.
1:46 AM23 days ago

What time is Always Ready vs Boca Juniors?

This is the kickoff time for the Always Ready vs Boca Juniors match on May 4, 2022 in several countries.
Argentina: 21:00 hours
Bolivia: 21:00 hours
Brazil: 21:00 hours
Chile: 21:00 hours
Colombia: 7:00 p.m. (ESPN)
Ecuador: 19:00 hours
United States: 18:00 hours PT 
Spain: 01:00 hours
Mexico: 18:00 hours
Paraguay: 21:00 hours
Peru: 7:00 p.m.
Uruguay: 21:00 hours
Venezuela: 19:00 hours
1:41 AM23 days ago


  • Boca Juniors has won its last four games against Bolivian teams in CONMEBOL Libertadores. It is their longest winning streak against Bolivian teams in the tournament.

  • Always Ready and Boca Juniors will play their second match against each other in CONMEBOL competitions. El Xeneize have now gone four consecutive matches without losing in Bolivia in international matches (1V 3E), their longest streak in matches of this type.

  • Always Ready lost just one of their five home games in CONMEBOL Libertadores since 2021 (3V 1E 1D). The Bolivian team had lost all three at home in its previous appearance in the tournament in 1968.

  • Boca Juniors' Oscar Romero is the player with the most attempted passes in the CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022 group stage. The Xeneize midfielder attempted 230 passes in three matches played.

  • Juan Adrián, of Always Ready, committed 13 fouls in the group stage of CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022, the leader in this category in the current phase of the competition.
1:36 AM23 days ago

Outstanding player of Boca Juniors

The standout is Zeballos in Boca, as he is an important player in the team's offensive backline and has already provided an assist in this year's edition of the tournament.

The average rating per game is 7.0.

1:31 AM23 days ago

Always Ready's top player

The Bolivian team's standout player is Marcos Riquelme, a key player for the local team who has already scored two goals and provided an assist in this edition of the Cup.

His average rating per game is 7.1.

1:26 AM23 days ago

Possible alignments

Always Ready:

Goalkeeper: Giménez

Defenders: Enoumba, Enrique, Cabrera, Flores

Midfielders: Adrián, Cristaldo, Borja, Cortés, Riquelme

Forward: Torres

Boca Juniors

Goalkeeper: García

Defenders: Advíncula, Aranda, Zambrano, Fabra

Midfielders: Fernandez, Medina, Romero, Ramirez, Savio

Forward: Vasquez

1:21 AM23 days ago


The referee for the match will be Kevin Ortega. He is a very young Peruvian referee, with great projection and considered one of the best in his country.
1:16 AM23 days ago


The two teams have only met on one occasion in history.

It was on matchday 2 of this edition of the Copa Libertadores, when Boca Juniors won 2-0 at the Bombonera with a brace from Dario Benedetto.

1:11 AM23 days ago

Boca wants to stay in the fight

The Argentine team has not had a good participation in the Cup. It is currently last in group E, with 3 points and a goal difference of -2.

After 3 dates, Boca obtained the following results: 2-0 away loss against Deportivo Cali, 2-0 home win against Always Ready and on the third date, 2-0 away loss against Corinthians.

Last 5 matches:

Boca Juniors 1-1 Lanus
Boca Juniors 1-1 Godoy Cruz
Central Córdoba 1-2 Boca Juniors
Corinthians 2-0 Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors 2-0 Barracas Central

1:06 AM23 days ago

Always for a place in the round of 16

The Bolivian team is currently third in Group E, but has the same points as Deportivo Cali, which is second, and a win could bring them closer to their goal of advancing to the round of 16.

After 3 games, Always has 4 points, the product of a 2-0 home win over Corinthians, a 0-2 away loss to Boca Juniors and a 2-2 draw against Cali at home.

Last 5 matches:

Always Ready 1-1 Independiente Petrolero

Royal pari 5-1 Always Ready

Real topamayo 1-1 Always Ready

Always Ready 2-2 Deportivo Cali

Always Ready 1-2 Bolivar

1:01 AM23 days ago

The match will be played at the Hernando Siles Stadium.

The Hernando Siles Reyes Stadium is a stadium in Bolivia, more precisely in the city of La Paz. It is the largest stadium in the country and has a capacity of 41,143 spectators.

The stadium is located in the neighborhood of Miraflores, at an altitude of 3,581 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest professional stadiums in the world.

12:56 AM23 days ago

Starts transmission

Hello everyone! Welcome to the live broadcast of the match Always Ready vs Boca Juniors, valid for date 4 of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2022. 
My name is Andrés Mesa and I will be your host for this match. We will offer you pre-match analysis, score updates and live news, here on VAVEL.